Google Trends: 1

Google Trends: 1. the band Levon Helm’s most popular associated statute, trending in accordance with his passing Thursday. 3. levon Levon Helm passed away Thursday from cancer. 4. levon helm The late singer is being remembered for his legendary rock reputation. 6. colton dixon In an topsy-turvy, stylish “Favourite” contestant Colton Dixon is voted out, leaving best 6. 13. ted nugent The openly conservative musician met with the secret service after issuing controversial remarks about President Obama. 20. record store day The 5th annual records store day is tomorrow, Saturday, April 21. Twitter Trends: 4. #SidneySingsKaraoke Sidney tweets popular karaoke songs. Origen unnamed. 5. Suge Knight The hip hop producer issued a statement saying he believes there’s a possibility that Tupac Shakur may not be utter. Digg Music News/Tv 24 Hours: 1. Dick Clark’s Yabba-Dabba Mythologic “Flintstones” Sporting house 2. Coachella Slip n’ Slide Cease operations NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Pay attention to: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ 2. Levon Chairmanship: The 2007 Fresh Air Appraisal 3. 13 Reasons To Visit Your Local Record Store Day On Saturday 4. For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings 5. Levon Driver’s seat, Drummer And Singer In The Gather, Dies NPR Music Most Commented: 1. Levon Tiller, Drummer And Singer In The Join, Dies (52) 2. For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings (44) 3. Anoushka Shankar: A Sitar Player In Andalusia (21) 4. Jack Off-white: How I Made ‘Blunderbuss’ (37) 5. First Prick up one’s ears: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ (58) NME’s Top Music Newsworthiness: 1. Linkin Reserve: ‘Our new record is far more bosom’ 2. Beatles, Queen influence Bert Weedon dies venerable 91 3. ‘Nevermind’ producer Butch Vig: ‘It’s been fun recording new material with Dave Grohl’ 4. Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner: ‘R U Hoard?’ references Drake and Lil Wayne’ 5. Lana Del Rey covers Kasabian’s ‘Goodbye Disregard’ – mind 6. Madonna: ‘I wanted to sing with Adele at the Superbowl’ Fader Most Be familiar with – Lifetime 1. Cam’ron is Releasing a Song Every Hour 2. Attend “Arise” Remixes from Flosstradamus, Diplo and XXYYXX 3. Stream Le1f’s Dark York Mixtape 4. Regina, “Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix)” MP3 5. Humboldt’s Cautious Euphory 6. Watch Tyler, the Creator Host MTV’s Punk’d 7. LoveRance f. 50 Penny, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 8. Watch Tyler, the Creator Host MTV’s Punk’d 9. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, “Bear” (Goad. by Thelonious Martin) MP3 10. Download Arca’s Balloon 1 EP Fader Most Brand-new 1. FADER + Captain Morgan Present Step Into the Iniquitous 2. Binary, “Modern Control” (Bide+ Remix) MP3 3. Dauwd, “What’s Thither (Fort Romeau Remix)” MP3 4. DJ Paul, “Skull” MP3 5. P.A.M.’s Island-Inspired Bright Colours 6. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, “Disappear without a trace” (Henpeck. by Thelonious Martin) MP3 7. Kool A.D. f. MondreM.A.N., Trackademicks and Dope G, “Town Subject” MP3 8. Spout: Lower Dens, “Lamb” 9. Bob Marley’s Daughter Weighs In on New Infotainment 10. Check out: Nite Jewel at the FADER FORT Presented by Gossip Pitchfork News Most New: 1. POP ETC, Formerly Known as the Morning Benders, to Tour With Dirty Projectors This Summertime 2. Preview Radiohead on “Austin City Limits” 3. Watch the Video for the Flaming Lips and Prefuse 73 Quislingism “Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee” 4. Composer Pauline Oliveros Gets 12-Disc Box Trigger 5. Conor Oberst to Open a Bar in Omaha 6. Prick up one’s ears: Dirty Projectors’ Record Store Day Liberate 7. Anonymous Hacker Group to Launch Music Tenets 8. Picture: Liars: “No. 1 Against the Make haste” 9. DJ Jonathan Toubin Returns After Freak Hazard 10. Watch Jack White Perform on German TV 11. Watch Tyler, the Creator’s “Punk’d” Episode in Rich 12. The Superior 45 Releases of Record Store Date 2012 13. Obey: Feist and Mastodon Cover Each Over-the-counter Rolling Pit – Recent good copy 1. Weekend Rock Entertain: Which Music Icon Should Be Reborn As a Holograph? 2. Nickelback Will Perform at 2012 NHL Awards 3. Paul Simon Gets a Jazz Infusion From Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Plaza 4. Tour Prompt: Rush Return to the Turnpike 5. Behind the Scenes of Snoop and Dre’s Coachella Defeat 6. Behind the Music of Pop Culture Strike ‘My Little Trot: Friendship Is Ensorcellment’ 7. Secret Service Concludes ‘Dependable’ Meeting With Ted Nugent 8. ‘American Pet’ Review: Without a Jungle 9. Black Keys on Their First Coachella as Headliners 10. Giddy Tom Petty Opens Tour in Colorado Perez Hilton – Music All the rage: 1. We Wonder Who’s Going To Be Trying Snoop’s New Smokable Book Now! 2. Marina And The Diamonds Juicy Musical Leaks! 3. Justin Bieber Headlines Today Show Summer Concerts!!! 4. Cheryl Cole Gets Close With Calvin Harris On New Isolated!> /A

Fans have clearly gone gaga over Nicki Minaj’s new album,

Fans have clearly gone gaga over Nicki Minaj’s new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which storms the Hoarding 200, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Rap Albums at No. 1 this week with 253,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Minaj wants it distinct, putting, that she hasn’t gone Wild. In an interview with ABC’s “Nightline” Monday (April 9), Minaj refuted newfound comparisons to Lady Senile. While Minaj’s first album, Pink Friday (which topped the Hoarding 200 the week of February. 19, 2011), sports a heavy rap cynosure clear, Reloaded mixes knock, R&B/hip-leap, pure pop and hi-NRG dance in fairly equal rate. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Debuts At No. 1 On Hoarding 200 “Am I pained (by being compared to Lady Senile)? No. Does it irk me? Yea,” she said, dismissing parallels in the stars’ dulcet – and eccentric frame – styles. “We are in completely different lanes. “First, I’m a rapper. I’m from Southside Jamaica, Queens,” Minaj said.”Gaga is an incredible artist and she’s made her own lane for herself, and I respect that, but I have my own lane, too. “We never cross paths. A day!” A look at Billboard charts, regardless how, reveals Minaj to be more of a pop/dance artist than she might effect – or want to recognize. Pop radio has warmly accepted Reloaded restricted “Starships,” which jumps 14-11 on Billboard’s Mainstream Unequalled 40 airplay table. The track also charges 15-9 on Dance Club Songs, where it’s her first zenith 10 as a lead artist. Inert, Minaj has maintained her base at R&B radiocommunication, as “Right By My Face,” featuring Chris Dark-brown, powers 40-24 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. She climbs 58-57 with another urban-leaning track from Reloaded, “Beez in the Subterfuge,” featuring 2 Chainz, while two other songs from the set previously dented the chart’s lower one-half: “Stupid Hoe” (No. 53) and “Roman Reloaded,” featuring Lil Wayne (No. 57). An analysis of Minaj’s top track sales from Reloaded this week reveals a similar consumer penchant for embracing both sides of the artist: her original R&B/rap stylings and her new heavier reliance on melodies and beats. The pop/dance-centrical “Starships” leads with 232,000 downloads sold in the April 2-8 SoundScan tracking workweek, followed by budding R&B/hip-hop jolt “Slope” (72,000). Pop and R&B tracks alternate among her next best sellers in that time: “Va Va Voom” (46,000), “Beez” (35,000) and “Marilyn Monroe” (30,000). Radio programmers likewise accept Minaj’s multiple musical dimensions, despite her steadfast stance that she’s still an R&B/rap act separate from Lady Gaga’s pop/dance musical exceptional. “Being a rapper doesn’t mean you can’t also be a pop big shot,” says mainstream ace 40 WFLZ (93.3) Tampa, Fla., program director Tommy Grub. The station has played “Starships” the most of all stations since its disseminate (701 detections through April 12, according to Nielsen BDS). “To me, ‘pop matchless’ means that your songs have reached a level that most don’t and have become mass-appeal hits. “Minaj certainly has had mass-appeal hit songs with ‘Super Deep’ (a No. 3 Billboard Increase 100 hit last yr) and ‘Starships’ (No. 6 this workweek).” “At this level, Nicki Minaj is one of only a few artists who can honestly call herself a superstar on both the pop and R&B charts,” echoes mainstream climb 40 WDOD (Hits 96) Chattanooga, Tenn., director of programming Danny Howard. The station has spun “Starships” 449 times through April 12. “I classify Minaj’s music as ‘rhythmic go off visit’.” “Regardless of how she defines her songs, her incredible soaring hooks have the ability to transcend labels and bridge gaps, which, finally, is what music does a-one.”

Australian homicide detectives are investigating the death of Men At

Australian homicide detectives are investigating the death of Men At Work’s Greg Ham.  His body was found Thursday outside Ham’s Melbourne expert in. He was 58. Men at Work’s Greg Ham Found Infertile Ham played fluting, saxophone and keyboards in the iconic Australian put together, which had a global smash in the pioneer ’80s with “Down Directed.” He was a unchanging, energetic presence for the batch, and perhaps its most recognizable member aside from frontman Colin Hay Ham’s body was found when friends visited him Thursday prime. The state of Victoria’s Homicide Squad is now investigating the circumstances of his curtains, which have yet to be exact. “There are a number of unexplained aspects to it which has caused our attendance here now, and we’re assisting the local detectives to determine what has occurred,” Detective Senior Sergeant Shane O’Connell told reporters. “At this point in once upon a time, because of the early stages of our survey, we’re not prepared to go into the exact details of what has occurred.” Ham joined Men At Work in 1979 as a replacement for Greg Sneddon. The group went on to become members of an elite circle in 1982 they secured simultaneous No. 1 singles and albums in the U.S. and U.K. with “Down Secondary to” and “Business As Shop-worn,” each to each. “Down Call of” is a favorite with Australians cranny, and is regarded in these parts as an “informal” national hymn, particularly during sporting occasions.  The song is synonymous with the country’s successful bid to win the America’s Cup yacht race in 1983, and the band reunited to perform their big hit during the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Dauntlesss. “Down Beneath the waves” was the target of a high-profile copyright conflict, which saw the band accused of lifting the song’s flute refrain from a children’s campfire hymn, “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum.” In 2010, the Australian Federal Court ordered Men At Work to pay simply 5% of royalties for plagiarising part of the performance. “It has destroyed so much of my melody,” Ham told reporters at the time of the court case Fairfax at the tour. “It will be the way the song is remembered and I hate that. I’m terribly disappointed that that’s the way I’m going to be remembered – for copying something.” In the first half of the ’80s, Men At Work created a bank of international hits which included “Who Can it Be Again,” “Overkill” “It’s a Gaffe” and “Dr Heckyll and Mr Swing.”

Google Trends: 6

Google Trends: 6. aapl – Apple’s stock is trending for several reasons including deeper looks into iPad, iPhone accessories, and the company at plentiful 7. gladys dub – the Motown singer was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” last nighttime 14. brian mcknight – the soul singer shocked with a new X-rated song in a video that went viral speedily 16. wwdc – Apple continues proving its worth with its expensive Worldwide Developers Conference tickets selling out in two hours Twitter Music Head: 2. 2 Chainz – the rapper is being talked about for several causes, the most popular seeming to be from his new collaboration with Drake 8. Left Sensitivity – the late TLC member superstar Lisa “Left Inspect” Lopez passed by 10 years ago tod. Various media and fans are observance. Digg Music News/Picture 24 Hours: 1. Steven Tyler’s custom Hennessey Venom GT Spyder NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Mind: Santigold, ‘Master Of My Make-Have faith’ 2. This Week’s Picks: The Mynabirds, St. Vincent, Fiona Apple And More 3. ‘…Baby One More Many times’ One More Spell 4. Hear The Beach Boys’ Best New Song In 40 Age 5. First Attend: Rufus Wainwright, ‘Out Of The Racket’ 1. NPR Music Most Commented: 1. What Does This Sound Congeneric? Bob Boilen Bets You Won’t Be read (17) 2. First Hark to: Rufus Wainwright, ‘Out Of The Plan’ (15) 3. Fiona Apple Releases First New Song In Seven Eld (9) 4. For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings (58) 5. First Prick up one’s ears: Santigold, ‘Master Of My Make-Take it’ (7) NME’s Top Music Tidings: 1. The Cribs: ‘We’ve been waiting for the corporate indie ship to go downhill’ 2. Jack White to write musical score for Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ blear 3. Damon Albarn: ‘Blur and Gorillaz aren’t ruined’ 4. Maximo Park unveil new run to earth ‘Hips and Lips’ and announce June UK globe-trot – mind 5. The Offspring announced new album ‘Days Go Through’ 6. The Offspring announce new album ‘Days Go Nearby’ – picture 7. John Lydon: ‘The riots are going to lead to something far far worsened’ 8. 30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto: ‘We’d love to work with Eminem’ 9. Courtney Love’s lawyers attempt to sever ties with the Hole frontwoman Fader Most View – Lifetime 1. Watch Obama and The Roots Slow Jam on Fallon 2. Watercourse: Wale f. French Montana, Diddy and Mase, “Slight Handle (Remix)” (Reminder. by Diplo) 3. Course: Wiz Khalifa, “Work Sharp, Play Adamantine” 4. Download Lil B’s Trapped in Basedworld Mixtape 5. Barrage: Ab-Soul f. Schoolboy Q, “SOPA” 6. Kanye West Announces Chief Keef Remix 7. Beat Structure: CFCF 8. FADER Earmark: Yuna Releases Debut LP 9. LoveRance f. 50 Penny, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 10. Picture: iamamiwhoami, “Idle Peach” Fader Most Modern 1. Issue: Cubenx, “Tattle (Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins Remix)” 2. Stuey Boulder, “On Me” MP3 3. La Converse, “Gangsta” MP3 4. The Things I Go on: WAH Nails 5. Download Lil B’s Trapped in Basedworld Mixtape 6. Walk: Wale f. French Montana, Diddy and Mase, “Slight Space for (Remix)” (Poke. by Diplo) 7. Tv: iamamiwhoami, “Idle Peach” 8. Beat Twist: CFCF 9. Tv: The Very Wealthiest, “Yoshua Alikuti” 10. Watch Obama and The Roots Slow Jam on Fallon Pitchfork News Most Just out: 1. Hark to: Grimes Remixes Cadence Arm 2. Harken to: Santigold Covers “Proud Mary” 3. Sharon Van Etten Adds Summer Tour Dates 4. Lil B Offers New Tape Trapped in BasedWorld 5. Likenesss: Hype Williams / James Ferraro / Ostiary 6. Oneohtrix Point Not ever, Nicolas Jaar, No Epoch, High Places to Play Pitchfork-Presented Doug Aitken Actuality 7. Pay attention to: El-P Teams With Killer Mike, Despot for New Specific, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire for Junket 8. Watch President Barack Obama Slow Jam the News With the Roots on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” 9. Blur and Gorillaz May Live Back, Albarn Says 10. Watch Beirut on “The Tonight Program” 11. The Walkmen’s Heaven Gets New Release Epoch 12. The Very Best Return With New Album, Tv Rolling Pit – Recent good copy 1. ‘The Dark Night Rises,’ ‘Pixie,’ ‘Rock of Ages’ Unveiled at CinemaCon 2. Freddie Mercury Meets Wolverine in Lost Comics Used of an adult bellboy 3. LMFAO: Breakup Rumors ‘Completely Erroneous’ 4. Buddy Guy Sets the Record Straight With New Folio 5. ‘Satisfaction’ Review: It’s So Hard to Say Arrivederci 6. Chart Regard: The Triumph of Bland Report 7. Limited: Slash on ‘Closing the Book on Guns N’ Roses’ at the Hall of Stardom 8. Fans, Friends Invited to Honor Levon Saddle 9. High and Intoxicated: Our Astonish & Roll Baseball Experts Debate Pitch Counts and Complete Bolds 10. Life of Fiery Rapper Lisa Lopes Tragically Cut Shortened Perez Hilton – Music Make a note of: 1. The Wanted Get Eaten By Vampires In El Sketch! 2. Rolling Stones Bring Drugs And Debauchery To Theater Near You 3. Watch Performances From Last Night’s Glee HITHER! 4. Can YOU Intone??? These Folks Can! 5. Cheryl Teases Her Music Video For Call My Name With This Seksi Promenade! 6. Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Rumer Willis All Want To Be Gotye Groupies 7. Jack White Is Composing The Music For Disney’s Lone Ranger Remaking 8. Celebs Before They Were Chichi! 9. Are Mariah Carey And Alicia Keys Collaborating On A Air? 10. The Saturdays Take Over American Video! 11. Little Boots Is On Her Knees Every Twilight CMT – Recent Dispatch: 1. WING: Ice T Honored by Taylor Swift Stamp 2. WING: Behind the Scenes of the New Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw Picture 3. Zac Brown Band Plans New Album, Adds Percussionist XXL – Recent Word: 1. 50 Cent Lays Claim to Young Buck’s Recordings 2. Waka Flocka on Beef With Wiz Khalifa: “It’s Deaded” 3. B.o.B to Release Strange Clouds Deluxe Edition LP at Aim TMZ Music Advice: 1. TLC We’re Resurrecting Left Eye FOR A REUNION WALK Stocks (Shutdown 4/25) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.24 (-0.08) (-3.45%) Live Nation Presentation (LYV): $8.84 (+0.20) (+2.31%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.205 (+0.015) (+0.68%) Sony Corporation (SNE): $16.42 (-0.20) (-1.2%) Pandora Media (P): $8.57 (+0.04) (+0.47%) Apple (AAPL): $610 (+49.72) (+8.87%) Yahoo (GOOG): $609.72 (+8.45) (+1.41%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $35.43 (+0.42) (+1.2%) Paid (PAYDE): $0.12 (+0.003) (+2.56%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $18.4 (+1.17) (+6.79%) Pile Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.3 (-0.01) (-0.3%) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): 3029.63 (+68.02)  (+2.03%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): 13090.72 (+89.16)  (+0.69%)

As earlier reported, Madonna’s “MDNA” and Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” bow

As earlier reported, Madonna’s “MDNA” and Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” bow at Nos. 1 and 2 this week on the Hoarding 200, selling 359,000 and 199,000 copies, separately (according to Nielsen SoundScan). Madonna has now etched No. 1 albums in the ’80s, ’00s and ’10s. Unco, she missed scoring a No. 1 in the 1990s, but she did claim five No. 2 albums in that decade with “I’m Staggered,” “The Immaculate Anthology,” “Porn,” the “Evita” soundtrack and “Ray of Pounce.” Richie’s start of 199,000 as far as something “Tuskegee” is his best sales week since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. His previous largest frame in that span of time was when 2006′s “Coming Composed” started with 75,000 at No. 6 in 2006. Richie last scored higher on the Hoarding 200 in 1986, when “Dancing on the Cap” spent two weeks at No. 1. Adele’s “21″ slips one rung to No. 3 with 121,000 (pile 7%) while rock band Shinedown has its best week ever at a career-high No. 4 with the arrival of “Amaryllis.” The set starts with 106,000 — the act’s best sales week as yet. Shinedown’s previous high came in 2008 when “The Sound of Nonsense” debuted and peaked at No. 8 with 50,000. Last week’s No. 1 album, “The Hunger Eagers” soundtrack, slips to No. 5 with 64,000 (pile 64%) while One Direction’s “Up All Blackness” waterfall 4-6 with 46,000 (polish 16%). The latter’s erosion was eased by the act’s performance on the Nickelodeon “Kids Choice Awards” on Cortege 31. Katy Perry’s deluxe reissue of her “Teenage Day-dream” album, dubbed “Teenage Hallucinate: The Complete Sweet,” spurs the start the ball rolling 31-7 with 33,000 (up 190%). It’s the album’s highest rank since the February. 5, 2011, chart and its best sales frame since Christmas. The Used’s “Powerless” bows at No. 8 with 32,000, marking the rock group’s fourth trim 10 album. It proceeds from 2009′s “Art,” which debuted and peaked at No. 10 with 35,000. Rounding out the prune 10 on the albums chart are Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ballock” (6-9 with 28,000; polish 26%) and the “Contemporarily 41″ digest (8-10 with 25,000; consume 18%). Over on the Digital Songs map out, Justin Bieber’s “Fellow” storms in at No. 1, selling 521,000 downloads while last week’s chairlady, pastime.’s “We Are Youth” (featuring Janelle Monae), falls to No. 2 with 364,000 (pile 6%). Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Appreciate” (featuring Kimbra) is pushed deceitfully 2-3 despite a yield (244,000; up 17%) while Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” rises 5-4 with 204,000 (up 17%). One Direction’s “What Makes You Well done” jumps 7-5 (199,000; up 22%), Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” (featuring Sia) holds at No. 6 (184,000; up 9%), and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Perhaps” steps 9-7 (182,000; up 32%). The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” descends 3-8 (169,000; pile 8%), Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” slides 8-9 (137,000; pile 9%), and Perry’s “Part of Me” rises 11-10 (122,000; up 6%). Overall album sales in this past chart workweek (ending April 1) totaled 6.2 million units, up 13% compared with the sum last workweek (5.5 zillion) and refine 7% compared with the comparable sales week of 2011 (6.6 meg). Year-to-date album sales stand at 77.84 trillion, up less than 1% compared with the same total at this point last yr (77.83 trillion). Digital track sales this past week totaled 26.7 million downloads, up 4% compared with last workweek (25.6 trillion) and up 9% stacked next to the comparable week of 2011 (24.5 meg). Year-to-date track sales are at 361.3 meg, up 7% compared with the same total at this point last yr (339.1 zillion). Next week’s Hoarding 200 competes with the same week in 2011 when: Adele’s “21″ returned to No. 1 with 88,000 (refine 6%) and the previous week’s big cheese, Britney Spears’ “Delilah,” fell to No. 2 with 75,000 (fine-tune 73%). The chart’s highest debut was at No. 4, where Hollywood Undead’s “American Catastrophe” started with 66,000.

Application Programming Port, thy name be “fearful

Application Programming Port, thy name be “fearful!” Excuse the geek-short, if you’re not up on your API ABC’s, but how else are we to react to the fact that Facebook just added a Listen button to its artist pages that lets you play songs from that artist just about now, by hooking in to each service’s API? Unlike the MySpace (which is now a Facebook app) pages of yore, bands don’t need to upload anything in order for the music to minimize. As an alternative, Facebook lets you listen on any of the supported unlimited music services that are connected to your chronicle. Spotify Play Button Launches, Aims For Ubiquity Facebook defaults to the service you use the largest, as noted by Techcrunch, but you can still choose which one you require. Each one behaves a bit otherwise (as noted in part by our become friendly @jherskowitz of Tomahawk repute): Rdio only plays 30-second samples unless you have a premium tab. It appears to create a playlist of the most popular tracks by that artist. Spotify, which recently launched a universal web-based Play button of its own, takes you to the artist page for that artist, where you can listen to as many full-length tracks as you longing, starting with Top Hits and then leading to the full albums in order of most-recently-released. MOG, which took a couple of tries for me anyways, appears to shuffle the artist’s create — in my holder, outputting Javelin’s remarkable collaboration with Tom Zé. Slacker Radio connects you to the artist’s radio station on its streaming radio employ. More Facebook Connect services likely work with this as articulately. We have confirmed that Grooveshark and Rhapsody do not. A Rhapsody spokeswoman expressed surprise not to see the link thither, because Rhapsody is integrated into Facebook music. Facebook artist pages aren’t just fun and interesteds; they’re a real place where fans look for bands, and in most cases, find them. Immediately, those pages hook into three popular unlimited on-demand music services. Last September, we mentioned that music needs connective interweaving. For the nonce, it has it, to a helpful sweep. Music fans: Please stop complaintive, even though it’s tax prime. This is just one reason we’ve never had it so goodness.


PAID Inc. and its President of celebrity of services Keith Garde announced today that the company has hired Tommy Nast as Vice President of Business Development to develop and manage PAID’s strategies to enhance artist brands and maximize monetization in various areas. Nast has a 30-year year career that extends into the music, show, and sports industries. He will work in Los Angeles to help establish PAID’s presence on the West Shore. “PAID Inc. celebrity services is at a turning point where we have the opportunity to expand exponentially and be a game changer within the energy,” Garde said. “Having worked with Tommy over many eld, I believe that his extensive entertainment business acumen and network of contacts will be a tremendous asset to PAID as we continue our efforts to establish PAID as the ‘attend’ company for innovation and excellence in turnkey brand management that helps artists earn more, own more and keep more of the business they form.” Nast himself also expressed excitement over his new collaboration with Garde gnome, “I am excited to be undertaking a new business challenge that allows me to leverage my business strategy expertise and introduce PAID to my extensive network of contacts who are seeking a conscientious turnkey provider of these types of services from a company that delivers the highest quality of products with tremendous results.” Leading up to his position in PAID Nast co-founded and acted as co-president of the RBE Music (independent music logo) and Rock Band Play (a multimedia marketing and promotional organization with clients like REPUDIATE, Chickenfoot, and The Sunset Strip Music Fete). He also has held three EVP positions the first with CenterStaging Musical Productions, Inc. and under Business Enlargement, the second also under Business Development for AEG Live developing AEG-TV and Network Alight, and lastly under Music & Media for Clear Channel Multi Media Order, SFX Sport. He as well has 20 years under his belt at the helm of the Album Network/Network Magazine Conglomeration.

Target and Norah Jones are teaming up for a deluxe

Target and Norah Jones are teaming up for a deluxe edition of Jones’ new album Little Broken Hearts, featuring three exclusive bonus tracks. The set is due May 1 and will have a 6-month exclusive window on new songs “I Don’t Wanna Hear Another Commonsensical,” “Killing Continuously” and “Out On The High road (Mondo Conception).” Click below to hear the rocking new performance “I Don’t Wanna Hear Another Valid.” This is Target’s second pairing with Jones. The retailer released a deluxe edition of Jones’ last album The Join 2009 with exclusive size. That set has sold 850,000 copies since its pass out, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Anticipation for Little Broken Hearts also helped spike sales for her 10 million-selling 2002 set Come Away With Me last workweek, re-entering the Hoarding 200 at No. 190. That album’s sales coupled with 2004′s Feels Like Home and 2007′s Not Too Late made Jones Billboard’s Top Jazz Artist of 2000-2009. Jones debuted Hearts in full last month at South by Southwest to a packed showcase at La Zona Rosa. The Danger Mouse-produced album showcases a slightly darker, more rock-tinged sound for Jones, and details the many phases of a bitter detachment. Lead restricted “Happy Pills” deals with the relationship’s immediate wake, while tracks “Miriam” and “4 Broken Hearts” deal with disloyalty. Norah Jones Debuts Breakup Album at SXSW, Turns Down Audience Date Proposals “When you have someone like Norah who has such a unique fathom, it’s hard not to get excited when a new album comes peripheral exhausted,” says John Ripper, Target’s VP of distraction. Target will help promote the album via limited TV spots, a significant in-store presence and a social-media attack. “We want to make sure we get the word out to our guests when we have extra content so that her fans will find Object,” Butcher says. Though SoundScan-reported CD sales are fine-tune 8.7% year-to-date as of the week ending April 15, Target continues to see impressive record sales from some of its exclusive titles. The February release of Adele’s 21 deluxe print run, for lesson, became Target’s No. 2 highest-selling title of all continuously, Butcher says, second only to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now in 2010. Otc 2012 exclusives from Dierks Bentley ( Shelter) and The Fray ( Stars and Stories) have posted hard sales, too.

Celebration of life services for respected urban promotion executive Mark

Celebration of life services for respected urban promotion executive Mark Boyd will be held tomorrow (April 21) in Woodlet, Florida at Saint Gregory Catholic Church. Boyd, who died on April 14 following a brief infirmity, was 52. Formerly VP of urban promotion at Virgin and later VP of promotion at Sobe Distraction, Boyd most recently headed his own Florida-based staunch, Pinnacle Unloading & Backings. His industry background includes earlier posts as senior director of urban bump, promotions manager and southwest regional director at such companies as EMI, Capitol, Motown and Hulk. During his profession, Boyd worked with a wide range of acts, including Arrested Exploitation, India.Arie, Angie Pit, D’Angelo, Dianne Reeves, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey. Boyd is survived by his wife Suzanne and daughters Shameia, Danielle and Sydney. Funeral and interment services will be held April 28 in Fort Worth, Texas at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church. A memorial service is being planned seeking June in Los Angeles. Any inquiries may be directed to Lenny Whiteside at

Screen shot of a graphic from HADOPI’s new report showing

Screen shot of a graphic from HADOPI’s new report showing the effectiveness of its three-warning procedure. Seventeen months after issuing its first warning emails, HADOPI, the French governmental copyright protection body installed to administer the country’s three-strike copyright protection law, has released new data that shows the law is having a positive impact on digital music sales while curbing plagiarisation. The government’s study was based on a series of results from both third-party studies and internal measures. While methodologies to measure the use of illegal filesharing on P2P networks shift, one report showed illegal file sharing of copyrighted materials on peer-to-peer networks in France vanish 43% while 2011. French copyrighted content only accounted in requital for 4.5% of the total number of files illegally made available on P2P networks at the global level in December 2011, off 6.2% in January 2011. French SCPP Make public: Rights Income Increases 10 Pct, Digital Continues Cultivation, Illegal Copyright Claims Polish The report also listed data based on on 755,000 subscribers having received at least one notice for illegal downloading. The report showed that 95% of those receiving a first-time HADOPI attend to “did not give rise to the need for a second notice for illegal behavior on peer-to-peer networks.”  92% of those receiving a second notice and 98% of those getting a third notice reportedly refrained from illegal P2P downloading. The report also noted that 71% of subscribers receiving a third warning contacted HADOPI primarily to state that they commit to taking action to secure their access to the Internet or to putting an end to all illegal consumption via peer-to-peer networks. The study also distressed, “There is no indication that there has been a massive transfer [over] to streaming technologies or direct downloads.” Audience measurements by Médiamétrie-NetRatings between December 2010 and December 2011 on such P2P websites as MegaVideo, Hotfile, Rapidshare, Streamiz, Allostreaming show an overall stability in usage patterns, with some services enjoying an increase in their consultation. At the same loiter again and again, legal platforms did not surge significantly though some services such as Spotify, Beezik or Qobuz showed a strong traffic increases. Figures unveiled in January by French labels trade body SNEP showed the French recorded music market was still on the down be biased, although possibly in a landing work in. The market dropped 3.9 % in 2011 with the 25% growth on digital sales not enough to compensate for the 11.5% drop in physical sales. French independent record labels organizations UPFI and SPPF praised HADOPI study in a press liberate, stressing it was crucial to give HADOPI time to prove its expertness. Political debates on HADOPI have been tense in the past months with French presidential elections approaching in April and Nicolas Sarkozy’s main opponent François Hollande remaining vague on his intention to maintain HADOPI, if elective. The 16-page Hadopi report is available for download in English hither.

Adele’s “Rolling in the Astute” has become the biggest-selling digital

Adele’s “Rolling in the Astute” has become the biggest-selling digital song of all time by a woman in the U.S. — and the second-biggest all-inclusive. Adele’s Grammy Performance Brings ’21′ Biggest Sales Gain In SoundScan Report With another 99,000 sold in the week ending February. 26 according to Nielsen SoundScan, “Rolling in the Deep’s” cumulative sales rise to 6.68 zillion, surpassing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Meet with” (6.62 zillion) to become tops among all female-led tunes. Adele’s Big Eventide: Where It Ranks in Grammy Story “Rolling in the Involved” is now second among all digital songs, only to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Sense” (7.82 trillion). “Poker Despite” falls to third home. Adele’s ’21′ Going to 23rd Week at No. 1 on Hoarding 200 Since SoundScan began tracking download sales in 2003, a total of 26 songs have shifted leastways 5 million in the U.S. As for the rest of the surmount fill up 10 downloads of all one of these days: Lady Gaga’s “Just Bop” is the fourth best-vender, with 6.53 zillion, while the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” is fifth with 6.34 zillion. LMFAO’s “Party Rock Hymn” is sixth (6.26 zillion), Flo Rida’s “Dismal” is seventh (6.23 trillion), Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” is in eighth flat (6.22 trillion) and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is one-ninth (6.02 zillion). Rounding out the topmost 10 at No. 10 is Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” with 5.90 meg.

Michael Jet, founding member and former Executive Vice President and

Michael Jet, founding member and former Executive Vice President and General Manager of indie distributor ADA, has been hired by The Orchard as Senior Vice Prexy, Client and Sales Organize. Business Matters: The Orchard Branches Out to Action Sports Picture Black has been serving as a consultant to The Woodlet, which also deals in independent music and video distribution in addition to offering neighboring rights and royalty collection for its clients, since August of 2011. As a full time staff member, he will be looking after client relationships and physical sales, reporting to CEO Brad Nevin. “One of the most important elements in our premier client services offering is to ensure that we have a top-notch team that fulfills our clients’ unique individual requirements,” said Nevin in a statement. “Michael’s experience and values make him the perfect person to lead our guest and sales teams.”

Jessy Dixon, a singer and songwriter who introduced his energetic

Jessy Dixon, a singer and songwriter who introduced his energetic style of gospel music to wider audiences by serving as pop singer Paul Simon’s opening perform, died Monday. He was 73. Miriam Dixon said her brother died Monday morning at his Chicago competent in. She said he had been sick but declined to provide additional details. During a more 50-year craft, Dixon wrote songs for several popular singers, including jazz and rhythm and blues singer Randy Crawford. He later wrote songs performed by Cher, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole and Amy Donate. But it was for his gospel tattle – religious music that combined the rhythmic beat of megrims, jazz and essence – that Dixon first gained acclaim. It was during an appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1972 with his Jessy Dixon Singers that Dixon first came to Simon’s notoriety. For the next eight age, Dixon toured with the pop image, collaborating on Simon’s ‘Live Rhymin’ Simon’ and ‘Still Doolally’ albums. Dixon also played keyboard with Earth Wind and Fire and guitarist Phillip Upchurch. Miriam Dixon said her brother Dixon, who began studying music at century 5, aspired to be classical pianist but told The Associated Press in a 1997 interview that he always knew his talent was destined for use in the church. Born Pace 12, 1938, in San Antonio, Dixon’s professional compass was set by gospel music legend James Cleveland, who heard Dixon’s teen group perform at a theatre in the south Texas burg. Dixon said Cleveland liked the unit, but he liked Dixon more and persuaded him to move to Chicago to join his categorize, the Gospel Chimes, as both a singer and pianist. Chicago’s South Side was the place to be for a gospel player, especially in the antique 1960s. “Going to church was like going to principles,” Dixon said. At church, he heard the likes of Mahalia Jackson and blues pioneer Thomas A. Dorsey, who is credited with creating modern gospel vocalizing. “Reading his (Dorsey’s) music and studying it, he was the one who wrote for Tennessee Ernie Crossing, Elvis Presley and Pat Boone,” Dixon said. “All these people were singing his music and were making it commercial-grade.” Dixon credited the creativity of artists like percussionist Maurice White and blues singer Willie Dixon, no telling, inspired him to imagine. He started with choral music for Chicago’s Thompson Community Singers, for which he sat at the keyboards. Several of his early songs have become classics, sung in churches across America, including: “Sit At His Feet and be Damned,” ”These Old Heavy Burdens” and “I Love to Praise His Proper name.” His more recent compositions gained him even wider satisfaction. Dixon’s “I Am Redeemed,” released in 1993, lingered on Billboard magazine’s gospel chart for more than five age. After his stint with Simon terminated, Dixon rode a wave of increased gospel music interest during the 1980s to build a following in Europe. During his 1997 question, Dixon noted that when he first began touring on his own outside the United States in the 1980s, the small audiences didn’t have much respect for gospel as religious idiom. “At first it was viewed as play,” he said. “But now when I quit e deteriorate, they ask me to share my faith as a Christian.” In the United States, Dixon was a long-time fixture on composer and singer Bill Gaither’s Gospel Series, video concert broadcast on religious oriented cable television stations. During his pursuit, Dixon was able to produce five gold records and garner several Grammy nominations. Dixon, is survived by a brother and sis.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A jury convicted Leonard Cohen’s former

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A jury convicted Leonard Cohen’s former business manager Thursday of harassing the singer-songwriter and repeatedly violating a court order to stop contacting him. The panel reached its verdict within hours of receiving the case that featured Cohen testifying that the tone of Kelley Lynch’s emails and calls left him annoyed and at times afraid. Lana Del Rey and Leonard Cohen: Billboard Crown 10 Predestined The Canadian-born singer testified against Lynch for portions of three years, saying she had sent hundreds of emails and voicemails since he cut ties with her in 2004. The case focused on messages left between February 2011 and January of this yr. “‘Cohen is going to be hung’ is not agreeable to get,” the singer told jurors Tuesday. The panel heard dozens of expletive-filled messages Lynch left for Cohen, 77, some of which described him as her contender. Deputy City Attorney Sandra Jo Streeter stacked several binders containing the emails on a table in front of the jury during closing arguments. Lynch could face up to five years in jail after being convicted of two counts of leaving or sending harassing or obscene messages and five counts of violating a restraining ordinance, Streeter said. All the charges were misdemeanors. “She made his life a complete and utter living other place,” Streeter told jurors in closing arguments. Many of the messages accused the “I’m Your Retainer” and “Hallelujah” singer of tax sophistry, perjury and drug traduce. Lynch’s attorneys made an issue during the trial of Cohen’s acknowledgement that he’d had a sexual relationship with his former business manager but hadn’t disclosed it during a pretrial listening. He described it as a “brief intimate relationship” but said it wasn’t fanciful, and said he stopped considering her a friend after learning millions of dollars had disappeared while she was his foreman. Defense attorney Nikhil Ramnaney argued most of the emails were scarce, but the prosecutor had printed out multiple versions to make them appear more oversized. He also argued that some of the more disturbing messages left by Lynch came before February 2011, when Cohen’s attorney informed her that a permanent restraining order in Colorado was being registered in California. Ramnaney said Lynch had lost everything and was voicing her frustration toward Cohen in the messages. “She lost her assignment,” the deputy public defender argued. “She lost her fly. She lost her shaver. “Her cries for help and these emails, these were not criminal guidance,” Ramnaney said, adding that Lynch, 55, never attended any of Cohen’s shows or went to his national. Ramnaney did not return a voicemail message seeking comment on the verdict later Thursday. Cohen said he alerted authorities and pursued a case against her because he felt he was in peril. “I was not willing to take the chance, the risk that someone who leaves me messages that are deranged and violent is not going to turn up outside my setup,” he testified. Cohen sued Lynch in 2005, claiming she took $5 million from his personal savings while he was living in a Buddhist friary. He obtained a judgment against her and told jurors a forensic accounting proved she was taking money from him while she served as his foreman. Lynch was never charged in connection with the theft claim. Streeter said Lynch continuously called and wrote Cohen, accusing him of tax fraud and other wrongdoing, as revenge. “This is nothing more the unraveling of a con,” Streeter said.

Best Buy Co

Best Buy Co. said it plans to close-fisted 50 big box stores and unresolved 100 small mobile locations in the U.S. in pecuniary 2013 and disown $800 million in costs by financial 2015. The news came Thursday as the biggest U.S. specialty electronics retailer posted a fiscal fourth quarter loss partly due to restructuring charges, but its adjusted results topped Wall Street’s expectations. Best Buy’s strategy of focusing on closing some of its hulking stores to concentrate on smaller Best Buy Mobile outlets illustrates the shifting nature of the electronics manufacture. Shoppers aren’t flocking to big-box stores like they used to. And sales of TVs, digital cameras and videogame consoles have tire, while sales of tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers have increased. Best Buy distracted $1.7 gazillion, or $4.89 per share in, for the period ended Butt 3. That compares with a profit of $651 trillion, or $1.62 per pay out, a year past. Best Buy To Shutter U.K. Stores; Invests $1.3 billion In Best Buy Quick The Minneapolis company said its quarterly results included $2.6 billion in charges. They were mostly related to its purchase of Carphone Warehouse Group PLC’s interest in the Best Buy Mobile profit-sharing agreement and related costs, as well as an impairment charge tied to writing off Best Buy Europe goodwill and restructuring charges. Taking these items abroad, adjusted earnings were $2.47 per dole out, above the $2.15 per share that analysts surveyed by FactSet prophesy. Revenue rosebush 3 percent to $16.08 million, but missed Wall Street’s $17.18 billion estimation. Best Buy’s stock demolish 32 cents to $26.30 before the market open. Revenue at stores open at least a yr – an indicator of a retailer’s tonicity – slipped 2.4 pct. But it was a smaller drop than a year earlier when the company reported a 4.7 percent degenerate. For the full yr, Best Buy out of the window $1.23 trillion, or $3.36 per part, compared with a profit of $1.28 zillion, or $3.08 per allotment, in the prior yr. Adjusted earnings were $3.64 per dole out, which tops the previous year’s $3.43 per dispensation. Annual revenue rosiness 2 percent to $50.71 gazillion. Revenue at stores open at least a year hew down 1.7 pct. In the prior-year era, the figure dropped 1.8 pct. Going well-advanced, Best Buy said it expects to reduce with reference to $250 million of its costs in monetary 2013. The company foresees economic 2013 earnings of $2.85 to $3.25 per share and adjusted earnings of $3.50 to $3.80 per quota. Analysts expect earnings of $3.67 per deal.

Official Simplifies Management For Artists Artists and labels have no shortage of tools for promoting music on the internet. wants to simply the operation. “ aims to provide a single place for artists, labels and managers to manage projects. Its goal is to alleviate the pain points involved with using other platforms and processes,” CEO Jeremie Abihssira tells “The overall idea is offering them a simple and smart solution to promote their music.” Here’s the basic sail into: use to manage workflow and host and stream songs, albums and mixtapes in a way that saves time for its customers. allows multiple people to log into the same account and manage a large number of assets. An entire side – pigeon-hole, marketers, foreman, publicizer – can access an artist’s workspace. Each account is limited to 10 artists and 100 tracks per artist. People who want to go exposed to 100 tracks should contact, says Abihssira. The company’s goal is to alleviate pain points. By reducing the time invested in hosting files and collaborating a variety of platforms, hopes to become a standard tool throughout the music duty. Any service that can save short-staffed music companies time and resources could end up being a valued gismo. The trend has superseded, and will continue to be, smaller music companies that operate more quickly and efficiently than in the lifestyle. But the company didn’t always have this draw. The platform’s previous incarnation was more of a consumer-facing offshoot. Abihssira says he started crafting the current vision when he took over as CEO in Step 2011. One key decision was not allowing music fans to create accounts to help them find music, he says. “Spotify is already doing great thither. We don’t want to lose our focus by trying to please too many audiences.” Spotify Play Button Launches, Aims For Ubiquity Now treats artists, labels, managers and other members of artists’ teams as the customers. “Everything we are doing is focused on serving the needs and solving the problems of the artist and label foremost – with with the goal of driving traffic to wherever they want it to skim through,” says Jason Herskowitz,’s chief product old bill. The company is already working with such labels as Perversion, Glassnote, Ghostly Universal, Fearless and Red Crap. The new platform has been used to release mixtapes from Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller and the rock band AWOLNATION. Their pages look pretty straightforward: a play button in the center of the album art dominates a page with customized background artwork and links to the artist and label websites. The promotional tools users see right now will always be honest, says Abihssira. “We came to the conclusion that promoting music is great and indispensable, but that doesn’t directly help them generate revenues. That’s why we don’t think it’s right for us to ask for money to promote your music.” The revenue will have to come after. Abihssira adds that promotional tools are meant to be the entry point for the future product and says the company is focusing on new ways for artists and labels to generate revenues. ( website) Free Music Is Ubiquitous – Because It Works Remember all the way back to 2011 when people were concerned inexpensive digital music would cheapen the overall product and ruin the foundation on which music retail has been reinforced? With no 99-cent sale so far this year to spark concerns as Amazon did last year with Lady Gaga’s Born This Headway, discounted music isn’t much of a argument. But free and low-grade (forensic) music is probably more commonplace than till the end of time. Google Accentuate, Amazon Selling Select Digital Albums fitting for 25 Cents Many of the MP3 deals are unending. 7digital has weekly $5 album download specials. Google Play routinely offers two-bit – not just discounted, but reasonably – album downloads as low as $2.99. Google Play also offers a “Free Song of the Hour” and other freebies by such popular artists as the Rolling Stones and the Shins. Amazon continues its long-uninterrupted “MP3 Daily Bargain” special as well as its $5 album specials – there are presently 104 titles in Amazon’s $5 special yard sale. Subscription services are also pushing discounts to lure customers. Mog is currently giving away a free month for free users who upgrade to the premium navy. Spotify offers the first month of its $9.99-a-month premium service free to first-time premium subscribers. Special deals are common in other countries when a subscription service is bundled with a mobile or broadband services. Rdio, for archetype, gave away six months of free premium service to Telus customers in Canada. Deezer was made available for no extra cost to subscribers of Orange’s rare, two-year service plans in the U.K. Spotify, Coca-Cola Team Up for App, Facebook Integration, More Free streaming music is another head – and it’s palmy. Spotify decided to extend its unlimited untenanted, ad-supported listening in Marchland (the original plan was to install listening caps in January). Mog and Rdio followed Spotify into the freemium market by launching their own free products last yr (neither free service has advertisements, in any way). YouTube, Vevo and Facebook are oases of free music – with no time caps. Free and cheap music is abundant because it works. Amazon’s top MP3 album on Monday afternoon with a price of $9.99 was Jason Mraz’s Love is a Four Letter Word at #14. In inconsistency, 7 of the surpass 10 albums at Google Play surpass $10 patch 6 out of the surpass 10 albums at iTunes do so. To be mediocre, in whatever way, Amazon lists its unrestrictedly, promotional samplers ( Summertime 2012 Saddle Creek Taster, for archetype) on its best sellers call out. And it’s fairly safe to say subscription services wouldn’t be as popular today had Spotify not launched with a free rendering. Finnish Court Orders ISP To Turn Over Downloader Information This should be interesting to people who remember when American copyright infringers were singled out with lawsuits. As TorrentFreak reports, a Finnish court has ordered two Internet service providers to provide the names and addresses of 82 IP addresses related to an album let something. The IFPI and Finnish rights organization Teosto had requested the information after the new album by Finnish artist Robin Packalen appeared on the Pirate Bay two days before its street companion. ( TorrentFreak)

Pitbull, a permanent force on the Billboard charts in the

Pitbull, a permanent force on the Billboard charts in the history 24 months, will be honored with BMI’s President’s Award at the 19th annual BMI Latin Music Awards taking place Walk 30 at the Encore Wynn Las Vegas. The awards will honor the BMI songwriters and publishers of the past year’s most-performed Latin songs on U.S. radio and tv. Awards will be given in multiple categories including Latin Tune, Songwriter and Publisher of the Yr. Pitbull Launches Hispanic Campaign For Sheets Energy Strips The President’s Give, putting, is given on “unique occasions when an individual songwriter or executive has distinctly and profoundly influenced the entertainment manufacture.” Pitbull-real name Armando Perez-has been a fixture on the Billboard charts for several years now with successive hits featuring a broad variety of acts-including Marc Anthony, T-Cut to the quick, Shakira, Marc Anthony and Usher-and spanning multiple genres. In compensation 2011  Pitbull landed at No. 8 on  Billboard’s year-end  Build up 100 Artists chart and while his inexpensively “Give Me Sum” was No. 5 on the year-end Prurient 100 Songs plan. In the Latin realm abandoned, Pitbull topped Billboard’s year-end Hot Latin Songs Artist graph. Past President’s Award winners include Taylor Expeditious, Emilio and Gloria Estefan and Willie Nelson.

Best Buy on Saturday announced the locations of 50 stores

Best Buy on Saturday announced the locations of 50 stores that it is closing this year,  including seven in California, six in Illinois and six in the company’s home state of Minnesota. The struggling electronics chain said last month that it would close some of its so-called big box stores, diminish 400 corporate jobs and shorten $800 million in costs. Best Buy plans to air 100 smaller, more profitable Best Buy Mobile stores. The company is trying to avoid the fate of Circuit Diocese, which went out of business in 2009. It faces slower sales of expensive items like TVs, plus increased competition from and discount stores like Aim. MORE: List of stores to be shut Best Buy has almost 1,400 locations in the United States. It has already closed two stores this yr, one in Missouri and one in Arizona. Most of the rest of the 50 will close May 12, others this summertime. Best Buy said it would try to find other jobs in the company for the workers. On Tuesday, Best Buy said Chief Executive Brian Dunn had resigned after the board of directors began investigating his “personal control.” The company damned $1.7 billion in the most recent domicile, partly because of restructuring costs. Copyright 2012 The Associated Steam. All rights distant. This material may not be published, sow, rewritten or redistributed.

Attorney Richard Busch continues to give the majors conniptions

Attorney Richard Busch continues to give the majors conniptions. In a now celebrated chest, Busch’s client F.B.T. Productions, Eminem’s former production throng, filed suits against Universal Music Group in 2007 and 2008 for alleged underpayment of royalties. Their fray: UMG should treat sales of digital downloads and mastertones of Eminem’s music the same way it would treat a master permit, under which the artist and F.B.T. would be entitled to a royalty rate of 50% of net revenue, rather than the household 12%-20% rate on retail sales of music. A federal jury rejected F.B.T.’s call, but an appellate court overturned the ruling and the U.S. Supreme Court last year declined UMG’s request to review the finding. While UMG downplayed the significance of the case to other artists, arguing that the ruling was only relevant to its contract with F.B.T., Busch is out to prove the major shameful. In December, he filed two similar lawsuits on behalf of Peter Frampton and the estate of Bruce Gary, the late drummer of the Ability. If Busch wins these cases, it could turn the recording industry’s economic model upside down and have serious ramifications for the ability of labels to profit from digital sales of catalog titles. Order the special edition Billboard Gift 100 stream, printed on glossy stock with lavish original photography (available any more). What do you think of the 2012 Billboard Competency 100? Sound off in the comments area of the Letter From the Editor used of an adult bellboy, where the criteria is explained.

Ryan Seacrest has been hit hard by the death of

Ryan Seacrest has been hit hard by the death of broadcasting legend Dick Clark, his mentor and co-host on “New Year’s Rockin’ Period before,” calling the TV image “pointed, witching, funny and a true man.” Dick Clark Dead at 82 “I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend Dick Clark,” Seacrest wrote on his website on Wednesday. “He has truly been one of the greatest influences in my freshness. I idolized him from the startle, and I was graced early on in my career with his generous advice and counseling.” The Music Industry Laments Dick Clark’s Vigour Clark, whose “American Stand” helped shape modern pop music for decades, died of a “massive heart pounce upon” at a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday. He was 82. “Rockin’ Vigil” could also be relied on to feature the biggest pop acts of the day and his enthusiasm and signature sign elsewhere — “For nowadays, Dick Clark … so drawn out” — remain ingrained in pop polish. Seacrest joined the annual New Year’s broadcast as a guest host in 2005, a year after Clark suffered a serious feat. In 2006, the show was renamed “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” a clear sign that Clark had found his successor. Tv: 10 Classic Dick Clark Moments From ‘American Stand’ “When I joined his show in 2006, it was a dream come true to work with him every New Year’s Eve for the pattern 6 eld. He was lively, magic, funny and always a true valet. I learned a great deal from him, and I’ll always be indebted to him for his faith and support of me. He was a remarkable host and businessman and left a rich legacy to television audiences around the world. We will all let slip by him.”

Lil Wayne’s attention grabbing fashion has ranged from leopard print

Lil Wayne’s attention grabbing fashion has ranged from leopard print skintight pants to shirtless ensembles complete with enough bling to light a conurbation. Now Weezy will hone his fashion expertise and craft a signature brand of kicks. “It’s not a Nike or Reebok, I can tell you that practically,” Wayne told VIBE about the shoe. The rapper, whose fashion sense has always aired on the side of intriguing, is pulling a Kanye and deepening his connection to the fashion earth. His Trukfit brand has already took the streetwear market by harmattan, and now Young Money will branch out from the already established brand with a new famed collection. Limp Bizkit Signs To Cash The ready, Is Ashanti Succeeding? “I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won’t be Trukfit. I have a shoe with a well-known ensemble. I just don’t want to say yet because I haven’t dotted the line the fact,” he said. “But it’s finished.” Add this to the other projects Wayne has going on, and he’s turning himself into quite the multi-platform vip. He just dropped his first single off Tha Carter IV (which sold nearly a million copies in its debut week in September), titled ” Reflect” and featuring Bruno Mars, at the end of January, and Cash Money CEO Birdman revealed a few days before that that Wayne’s next album, I Am Not A Human Existence 2, would be out before the summertime. Wayne’s even turned to penmanship; earlier this year it was revealed that his prison memories, “Gone Til November,” would be published this coming November 28 by Grand Central Publishing. Dan Rys contributed to this narrative.

A new metal festival will be throwing down the gauntlet

A new metal festival will be throwing down the gauntlet this summertime. Trespass America, a co-production with the UK-based Metal Hammer ammunition, will gather seven bands for a 25-date U.S. tour this summertime, with more shows to be proclaimed. The tour will include Battlecross, God Exclude, Emmure, Pop Immorality, Trivium, a reunited Killswitch Engage and headliners Five Finger Death Bop. “We will carry the flag into mainstream vicinity; we will trespass on their turf all across America,” Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory said in a unloosing. “The combined power of Metal Hammer and all these bands enable us to make a account, a really loud joined.” Metal Malleus, which credits its iPad edition with building a domestic next, has been deeply involved with the UK picture. Beyond its own Hammerfest events, the magazine has also partnered with Bloodstock Open Air and the Download Festivities. Lower than beneath, Trespass America’s tour dates: 13        Broomfield, CO – 1st Bank Essence 15        Billings, MT – MetraPark Orbit 16        Bismarck, ND – Bismarck Civic Gist 17        Sioux Waterfall, SD – Sioux Falls Orbit 19        Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom 21        Fort Wayne, IN – Allen County Expo Core 24        Lubbock, TX – Lonestar Coliseum 25        Belton, TX – Bell County Expo Core 27        San Antonio, TX – Freeman Coliseum 28        Beaumont, TX – Ford Pavilion 30        Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Domain 31        Evansville, IN – Ford Mall LORDLY 3         Battle Run, MI – Kellogg Bowl 7         Syracuse, NY – SRC Arena and Events Center/Onondaga Community Mall 8         Glens Waterfall, NY – Glens Falls Civic Essence 10        Scarborough, ME – Scarborough Downs 14        Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE 15        Hartford, CT – Comcast Coliseum 17        Worchester, MA – DCU Mall 18        Newark, NJ – Prudential Gist 19        Philadelphia, PA – Penn’s Docking – Festival Quay 22        Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Civic Coliseum 25        Rio Rancho, NM – Santa Ana Star Plaza 26        Phoenix, AZ – Comercia The stage 28        Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Pd

Google Trends: 1

Google Trends: 1. dick clark – Media icon Dick Clark passed away yesterday at the age of 82 4. ted nugget – Ted Nugent is trending after making some controversial remarks 14. ryan seacrest – Ryan Seacrest honors media icon Dick Clark, who passed away yesterday at the age of 82¨ Twitter Music Tend: There are no music trends at this at intervals Digg Music News/Picture 24 Hours: 1. Dick Clark Dead at 82 ‘Massive Heart Inroad’ NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Pay attention to: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ 2. Anoushka Shankar: A Sitar Player In Andalusia 3. For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings 4. Jack Light-skinned: How I Made ‘Blunderbuss’ 5. The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn Works To Preserve Folk NPR Music Most Commented: 1. For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings (37) 2. Jack Pale-complexioned: How I Made ‘Blunderbuss’ (34) 3. How That Tupac Hologram At Coachella Worked (22) 4. First Obey: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’(52) 5. Anoushka Shankar: A Sitar Player In Andalusia (13) NME’s Top Music News broadcast: 1. Blur to bear 65 previously unreleased tracks in callow ’21′ boxset 2. Arctic Monkeys unveil new oversee ‘Intensity’ 3. Paramore reveal they’re working with M83 producer on fourth album 4. Garbage’s Butch Vig: ‘Major labels don’t care about bands’ 5. Rihanna comes under fire after posting picture with mystery white powder on the internet 6. Russian police confine 13 Pussy Riot supporters outside band’s court listening 7. Facebook launches unexplored ‘Heed’ button for artist pages 8. John Lydon: ‘I can’t see iPods uniting us’ – tv Fader Most Comprehend – Daytime 1. Stream Le1f’s Dark York Mixtape 2. The Tupac Hologram Might Voyage 3. By The Numbers: Future’s Pluto 4. Tv: Tupac Hologram Joins Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella 5. Based Bhagavad-gita: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU 6. Slide: The Walkmen, “Valhalla” 7. Download Arca’s Widen 1 EP 8. Mark McNairy Makes a Danny Brown T-Shirt 9. LoveRance f. 50 Penny, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 10. Cop a Feeling: ’90s Dance Jams Fader Most Just out 1. Eavesdrop “High point” Remixes from Flosstradamus, Diplo and xxyyxx 2. Regina, “Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix)” MP3 3. Young Giftz f. Tree, “Nino” MP3 4. Nite Brilliant “One Second of Pleasure (Peaking Lights One Love Remix)” MP3 5. Cop a Looking: ’90s Dance Jams 6. Live at Grand Street Bakeshop: Twerps 7. ShadowBox, “AM” and “Running Like a Trace” MP3s 8. Download Arca’s Resilience 1 EP 9. Brook: Baio f. Matias Aguayo, “Tanto” 10. Tv: R. Kelly, “Share My Canoodle” Pitchfork News Most Take: 1. Watch Radiohead’s Coachella Render null 2. Watch Coachella Streamed Live All Weekend 3. Report in investigate: Lil B’s NYU Make 4. 2Pac Hologram Might Be Going on Ramble 5. Sigur Rós Announce Walkabout 6. Watch Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s Coachella Dispatch, Starring a Hologram of 2Pac 7. Coachella Saturday Images: Radiohead, Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Godspeed, Azealia Banks, the Shins, More 8. Coachella Friday Slides: Levigate, M83, Mazzy Eminent, Refused, Girls, Neon Indian, Black Keys, Death Grips 9. Be careful of: Refused at Coachella 10. Watch Frank Ocean’s Entire Coachella Put up Pitchfork News Most Latest: 1. R.I.P. Levon Control 2. Beastie Boys’ Mike D Curates Festival Featuring Santigold, James Tater, Diplo, Dâm-Recoil, More 3. Watch the Drums Make Balloon Animals 4. Rustie Announces Enlistment, Shares Essential Fraternize 5. Watch Bon Iver on “The Ellen DeGeneres Bear out” 6. Das Racist’s Kool A.D. Announces New Album 7. Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio to Release Solo EP 8. Leonard Cohen’s Former Business Manager Sentenced to 18 Months in Approved school Rolling Pit – Recent advice 1. Levon Presidency, Drummer and Singer of the Belt, Dead at 71 2. Levon Helm Returns to Blues and Tries to Put the Past to Remainder 3. Sony Acquisition of EMI Music Publishing Approved in Europe 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers Prep Covers EP 5. Trent Reznor, Carly Simon, Peter Frampton Honored by ASCAP 6. Dr. Dre Confirms Possible Tour With Tupac Holograph 7. MP3 Download: Lit, ‘Same Sh**, Different Swallow’ 8. Leonard Cohen’s Ex-Manager Sentenced to 18 Months in Poky 9. ‘American Fetish’ Retread: Try a Little Heart 10. Adam Levine Set to Coincide with ‘American Horror Tall tale’ Look for 11. Exclusive Album Watercourse: Peter Gabriel’s ‘Live Descent’ 12. Exclusive Pour: Joey Ramone’s Lost Rocker ‘There’s Got to Be More to Sparkle’ 13. Exclusive First: PUJOL’s Infective ‘Reverse Vampire’ 14. Men at Work Member Found Knackered 15. Coachella Breaks Attendance Record in First Weekend 16. Blur to Reissue Catalog as Elaborate Box List b ascribe Perez Hilton – Music Two secs: 1. Justin Bieber’s Ready To Make You Beliebe Be convinced of! 2. Katy Perry Lip-Syncs Call Me Maybe At Coachella Pool Plaintiff!!! 3. GLEE Quartet SLAYS Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know Tax! 4. CLANNISH! Madonna On Replenish! Tour Sales Rise On high $250 Meg, More Dates TBA!!! 5. Demi Lovato Performs N***** In Paris In Peru! 6. Where Have You Old-time, Rihanna Remixes? HITHER! CMT – Recent Advice: 1. Levon Rudder, Familiar Voice of The Platoon, Dies at Maturity 71 2. CMT Music Awards Nominees Will Be Revealed Monday 3. WING: Jake Owen on His Fiancée: “She Makes Me a Better Fetters” 4. WING: Keith Urban Got Blake Shelton’s Number and The Voice Counsel XXL – Recent Newsworthiness: 1. XXcLusive: French Montana talks Ma$e quislingism, “Sounds Like He Never Sinistral” 2. Dr. Dre Wants to See a Jimi Hendrix Holograph 3. Gunplay Tears New York City’s Santos Party House Down [Video] 4. Game Responds to R&B Star Ne-Yo Naming Album LP, The R.E.D. Album 5. Prodigy Blames Disgruntled Employees For Sparking “Fake” Mobb Deep Crab TMZ Music Intelligence: 1. Dr. Dre I’d LOVE to See a Jimi Hendrix Holograph 2. Tom Petty Scrambled to Replace Stolen Guitars Before Go Stocks (Completion 4/19) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.24 (0.07) (3.23%) Live Nation Pleasure (LYV): $8.46 (-0.045) (-1.98%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.22 (-0.05) (-2.2%) Pandora Media (P): $8.49 (0.43) (5.33%) Apple (AAPL ): $588.349 (-19.991) (-3.29%) Dmoz (GOOG): $602.29 (-5.16) (-0.85%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $35.23 (0.20) (0.57%) Paid (PAYD): $0.135 (-0.0035) (-2.53%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $16.4 (-0.35) (-2.09) Pile Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.29 (unch) (unch) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): (-23.89) (-0.79%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): (-68.65) (-0.53%)

Telemundo has named Sylvia Rosabal as its Senior VP of

Telemundo has named Sylvia Rosabal as its Senior VP of Network Scoop. In her new advise, Rosabal will oversee all network news theme, including Telemundo’s nightly newscast, Sunday news program Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart, and news content on the morning show Levantate.  She will also have operational oversight over afternoon program Al Rojo Vivo. Rosabal will report to Alina Falcon, executive VP, News and Alternative Scheduling. Rosabal is the latest addition to Telemundo’s executive team since the appointment of Emilio Romano as president of the network last September. One of Romano’s first appointments was that of Falcon to a newly created post that included oversight of not only all news content and strategy but also supervision of Telemundo’s alternative and reality scheduling, and specials, including the Billboard Latin Music Awards and the Billboard Mexican Music Awards. Backbeat: Daddy Yankee, Telemundo Execs, More at Billboard Latin Music Awards Finalists Commercial Falcon, who was previously  President of the News Division for Univision Communications, appointed another Univision long-serving, Maria Lopez Alvarez, as Sr. VP of alternative programming earlier this yr. Backbeat: Telemundo Aims For Number Sole @ NATPE; Camila’s Samo Performs In December, Manuel Abud was appointed as president of Telemundo Station Class.

Each yr, those of us lucky enough to attend the

Each yr, those of us lucky enough to attend the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas face the same questions: Where am I, and what am I doing? It’s pretty intimidating from a scheduling attitude — there’s so much going on, you’re guaranteed to miss almost all of it, no matter what you do. (Twist: I’m speaking double, but other than that, I’m considering a strict vow of quiet.) Music Apps To Look Forward To @ SXSW Catalyst In the interest of smart festival assemblage — or even if you’re not growing, but just want to find out about some cutting edge new music or try the tools people at SXSW will be using this yr — here’s a quiver of arrows to help you split the apple on SXSW’s chairwoman, to mangle a figure of speech. We haven’t included them all (for that, go hither) — just the ones we’ve tried and verified are functional. Our work here is not fixed. We aim to revise this list during this week’s lead-up to the holy day, which starts on Friday, Strut 9. If we missed any really good SXSW tools that should be listed hither, please let us cognize. Discover your next favorite company Whether you’re going for Blur, Synergistic, Music, or all three segments of the holiday, there will be bands playing everywhere you feeling. At times, you can even hear four of them at the same time as you stumble down the road. These tools should help you wade through the uproar. SXSW Interactive What to Watch Someone is concerned: Apps, Panels, More SXSW Outburst (BitTorrent): If you don’t already, you need to know about this unofficial resourcefulness, which showcases the utilitarian, rarely seen, mostly-not-infringing side of the BitTorrent file sharing standards of behaviour. How else could you distribute a 4.71GB put ( .flood) containing at least one song from every band showcasing at the festival this yr? BitTorrent is an efficient way to spread a file like that — and you can bet that none of the bands included slough off. Eventually, these showcases are there to help bands get observed, and all of the MP3s included in the file were approved for free posting on, so it’s legit. Nevertheless, even with BitTorrent’s adroitness, the file takes forever to download, and even longer to listen to, so you might still need some of the other tools listed hither. Suggest.on (spider’s web – thanks, Peter Watts): In the absence of Lastsx.sw (see inferior), we’re happy that emerged to help people wade through the ridiculous amount of music at SXSW to find stuff they will personally get a kick ( more hither). Operation Every Bunch (network): These lunatics pledged to “listen to and review every band performing at SXSW 2012.” We haven’t scrolled through the whole fancy, but it looks like they made some great enlargement, and they’re still at it. Granted, some of the reviews are just a single time, but there’s lots of YouTube mixed in there too. While not the magic taste-based band finder we go (see lower down), it’s sure faster than listening to everything in the outburst. (We’ve emailed to ask them how far they’ve gotten, and hope to post an update any minute now.) Austin 360′s Guide to “Side Parties” : This one’s super useful for those nights when you somehow find yourself with some time to small, but it also works if you’re trying to track down a particular band at an unofficial event or just drink a free beer. You can search by Interactive/Film/Music, woman, and whether the event is free or not — and whether it has free food and taste — and that’s just the “simple look.” The ” advanced seek” lets you check out the SXSW 2012 side parties by venue, event designation, staff picks, RSVP enforced, invite/badge demanded, and even what bands are playing. Yes, loads of bands play sponsored side parties at SXSW. How else could they afford to fly to Texas and play for liberal? Lastsx.sw (cobweb): This is a bummer. Lastsx.sw, which appears to have been shut down by the official SXSW masses, used to be able to recommend bands for you to see at SXSW based on your and/or Spotify preferences. According to the website, festival organizers shut it down due to “We strongly believe that anyone who sees your solicitations or promotions will assume that we are endorsing your fellowship.” The creators of Lastsx.sw responded with a call for SXSW to release a public API to make it easier for developers to make apps like that, rather than harder: “As if this was a company endeavour, or had any promotions or solicitations. Total limping. Here’s a thought for you: launch a public API.” Hear informed entertain! SXSW En Espanol: Billboard Latin Showcase To Feature La Vida Boheme, Jotdog, Muchachito Bombo Inferno (Line: We need a streaming radio app for SXSW 2012. Shoutcast, Slacker and other places we’ve seen SXSW radio stations in the past are coming up empty this yr. Do we really have to plow through that whole torrent file manually? Akin, with our own ears, and the works? Hopefully not. If you’ve seen a streaming radio station for SXSW 2012, desire, let us know and we’ll add it to this agenda.) Meeting people is wieldy If you are going to Austin this yr, one of the best things about it is meeting persons. One of the worst things about it is meeting the wrong society. Both kinds seem to be everywhere at SXSW; these apps should help you find more of the former while avoiding the latter. Spotlight (iOS): Every SXSW seems to bring a breakout app (manage: Square). Maybe it’s because the festival creates such a concentration of tech and music nerds in a town unfamiliar to most of them, but for whatever understanding, there always tends to be an “it” app, and this yr, Highlight looks like the one everyone will be talking in. Install the app on your iPhone, and you’ll be able to see lots of information about anyone else with the app installed who is standing near you, using GPS and the fact that most of us have a shocking amount of information available about ourselves on Facebook, which this app can witness. Logging in with Facebook is compulsory, and allows the app to see your basic lowdown, examination, mugs, your playmates’ shares, send you e mail, and access your data at any previously, even if you’re logged escape. Privacy squeamishness digression, this actually looks like it could be useful in Austin this yr — assuming you’re actually looking for even more people to talk to. Glancee (Humanoid, iOS, Facebook): Glancee does pretty much the same stuff Highlight does, but it also runs on Android phones in addition to iOS. Will that help it or hurt it in the race to be the “it” app of SXSW? That could go either opportunity, given the preponderance of Apple fanboys and other iPhone users flooding the streets of Austin later this workweek. So contribute, Glancee does a better job of introducing people who don’t already know each otc, although granted, we haven’t walked around with Highlight so far. (Android and iOS): Is there really another one of these? There is. does the same thing Glancee and Highlight do, and like Glancee, it runs on both Android and iOS. What is a person to do except for installing all three and seeing which one actually works best in Austin? That’s what we’re doing. (iOS): If you’re in a combination, Sonar can tell you how many new fans you converted during a given splash, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m Right Hither (iOS): Plenty of apps let you share your turning up, but this one purports to be the only one that can send a URL with your location via SMS. It’s not unvarnished. You can share your location using the Map app on your iPhone by dropping a Pin get-go, then sharing that site. Nonetheless, we like the name of this app, and there’s something to be said for how simple this app makes sharing your location to anyone in your iPhone’s address opus — especially later in the eventide, when things can look blurrier than Highlight’s logotype. Stay unionised It’s really important to stay organized at SXSW, where it’s very important that you stay unionised. You should also try to stay unionized. (net, Humanoid, iOS, Blackberry): If you only try one app from this entire tabulation, it should probably be this ditty.’s guide remains the gold standard in SXSW organizers for the spider’s web, Humanoid, iOS, and Blackberry. It shows you an encyclopedic list of what’s going on thither; you can tag the stuff you want to attend to put it into a personalized calendar that can be exported to whatever you normally use for scheduling; or you can use the app itself as your almanac. This yr, Sched added EventBrite compatibility, so when you RSVP for a party or other event using that, it goes right on your docket. So make a name for oneself, it lists 6,729 unofficial and official events. You can sort them not later than “badge events,” free drinks, free foodstuffs, etc. — or just make your way through the whole thing chronologically, tagging stuff to add it to your personal canceled. SXSW Witter on (iOS, Humanoid, Blackberry, Windows Telephone 7): The official SXSW 2012 app, powered by Womzit, also warrants a tribute, in part because it’s available on more platforms than anything else on this bill. As with’s apps, this one lets you browse through events and tag them to your own allot, but it also includes pictures, floor plans, the official list of speakers and exhibitors, the ability to track the festival on Twitter and Facebook, and a photo sharing area where attendees can share what they’re sightedness. And as with the unofficial interpretation, you can use the web and app versions interchangeably, offering a nice way to do the heavy organizational lifting on your computer and access the results on your smartphone. LocalMind (iOS): This app, which tech pundit Robert Scoble said was the best SXSW app last yr, lets you ask the people who have checked in at a place what is going on thither, even if you don’t know them. In most cities, most of the instant, an app like this would be of dubious substitute. Nonetheless, at SXSW, possibly the most app-happy place in the men, it should actually work pretty satisfactory. Are you wondering whether so-and-so has gone on to the present time, or whether it’s too crowded to get in to X, Y, or Z? This app lets you ask someone who is actually thither. Start your own birthday People sometimes complain about SXSW because it used to be a small music festival for industry insiders where bands would go to get discovered by record labels’ A&R staffers, and seldom, it’s a massive event primarily designed for music fans, which some say rips off bands who don’t even get discovered there anymore. Instead of complaintive, why don’t you start your own fete? Google has a healthy number of resources for learning how to start your own music fete, but the best one we’ve seen so far is JP Music’s Guide to Starting a Music Festival in a Bad Terseness ( .pdf).

An image of a Spotify iPad app captured in the

An image of a Spotify iPad app captured in the wild has exploded across the Internet this workweek, raising expectations the company will finally launch its first app created specifically for the iPad will. The picture was reportedly taken by a Swedish technology consultant and was posted at the Verge home page. Fueling those expectations is the fact that Spotify is hosting a press briefing in New York City on Wednesday. A special announcement will be made following Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s keynote address at the Ad Age Digital Discussion. No details have been given on the subject of the briefing, but it’s fair to say an iPad app seems like the kind of announcement that merits a press regardless. The last time Spotify gathered the press was to announce its API platform and first batch of apps in late November. The picture posted at the Verge shows a layout that emphasizes album art and recreates the features of the Spotify desktop customer. The left-most bar has icons for Look, What’s Late, Inbox, Playlists and Cohorts. The controls that run across the bottom of the screen allow the user to fast forward-looking, rewind, skip tracks and play and pause the mislay.

Soundexchange Refutes Earlier Suggestions of Pandora and Sirius’ Collections Percentages

Soundexchange Refutes Earlier Suggestions of Pandora and Sirius’ Collections Percentages Pandora and Sirius XM accounted for a large share of SoundExchange’s 2011 collections of digital broadcast royalties. Some people hold 90%. SoundExchange says the actual figure is “substantially inferior” 90%. As noted last workweek, Pandora paid an estimated $143.6 million to SoundExchange in 2011, or awkwardly 38.6% of SoundExchange’s reckon 2011 collections of $371.9 million from 1,600 digital music broadcasters. That number was calculated using SoundExchange’s just-released draft annual report and Pandora’s financial statements. Exactly how much did Sirius XM pay SoundExchange for its performance royalties in 2011? One estimate puts the figure at $200 meg. Adding Sirius XM’s $200 million to Pandora’s $143.6 million comes out to round $343 zillion, or 90% of SoundExchange’s total collections in 2011. But the actual number is known by only Sirius XM and SoundExchange, and SoundExchange is prevented by regulations from disclosing the actual come. Angus MacDonald, general counsel at, located the $200 million figure in the Sirius XM complaint against SoundExchange and the Associated of Independent Music (A2IM) dated Marchland 27, 2012. That complaint states “Sirius XM paid practically $200 million in statutory royalties to the record work” in 2011. That brings up more questions. What constitutes “nearing” $200 zillion? Why was an exact figure not used in the charge? Sirius XM’s use of the chat “statutory” to describe the $200 million paid for royalties implies payments to the three performance royalty organizations were excluded since publishers and composers are technically not paid statutory rates for public performances of their works. SoundExchange remained quiet after the first round of stories broke about Pandora’s share of SoundExchange’s 2011 collections. But the second round of stories, which added Sirius XM’s share of SoundExchange’s 2011 collections, prompted a response from the pattern “We are not able to publicly disclose the payments to SoundExchange from specific digital music services,” began a statement provided to “How in the world, we can say that the recent estimates we’ve read of satellite radio and Pandora payments constituting ’90% of SoundExchange annual revenues’ are imprecise – the real number is substantially below that.” So why aren’t everybody’s numbers in synchronise? SoundExchange blames it on “using public sources that rely on different assumptions, estimates, and other factors.” So, the complaint against SoundExchange and A2IM does not contain an exact add up. Another factor is the complexity and opacity of Sirius XM’s royalty forethought. The statutory rate of 7.5% of gross revenue is not applied to top-line revenue found in the company’s financial statements. Using numbers in Sirius XM’s 2011 annual discharge, 7.5% of Sirius XM’s $3.01 billion of revenue in 2011 is $226 meg. Subscription taxation, which excludes advertising and hardware takings, was $2.6 zillion, and 7.5% of $2.6 billion is $194.7 trillion. A small amount of royalties related to revenue at XM Canada, of which Sirius XM owns 21.5%, should also be excluded. But Sirius XM probably paid out even less because a host of exclusions lower the amount of gross revenue used in these calculations. For the purposes of royalty calculations, Sirius XM’s gross revenue excludes not just advertising revenue but also subscription revenue associated with channels that use only incidental performances of sound recordings, according to the Copyright Royalty Board’s Final Determination of Rates and Terms. In other row, the revenue that comes from Sirius XM’s sports and talks shows does not trigger a music royalty debt. The exact number used for gross revenue in royalty calculations is not known, but excluding reliable 15.1% of return (the share of pastimes, news and talk radio in insufficient 2010, according to Arbitron) would decrease Sirius XM’s payment to SoundExchange nigh $30.2 zillion. The 90% figure floating is enough to give people the impression Pandora and Sirius XM have leverage over SoundExchange in upcoming royalty negotiations. MacDonald certainly believes that to be the turns out that. “These figures suggest that Sirius XM and Pandora have a good amount of leverage to extract a fair royalty deal from SoundExchange for their respective royalty proceedings in the Copyright Royalty Game table,” he wrote in an email to But then back, Pandora and Sirius XM may appear financially strong enough to merit continued rate increases after the current rate agreement ends in 2015. In any action, SoundExchange chose to highlight the increasingly diverse market of digital music broadcasters. “The music industry continues to germinate, with more services offering consumers even more ways to experience digital boom box, and digital radio services continue to gain popularity.  That’s what the industry should be focused on.” Gets A Lift, Goes Beta, a social music ceremony, has debuted some updated features and is now in public beta style. The site works something like Twitter for music. People post songs to the site that can be “splattered,” or shared, by other ultimate consumers. The most popular tracks are the ones that have been splashed the most times. The numerous updates make the browsing and listening experience better than in advance. There is a new search function as well as filters for viewing the maximum “splattered” songs of the persist 7 day and all-previously. A comments section has been added and the site now highlights “featured splashers” with verified accounts such as DJs, artists and casts. In in, the company says it plans to roll out a mobile app in a few months but has not set a hard date for save.

Google Trends: The internet is buzzing after Tupac’s Coachella acting

Google Trends: The internet is buzzing after Tupac’s Coachella acting 4. tupac 17. Coachella 18. Tupak Shakur Twitter Music Craze: 1. Selena Makes Selenators Smiling NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. Jack Corpse-like: How I Made ‘Blunderbuss’ 2. First Hark to: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ 3. Justin Townes Earle: Tear For Zip, Without Show 4. First Prick up one’s ears: Spiritualized, ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Come out’ 5. First Prick up one’s ears: Sarah Jaffe, ‘The Body Golds star’ NPR Music Most Commented: 1. First Lend an ear to: Norah Jones, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ (40) 2. In Los Angeles, An Immigrant’s Dream Becomes A Jazz Pivot (22) 3. For Orthodox Easterly, Music That Faces East (15) 4. So What’s The Best Musical Device? (12) 5. 15 Years Abaft ‘Titanic,’ Does The Power Ballad Happen? (41) NME’s Top Music Gossip: 1. Jack White streams debut solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ on the web 2. Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre to take Tupac hologram on assignment? 3. Los Campesinos!, Gibbet, Trash Talk for Reading and Leeds Festivals 2012 – ticket details 4. Jean Paul Gaultier defends Amy Winehouse-inspired catwalk compendium 5. Have you seen this guitar? Tom Petty offers $48,000 reward after gear stolen ahead of junket 6. John Lydon distances himself from 35th anniversary re-release of Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Movie queen’ 7. Azealia Banks promises ‘no more ghetto mixes’ as she delays new EP ’1991′ 8. New Official Record Store chart to launch this workweek 9. Miles Kane announces one-off August UK indicate – ticket details 10. Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan speaks about his acting debut in ‘The Devil’s Fair’ Fader Most Look over – Daylight 1. The Tupac Hologram Might Peregrination 2. Run: Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, “Timbs” (Prompt. by Lex Slider) 3. Tv: Tupac Hologram Joins Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella 4. Based Bhagavad-gita: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU 5. Busy: Chief Keef, King Louie and Meek Mill in Chicago 6. Picture: The Weeknd’s Coachella Playing 7. LoveRance f. 50 Centime, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 8. Gang Gang Dance Designed a Skate Floor 9. Tv: Jessie Waste, “110%” 10. Unicorn Kid, “Pure Expanse” MP3 Fader Most Latest 1. Tv: The Jacka, “We Out Hither” 2. Picture: Shlohmo, “Rained All Edge of night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)” 3. Tv: Ab-Vivacity, “Pineal Secretor” 4. Dana Lollipop lift, “So Prosperous” MP3 5. Mystikal Back to Jail After Parole Disobeying 6. Itemized: Fafi O’Clock Swatch 7. The Post Apocalyptic Music of Sand Circles 8. Peter Nilsson, “Home Tonight” MP3 9. Picture: Pool, “You Broke My Abate” 10. Jet: Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, “Timbs” (Irk. by Lex Slider) Pitchfork News Most Late-model: 1. Do as one is told: New Hot Flake: “Night and Prime” 2. Echo House: John Lydon 3. Grandaddy Announce Reunion Shows, Including Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco 4. Mogwai to Score Film About Boat Made of Stuff and nonsense 5. 2Pac Hologram Might Be Going on Trek 6. Watch the First Episode of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange’s TV Play, Featuring M.I.A.’s Music 7. Lend an ear to: Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis Team With Lex Luger on Mellowhigh’s “Timbs” 8. Seeks Motion Graphics Schemer 9. Azealia Banks’ 1991 EP Delayed 10. Watch Willis Earl Beal Carry out, Draw a Conceive of, Chat About His Obsession With Sarah Michelle Gellar Rolling Pit – Recent despatch 1. Tupac Hologram May Go on Shift 2. Howard Stern Lawsuit Against Sirius XM Pink-slipped 3. Nicki Minaj to Release Her First Fragrance This Yield 4. Sugarland Tour Manager Investigated Over Stage Collapse Lawsuits 5. Metallica, Stevie Speculate, Neil Young and Crazy Horse to Headline Outside Lands 6. ‘The Participation’ Recapitulation: Stagger! Perez Hilton – Music Two shakes of a lamb’s tail log: 1. Glee’s Graduation Spoilers! Guess What The Gleeks Are Telling! 2. B.o.B Suffocates In New Bother! 3. Katy Perry Is A Coachella Party SAVAGE! 4. Kat Graham Takes You Along On Her Journey In The Music Times a deliver! 5. Patrick Schwarzenegger Shows Off His Moves At Coachella 6. Kanye West Changes Theraflu BECAUSE HE CAN. CMT – Recent Expos?: 1. WING: Jake Owen is EW’s Nashville… 2. CMA Music Festival Adds Three Legends 3. Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You” Earns Golden XXL – Recent Bulletin: 1. G. Dep Found Guilty of Homicide – Tue 3:45 pm 2. Jury in G. Dep Trial Ask to Review Evidence Freshly – Tue 2:10 pm 3. Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Announce Joint Influence of Music Ramble – Tue 12:45 pm TMZ Music Dirt: 1. The Game Dumps Expensive Champagne Stocks (Closure 4/17) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.22 (0.025) (1.14%) Live Nation Fun (LYV): $2.22 (0.025) (1.14%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.245 (0.075) (3.46%) Sony Corporation (SNE): $17.49 (-0.02) (-0.11%) Pandora Media (P): $8.22 (-0.05) (-0.6%) Apple (AAPL ): $608.56 (28.43) (4.9%) Msn (GOOG): $610.99 (4.92) (0.81%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $34.86 (0.39) (1.13%) Paid (PAYD): $ $0.138 (-0.008) (-5.48%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $17.09 (0.54) (3.26%) Mound Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.325 (0.045) (1.37%) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): 3,042.82 (54.42)(1.82%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): 13115.54( (194.13‎)(1.50%‎)

The mimosas were flowing as guests enjoyed the ambience at

The mimosas were flowing as guests enjoyed the ambience at ASCAP Arsis & Soul’s third annual Grammy Brunch tod (February. 11) at West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower B & b. Staged in honor of ASCAP’s Grammy-nominated songwriters and artists in urban music, the Pepsi-sponsored event brought out such Grammy nominees as songwriter/producer Paul Epworth (Adele), Ledisi and Kelly Sacrifice. Check Out All Our Grammy Coverage Right Hither Conversations veered from off-the-record chats about upcoming projects and the state of the industry to Grammy Week events. People were still ranting about Ledisi and Trombone Shorty’s performances at the Grammy Foundation’s annual Music Preservation concert/welcome (February. 9) at the Saban Theatre-in-the-round. And Tab, who hosted her own salute to R&B on the same night at Tru Hollywood, says she plans to start finding a larger venue immediately. The soiree, which featured impromptu performances by Anthony Hamilton and Whitney Houston-which turned out to be her last-had to turn away a line that stretched down the walk: fire marshals had shut the doors to prevent overcrowding. Also in attendance at the ASCAP brunch: EMI Music Publishing, senior director/creative Leotis Clyburn, Disturbing Tha Peace label principals Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon; newly minted Motown artist/senior VP of A&R Ne-Yo; rising Mercury/IDJ singer/songwriter John West (debut album is due in June) and manager Ben Riccardi, CEO/founder of Times 10 Sport; Leeds Recruit, president of Leeds Music and ASCAP board member; and ASCAP executives Paul Williams, John LoFrumento, Aroused Grimmett and Karen Sherry.

Sir Paul McCartney performing onstage during the 22nd Annual MusiCares

Sir Paul McCartney performing onstage during the 22nd Annual MusiCares Benefit Gala Honoring Paul McCartney at the Los Angeles Convention Plaza. (Photograph: WireImage) Few events bring out more music industry executives than the annual MusiCares Person of the Year gala during Grammy Workweek, and Friday night’s event went beyond expectations as 2,800 people packed into the Los Angeles Convention Center to witness a tribute to Paul McCartney. As a show it was unusual. “Probably the best at any time — and I have been to a couple dozen of these,” Nederlander Concerts CEO Alex Hodges told He should remember, having a concert career that dates back to co-managing Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers Band in their early years. From hand: Chairman of Sony Corporation. Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman of Universal Music Group Doug Morris, CBS President/CEO Leslie Moonves, Recording Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow. (Pic: WireImages) The attraction of McCartney certainly shot up assembly — as well as money raised for MusiCares, which pulled in $6.5 million from the outcome –  but throughout the pre-show silent auction and in the main compartment, the industry schmooze was in full valid, with a huge percentage of Billboard’s “Capability 100″ players in the company. Billboard Reveals the 2012 Ability 100 Grammy Awards 2012: All Our Reportage Sony Music CEO Doug Morris (no. 5) and Sony/ATV’s Marty Bandier (no. 4), who was hunting for some last-minute auction items to bid on, were making each other beam; CAA’s Rob Bearable (no. 7) chatted with manager Andy Gould; AEG’s Randy Phillips (no. 15)  was in deep conversation with veteran producer/A&R exec Lorne Saifer; and RCA’s Tom Corson and Peter Apprehensive (who share no. 41) were huddling with Sony Pictures’ Lia Vollack (no. 51). Legendary singer Tony Bennett performing onstage during the 22nd Annual MusiCares Benefit Gala honoring Sir Paul McCartney held at Los Angeles Convention Centerfield. (Picture: WireImage) As the assembled crowd made its way from the auction room to the main ballroom, 20th Century Fox’s Robert Kraft was walking in with songwriter/producer Dr. Luke (no. 30) while Michael Jackson estate masters Jeff Jampol and John Branca (no. 72) followed. Producer Don Was, still getting adjusted to his role as the new president of Blue Note was on side by side, having just finished the mix of a track for a new John Mayer album. Artist and musician Yoko Ono with Neil Portnoy (Photograph: WireImage) In mid-presentation, Epic Records headman/”The Words” judge L.A. Reid (no. 37) made his way over to the BET table to say hi to the cable network’s Debra Lee (no. 94) and Stephen Mound; the aisle was walked by the likes of Richard Branson, Hugh Hefner and Glassnote Records’ Daniel Methamphetamine (no. 99). Post-concert minglings included “American Favourite” judge Randy Jackson with Concord Records’ John Burk. Jackson, a bassist himself, was asked to put McCartney’s role as an instrumentalist into perspective and the man who has played with Bruce Springsteen and Journey made it about songwriting. American Idol critic, bassist and producer Randy Jackson (WireImage) “The first melodic bass performer,” Jackson said before changing thought in midstream, “those are not just songs he played tonight, those are copyrights. They’re something that will last incessantly.” Jackson was particularly impressed by the performances of Neil Young and Crazy Knight (“I Saw Her Standing Thither”) and Alison Krauss and Union Bus station (“No More Lonely Nights”). Foo Fighters performing at the the Los Angeles Convention Center the 22nd Annual MusiCares Benefit Gala Honoring Paul McCartney (WireImage) McCartney opened the evening with two performances — “Magical Mystery Trip” and “Junior’s Land” — before turning over the stage  to the Foo Fighters, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, James Taylor and others. Eddie Zed, who concocted an elaborately error-filled and comedy-riddled McCartney bio, was the host. President of Anschutz Entertainment Coterie (AEG) Tim Leiweke (left side) and The Recording Academy’s Neil Portnow. (WireImage) Songwriters turned out to pay tribute to a legend as spout, with Smokey Robinson, Jeff Lynne, Mike Stoller, Diane Warren, Jason Mraz, Corrine Bailey Rae,  on assistance . Jeff Jones represented McCartney’s Beatles’ generation; Norman Lear was there for Macca’s MPL slope. Yoko Ono was on deal out, too, though no sight of Ringo Starr. Crazy Knight (From sinistral:) Billy Talbot, Frank Sampedro and Neil Young performing at the MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Paul McCartney. (WireImage) Also making the rounds were the Vans Warped Tour’s Kevin Lyman, CAA’s Peter Grosslight (no. 32) and Mitch Rosiness, APA’s Jim Goisnell, producer Garth Fundis, Vector Management’s Jack Rovner, ASCAP’s Paul Williams, BMI’s Barbara Lambast, attorneys John Frankenheimer (no. 75),  Don Passman and Jay Cooper. Chris Martin of Coldplay whoe performed at the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Paul McCartney (WireImage) Quint Davis of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was on give. He goes way back with McCartney, having found the piano legend Professor Longhair working as a janitor and reviving his business; McCartney hired Fess to play his birthday party in 1978. All were treated to an evening that balanced the Beatles, Wings and his album released on Tuesday, “Kisses on the Hindquarters.” While everyone was sitting, BET’s Stephen Hill was among the handful of attendees who could not control themselves and needed to stand and dance throughout the higher energy performances. From hand: Producer David Surrogate, model Yolanda Hadid and Doug Morris (Pic: WireImage) “I  enjoyed Wings more than the Beatles,” Hill said, explaining his hysteria. “That music was my seventh and eighth grade eld. I was attracted to the sensitivity of his lyrics and as he worked with Stevie (Fascination) and Michael (Jackson) that was part of how I was exploring music.” Katy Perry performing at the MusiCares Tribute to Paul McCartney in stunning headwear. (WireImage) From leftfield: Musician Pegi Na?ve, musician Neil Babyish, Rachel Agosto, and The Recording Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow (Picture: WireImage) Prexy, Clear Channel Entertainment Enterprises John Sykes (left-wing) and President/CEO of The Recording Academy Neil Portnow (Photograph: WireImage) Chair Emeritus of The Recording Seminary, Jimmy Actuate (R) and Lisa Harris (Picture: WireImage) New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft , TV personality Julie Chen and CBS Leslie Moonves (Pic: WireImage) To Sir With Dote on: Nancy Shevell (hand) smooching her husband Sir Paul McCartney (Picture: WireImage) Entertainment Law Initiative Executive Committee chairman Ken Abdo (as the crow flies) with the Recording Academy’s Neil Portnow (Picture: WireImage) Music producer Lou Adler (Picture: WireImage)

Universal Republic Records today will announce a label deal with

Universal Republic Records today will announce a label deal with former Warner Bros. Records Chairman/CEO Tom Whalley’s Seven Four Ent, can exclusively reveal.  The announcement will be made by Barry Weiss, Chairperson & CEO of Island Def Jam Music Bracket & Universal Republic, Monte Lipman, Prexy & CEO of Universal Republic, and Whalley. reported that Whalley was in talks with Universal about a joint venture back in July of last yr. “Tom is a fearless creative chief, respected industry-wide for his A&R instincts and great art,” Weiss said in a disclosure. “He has been responsible for the breakout success of many of the world’s most electrifying, original artists and we are delighted to be partnering with him on the launch of Seven Four Ent.” “Tom has always been a fierce competitor who constantly operates outside the traditional boundaries,” Lipman said.  “His innovative approach towards discovering, signing, and marketing new artists has always been inspiring. I’m thrilled that he’s joining forces with Universal Republic.” “As we continue to expand opportunities for new artists and their music, Tom and his label are a natural become,” said Lucian Grainge, Chairperson & CEO of Universal Music Coterie. “His renowned ability to spot new talent and work in true partnership with artists complements the creative vision that Barry, Monte and I share for our East Coast followers.” “This is a great time for artists and music fans and I am excited to be part of it,” Whalley added.  “I want to continue my tradition of signing independent minded artists and building their careers while using Universal’s ability to deliver music to everyone everywhere.  Lucian, Barry and Monte’s commitment to me on my new venture gives me the platform to continue to nurture artists’ pursuits.” Whalley began his career in the Warner Bros. Records mailroom before working his way into the label’s A&R department.  Thither, he had early success with acts like Modern English and the Cure.  He later joined Capitol Records as Head of A&R, where he worked with many of the label’s most important acts including Bonnie Raitt, Plague, Crowded Harbour, the Beastie Boys, and MC Hammer.  After Capitol, Mr. Whalley helped launch Interscope Records, eventually serving as president of the label.  Thither, he signed artists including Tupac Shakur, Nine Inch Nails, Wallflowers, Limp Bizkit, Four Non Blondes, Helmet, Primus and Smash Mouth.  In 2001, he returned to Warner Bros. Records as Chairman and Chief Executive Office-holder, where he signed a number of artists including Michael Bublé, The White Stripes, Be in a trance, My Chemical Fabrication, Avenged Sevenfold, Momentous & Fragrant, Jason Derulo and Damien Rice, among others, and worked closely with Metallica, Green Prime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Varnish, Linkin Parkland, Josh Groban, Enya, and Faith Mound. Whalley left Warner Bros. in September of 2010. Late last year rumors began circulating that the joint venture was off the table and Whalley would take the helm at Capitol Records once the company became part of Pandemic. While it seems that scenario is still a possibility in one or another convention, a source told that it is still far too early in the process of the proposed Universal-EMI merger to make such a decision. will have more on the kettle of fish as it develops.

The five piece juggernaut that is Britain’s One Direction is

The five piece juggernaut that is Britain’s One Direction is unwavering in its march up the Billboard Sexually transmitted 50 blueprint. Striding to two spots to No. 2 this workweek, the group is now nipping at the heels of the social king himself, Justin Bieber (No. 1). One Direction has yet to hit the top of the Social add up, but has swiftly stirred 6-4-2 in the past three weeks. The Popular 50 chart ranks the most popular artists on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Trill, MySpace, using a formula that blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays. A litany of buzzworthy activity following the group’s “Saturday Night Acknowledge” performance on April 7 launched One Direction into a very active workweek. On April 12, the group announced via a YouTube tv (370,000 views and numeration) a 2013 North American Peregrination. Tickets go on sale April 21. In the cut off, Harry Styles urged fans who want to get their hands on tickets before anybody else to keep an eye on One Direction’s Facebook recto. No in the act, the group gained 341,908 Facebook fans (58% over last workweek) during the charting workweek, bringing their total audience on Facebook up to a 4.7 trillion. The decision to reveal its tour to fans through a video and over Facebook is consistent with the band’s promotional strategy that relies heavily on using videos to communicate to fans and social platforms to spread the letter. On April 13, the act posted an interview with “first verse throw” Liam Payne (400,000-plus views on YouTube), who talks about what it’s like to perform in front of millions of fans and offers a tip to aspiring performers, “don’t forget the row!” One Direction’s 74% increase in overall social activity from the previous charting week was due in part to a 150% increase in YouTube views (no doubt due to the releases already cited aloft), a 19% jump in VEVO plays (the band’s channel that features official videos, clips and interviews) and a 20% rise in Twitter following. Elsewhere on the Societal 50, Tiesto re-enters the chart at No. 44 as a surge in social activity surrounds the release of his new album “Club ?lan – Volume Two Miami.” The teaser for the album’s first free, a remix of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Apprehend” was released on April 14. The single was released exclusively through Beatport on April 16 and on iTunes the next daylight. Beatport is a community-driven music listening and discovery platform that focuses on electronic dance music. The platform has risen to popularity since its launch in 2004 with the increasing rise in popularity of electronic dance music in America. Wiz Khalifa jumped from No. 36 to No. 32 after a 62% increase in overall social activity from the previous charting workweek. His social jump was spurred by collaborations with Chris Brown and Strand 5. On April 11 Brown debuted a new single entitled “Til I Vanish” that features Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa on SoundCloud. Thereupon, five days subsequential, Khalifa appeared on NBC’s “The Agent” with Seclude 5 and debuted their collabo, “Payphone,” which will likely make impact Khalifa and Isolate 5 on next week’s Social plan. Chris Brownness, in all events, despite releasing two new singles — “Sweet Dearest” and “Til I Checks dwindle,” experienced a drop on the Venereal 50 this week from No. 16 to No. 19. Back in the finish 10 of the Group 50, Rihanna remains steady at No. 3 as Adele jumps 8-4 while LMFAO waterfall 2-5. Katy Perry slips 5-6 as Skrillex climbs from 10-7. Nicki Minaj drops from 7-8, a drop that will likely continue into next week due to the artist deleting her Twitter account this workweek. Gaga experiences a decline from 6-9 and Taylor Swift drops one spot stirring 9-10.

Nora Jones played SXSW’s La Zona Rosa played songs from

Nora Jones played SXSW’s La Zona Rosa played songs from her upcoming album “Little Broken Hearts” with songs detailing a messy break-up. (Pic: Getty) The upside to debuting a new album’s worth of breakup songs at South By Southwestern? If you’re Norah Jones, it earns you a lot of anxious potential suitors. “A period?” she said in response to one male fan halfway through her Saturday night showcase at La Zona Rosa. “No, I’m taken…Actually, I’m engaged. I have cognate 20 bands to go see tonight. Don’t you?” Read all our SXSW coverage HITHER Posterior, when she announced she would play her “new restricted,” several men in the crowd yelled, “I’m distinguished, too!” prompting Jones to scan the audience with mock note. “Are you engaging?” Such an outpouring of requests should come as a bit of a relief to Jones, who details what was clearly one messy breakup on new album “Little Broken Hearts,” out May 1. Playing the whole 12-track album in series, Jones outlines vignettes that include being dumped for a younger old lady (“She’s 22″), cheating from both parties (“4 Broken Hearts”), confrontation with a new girlfriend (“Miriam”) and even a few drug metaphors (lead original “Happy Pills.”) The Danger Mouse-produced set was reportedly inspired by Jones’ breakup with a fiction-writer fellow, and several of the songs’ sessions pre-dated Jones’ work on another Danger Mouse delineate, 2011′s “Rome” with Daniele Luppi. Norah Jones Splits From Macklam Feldman Directorship, Signs With S.A.M. Despite the songs’ decidedly somber tune up (only two songs – “Happy Pills” and the shuffling country disregard “On The Means” – could be considered light-hearted), Jones was met with a warm opening. “You guys are really major. It’s a little scary sharing new things with new mortals, but we’re all playmates, right?” The guest list-free showcase was the second of two Jones performances at SXSW, following her gig with side project The Little Willies Thursday sundown at Antone’s.

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook’s first-quarter net income level 12

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook’s first-quarter net income level 12 percentage, weighed down by higher expenses even as its revenue soared, the social networking company said Monday, just a few weeks ahead of its expected initial public offering in May. Facebook Inc. said in a regulatory filing that its net income fell to $205 million in the three months that ended Trek 31, from $233 million a year sooner. Business Matters: Facebook’s Listen Clitoris, Timeline Challenge Developers and Artists Net income attributable to common shareholders fell to $137 million from $153 meg. That amounts to earnings of 9 cents per share in the latest location, down from 11 cents a year sooner. The company said its revenue rosebush 45 percent to $1.06 gazillion. Facebook said it had 901 million monthly active users as of Stride 31, up from 845 million as of the end of 2011. The number of people using its mobile applications each month grew to 488 million as of the end of the quarter from 432 million as of the end of last yr. Users in Brazil, India and the U.S. were important sources of growth both on Facebook’s website and on mobile devices. Facebook also gave details on its undecided $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, the company behind a popular mobile photo-sharing application with the same rating. Facebook said it is remunerative $300 million in cash and near 23 million shares for Instagram. It also agreed to pay Instagram a $200 million termination fee if the deal doesn’t go to the core. Facebook confirmed it has applied to list its stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker mnemonic of “FB.” © 2012 The Associated News services. All rights ceremonious. This material may not be published, scatter, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Consume.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Celebrities and musicians including Ben Folds and

WASHINGTON (AP) — Celebrities and musicians including Ben Folds and Clay Walker visited Capitol Hill Tuesday to shine their spotlight on federal funding for the arts as part of Arts Advocay Age. The musicians as well as actors Alec Baldwin, Hill Harpist, Tiffani Thiessen and others are part of the artistic delegation for Americans for Humanities, a nonprofit organization works to advance arts and arts education across the outback. Folds, who met with Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., to press for support, credited art programs at public schools for his success tod. The musician said the arts provide children with a “well-balanced programme.” Baldwin said in a news conference that the arts stimulate children’s cultivation. With to $147 million in federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts this yr, the group hopes to increase funding to $155 million next yr.

Spotify will lose a relieved $60 million this yr, despite

Spotify will lose a relieved $60 million this yr, despite a massive growth in revenue to $889 zillion, but that’s not fazing CEO Daniel Ek. “Our focus is entirely on proliferation,” he told Swedish paper Dagens Industri ( via TechCrunch), dismissing concerns over losses and pressures over the lack of winnings. In to be sure, despite the company being valued at at hand $4 trillion, he’s not looking at heading toward an IPO any time soon either, despite other tech companies – most notably Facebook – heading down that road in the near later. “We want to build this company long-appellation… the stock exchange is not an option for us.” Business Matters: Spotify’s Reported $4 Billion Valuation in Point of view Spotify’s 2011 U.S. launch and subsequent expansion to other countries around the fabulous, in addition to its app integration and stylish “horseplay” release, have garnered the crew 13 million active users and 3 million paid subscribers to lover, but with its increasing user base has come higher royalty payments, an issue that is plaguing Internet radio leader Pandora as seep. Spotify Play Button Launches, Aims For Ubiquity Yet Spotify, despite its losses, makes enough to cover its operating costs and doesn’t need more money to execute its current business project, said Ek. He does not, setting aside how, rule out taking more investment stinking rich. “I have learned to always take the money [even] when you do not need the lettuce,” he said; Spotify has raised $189 million in investor capital so loaded, according to CrunchBase. “We work on the principle that if an investor can add strategic value and the valuation is respectable, we are interested.”

The U

The U.S. government has formally filed papers to extradite Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom from New Zealand to face trial for breaking copyright laws. The move has been expected for some dead for now. Federal prosecutors filed the case against Megaupload executives in January, which gave them 45 days to file an extradition lotion. US Prosecutors File for Extradition of Kim Dotcom According to New Zealand reports, an extradition hearing has been tentatively scheduled for August. 20. Dotcom and some of his colleagues are being pursued over what the U.S. government calls the “Mega Foul play,” a case involving racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering that is claimed to have caused more $500 million in redress. The case is expected to be the biggest piracy criminal action in U.S. relation, but for extradition plans, it’s the alleged racketeering that is most important. Megaupload Shut Down by U.S. Prosecutors; Kim Dotcom, Three Others Arrested At a hearing last month, a judge analyzing whether to free Dotcom on bail asked the lawyers whether the offenses qualified under New Zealand’s extradition treaty with the U.S. Dotcom’s lawyer noted that the treaty didn’t cover a criminal breach of copyright but did cover an offense that was similar to racketeering. He said that it was the U.S. government’s position that “everything is second-hand” from the copyright infringement charge and promised to mount a “substantial dare” to this position presently. Fergus Sinclair, a lawyer at the Crown Law Aid, representing the U.S., told the judge that certain activities classified as transnational organized crime made him eligible for extradition, basing the interpretation on the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Lawlessness, passed in 2000. For now, Dotcom is free on bond, awaiting the extradition listening. During the past workweek, he has gone on a PR counterattack against the U.S. government’s charges, saying in one interview that the Megaupload takedown was a “death sentence without a judicial proceeding.” Dotcom has also appeared on TV in New Zealand, saying that he never received any cease-and-desist letters from Hollywood studios asking him to disengage in piracy-enabling activities. (He did admit to getting takedown notices; the distinction between the two isn’t exactly unscarred.) At another point in the interrogate, the Megaupload leader also says Hollywood studios had direct access to delete files if they so chose. He says he believed that the law protected him and that his lawyers advised him that his online service provider wouldn’t be liable for the actions of third-party purchasers. He also cites his “floridness, history as a hack, not an American” past as reasons he became an “tranquil” legal butt. Here the long, 23-minute interview that goes into some detail about his effect to copyright allegations:

Island Def Jam’s President and COO Steve Bartels yesterday announced

Island Def Jam’s President and COO Steve Bartels yesterday announced that the label has named Eric Wong as Executive Vice Prexy, Demanding. The appointment marks a return to the company for Wong, who had previously worked as Vice President of Marketing at IDJ in the mid-2000s. Billboard Aptitude 100: Steve Bartels In his new post, Wong will oversee IDJ’s merchandising, digital, creative and artist development departments, reporting to Bartels, while also playing a key role in the whole process of executing marketing strategies for the label’s artists. In his previous role at the pack, Wong worked to develop marketing campaigns for artists such as Mariah Carey, The Killers, and Bon Jovi. Gabrielle Peluso Promoted to General Chief @ Def Jam Recordings Prior to reversive, Wong worked as Chief Marketing Officer at Bad Boy Records and SVP of Marketing at Atlantic Records from 2006, working with Janelle Monae, Tony Braxton, Estelle and Diddy, before leaving in 2009 to create Wong Manipulation, which helped manage the careers of Mariah Carey and Ryan Idol, among others. 2 Chainz Rocks NYC, Unofficially Announces Def Jam Signing “It is a thrill to have Eric back here with us at IDJ; the management and marketing experiences that he has gathered in the industry will be invaluable as he moves into his new executive caste,” said Bartels in a affirmation. “Eric has always been known for his energy and for his creative traits that will serve him well for the challenges that lie at the.” Gabe Tesoriero Promoted to Senior Vice Prexy, Media and Artist Relations at Island Def Obstruction Wong started in the record industry at a young length of existence, receiving an internship at WEA Distribution at stage 16 through the minority high school program Youth Entertainment Summertime (Y.E.S.), eventually progressing to an internship at Atlantic Records and becoming a college rep for EMI. “I am excited to return to my Island Def Jam family working alongside top executives and our diverse superstar roster,” said Wong in a affirmation. “The leadership of Steve Bartels and Barry Weiss bring unparalleled vision to this historic categorize.”

Adele’s “21″ clocks a 23rd week at No

Adele’s “21″ clocks a 23rd week at No. 1 on the Hoarding 200, selling 247,000 copies this workweek (fine-tune 17%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. It’s the longest-running No. 1 since Prince & the Revolution’s “Purple Thunder-shower” soundtrack scored 24 weeks at No. 1 in 1984 and 1985. Adele’s ’21′ Becomes Longest-Running No. 1 Album Since ‘Purple Rainfall’ The year-to-date sales in favour of “21″ now stand at 2.1 meg (by till 2012′s top album). Well behind in second place among the best sellers this year is Whitney Houston’s “Whitney: The Greatest Hits,” with 527,000 sold. Adele’s Grammy Performance Brings ’21′ Biggest Sales Gain In SoundScan Cv The last time an album sold more 2 million copies this early in a year was in 2003, when 50 Cent’s just-released “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” blew thoroughly 2.6 million by Cortege 2. Considering that “21″ was released more than a year past, its 2012 sales are all the more stimulating. Reaching back further in the archives, the last time an album that was only a few months old rang up 2 million this fast was in 2001, when Shaggy’s “Mavin” touched 2.1 zillion (through Slog 4). “Sensation” debuted in Venerable 2000, and in cock’s-crow 2001, Shaggy was riding high on the Billboard Lickerish 100 with two No. 1s: “It Wasn’t Me” and “Backer.” Getting back to this week’s Hoarding 200, but, Adele leads a relatively quiet plot, as there is only one debut in the top-drawer 10. “WZRD,” the collaborative album from Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Capability, bows at No. 3 with 66,000. It trails Houston’s “Greatest Hits” at No. 2 with 112,000 (refine 36%). Kid Cudi Slams Universal for Low Shipments of His ‘WZRD’ LP, Retail Experts Call Numbers Practical The “Stylish 41″ compilation is up a slot to No. 4 (46,000; refine 15%), “The Escort” soundtrack also rises a rung to No. 5 (43,000; polish 9%), and Tyga’s “Careless In all respects” slips two to No. 6 (37,000; consume 39%). Adele’s “19″ holds at No. 7 (near 37,000; pile 6%), Drake’s “Take Fancy” climbs 13-8 (29,000; up 13%), and Rihanna’s “Talk That Peach” zips 14-9 (25,000; up 9%). Houston’s “Whitney Houston” rounds out the top-notch 10, falling one to No. 10 (25,000; refine 15%). Houston has a total of nine albums on the Hoarding 200 this workweek, and all chart within the high point 100: She is found at Nos. 2, 4, 10, 13, 21, 31, 32, 50 and 80. The last time one act had at least nine out of the week’s pinnacle 100 sellers was on October. 17, 2009, when the Beatles racked 11 out of the ace 100. Over on the Digital Songs chart this workweek, nonsense.’s “We Are Litter” (featuring Janelle Monae) is steady at No. 1 with 302,000 (up 4%) while the Wanted’s “Glad You Came” surges 3-2 with 206,000 (up 10%). Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” slips 2-3 (197,000; consume 18%), Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” rises 7-4 (161,000; up 4%), and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Perceive” (featuring Kimbra) is up 8-5 (149,000; up 11%). Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rainstorm” waterfall 5-6 (145,000; refine 13%), and Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” is refine 4-7 (142,000; consume 24%). The chart’s highest debut is found at No. 8, where Far*East Movement’s “Live My Pungency” (featuring Justin Bieber) starts with 127,000. Right behind them is Carrie Underwood’s “Good Woman,” rise 12-9 in its first full week of sales (119,000; up 11%). Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s “Green, Daft & Cost-free” is up a slot to No. 10 with 109,000 (fine-tune 3%). Overall album sales in this past chart workweek (ending Marching 4) totaled 6.33 million units, up less than 1% compared with the sum last workweek (6.31 trillion) and down less than 1% compared with the comparable sales week of 2011 (6.34 zillion). Year-to-date album sales stand at 54.3 trillion, up 3% compared with the same total at this point last yr (52.8 meg). Digital track sales this past week totaled 27.1 million downloads, consume 4% compared with last workweek (24.1 trillion) and up 7% stacked next to the comparable week of 2011 (25.5 meg). Year-to-date track sales are at 258 meg, up 7% compared with the same total at this point last yr (240.6 meg). Next week’s Hoarding 200 competes with the same week in 2011 when: Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers” started at No. 1 with 204,000 while Adele’s “21″ slipped one slot to No. 2 with 133,000 (refine 21%).

In another high-level shakeup, Univision Radio announced today that Evan

In another high-level shakeup, Univision Radio announced today that Evan Harrison, former head of digital at Clear Furrow, would be taking over as Executive Vice Prexy, Content and Presentation. The move marks a return to radio for Harrison, who left Clear Channel after seven years in Tread 2011, later taking a position as Chief Creative Officer at Van Wagner Communications for less than a yr. While at Clear Furrow, Harrison helped develop the company’s digital program, including helping to orchestrate the development of the iHeartRadio app. Read Evan Harrison’s Farewell To Clear Channel Shaft At Univision, Harrison will be tasked with new content initiatives, digital platform innovations, live event integration, mobile marketing and non-traditional media, reporting to Univision Radio President Jose Valle. Additionally, his experience in mainstream radio is expected to help further Univision’s push toward capturing a more bilingual consultation, something the company has gained in the television mart, with Univision Networks President Cesar Conde telling in June, “we’re at the level of some of the English language networks.” Univision Gaining Bilingual Viewers, Highlights New Season of Scheduling @ NATPE “We are thrilled to have with us Evan’s passion for music and instauration,” said Valle in a communiqu. “His entrepreneurial approach which be a huge benefit to Univision Wireless, and most of all, to our expanding audience of listeners.” The appointment comes amid a year full of executive level appointments for Univision, which added Valle in March of 2011, then promoted Randy Falco to president and CEO of Univision in June, and appointed Felix Perez General Manager of Univision Radio New York this January. Univision Launches Radio App for iPhone “I am genuinely excited to join Univision and work closely with Jose and the talented Radio tandem join up,” said Harrison in a disclosure. “This is a unique moment in entertainment with the rapidly growing Hispanic market. I am eager to dive in and provide Univision Radio’s listeners with the content they crave across dynamic green platforms.”

Forget intrigue

Forget intrigue. Nostalgia may be the most powerful motivator, as evidenced by the concert by Colombian stars Jorge Celedón and Jimmy Zambrano at Miami’s James L. Knight Center February. 11. Thither, all but 5,000 attendees, sporting Colombian hats and drinking Colombian aguardiente (provided for sale by concert sponsor Aguardiente Antioqueño), sang along to Celedón’s traditional vallenato and danced non-stop for over two hours. Celedón, who left the following day to open up the Barranquilla Carnival in his home rural area, performed older hits as well as material from his new album, Lo Que Tú Necesitas (What You Poverty), which was released in Colombia last fall by Sony, but has yet to be released here in the U.S. The Miami escort, produced by NYK Productions, was one of two shows Celedón and Zambrano played in the U.S. before heading off for Ecuador and Venezuela. SAYCO, Leading Colombian Rights Union, Stripped of Duties A lengthier tour is being planned for later in the year when a single is on the radio and the album is officially released in this wilderness. “We want to offer his fans everything we possibly can,” said Celedón head of publicity Freddy Jiménez. Celedón is a superstar in his native Colombia and scored one of the country’s biggest vallenato hits ever with “Ay Hombe,” a song that became a major crossover meet with importune, playing in all formats. On Saturday, Celedón sang it with Nicaraguan star Luis Enrique as a guest in an acoustic rendition that nevertheless had the audience up on its feet. Prior to the concert, Colombia’s Consul general hosted a reception for Celedón attended by dignitaries, press and music industry executives, and served typical Colombian empanadas (yum). Among those in attendance were Carlos Perez and Sergio Rozenblat, partners in The Quantity, which helped in the promotion of Celedón’s music. Rozenblat is also managing another Colombian, Charlie Zaa. Another Colombian artist, Juan Jose Mesa-son of vallenato legend Lisandro Mesa-was also at the show. Mesa is releasing his new album under Canteené Records.

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards are shaping up to be

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards are shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind happening: Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, LMFAO and The Wanted are the first performers announced for the May 20 shine, which will air from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for the second year in a row on ABC. The 10 Best Billboard Music Awards Performances Underwood’s performance will come on the heels of her fourth full-length hand out, “Blown Outside,” which includes the new Superb 10 singled-out “Good Girlfriend.” The country superstar’s latest album follows three best-selling efforts — 2005′s “Some Hearts,” 2007′s “Carnival Waste” and 2009′s “Play On” — that spawned smash singles alike “Jesus, Take The Swivel,” “Before He Cheats” and “Cowboy Casanova,” and have sold a combined 12 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Justin Bieber wins Top New Artistat the 2011 Billboard Music Awards In the interim, Justin Bieber is also set to return with a hotly anticipated new album, “Conceive” (due June 19), that has already been previewed by the irresistible lead unmarried, “Swain.” The teen phenom topped the Hoarding 200 chart twice last yr, with his “Never Say Conditions: The Remixes” album and “Under The Mistletoe” holiday crack, after scoring his first No. 1 album with “My Earth 2.0″ in 2010. See All The BBMA Finalists Hither Read All of Billboard’s Complete BBMA Coverage Hither Party masters LMFAO have shuffled to the top of the Piping hot 100 twice in the past yr, with “Party Rock Hymn” and “Sexy And I Know It” — as well as a performance alongside Madonna at the Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime Show in February — turning the electro-pop duo into trend-setting stars. And U.K. pop vocal group The Wanted have exploded to success in the U.S., as their hypnotizing unshared “Glad You Came” hitting the Cork 5 of the Popular 100 and performances on “American Ikon” and the “Tod” show preceding their self-titled debut U.S. EP, out April 24. More announcements are on the procedure, with additional acts and presenters to be revealed in the coming weeks. Last yr, the Billboard Music Awards returned in grand fashion at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, with show-stopping performances by Beyonce, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Lady Antebellum, the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and Britney Spears, among others. Buy Tickets To The 2012 Billboard Music Awards Tickets for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards are now on sale at and The 2012 Billboard Music Awards will be co-executive produced by Richard D. Beckman, CEO of Prometheus Epidemic Media and Don Mischer Productions.


FOCUSING, the U.K.’s Trade Association for the Independent Music Toil, has called on the British government to stop the break-up and sale of EMI. The association is asking its 800 member companies to send a pre-written letter to their local constituency Member of Sevens (MP) opposing the division and sale of the music major to Universal Music and Sony. Calling the independent music sector the “true and acknowledged creative force in the music toil,” the draft letter urges MPs to review and oppose the sale of EMI’s recorded music operations to Universal Music and EMI Music Publishing to Sony on the grounds that it will increase market twisting. EMI’s Deals WIth Limitless, Sony Face Inescapable — But Contradistinct — Regulatory Analysis “This move will undoubtedly concentrate the global music market still further into the hands of two dominant major companies – Universal and Sony,” the letter states. “That itself is enough to demand that the U.K. Government looks closely at, and opposes the proposed sale of the only U.K. major music company to the remaining gigantic transnational, whose monopolistic position has already been a cause of market reduction.” The letter goes on to say that, “if the deals with Universal and Sony are allowed to go ahead Warner Music will effectively be relegated in size to a position where it can offer no real global contender, and the global music market will be in the control of just two huge companies — one French and one Japanese.” Referencing  IMPALA’s  vocal  opposition to Universal/Sony’s acquisition of EMI, as well as past European Commission investigations into competition regulations relating to the music production, the letter goes on to regal: “The basic principles of competition in cultural markets do not tolerate making either Sony or Universal more ruling.” It also goes on to quote Martin Mills, chairman of the Beggars Put together, which owns and distributes a number of high-performing independent labels, including XL, 4AD, Matador and Rough Profession. Mills describes Universal’s acquisition of EMI’s recorded-music operation as “breath-taking pomposity.” “It’s hard to imagine this acquisition being sanctioned, given Universal’s existing dominance in an over-concentrated chain store. Even greater dominance would be bad news for almost everyone involved in the art and business of music,” Mills goes on to command. The letter concludes by urging U.K. MPs “to raise this issue in Sevens” and “that the likely effects of these proposed sales on contest, ret, consumer choice and the growth of monopolistic power in the music industry are fully examined… That issue, we strongly take it, cannot include this break-up and sale of EMI as proposed.” While AIM’s letter is vociferous in its objections to EMI’s break-up and on sale, the impact that such a letter-writing campaign will have is not likely to cause any great worry at Universal Music Group or Sony.Corporation. Even if a large number of British MPs did oppose the sale of EMI – and there has been little parliamentary objection in the two months since the transactions were proclaimed – the U.K. government is not able to solely prevent the deal from taking classify. The European Commission does have the power to stall the deal on competition reason, but its primary concern will be to undertake a thorough investigation into the issues and the changed music industry landscape since its last probe into the Sony/BMG fusing. UMG declined to expansion; a spokesperson for Sony and EMI could not be reached at press habits. Further opposition to the proposed EMI sale could, despite that, also be coming from Warner Music itself, which according to American Legal Times Home page, reports that the label has hired U.S. law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck to lobby against the uniting. According to the Legal Times Web log, Warner Music, which itself unsuccessfully bid for EMI’s recorded music classification, is looking to contest the Universal/EMI deal on anti-trust cause. The firm recently worked on behalf of the Dish Network in contesting the proposed AT&T – T-Mobile USA mixing.

Digital music innovator Dave Kusek has left Berklee College of

Digital music innovator Dave Kusek has left Berklee College of Music to focus on funding and guiding digital music startups. The former vice president at Berklee conceived and developed the school’s successful online school that offers upward of 150 online courses and certification programs. Kusek says his amicable departure stems partly from the current state of the Berklee’s online programme. “Berklee is an incredible task,” he tells “The online devotees, that we reinforced, is roaring. So, I feel like it’s a great time for me to move on because things are going acutely, very adeptly. I feel like I’ve done everything that I wanted to do at Berklee. The business is in great shape and the future is very fulgid.” Kusek was pulled away from Berklee by the opportunities in digital music and what he sees as favorable trends in the music vocation. “I think maybe we’re approaching the bottom of the recorded music fallout. The labels and publishers have finally agreed to begin licensing some of these more robust models and giving these companies a luck. I think that’s a very positive take on board. I also believe the live business and the revenue streams around the live business are underexploited in many ways. It’s the part of the music industry in many ways that has really not been transformed by technology in a meaningful moving.” Through his consultancy group Digital Cowboys, Kusek has invested an undisclosed amount of seed money and is working with a startup called Tastemate that has yet to set in motion. The service allows artists to engage with their fans and connect them with advertise, tickets and downloads at live concerts. “I am looking for people who are thinking big rather than replicating the recent,” says Kusek of his investment tactics, “people who are thinking about new ways to monetize audiences, new ways of generating revenue that perhaps didn’t exist in the forefront, bigger ideas that might take longer to incubate but could have a significant impact down the direction.” In becoming a consultant and strategic consultant, Kusek is actually returning to his roots. “That’s how I got started at Berklee,” he says. “This was originally a consulting project that grew over time and eventually I went innards everted.” Prior to his consulting pan out, Kusek founded the music software company Passport Designs in 1980 and was a co-developer in the Music Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) industry standard that allows electronic instruments and other devices to communicate with undivided another.

NBC’s “Last Call With Carson Daly” was in full effect

NBC’s “Last Call With Carson Daly” was in full effect at Los Angeles’ Wiltern on January. 25 to film Austin-based psych-garage band White Jean — who’s been tapped as the opener for a string of Wilco concert dates on the West Sea-coast — for an upcoming TV show scheduled to air in early February. “Last Name” music producer/booker Davis Powers first caught wind of White Denim after seeing them open in Los Angeles for Portugal. the Man at the El Rey Theatre in 2010. “When I started talking to my friends who enjoyed bands like Wilco and Blind Melon, everybody was looking at [White Jean] to carry the torch of this cool psychedelic and garage-y deep plumb,” Davis tells “So when their new maxisingle (‘D’) came out of pocket, and they got the Wilco expedition, we thought the Wiltern would be a great background.” White Denim will make their TV debut on “Last Baptize” in early February. The spot will include live footage from the band’s opening set for Wilco at the Wiltern, including the tracks “Street Rapture” and “Anvil Whole caboodle,” from the group’s latest full-length album, “D,” which was released last May on Downtown Records. Davis also offered some advice for artist managers or record labels looking to have their acts featured on “Last Denominate.” “You have to know who our audience is — it’s a very eclecticist, tastemaker congregation,” he says, noting he’s excited about upcoming “Last Call in” episodes that will feature Ed Sheeran, Dr. Dog and the Melvins. “We’re programming [acts] that reinforces our bond with the playgoers, and says, ‘We know what you’re into.’ But we also want to have their trust that we’ll give them something new and exciting that we feel they should pay attention to.” “We’re constantly looking for the next wave of emerging artists, and ones we feel are going to be groundbreaking and go on to do great attributes,” Davis continues. “We do a lot of independent music and artists that haven’t had their TV debut up till.” Davis also shared some thoughts about recently booking the musical talent for NBC’s 2012 New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, which included performances by Drake, Cee Lo Untested, the Roots, Blake Shelton, Jessie J and Tony Bennett. “It was definitely interesting operating fully in the Lid 40 circle, which is something I hadn’t done since I was at [Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC],” he says. “I was really proud of the fact that we had Drake in Times Open, because we hadn’t had a real top-tier artist in Times Square for some eld. I was also really proud about Blake Shelton, because historically the show hasn’t had a country crossover dissimulation. I thought it was a good representation of the more popular genres. I would’ve loved a big rock enactment, but it seemed like they were too afraid to dabble in New Year’s this yr.” For the moment, in addition to its sold-out concert at the nigh 2,000-capacity Wiltern on January. 25, Wilco also performed two other L.A. concerts at the Pd (January. 24) and the Los Angeles Stagecraft (January. 27). The Grammy Award-winning Chicago dissimulate, which recently released its new album, “The Whole Be attracted to,” has North American dates booked through early February. From there the group will visit Europe in March. Others in spotted roaming through the Wiltern lobby at Wilco’s Wednesday concert included singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, Jam Productions co-president Jerry Mickelson and Los Angeles Greek Playhouse GM Rena Wasserman.

On Thursday dusk (January

On Thursday dusk (January. 26), Antony Hegarty of Antony & The Johnsons unveiled “Swanlights,” an operational, awe-inspiring one-time performance piece presented in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Antony and the 60-piece New York Symphony Orchestra performed selections from his four studio albums while a suspended crystalline sculpture hung over the experimental pop singer’s head and laser lights danced around his trunk. When the curtains finally closed on the 90-minute show, the sold-out Radio City gang – which included Tilda Swinton, Alan Cumming and frequent Antony collaborator Bjork – blasted the theater with thunderous clapping. On Friday, U.K. light artist Chris Levine, who was commissioned to help make grow “Swanlights” after working with Antony in 2009 on his “The Crying Radiation” performance piece at the Manchester International Commemoration, spoke to about arranging the intricate show and what he tried to accomplish with this be shattered. Levine sees the performance as a watershed moment for the baroque crooner: “Antony went into that as a leading, and left a genius,” he says. Hoarding: What kind of feedback have you gotten on the production? I’ve heard directly from the museum, from people like Glenn Lowry, the Administrator. It was a really electric feeling later. People witnessed something — something I think people will be talking about for a long stint. For me it’s a good platform to show my function: I’m trying to take light into new realms, so the collaboration with Antony is a great platform for me to put some original work out thither. The response last night is good affirmation that we’re doing something that people are really responding to. When did you sign on to the Radio City divulge? I got involved when putting together the project in Manchester at the circumstance, in 2009. Last summer we did a few shows in Europe, developing it a bit additionally, and in essence what we showed last night was to a great extent what we showed in Manchester in 2009 — obviously we developed it…it’s been an evolutionary kind of alter — but the main essence of it we showed in 2009. I think the record, his note, and developing the work artistically, is just helping him make a more penetrative statement with what he’s doing. A lot of it has been scaled up since Manchester. I got the opportunity to use a lot more lasers than I used in Manchester, and you know I could use more anew. That’s what I’m hoping. When one thing leads to another, you get the opportunity to scale up and to intensify the exposure. Compared to other places like the Festival in Manchester in the summertime, it is a very different scenario working at Radio Borough. There were so many moving pieces to the show last tenebrosity, from the set to the lighting to the music. How did your mien, the firing, come cool? It’s a kind of dialogue between myself and Antony, and how which types of feelings of light were appropriate for different tracks. I’ve worked with lights as a way, and there’s very much a spiritual dimension to what I’m doing. Light is fundamental to a major duration. The mechanics of light get us close to understanding the nature of genuineness. I think the beauty with laser is that it’s given man the opportunity to observe light in its purest form…With Antony and his sensitivity to nature and the recognition that nature’s not something that’s apart from us, that we are class, it’s like we’re coming at the same thing from different angles. With my understanding of spill, applying it to his to examine, and sound and vision working together in that sensibility…it kind of penetrates quite entirely. Was it difficult to pull off such a massive one-time performance at Radio City Music Foyer? We installed it yesterday before lunch, went through the whole terror, and it’s a real call out. We just kind of did it, and then that’s it. It’s a real difficult way to turn out c advance, but that’s the reality of that kind of assembly. Having done seven shows last summer calm, we got to see if things were really alive, getting feedback from people and the house, so kind of evolving it with even so. I think we’ll be doing a lot more together and that it’s just the source. I think there’s a real chemistry in process. So you see yourself working with Antony in this kind of scope in the succeeding? I can’t say too much about what’s plotted — there’s a whole future to the fore, but I think we’ve got some serious work to do well-adjusted. I think that is drawing audiences to Antony’s message and what a lot of the music is about is really important. To me, artistically, it’s completely in line with where I’m orgasm from.

On a crowded Thursday night of exclusive showcases in Austin

On a crowded Thursday night of exclusive showcases in Austin — T.I., B.o.B. and Wale at the Warner Investigate, Bruce Springsteen at ACL Linger, Fiona Apple at Pitchfork and Snoop Dogg opening the Doritos level — Lil Wayne’s headlining gig at Cash Money/Young Money’s showcase was a major highlighting. But perhaps even more noteworthy is a new endorsement-meets-community rebuilding flock, announced informally last week with Mountain Dew that officially kicked off with Wayne’s play. Lil Wayne Teams With Mountain Dew For DEWeezy Ad Attack The unique program will comprise everything from traditional printed matter, TV and digital advertising to the building of a skate park in Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. Viral street ads featuring the program’s tagline, “DeWeezy,” have already started popping up in New York City and posters were strewn up all over downtown Austin in the days leading to the Wayne’s display. Backbeat: Lil Wayne Films a Mountain Dew Spot Onstage During SXSW Young Money Gig Cortez Bryant, co-CEO of Wayne’s management company the Blueprint Party, said his team had been working to partner with a brand on a philanthropic effort for nearly a yr, looking for a company that would “be authentic to what Wayne represents and the message he has workaday.” Mountain Dew gets it, Bryant told Hoarding. “It just makes sense with a company like Mountain Dew trying to take a risk with Wayne. You be informed, in the previous years we’ve had hard times, but common people ‘twig’ for the Lil Wayne manufacturer. It just seemed like where they were going with their stamp, which is all about diversity and crossing barriers, is the same place we want to founder.” Brett O’Brien, VP of marketing for Mountain Dew, said it was precisely Lil Wayne’s unclassifiable image that made the brand want to get byzantine. “You can’t put Wayne in a slug — he’s not a hip-hop artist, not a rock musicians, not just a skateboarder — he’s all of those articles. This is truly about a reflection of Wayne expression, ‘I’m gonna do the things that make me who I am and you guys out there listening, you go do the things that make you you.’ That’s the Dew mantra.” And although philanthropy will still play a big part in the Wayne programme — Dew and Blueprint are currently scouting locations with the City of New Orleans for the forthcoming skate parkland — some more common endorsement deal elements will still roll completely, like Wayne drinking Mountain Dew in ads — with a bully. “It’s not about the stock ‘drink the Dew, looking at the camera, give it a beam’ style,” O’Brien says. “We’re working together in partnership so that Dew’s product message will come out loud and clear as well in whatever we do.” The Mountain Dew deal was brokered in partnership with the Glu Intervention, led by Derek Jackson, a music industry veteran and former manager of Scott Storch. “We don’t build speciess, we build icons,” Jackson said in a communiqu?. “Additionally, philanthropic and social responsibility is the unwavering core of this ghost.”

After a year of mass discounting, some of it maligned

After a year of mass discounting, some of it maligned as a reactive strategy that devalued the live music feel, Live Nation will come at discounting from a different angle this year with a partnership with Groupon to develop an online ticketing deal channel GrouponLive. GrouponLive  will serve as a local resource for Live Nation events and clients of its global ticketing province, Ticketmaster. The site will serve as a resource for consumers to find tickets to concerts, amusements, field, arts and other live events, while helping the promoter to move inventory in an industry where an estimated 40% of seats go unsold. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Launch is planned in time for the summer concert condition. “With unprecedented access to Live Nation’s expansive roster of performers and events, GrouponLive will be the destination for exclusive live event deals,” Andrew Stonemason, founder and CEO, Groupon, said in a utterance. “We’re excited to work with Live Nation to further deliver on our commitment to offer amazing local experiences to our subscribers.” “GrouponLive represents a new channel to drive value for fans, while helping artists and others to reach ever larger audiences,” added Michael Rapino, President and Chief Executive Officer of Live Nation Spectacle. “By adding this channel to our ticketing party line, we will also provide our venue partners with another option for driving ticket sales across a wide range of events. Our success is based on selling tickets and filling seats and GrouponLive gives us another platform to achieve that.” In the announcement of the engage in, both Groupon and Live Nation thanked Madonna manager Guy Oseary, who they say advised on the deal and was instrumental in helping develop the partnership.  Oseary is on Groupon’s Advisory Lodge, and has worked with Live Nation on record-setting Madonna tours. Users of GrouponLive will have access to limited-time deals on a variety of events across North America. The site will update offers as new events become available. To be notified when GrouponLive launches, afflict

The Big Machine Label Group held a showcase for their

The Big Machine Label Group held a showcase for their roster at 3rd & Lumley, co-hosted by CMT Announce, at the outset of Country Radio Seminar workweek. While the label group’s top star Taylor Swift was not in attendance as she is promoting her vocal starring appearance in animated special attraction ” The Lorax,” while also preparing for a nearly month-long trip to Australia to close out her World Cruise. Among those in appearance (besides the acts cited on earth) were Swift’s parents Scott and Andrea, her manager Robert Allen, 13 Management’s Frank Chime, and radio legend Bob Kingsley, who hours earlier was bestowed the President’s Award at the Country Radio Hall of Fame Dinner. The President’s Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the buying, production, growth and development of the Country Radio Seminar and the multiple services that it provides to the country trannie and music communities.


THE VILLAGES, Fla. (AP) – Singer and actress Kaye Stevens, who performed with the Rat Pack and was a frequent guest on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Certify,” has died at a central Florida sanatorium. She was 79. Close friend Gerry Schweitzer confirmed that Stevens died Wednesday at the Villages Hospital north of Orlando following a battle with breast cancer and blood clots. Stevens, a longtime South Florida regional, performed with Rat Pack members including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop. She also sang solo at venues like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and the Plaza Hotel’s Persian Room in New York Burg. During the Vietnam War age, Stevens performed for American soldiers in the war zone with Bob Hope’s USO drive. According to a handout from friend Rhonda Glenn, Stevens was born Catherine Louise Stephens in Pittsburgh. Her family eventually moved to Cleveland, where a teenage Stevens got her start as a drummer and choir member. She later married now deceased bandleader and trumpet player Tommy Amato, and the couple performed throughout the eastern U.S. During a gig in New T-shirt, Stevens was discovered by Ed McMahon, Carson’s longtime pal, which led to new bookings. Her big break came when she was playing a lounge at The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Debbie Reynolds became ill and was unable to perform in the main stay. Stevens filled in and was an instant thump. Besides telling, Stevens also acted in film and video receiver. She appeared  in six movies, earning a Golden Globe nomination in 1964 in compensation “The New Interns.” She was a regular celebrity player on game shows and appeared as a regular on “Days of Our Lives” from 1974-79. During the past two decades, Stevens started her own ministry and began performing only Christian and patriotic music. She staged benefits to help build St. Vincent Catholic Church in her longtime home of Margate, Fla., where city officials named a park in her laurels.

MTV today announced the launch of an original weekly late-night

MTV today announced the launch of an original weekly late-night music talk and performance show commanded “MTV’s Hip-Hop POV,” set to debut on Mix., April 11 at midnight. The new show will be filmed in New York and feature five music industry personalities giving commentary on the day’s hip-hop news and music and conducting artist interviews. Each episode of will end with an “allude to” effectuation. Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam: Billboard’s 30 Under 30 Announced panelists as a replacement for “MTV’s Hip-Hop POV” work in: NYC’s Turn 105 radio personality Charlamagne Tha Genius; journalist and blogger Sowmya Krishnamurthy whose writing has appeared on, New York Journal, the Village Voice and  XXL; Bu Thiam, VP of A&R at Def Jam who has worked with Lady Senile, T-Pain and Rihanna; Amanda Seales, a DJ, standup funny, musician and TV temperament; Devi Dev who can be heard on Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morningtide.” “MTV’s Hip-Hop P.O.V.” is an rip-roaring, new weekly platform that shines the spotlight on the pulse of what’s relevant to hip-hop fans,” said Amy Doyle, EVP, Music & Talent Strategy in a utterance. “With its dominance of the music charts, global impact and cultural favour, we wanted to find a way to harness the passion that MTV viewers have for hip-hop culture and provide its latest and greatest stars and personalities with a brand new stage here at MTV.” The network is billing the night as a “night of music” with the “Hip-Hop POV” to aficionado of “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew,” which has named the latest run its “Season of the Superstars.” The show is Executive Produced close Tiffany Lea Williams and Brian Saracusa.

Blake Shelton’s career is on a unkind, upward course, what

Blake Shelton’s career is on a unkind, upward course, what with his current role as a coach on NBC’s “The Share” alongside Cee-Lo Untested, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, his current album Red River Blue still sitting at no. 10 on the Country Albums chart astern 39 weeks (it hit no. 1 on the Hoarding 200 last yr), and most recent special “Drink thereon” at no. 39 on the Lubricious 100 and no. 2 on the Hot Country Songs charts, all on top of his recent win for Male Vocalist of the Year at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards. But none of those accomplishments has ever awarded Shelton with a loaf (leastwise, not that we’ve heard of). Rather, it’s Shelton’s social media prowess that allowed him that laurels, as he received a Twitter-themed cake for feverishness 1,000,000 followers on the site in February. The patty, topped with Twitter’s bird logo and covered in congratulatory edible hashtags, was delivered to the offices of his label Warner Music Nashville February. 21. Present at the Warner Nashville office that day were Warner Nashville’s Jeremy Holley (VP, Consumer & Interactive Vending), Justin Luffman (Manager, Online Merchandising), and Tree Paine (VP, Publicity); and the Academy of Country Music’s Brooke Primero (SVP, Publicity & Demanding) and Lisa Lee (SVP, Inventive & Media Radio show). “I’m probably too comfortable talking to my fans on Tweet,” laughed Shelton, whose followers have blossomed to 1.42 million since. “It’s just a way to say something humorous.”

(Pic: Getty drawings) The Rolling Stones are still going vigorous

(Pic: Getty drawings) The Rolling Stones are still going vigorous 50 years and 29 studio albums more recent, but the legendary band won’t go on tour this year to celebrate their golden anniversary. This year would’ve marked the Stones’ first tour since their epic two-year Bigger Bang expedition, which ended in 1997. Both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have confirmed that the band isn’t ready to hit the road just until now. Live Nation Litigation Over Rolling Stones Tour Can Move Send on But don’t panic Stones fans, the group has now set their sights on 2013. And Keith Richards points out that 2013 might be the better alternative anyways. “The Stones always really considered ’63 to be 50 age, because Charlie [Watts] didn’t actually join until January,” Richards told Rolling Stone munitions dump. “We esteem 2012 as sort of the year of creation, but the birth is next yr.” Rolling Stones Ambit: Who Will Supply, If It Happens Finally? But the famed guitarist didn’t address the growing concern that his health may also be one reason for the tour tarrying. According to Rolling Pit, a top concert-business source confirmed that there has been some hesitation as to whether or not Keith Richards will be well enough to endure a grueling worldwide expedition. Rather, the Stones may opt for multi-night performances in major cities. In the lag, fans can also look forward to an upcoming infotainment, which will follow the Rolling Stones’ 50-year journey cool. Directed by Brett Morgan and scheduled for release this fall, the film will feature unseen footage as trickle as unreleased music.

Sweet Beam: (from sinistral:) Z-100′s Skeery Jones, Billboard’s Maggie Doherty,

Sweet Beam: (from sinistral:) Z-100′s Skeery Jones, Billboard’s Maggie Doherty, Z-100′s Danielle Monaro, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne of One Focussing, Z-100′s Elvis Duran, One Direction’s Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, Z-100′s Carolina Bermudez, One Direction’s Niall Horan and Z-100′s TJ Taormina (Photograph: Getty Deads ringer) When Elvis Duran and the Morning Show team hosted One Direction at the Z-100 studios last Friday, things got a little mussy. After the interview subdivide, which focused on the group’s No. 1 album Up All Night and U.S. round (and, of seminar, the usual Elvis-style joking) 1D was treated to a sweet snack provided by Cold Stone Creamery: An ice cream cake decorated with a British degenerate. Just as they were about to dig, 1D members Zayn Malik  and Louis Tomlinson had a characteristicly silly moment and pushed fellow member Harry Styles’ face right into the chunk! Without missing a wallop, Styles continued to pose for photos with bandmates and Elvis team offshoots. He even planted an unexpected smooch on Elvis radio team member Carolina Bermudez, cake-faced and all. One Direction Has Highest Violent 100 Debut For New UK Act Since The Verve In 1998 The incident reflected the group’s attitude toward superiority: Work indisputable, but find fun in every situation you can. “These guys went from zero to sixty overnight,” Duran said after the section. “This was not a four to five-year spec. It was uniform, [ X Cause], the album, touring, bam.” When asked if history was repeating itself with the boy band mania of the recent ’90s and beginning 2000s, Duran noted that the Internet and social media are largely responsible after 1D’s rapid rise to stardom. One Direction Tops Hoarding 200, Adele Holds At No. 2 “Ten years past, those bands didn’t have the tools that are available with it,” Duran said. “When One Direction opened for Big Time Backwoods, no one expected how huge they’d be. People were singing every word to hidden tracks.” According to Duran, “the music is solid and the boys blend well unitedly. People are in line to work with them.” A dream collborator for the group is Bruno Mars, whom they all agreed upon unanimously. “He’s got aggregate – he’s got the stage vicinity, he’s got a great option, he looks gifted,” said group member Louis Tomlinsion during the sound out. As they gear up for a performance on “Satruday Night Current” airing April 7, the boys are mostly looking forward to meeting that night’s act, Sofia Vergara. “And that lady from Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig is it?” Styles quipped. Attend: One Direction’s Full Interview With Elvis Duran On Z-100 Duran, whose radio voice was suffering due to allergies, has been busy with charity come out all right, including Rosie O’Donnell’s Theater Kids syllabus; he serves on its directorate. The organization works with at-risk students in Manhattan, teaching them the basics of stage discharge, funding scholarships, and trips to Broadway shows. Getting a ‘facial’: Harry Styles of One Direction gets a faceful of ice cream cake as the Elvis Duran team and fellow bandmates look on in tittering. (Photograph: Getty)

Tupac Shakur is back in the headlines again for his

Tupac Shakur is back in the headlines again for his posthumous show-stopping performance at Coachella last weekend, which just about everyone took to be a 3D holograph. It simply looked too realistic not to be, as you can sort of tell from the video aloft. Yet, “Virtual Tupac” wasn’t a real hologram in the sense that most of us imagine them to be — free-floating three-dimensional drawings. A substitute alternatively, the Tupac who wowed the Coachella throngs was a holographic projection onto a mylar interview, bounced off of a reflective surface on the floor using technology from Musion, with production by Digital Stomping grounds. Tupac’s Rebirth As a Hologram Was ‘Brains,’ Says Nas Snoop Dogg, who appeared to rap with Tupac, stood behind the screen to complete the will-o’-the-wisp, as noted by Rolling Pit. This was all part of Dr. Dre’s grand vision to reanimate the deceased falling star — a fitting phenomenon, given that Tupac has released more albums after his death than before it. Tupac Shakur Hologram Could Tour Venues Beyond Coachella So why wasn’t Virtual Tupac a “tangible” holograph? For starters, one possible reason is that some hologram technologies don’t like loud noises, according to Gorillaz’ Damon Albarn. He tried the same thing a couple of years ago and found it to be impossible barring a ” silent discotheque” sound out. As Albarn told me, Two years subsequently, the technology clearly exists to have virtual or deceased characters appear to dance around on tier — but as 2D projections, not as realized 3D holograms. Our admittedly-limited research into the topic indicates that the Star Wars -inspired concept of projecting a 3D image without using a screen or some other fixed medium will likely remain out of reach for the foreseeable succeeding — in part because light doesn’t just stop in the middle of the air and refract or reflect without hitting something. In what way, this idea of “live music apps” containing virtual musicians playing real gigs is all too physical. Virtual Tupac is not the only one doing it, even if “he” did require a movies. And interestingly, this wasn’t even footage of Tupac, but rather a digital construction of a performance that never existed. Tupac, Biggie, Mindless Behavior Among Platinum League’s New Interactive Hip-Hop Trading Cards Zenph Sound Innovations, which makes playerless pianos and singalong apps, which confirmed to that it was not involved with Virtual Tupac, is working on similar technology that can clothed, judge, Beethoven play a song you wrote, but in his mode of expression. Zenph recently projected rare footage of George Gershwin for a performance of his “Rhapsody In Melancholy” in Dallas. As for Virtual Tupac, his people are considering sending him on travel, which is pretty elegant. But one thing it is not is a Princess Leia-spirit 3D-projected holograph. It also wasn’t new. Here’s a demonstration of the same Musion technology from June 2009 featuring unexploded performers:

Google Trends: 6

Google Trends: 6. axel rosiness – guns n’ roses front man has penned an open letter to the rock and roll hall of tractable, declining induction to the entry 15. rock and roll hall of reputation Twitter Music Look: 8. always with jonas brothers – jonas brother fans show their funding Digg Music News/Picture 24 Hours: There are no music trends at this on one occasion. NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. ‘Chico & Rita’: An Animated Film With A Cuban Area 2. First Mind: Spiritualized, ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Appear’ 3. Grimes: Building Beats From The Ground Up 4. Hear Highlights From Fiona Apple Together 5. Alabama Shakes: Full Of ‘Southern Force’ NPR Music Most Commented: 1. Everybody Wants To Be A K-Pop Leading (18) 2. New Confound: Dirty Projectors, Hot Piece, Japandroids And More (15) 3. How To Succeed In The Music Patronage (By Trying Very, Really Hard-headed) (16) 4. Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Wash’: A Barnstorming Good At the same time (8) 5. The Speak-Singing Controversy: Just Sing The Damn Flap! (104) NME’s Top Music Advice: 1. Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose refuses Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame initiation 2. Adele tops UK music’s young rich list with £20 million assets 3. Queen and Adam Lambert announce two UK headline shows 4. Rapscallion 32: ‘Rappers are the modern-day Shakespeares’ 5. Lady Gaga comes under fire once more ‘pop stars don’t put’ remark 6. Mario Balotelli and Rio Ferdinand to team up for new rap tv 7. Download Festival to honour Marshall Amps founder Jim Marshall at this year’s circumstance 8. Britney Spears to shingle $16 zillion ‘X Agent’ administer? Fader Most Infer from – Hour 1. Based Word of god: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU 2. Frank Bounding main, “Whip Beg (SBTRKT Crop)” 3. Hear New Kanye West, “Theraflu” 4. Walk: Supreme Cuts, “Sherm” 5. The Weeknd Announces First US Walk 6. Lil B to Lecture at NYU 7. LoveRance f. 50 Penny, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 8. Picture: Lil B, “Think I’m Based Tutelary” 9. Barrage: Kirko Bangz f. 2 Chainz and Juelz Santana, “Drank In My Cup” (Remix) 10. Summer Essentials from Warriors of Radness Fader Most Modern 1. Persist: Questlove, The Walkmen at Captain Morgan’s Step Into the Black Confederation 2. Marni Makes Philanthropic Effects 3. Tv: Grin, “Clean Gloves, Dirty Workforce” 4. Andre Nickatina, “Jellybean Colored Suits (Return of the Mac)” 5. Dollars to Pounds: Night Handle 6. Gush: Supreme Cuts, “Sherm” 7. Gush: Royal Pain in the arse, “Psychotic Part” 8. Frank The drink flood, “Whip Ingathering (SBTRKT Erase)” 9. Watercourse: Laurel Disc, “Light and Span” 10. Based Word of god: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU Pitchfork News Most Know: 1. Damon Albarn Says No More Bedim, Gorillaz 2. Here’s the (NSFW) Artwork for Kanye’s “Theraflu” 3. Watch Jack White’s Erratic, Horrifying “Sixteen Saltines” Picture 4. Lollapalooza Lineup Proclaimed 5. Picture: Nicki Minaj: “Beez in the Pitfall” [ft. 2 Chainz] 6. R.I.P. Cynthia Dall 7. Beach Take in, Wild Languish, Real Rural seat, Atlas Intact, Cults, Big K.R.I.T. Added to Pitchfork Music Carnival 8. Kevin Shields Teases New My Bloody Valentine LP 9. Wayne Coyne Talks New Flaming Lips LP, Working With Ke$ha, Line 10. Watch Drake’s Videos an eye to “Take Anguish” and “HYFR” Pitchfork News Most Late-model: 1. Beachwood Sparks Return With New Album 2. Pictures: Alabama Shakes 3. Sigur Rós Announce Ambit 4. Lil B NYU Lecture Shot by 5. Lil Wayne Planning Album of Love Songs 6. Listen to the New Yuck Uncommon “On” 7. Tv: Squarepusher: “Dark Steering” 8. Tv: Black Bananas: “My Clan” 9. A$AP Rocky Announces Lead Single From LongLiveA$AP 10. L.A. Weirdos: Newman, Nilsson, and Van Dyke Parks 11. Pitchfork Nominated for Webby Honour Rolling Pit – Recent information 1. Exclusive Flow: Neon Trees Draw on Eclectic Influences into ‘Mad Be partial to’ 2. ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Star Fran Kranz on Coming Up in Joss Whedon’s In the seventh heaven 3. A History of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame No-Shows 4. Amazon to Let Music Fans Trade CDs for Store Trustworthiness 5. One Direction Denote 2013 Summer Expedition 6. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to Collaborate on New Kerfuffle b evasion 7. Exclusive Runnel: Janis Joplin’s Raw Alternate Take of ‘Move Upward of’ 8. Lil B Hosts Rare Unscripted Lecture at NYU 9. Tune-Yards Compose Live Score for Buster Keaton Short Films 10. ‘American Favourite’ Recapitulation: Live for Tod 11. Tell of: Britney Spears Will Associate oneself with ‘X Influence’ someone is concerned $16 Zillion 12. Lil Wayne Plans Album of Love Songs Perez Hilton – Music Proceedings: 1. Madonna’s Camp Spills On More Appearances, MDNA Circuit! 2. Marilyn Manson Takes The Stage With Little J…And Johnny Depp! 3. Madonna’s Manager Announces Next Cull! 4. Axl Rose Wants Hall Of Fame Induction Retracted!! 5. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Births A Hip Hop Indulge 6. Is Drake Obsessed With Aaliyah? CMT – Recent Good copy: 1. CMA Music Festival’s Free Concerts Proclaimed XXL – Recent Expos: 1. Source Close to Mobb Deep Says Duo Will Never Put Out Another Album 2. Swizz Beatz Taps Allen Iverson For Signature Reebok Sneaker Relaunch 3. Q-Tip Explains G.O.O.D. Music Signing, Says He’ll Be On Compilation Albu 4. Lil B Talks Running For President and Upcoming Projects During NYU Lecturing 5. ScHoolBoy Q Tears Down NYC’s S.O.B.’s 6. Jay-Z’s Rocawear Partners With New York Yankees 7. Win A Pair Of Touch 2 Chainz Skull Candy Headphones 8. Lil Kim Talks Upcoming Singles and Infotainment, Maino Rumors 9. Lil Wayne Recording Album of Love Songs TMZ Music Dispatch: 1. Larry David Parking Lot Meltdown Wasn’t My Disproportionately!!! 2. Mel Gibson He Thinks ‘The Maccabees’ Is Still Quick …. He’s Oppress 3. Kim & Khloe Kardashian INSANE Road Rage Standoff in Middle of L.A. High road 4. Lindsay Lohan’s Accuser Lawyer Dredges Up LiLo’s Heretofore ‘Once a Ananias, Always a Baron von mnchhausen’ 5. Hayden Panettiere Bootyful Bikini Infant 6. Oprah Winfrey Ripped By OWN Reality Woman — She FAILED Us 7. Rachel Bilson Let Herself Go Two Pieces 8. Chumlee I Got a Playstation in My TRICKED OUT Rolls Royce Stocks (Culmination 4/12) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.27 (0.15) (7.08%) Live Nation Pleasure (LYV): $8.7 (0.10) (1.16%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.26 (0.01) (0.44%) Pandora Media (P): $8.985 (0.375) (4.36%) Apple (AAPL ): $623.32 (-2.88) (-0.46%) Dmoz (GOOG): $652.2 (16.24) (2.55%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $34.59 (0.36) (1.05%) Paid (PAYD): $0.135 (0.02) (18.18%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $16.95 (-0.06) (-0.35%) Heap Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.39 (0.05) (1.5%) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): (39.09) (1.3%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): (DJIA) (180.96) (1.41%)

Google Trends: 1

Google Trends: 1. Gavin Degraw- The singer will be on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” Twitter Music Tendency: 1. We Are Proud of Lady Wild – People love Wild! NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Keep one’s ears open: Andrew Hoot, ‘Break It Yourself’ 2. First Hear: The Magnetic Fields, ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Flood’ 3. First Mind: Julia Holter, ‘Ekstasis’ 4. First Mind: Robert Glasper Test, ‘Black Wireless’ 5. First Heed: White Rabbits, ‘Milk Conspicuous’ NPR Music Most Commented: 1. First Prick up one’s ears: Andrew Hiss, ‘Break It Yourself’ (12) 2. Robert Glasper: A Unified Field Theory For Black Music (15) 3. First Harken to: The Magnetic Fields, ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Tons’ (8) 4. Virtuoso Trumpeter Maurice André Dies At 78 (4) 5. How Kansas City Is Developing Bonk (7) NME’s Top Music Message: 1. Odd Future reveal trailer for their reality TV series ‘Loiter Unit’ – tv 2. Watch Radiohead debut new tracks ‘Identikit’ and ‘Cut A Excavation’ – picture 3. New Order announce more UK tour dates – ticket details 4. Lady Gaga to guest star alongside Will Smith in ‘Men In Blackness 3′ 5. Hole’s Eric Erlandson writes book about Kurt Cobain’s suicide 6. Spector announce May UK excursion – ticket details 7. Gaz Coombes to play first ever solo show at Club NME on April 20 8. Watch the video for The Enemy’s new isolated ‘Gimme The Cue’ instanter 9. NME users hail Arctic Monkeys’ ‘wondrous’ new especial ‘R U Extract?’ 10. Take That revealed as most-played Manchester band of 21st hundred Fader Most Paraphrase – Prime 1. Introducing: The FADER FORT Presented by Discourse 2. Evaluation: Evian Messiah 3. Talk: Ab-Dynamism 4. Hear Two New Radiohead Songs 5. Meet the 21-Year-Old CEO Who’s Been Hosting Your Rap MP3s 6. Rhye, “Exhibit” MP3 7. Download Boldy James’ Freight: Favor for a Prefer, The Redi-Rock Mixtape 8. The FADER #78 Podcast 9. Kid A, “BB Bleu” MP3 10. Download Hodgy Beats’ Untitled EP Fader Most Up to date 1. Stream White Car’s Album Everyday Refinement 2. Itemized: Wool and the Gang’s Snood Dogg 3. Tv: Schoolboy Q f. Ab-Mind, “Druggys With Hoes Besides” 4. Swarm: Booddha, “Never Expected” and “Frenzied” 5. Santigold Reveals New Album Comprise 6. Introducing: The FADER FORT Presented by Discourse 7. Second Pep: Avoiding the Sophomore Fall-off 8. Deluge: Fort Romeau, “Say Something” 9. The FADER #78 Podcast 10. Katy B, “Witches’ Stew (Diplo Remix)” MP3 Pitchfork News Most Brand-new: 1. Die Kreuzen Reunite 2. Check Out the Cover Art for Santigold’s New Album 3. Xiu Xiu Tour With Dirty Beaches, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Release Split Single With Dirty Beaches 4. Pitchfork Festival Announces Dates, Initial Lineup 5. Sleigh Bells Announce Spring Junket 6. Squarepusher Announces New Album 7. Retribution Gospel Choir Give Away New EP 8. Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning Readies New Album With His Old Band Cookie Gabardine 9. Erykah Badu Banned From Performing in Malaysia 10. Watch Radiohead Play Two New Songs Rolling Pit – Recent despatch 1. Radiohead Debut Two New Songs in Miami 2. New Reviews: Pink Floyd Open out ‘The Lose everything’ 3. Johnny Loot 80th Birthday Tribute Plotted 4. ‘The Spokesman’ Review: ‘Novackaine’ and Other Anesthetics 5. Fiona Apple, Beck, Passion Pit Headline Governors Ball in New York Municipality 6. Taylor Swift Taking Ailing Teen to ACM Awards Perez Hilton – Music One sec: 1. Mariah Carey Posts Video On Youtube Remembering Whitney Houston 2. Mary J. Blige Tries To Sing The National Anthem At The NBA All-Star Job 3. Top Of The Pops! 4. NYC Someone Like You Subway Performer Saves A Man’s ?lan! 5. And The Nominees For Logo’s NewNowNext Awards Are… 6. New Regina Spektor! 7. Andre 3000 Says New Outkast Album Won’t Be Event 8. Madonna Tour Tickets Selling Out Around The World IN TRANSACTIONS!!! CMT – Recent Communiqu?: 1. The Band Perry, “All Your Way of life” Writers Celebrate With Elegant Breakfast 2. Jason Aldean Returns to Nashville a Ace 3. New Faces Show Spotlights Eli Young Gang, Hunter Hayes, Sunny Sweeney and David Make final XXL – Recent Info: 1. Uncle Murda Signs to Sony/Larger-than-life, Tweets New York DJ KaySlay 2. Monster Outbreak Tour and XXL Announce Freshmen Live Concert Series 3. Kendrick Lamar Makes His Freshmen 2012 Class Picks TMZ Music Bulletin: 1. Sean Kingston Not Afraid To Jet Ski 2. CHRIS BROWN Singing with Rihanna in Orlando Nightspot Stocks (Shutting /) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.32 (0.04) (1.75%) Live Nation Pleasure (LYV): $9.62 (-0.24) (-2.43%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.22 (-0.01) (-0.45%) Sony Corporation (SNE): $22.27 (0.58) (2.67%) Pandora Media (P): $12.73 (-0.14) (-1.09%) Apple (AAPL ): $534.855 (9.095) (1.73%) Msn (GOOG): $617.58 (8.27) (1.36%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $31.91 (-0.03) (-0.09%) Paid (PAYD): $0.195 (0.004) (2.09%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $21.88 (-0.09) (-0.41%) Heap Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.57 (0.05) (1.42%) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): 2,986.76 Up (20.60) (0.69%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): 13,005.12 (23.61) (0.18%)

Forget lasers, pyro and trippy videos

Forget lasers, pyro and trippy videos. For proof that the nature of DJ performance is ever-changing, look no further than Steve Aoki’s balls-to-the-mad, 90-minute stereotyped. The DJ/producer/Dim Mak label head and his Deadmeat tour rolled into New York’s Roseland on Friday, February 17, and while there were confetti cannons and screens bearing high-speed visual non sequiturs, the real show was Aoki himself. The actress, who Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg once hailed “a genre-defying musical thing,” made full use of the venue’s large stage and then some, pogoing unrelentingly, popping champagne and spewing it onto the front squabble, screaming his own rebel-yell vocals into a microphone or megaphone, and at one point launching off the venue’s second floor balcony, onto a blow-up raft hoisted by the crowd in this world – much to the chagrin of the swarming security guards who tried to stop him. Backstage before his 12:30 set prematurely, the affable Aoki chilled in the venue’s institutional green room with an equally good-natured team: David Waxman, head of A&R at Ultra Records, and Samantha Mobarek, Senior Director of Selling & PR of Ultra Records, the label he selected out of many suitors to release his first studio album, Wonderland; his longtime manager Matt Colon from Deckstar; Wynter Gordon, the striking singer of “La Di Da Di” (a potential hit off Wonderland), small in stature but with a big stage carriage; and friend and collaborator Lil’ Jon, who belied his crunk king image with a cable-knit grey scarf and easy conversation comfort. “Who wants a Bed-sheet?” he asked, offering the flavored energy strips to the flat. “No crew, they really run.” Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither Wearing a sliced-up T-shirt bearing an image of Vogue editor Anna Wintour with a Hitler mustache (“I feel like most people in this crowd wouldn’t get that,” he laughed), Aoki reflected on the idea that kids all over the venue were wearing shirts bearing his own ikon (the most popular of which, a faceless outline of just his hair and whiskers, sold out from the merch table before the show’s extermination). “Hither, it’s not a big handle,” he said. “But if I see a person with my shirt on in, undifferentiated, an airport or something, I feel like I should go over and say hi.” He switched shirts before taking the point – to one emblazoned with Lil’ Jon’s grimace (Jon returned the favor and donned one featuring Aoki). Deadmeat co-headliner Datsik closed an aggressive set of dubstep and its derivatives with the Sub Focus mix of Rusko’s “Persevere,” featuring Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors: The rave throwback played like an anthem to the 20-something coterie, who knew every in brief, and thrashed together to the bass down. After a lightning-fast conversion, Aoki took to a stage bearing a tall DJ booth in the center with video screens behind it, flanked by his name literally in lights: capital letter forms spelling AOKI. He sailed (sometimes faithfully) through a set dominated by the 12 tracks on Wonderland, and his spate of one-off singles, including “Upheaval” – an ode to mid-air roller coaster rides, set to an overload of honking synths, and narrated by Lil’ Jon, who joined Aoki onstage to do it follow. When the first monotonal air-horn drop came, the sold-out crowd uplifting, tossing glowsticks, napkins, water bottles, and bikini-topped girls onto shoulders, reveling in the colossal volume and the presence of its founder – who was, at this point, wearing a flier’s hat.

Jason Mraz’s new album “Love is a Four Letter Communiqu”

Jason Mraz’s new album “Love is a Four Letter Communiqu” is in the running to become the singer/songwriter’s first No. 1 next week on the Hoarding 200 design. That is, if Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” steps digression. Both albums are on track to sell relating to 100,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, April 22 — so say industry sources. Richie’s “Tuskegee” album topped the Hoarding 200 for the first time this past workweek, selling 129,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. Lionel Richie’s ‘Tuskegee’ Album Hits No. 1 On Hoarding 200 The new Hoarding 200 chart’s scale 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, April 25. Mraz has so far peaked at No. 3 on the Hoarding 200 with 2008′s “We Spill the beans. We Tea dance. We Steal Traits.,” which started with 73,000 in its first workweek. If Mraz’s new set moves 100,000, it will mark his best sales frame until now, surpassing the bow of 2005′s “Mr. A-Z,” which launched at NO. 5 with 81,000. Jason Mraz’s ‘I Won’t Deliver’ Storms Sensitive 100′s Surpass 10 Also headed for a top five bow next week is Train’s “California 37,” which could start around Nos. 4 or 5 with it may be 70,000 sold. It could result in the band’s highest-charting album nonetheless. They’ve gone as high as No. 6 — double — with “Drops of Jupiter” in 2001 and “My Private Nation” in 2003. The act’s last studio album, 2009′s “Save Me, San Francisco,” debuted and peaked at No. 17 with a 27,000 first week by SoundScan.

Best New Artist Grammy winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

Best New Artist Grammy winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver biting the hand that…rather his keepsake (Getty Forms) On a big night for Adele, she had a lot to say wing — as did the rest of the Grammy victors. Hear what you didn’t see on the Grammy broadcast unworthy of. Adele’s Big Night-time: While her millions of fans may have worried about her recovery from or, Adele called the tradition “a blessing in falsify.” “Everything is so noisy in my beget. I’m so mouthy, it was quite nice to be forced to be silence,” the radiant choir girl, who took home a ceremony-leading six Grammys, said offstage. “I found great happiness while I was under the weather.” 2012 Complete Grammy Winners & Nominees Arrangement Notwithstanding, don’t look for a sequel to the new Album of the Year just hitherto. “Now I’m too busy being on cloud nine,” she said. Rolling in the Phonebook: Adele may have won both Song and Record of the Yr, but her producer said she could “sing the phonebook.” Grammy Awards 2012: All Our Reportage “She’s got a total tip, which makes my job very plain sailing,” Paul Epworth, who took home Producer of the Yr, said wing. Epworth said Adele’s initial reticence to work with him was overstated. “I know full well she liked a bunch of records that i did 10 years since, so our tastes are more similar than maybe she realized,” he said. “We sat in a room and talked about Dr. John and Tom Waits and found this middle ground between us. She has a gift for bringing out things in producers they don’t usually do.” The Rock Iii: From left Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (with Slayer T-Shirt), Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen at the Grammys (Getty Idols) Ryan Tedder wants Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey to “dash together crash into”: “I’ve been canceling a lot of more expected writing sessions to do stuff that just freaks me out that i think’s unsociable,” he said backstage in the wake of his success with Adele. “Azealia Banks scares me. Lana Del Rey scares me a little speck. Not in a bad crumble. ” He promised a track that would include both two new artists, though he kept mum about the details. Bon Iver’s Grammy resolution: After turning down a Grammy acting, Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album winner Bon Iver wouldn’t have changed the prime. “I don’t regret [not playing],” frontman Justin Vernon said wing. “There were so many great people doing plenty of great music. Bonnie [Raitt] and Alicia [Keys] stole the show for me, it was like everything i needed to be told. Doing an Etta air, that was influential.” Anyhow, the indie musician said he was “obligated” for those who’d voted for him at the ritual. “It means a lot and makes me want to dig deeper and try harder,” he said. The Boys are again: The Beach Boys, who showcased their 50th anniversary reunion during the eclipse, have started recording new material at a studio in Los Angeles. Brian Wilson is writing songs with Joe Thomas; they collaborated 14 years ago on “Resource.” Mike Love and Al Jardine hyped the new music, with Love singling out the new watch “That’s Why God Made the Portable radio” for its great harmonies and Jardine noting offstage, “I came in late to the sessions but the recordings are on par with ‘Pet Sounds.’” Wilson simply said, “It’s a thrill to get cool,” and said fans could look forward to seeing a lot of him on the byway. McCartney listens up: Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Requital” may be one of his best-loved solo releases, but the former Beatle had never listened back to the album until it came time for last year’s remaster. “He did have final like,” mastering engineer Sam Okell told reporters backstage after the new edition won Best Historical Album. “We sat down in the studio with him and listened to the whole album. He turned to me afterward and said, ‘That’s pretty assets c incriminating evidence, yea?’ I said, ‘Yea, that’s pretty tangibles.’ He said, ‘I’ve never listened to the album,’ so that was kind of best.” Wonder What They Talked Astir: Taylor Fast (sinistral) with Nicki Minaj who had one of Grammy night’s mosy…exciting…performances (Getty Pictures) Getting the party started: Concerned that audience would not greet the opening segment with high get-up-and-go, executive producer Ken Ehrlich had the audience rehearse five minutes before the show began. “Stand up now and show me you can tolerate,” he implored the stuff. “Tonight you’re going to kick some serious ass.” He earned a joking earful from Paul McCartney on the former Beatle’s way to his base: “Who let you in?” Getting “Layla” tips: The Best Surround Sound Album award went to Elliot Scheiner and Bob Ludwig for putting the fictional “Layla” into 5.1. Celebrated for the stellar guitar work of Eric Clapton and Duane Allman, Scheiner and Ludwig said the real hero on the project was the original farmer, the late Tom Dowd. Dowd’s notes, on track sheets, were with the original masters. “He had exactly what EQ he used and what condensation, if any,” Scheiner said offstage. “I had the benefit of knowing what he did. You don’t see that anymore. Everybody thinks you’re going to steal something, so it’s snacks.” Bonnie Raitt goes indie: Raitt’s new album will be the first on her own peg. “It’s coming out in April, it’s commanded ‘Wash,’” she said offstage. “The answer to that question is I love the mathematics, and I’ve been around long enough that I don’t have to start from injury.” Among her collaborators: NRBQ’s Al Anderson and Bill Frisell. “We went in for two or three songs [with Frisell] and did almost a full album’s worth and some of that will come out postliminary — [there are] four songs on the account. A lot of long guitar jams.” Lady Wild (progressive) with Tony Bennett (Getty Appearances) Whitney Houston’s modify: Melanie Fiona, an R&B winner on Sunday for her collaboration with Cee Lo New, called the late songbird, whose untimely death was a major subject of the Grammys, “the first vent to” in her liveliness. “My mom used to play her in the pony,” she said. “I would not be here as a nominee or as a winner without her presence in my dazzle, so it’s very emotional for me… I feel so proud to say that she was such a huge influence of mine and i can attribute a lot of my success to her.” What are the Civil Wars, anyways?: The band won a country award and the folk album laurels, so the press corps asked, which are you? “We’re not really sure what or where we outburst,” Joy Williams said offstage. “It’s becoming,” John Paul White added. “We decided to only be about music we dearly be in love with. In another situation, what’s the property irrelevant?” Teacher’s favourite: Christian singer Brandon Heathland, a three-time nominee on Sunday night-time, had a hot date for the awards elucidate: his high school choir schoolmaster, Bobby Jean Hoarfrost. “She encouraged me to audition for the Grammy jazz ensemble and that was the beginning for me in music,” he said offstage. “I really wanted you to meet her, it’s an honor to have her with me.” The 79-year-old Hoar, now retired, used the opportunity to speak up for music guidance. “We have a very active music program in Nashville and it’s about to get even more dynamic. We are establishing a director of music education for the public schools,” she said. Truckin’ with betrothed: The Tedeschi Trucks Band may be an 11-piece deception, but for its namesakes, the group is a family occurrence. “It’s a blessing to be in a band with my old man. I get to see him every day and not be on a cell sound,” Tedeschi said wing. “That’s No. 1.” She went on to say that the group’s formation had been a lucky break amid its branchs’ crammed individual schedules. “Derek obviously is one of the busiest [musicians], with Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers and his solo profession, and I was busy having two children as well as my solo race,” she said. “Finally the timing lined up.” All in the subdivision: The Tedeschi Trucks Band’s Blues Album Grammy made us question, how often have husband-wife bands won Grammys? A few came to look after: Louis Prima and Keely Smith at the first Grammys in 1959; John Lennon and Yoko Ono won album of the year after his butchery; Johnny Cash and June Carter won the 1970 country vocal performance Grammy; Paul and Linda McCartney won for music made in 1974 and 1979; Alan and Marilyn Bergman won two in the interest “The Way We Were”; and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill took home trophies in 2000 and 2005. Trucks, guitarist in the Allman Brothers Platoon, is in the rare category of winner for one band and lifetime achievement for another one in the same yr. “It’s pretty strange existence 32 and being part of a lifetime achievement awarding,” he said. “The common thread is that they’re packs. The current lineup of [the Allmans] is the longest standing lineup in their history and [while] it’s me and Susan’s call, it’s an 11-piece confederate. Same understanding — no smoke and mirrors.” Jazz’s new paper: Bassist Stanley Clarke and drummer Lenny White have begun work on a film about their band with Chick Corea, Return to Incessantly. While they intend to chronicle Return to Forever’s four-decade history through reunion tours of the last few age, the film will also address jazz since Miles Davis went electric in the tardily 1960s. “Ken Burns’ ‘Bonk’ covered jazz really well up until the Miles Davis epoch,” Corea said of the film’s intended subplot. “We all came up through the Miles generation, we’re always talking about Miles and if there is one stable point of the second half of the 20th hundred, it’s Miles. That’s another element of the blear.” Kirk Franklin’s consternation: When it comes time for Grammy gloom, Franklin, who won his eighth and ninth awards at the ceremony on Sunday, doesn’t like to know who the competition is. “I don’t even appeal to, it makes me fretful. I know there are so many great artists out thither,” he said wing, looking calm and retro-chic in a bow tie and peak lapel appeal. Will Booker T. Jones work with Neil Young encore? “Neil calls you,” he said backstage of his “Potato Hollow” henchman. “It’s latent. He still has my phone symbol.” The musician credited his preparation with the ability to have performed with such a range of musicians over the age — he still practices 30-60 minutes per age. The Grammys’ biggest streetwalker: While most producers would describe themselves as elaborate, they’d be hard-pressed to beat Judith Sherman, who won Classical Producer of the Yr. “I work on with reference to 12-15 [albums] a yr. I have a very good helper,” she said offstage. The award was her third Grammy, but familiarity hasn’t made the moment less stirring. “I’m still trembling,” she said. ” It never gets disintegrated, In accomplishment, it gets mastery.” Classical comes to Staples: Looking glamourous in a gold and silver dress and a glittering necklace that’d impress hip-hop heavyweights, Best Classical Solo winner Joyce DiDonato was an unlikely performer at the pre-broadcast awards. “It’s a rare sight to see an opera singer thither,” she said wing. Anyhow, her youthful influences weren’t all arias. She joined the chorus of praise for the late Whitney Houston: “Good singing is good vocalizing — I’m a child of the ’80s and she was a soundtrack to my juniority. She was one of the first examples of great tattle, not only in her vocalizing but the way she used the words and the way her heart spilled out of her…  I have a lot of opera friends and we were all heartbroken to hear the communiqu?.”

“Star-crossed, my album came out today and I’m really fucking

“Star-crossed, my album came out today and I’m really fucking cock-a-hoop!” Estelle proclaimed Tuesday night at Irving Place, the release date of her long-delayed third album All Of Me. The gig was a scheduled stop on the BET Music Matters Jaunt, which completes its 19-city run this week with final stops in Wilmington, Del. (Adjoin 1), Nashville (Marchland 3) and Philadelphia (Trek 5.) Estelle was the sparkly star, clad in a flapper-esque sequined dress with frisky fringe that enhanced her playful sympathetic. Other performers included tourmates Luke James, Stacy Barthe and Elle Varner. Tuesday’s show was also presented by Metro PCS and New York hip-hop station Prurient 97. The British singer had just opened up an hour-plus set with two 60s soul jams, her own “Pretty Gratify (Love Me)” and a cover of The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Make the beast with two backs,” before properly addressing the swollen, industry-laden gang. Among the attendees spotted throughout the tenebrosity: Julie Greenwald, group chairman/chief operating officer of Atlantic Records Bring; Estelle’s manager Kevin Liles, president/CEO KWL Enterprises; Mike Kyser, president of black music at Atlantic Records; Angie Martinez, on-air personality at Blistering 97; Erbo Darden, program director at Piquant 97; Marvet Britto, founder/president of The Britto Superintendence; Elliott Wilson, founder of; Ed Fan, host of 98.7′s “Friday Night Flava” and actor Romany Malco (“Weeds,” “The 40-Year-Old Virtuous.”) Estelle addressed the album’s repeated delays at several points throughout her sink, apologizing for her perfectionism (“It just takes me a really long time to make an album”) and thanking her fans for their devotedness (“It’s been eld, and you all could have moved on to the next artist by under, so it really means a lot to me that you paid money and you’re hither.”) But even though her album had just seen official release that date, the crowd was already able to sing along with many of the new cuts, including the lay “Thank You,” which an emotional Estelle had to start over halfway entirely. To another place, tracks according to “Back To Attachment” and “Wonderful Lifeblood” got warm receptions from the horde, and 2011 not public “Break My Soul” got a surprise appearance from rapper Jadakiss. But the most popular guest of the night was John Myth, who chose Estelle as the first artist signed to his Homeschool Records and released a duets mixtape with the singer in dilatory 2010. The pair reprised their fan number one “No Other Lady-love” from 2008′s Shine to thunderous cheering. Of advance, there was one song Estelle was less than thrilled to peach, her 2008 breakthrough implore “American Lad.” Though she was notably grateful for all the opportunities the song gave her, Estelle eventually grew weary of singing it over the age. “I’ve been gone singing that ‘American Caitiff public schoolmate’ song all these years… I wanted to get on the stage and punch people for asking me to sing it,” she said. But before acquiescing the crowd with her biggest occur to, she launched into a tribute jam session to three recently deceased singing legends to whom she credited much energy – Amy Winehouse, Etta James and Whitney Houston. She poured liquor on the stage at the end of each singer’s homage, noting of the late Houston, “When somebody told me she sang my strain ‘American Small fry,’ I had to just sit down on the floor because I couldn’t believe she knew who I was!” Judging by the crowd’s warm welcome back to the stage, a new generation of singers may soon be saying the indistinguishable of Estelle.

Industry Scandal Record Labels Touring Stigmatization Digital and Agile Indies

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Though Jack White never earned a No

Though Jack White never earned a No. 1 album as part of the White Stripes, he’s on course to top next week’s Hoarding 200 — as a solo function. His solo debut turn, “Blunderbuss,” is aiming to bow at No. 1 on the Hoarding 200 chart next week with fro 100,000 to 120,000 sold (so say industry prognosticators). Jack White Composition ‘Lone Ranger” Total; Third Man Records Truck Giving Away Concert Tix in NYC The new Hoarding 200 chart’s acme 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, May 2. A No. 1 album has eluded White thus obviously. His bands the White Stripes, the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather have amassed a total of seven supreme 10 albums. The highest chart of any of those band’s releases was the White Stripes’ 2007 album “Icky Thumping,” which bowed and peaked at No. 2 (stuck behind Bon Jovi’s debuting “Lost Highway” at No. 1). Jack White to Live Barrage ‘Blunderbuss’ Release Concert, Gary Oldman to Straight Other albums on course for a culmination 10 debut next week include Lee Brice’s “Incontrovertible 2 Predilection,” The Wanted’s self-titled U.S. debut and Kip Moore’s “Up All Blackness.”

David Sharpe, the former SVP of Island Records, was promoted

David Sharpe, the former SVP of Island Records, was promoted to the newly-created post of COO of Universal Music UK. The promotion was announced last Friday by Chairman and CEO of Universal Music UK David Joseph. Sharpe will report to Joseph and work with him across all of the company’s labels and business units. Sharpe had been at Island since 2003, beginning as a Finance Director before assuming his most recent circumstances, where he headed Island’s banking, sales, pricing, catalog and digital responsibilities, as well as helping to create artist web shops and ticketing deals for many of the label’s clients. Before joining Prevailing, Sharpe worked with UMTV, Virgin Records UK and Capitol Records in Los Angeles. “I am delighted to be taking on this role and to be working more closely with David and Boyd,” said Sharpe in a unveil. “These are very exciting and challenging times in the music business and I’m looking forward to helping to grow Universal Music’s area.” In another high level shakeup at Universal UK, Chief Financial Officer David Bryant left the concern, reportedly to pursue new opportunities. “I’d like to thank David Bryant who has been so integral to the business and for the huge contribution he has made in his 17 years as part of the senior team at Universal Music,” said Joseph in a communication.

Vevo In Hot Water Over Super Bowl Solecism On Friday

Vevo In Hot Water Over Super Bowl Solecism On Friday the International Intellectual Property Alliance released a inquire into – its yearbook “Unusual 301″ reassess — that documents global copyright plagiarization. The IIPA calls in favour of “swift hoopla” by US legislators to address the concerns raised in the record. And it recommends 10 countries, including China and Russia, be placed on the Priority Watch list into 2012. The timing of the report is a bit ironic given a recent piracy mishap by Vevo, a music video joint venture between Universal Music Group and Sony Music Enjoyment. While few people are likely to note the IIPA’s write-up, millions are sure to see a blog post from the previous day that undermines record companies’ please for protection from plagiarisation. Here’s what happened: Vevo and a few other companies held events in a Park Urban district, Utah venue during the Sundance Film Carnival. As TechCrunch’s Jason Kinkaid explains, TVs and laptops at Vevo’s event were used to show the Super Bowl scatter. The problem is that the broadcast was being streamed by via an aggregator of live sports streams called Kinkaid was not sure how long the illegal stream was showed at Vevo’s arrange, but he claims it was playing for the intact 30 minutes he was thither. Kinkaid points out the obvious difficult: Vevo’s owners and content partners represent the same music industry companies that want anti-piracy legislation like SOPA and PIPA to force U.S. ISPs to block access to streaming sites like and This incident does not represent an endorsement of plagiarism, but it sure does look vicious. When reached for comment by TechCrunch, Vevo said the event was produced by a creative agency called Continuum Entertainment and the television sets were supposed to show only Vevo videos and “original delight.” Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff gave a more detailed explanation in a blog post Friday cocktail hour. The company says a laptop that fed into large TV screens around the bar was “easy accessible to the well-known” and the illegal broadcast was streamed “externally (Vevo’s) knowledge or approbation.” When Vevo staff realized what was occurrence, the Super Bowl stream was removed. “The game was not aired in its totality,” wrote Caraeff. “Rest assured, we rectified this mistake as soon as we became aware what was going on.” People in the tech community won’t have much pity for copyright owners who are themselves associated with copyright breach. Exactly, the rhetoric was furious to the point of being funny (although no comic intent is patent). TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has called for criminal charges for Vevo’s executives. ” I’d believe they’d serve five age,” he wrote. TechDirt’s Mike Masnick was equally umbrageous. “I eagerly await ICE moving in to arrest Vevo execs for this blatant criminal occupation.” Seeking jail time for Vevo executives is a strained, of circuit. But it doesn’t look good when the IIPA calls for India to be on the Priority Watch List allowing for regarding 2012 due to factors such as “Pay TV stealing” the day after Vevo’s Super Bowl blunder became famous. Caraeff did the right thing hither: he admitted what happened and emphasized that Vevo is “very sensitive to what happened at Sundance and the issues it has raised.” Excuses or obfuscation would not have helped. If anything, Caraeff underscored the fact that piracy is a widespread problem even if it seems innocuous at the individual unfluctuating. The moral of the story is entertainment companies need to sweat the small stuff when it comes to copyright transgression. Fighting copyright is a political strive against, and politicians need to keep their noses sanitary. In the grand scheme of things this Super Bowl mishap is about as benign as unknowingly hiring an undocumented worker to clean your assembly – but the latter has proved troublesome in more than one political pursuit. ( TechCrunch) INgrooves Incorporates SoundCloud for Sharing INgrooves has integrated SoundCloud into its ONE Digital distribution and asset management policy. As a crop, clients will have a one-click solution to share their music through SoundCloud. “Our goal is to provide INgrooves clients with the most innovative and popular marketing tools available to the music businessmen,” said Jeff Stubble, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Licensing for INgrooves, in a assertion. Slacker Radio Nabs Disney Exec For Directorate — Internet radio company Slacker has appointed veteran digital media executive Steve Wadsworth to its directorate. Wadsworth wearied 17 years at the Walt Disney Company with settled 11 of those years as chief executive in charge of Internet and digital media. Most recently Wadsworth was president of Disney Interactive Media Batch. Slacker offers a mix of personalized Internet radiocommunication, programmed radio stations and customizable news stations from ABC News and ESPN Broadcast. Slacker Radio is free with advertising or $3.99 per month for an ad-free level appointment. Slacker On-Demand adds on-demand access to the music catalog to $9.99 per month. ( Press announcement) RIAA Chief Slams Wikipedia, Yahoo — Check out the tough words from RIAA chief executive Cary Sherman in an op-ed in the February 7 New York Times. Before calling on SOPA and PIPA opponents to set forth “constructive alternatives,” Sherman went after popular, consumer-facing technology companies who he argues don’t distinguish between news and position statement. “When Wikipedia and Google purport to be neutral sources of erudition, but then exploit their stature to present information that is not only not neutral but affirmatively incomplete and shoddy,” he wrote, “they are duping their users into accepting as truth what are merely self-serving political declarations.” As usually happens with online posts, the real entertainment comes from the comments. The RIAA gets little sympathy from readers who call Sherman’s post things undifferentiated “utter trash” and “a technologically oblivious, ham-fisted condemn.” Read through the comments and you’ll get a panorama of viewpoints – mostly nullifying – on the RIAA and music byplay. Quite good reading. ( Unheard of York Times, via Copyhype)

Cornerstone and Fader Media Group kicked off New York Fashion

Cornerstone and Fader Media Group kicked off New York Fashion Week Wednesday night with a showcase for Fader Label singer Yuna. Held at Cornerstone client Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the event doubled as a performance from the 25-year-old Malaysian singer and a listening party for her forthcoming self-titled album, due Slog 27. Yuna was intro’d by Pharrell Williams, who produced many of the album’s key tracks including the new undivided “Live Your Get-up-and-go” and invited the audience to “hear what we hearken” in her music. The jazzy set fused homespun ’70s singer-songwriter with tropical rhythms and beats (with traces of Regina Spektor, Sade and Sergio Mendes), and also included her strange “Ornament” as well as a stripped-down take on Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.” Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon On (Not) Playing the Grammys, Endorsing Bushmills See all of our Backbeats right hither The intimate crowd was comprised mostly of Cornerstone executives like founder/co-president Rob Stone and Fader Media CEO Andy Cohn, while guests sipped on cocktails compliments of Bushmill’s and Qream, Pharrell’s vodka-based liqueur. In a very quick chat with Backbeat after Yuna’s differentiate b reserve, Pharrell said his recent musical work has included Jay-Z (“Gratitude”), Rick Ross, along with Adam L, the Scissor Sisters and “lotsa pop sh–.” He was out the door before we could ask him about his work on the Oscars, where he and Hans Zimmer are musical consultants for the be noticeable, which airs February. 26. Backbeat: Kendra Morris Plays Pharrell’s Qream Tasting Party at Cornerstone HQ But Cohn was also a hot topic at the defendant, having tweeted a few choice words about his former employer Spin earlier that siesta. The magazine unveiled its new design on Wednesday featuring March cover band Sleigh Bells, with a Fader-esque aesthetic that prompted Cohn to nip, “in their continued not-so-veiled efforts to become The FADER, @SPINmagazine named their new issuance “THE NOW GO FORTH”!!” and shared a picture of Fader’s own most new “Now Children.” Cohn, ahem, playfully declined to comment on the situation when cornered by Backbeat, but his tweets do make further comment superfluous…

NBC’s Today show has announced the acts for their 17th

NBC’s Today show has announced the acts for their 17th annual Summer Concert Series, and the lineup does not balk. Toyota is again sponsoring the weekly morning live concerts, kicking off Friday, May 18, with Usher for his first-ever Today carrying-on. Justin Bieber Returns to No. 1 on Public 50 Map Returning to the summer concert series are Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Last summertime, Brown drew an estimated 18-20,000 people to Rockefeller Centerfield, the biggest Today show crowd all the time (beating out Bieber’s enormous crowd in 2010). The concert series will also feature newcomers Hot Chelle Rae in their first morning show concert, and two Today show favorites, Strand 5 and Sequence. Chart Moves: Usher’s ‘Acme’ Arrives, Young the Giant’s ‘Gloat’ On, Forsake 5′s ‘Men’ Hits 1 Meg For the country lovers in New York Burgh, Kenny Chesney, The Band Perry and The Zac Brown Band will all be headlining free Today concerts this summertime. Something new this yr: Today is partnering with Pandora to extend the concert series beyond the Plaza and into the cobweb. Pandora will create three Today Summer Concert Series stations: NBC Today Tor, NBC Today Country and NBC Today Report, featuring each of the artists appearing in the series throughout the summertime. Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, The Wanted to Perform at Billboard Music Awards Fans can catch the concerts for free on a first-occur, first-serve basis outside Today’s window-on-the-world studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York Town. Fans should arrive nigh 6 a.m. for best wake, according to MSNBC. Read on below for the full line-up. More acts and guest appearances are expected to be announced throughout the edible. May 18: Show May 25: Pitbull May 31: American Idol winner and runner-up (special Thursday acting) June 1: The Band Perry June 8: Chris Embrown June 15: Justin Bieber June 22: Kenny Chesney June 29: Seclude 5 July 
6: Flo Rida July 13: Zac Brown Corps July 20: Hot Chelle Rae August
 24: Drill August 31: Jason Mraz with special visitor Christina Perri

John Hash of, vice president of relief, Quarry (nautical port);

John Hash of, vice president of relief, Quarry (nautical port); with Emilion Estefan, President, Estefan Enterprises. (Picture: Michael Seto) As record sales remain flat and labels tighten their belts in producing and releasing records, brands have stepped up to the charger, giving musicians a new source of revenue and vouch for. Agencies, products and corporations are targeting U.S. Hispanics – especially the savvy U.S.-born Latino consumer – and one of the things that move this consumer ultimate: Music. Billboard Latin Music Forum & Awards: All Our Coverage Hither For Butt, music in both cultures has been a great promotional tool and connector to their customers, said John Stumbler, vice president of entertainment for the giant chain who sat on the “Targeting Music” panel with Emilio Estefan, Chairman of Estefan Enterprises.The mega retailer has worked with stars like Taylor Hasty, Adele and Black Eyed Peas. And during the Latin Billboard Music Awards show on Thursday, the store will debut a new commercial featuring Jenni Rivera, Wisin and Yandel and Pitbull. “Music has been a key ingredient in our outcome,” Butcher said. “Music is one of the most dynamic influences in our culture… and brings a connection between our grades, our customers and our stores.” Particularly Latin music has become a big huge quantity, he added. “Latin artists infuse the target brand with a unique vibrancy and while we have always offered Latin music, we haven’t always understood it like we do now,” Butcher said, adding that the sales of Latin music lead the hang on. Emilio Estefan (compensate) besieged by fans, well-wishers and CDs. (Pic: Michael Seto) “Our Latin music category has significantly outpaced all other music genres in our stores,” Butcher said, adding that the store has expanded its Latin music room. That has made the corporation pay more attention and, in June, Target will unveil a special section near the aisles commanded “Emilio Estefan’s Picks” in June, featuring selections that are hand-picked by the Miami music mogul himself. That is a big deal intrinsically, Butcher said. “At Aim, we are control freaks. We never let anyone else make our picks.” Estefan said he was glad to be part of something that could help new talents. “It is very electrifying. When it was just me, Santana, Feliciano, Julio, there wasn’t so much possibility.” Emilio Estefan holding CDs after the Tageting Music panel given by audience pieces. (Picture: Michael Seto) Estefan was grateful for the plethora of opportunities available to artists now. “Thank God we have too lots, because labels have no money anymore,” he said. “So thank God we have companies like Pepsi and Target who want to expose new music. “The only way to help new artists today is with Target and AT&T,” said Estefan, who announced he would likely decide 10 new artists this year to Target and other labels. And that’s good news to artists through “when Emilio brings something to us and says ‘You got to listen to that. These people are wonderful.’ We hark to,” Butcher said. The Reaching The New Latino Marketing Venire: From leftfield: Mc: Rick Marroquin, Lifestyle Hand, CAA; Carlos Munoz, SVP/Group Account Kingpin, Globalhue; Jorge Plasencia, Chairman/CEO, Republica; Lily Juliano, National Hispanic Segment Forewoman, Verizon Wireless; Javier Farfan, Senior Big cheese, Cultural Stigmatization, PepsiCo.; Gustavo Lopez, EVP of Brand Partnerships & Digital, UMLE. (Pic: Michael Sera) “The music ecosystem has changed,” said Javier Farfan, senior director of cultural branding for PepsiCo at the Reaching the New Latino panel focusing on how brands and agencies are targeting the “Unique” U.S. born Latino via music and music branded events.. “Everybody knows social media and how it works, who said the promotions are not stylish, but the tools are. “The problem is how am I going to use that genuinely?” Jorge Plasencia, Chairman/CEO, Republica and Lily Juliano, National Hispanic Segment Administrator. (Pic: Michael Seto) Lily Juliano, National Hispanic Segment Manager for Verizon Wireless, said it’s about finding the right music partner for your target class. “We love crossover talent that basically lives where and how our audience lives,” said Juliano. He mentioned as an example Verizon’s multi-city tour last year with singer/songwriter Prince Royce during the “My Fabulous Quince” promotion in which one lucky teenager got the star to appear and perform at her quinceañera. “He was wonderful to work with and he worked well with the youth and also beloved by the parents,” Juliana said. “For us, biggest isn’t always best….One of the key things is they have to be reachable. They have to be genuine. They have to be people you can sit at the dining room table with. And that has to work both ways, said Erica Moreira, an attorney who works on sponsorship deals at the panel entitled Approaching Brands For Your Musical Fallout. “It starts with artists understanding their own brand and making sure the artist’s brand and sponsor’s brand are aligned,” Moreira said, during a panel on “approaching brands for your musical goods.” Tricia Bonce, director of Hispanic sponsorships at AT&T, which has featured Paulina Rubio in its advertising that won a marketing award later Tuesday eve, agreed.”We want our artists to believe in the fallout” Bean said. “If you’re an artist and you’re an ambassador for Cover Squeeze, you better use that lipstick and you better love it.” The days of simple endorsements are long kaput, said Mayna Nevarez, CEO of Nevarez Communications, which represents Daddy Yankee and also won an award for the Western Togetherness “Love in any Brogue” campaign that Daddy Yankee unveiled at the 2011 Latin Billboard Music Talk. “Companies today want a brand ambassador to do media interviews, to be active in social media,” Nevarez said. Jorge Plasencia, chairman and CEO of República, said the new marketing power of the Hispanic consumer bloc is only going to lead to more partnerships and marketing opportunities. But, he warned, they must be culturally associated. “We talk about the two worlds we live in and that our culture lives in” Plasencia said, adding that there is a resurgence of Latism in what some call the “new Latino,” who is often U.S.-born and predominantly English-speaking but still culturally Hispanic. “While other generations wanted to shun their Hispanic discrimination, people now want to celebrate our culture as they see Sofia Vergara on Saturday Night Submit to.”

More than the dry wit of Pith, Swedish punk of

More than the dry wit of Pith, Swedish punk of Refused or the trippy pyrotechnics of Swedish House Mafia, the opening day of the opening weekend of Coachella 2012 belonged to Mother Cosmos. With drops of rain plunking down upon the Indio, Khalifah. Polo grounds and gusts of wind rattling the surrounding palm trees, Friday teatime (April. 13) was impossibly darkened, and many festival goers were soon clad in jackets and hoodies they never expected to need this weekend. Mugs: Coachella 2012 | 10 Classic Coachella Moments Luckily, the performances on the first day were just as stellar as the weather was not: the long-awaited reunions of bands like Flesh, Mazzy Star and Refused were dynamic payoffs, while newcomers like Gary Clark Jr., Ximena Sarinana and Kendrick Lamar made the most of their festival slots. So who had the most memorable performances, and what was the vibe like in the Coachella group? Check out these 12 things we saw and heard on Friday at the feast: 1. Like Arcade Fire last yr, the Black Keys were given headlining honors after years of critical acclaim and multiple albums full of unostentatious yet sonically rich rock tunes. Unlike Arcade Shelling, the Keys only have two sisters — Arcade Fire have two touring violinists at their disposition — and has to work harder to create larger-than-life “star” music. Quieten, in a year where dance will be power, the Black Keys’ straightforward rockers coextensive “Constrain,” “I’ll Be Your Gink” and “Lonely Brat” got everybody grooving in become successful, teenage girls hugged each other and started hopping up and down in rhythm when “Howlin’ For You” got contemporary. Who says rock and roll is dead when a meaty riff can inspire that kind of repulsion? 2. “I heard a rumor going around that the reason it was all cloudy today was because there are two bands from Sheffield playing,” said Pulp’s dapper and eternally witty frontman Jarvis Pamper. “You all should consider yourselves advantageous.” Following a set by fellow across-the-pond natives Arctic Monekys, Pulp took the main stage under a drizzly night sky and delivered a hit-soaked set of Britpop anthems the Coachella masses had been waiting more than a decade to learn. Making their debut appearance at the birthday — and only their third U.S. date since disbanding in 1998 — the six-piece band seduced the polo fields with a sexy assortment of tracks from their ’90s catalogue, including standouts resembling “Discotheque 2000,” “Mis-shapes” and the career-shaping “Common Folks.” Cocker proved as kinetic a frontman as ever as he strolled, strutted and leapt across the stage with boundless drive, stopping to feed the crowd grapes and chocolates from his pocket between tunes. 3. During his cancel, Frank Ocean brought out his Odd Future-mate Tyler, the Creator to put on “Linear 2.” Watch at nobility. 4. West Coast hip-caper — specifically, that of Kendrick Lamar — will bookend this year’s festivals: after unfurling “Apportion.80″ gems allied “A.D.H.D.” and “Rigamortus” and leaving the phase, the rapper’s DJ confirmed to the crowd that Lamar will indeed be joining Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at their headlining set on Sunday night to dispatch “The Approach,” his new single with Dre. Lamar was previously a rumored guest for the set up; rappers like Eminem and Wiz Khalifa are expected to join the West Coast legends on Sunday sundown. 5. Sun-worshipping revelers watched the weather forecast with trepidation all workweek, as rainfall, high winds and unseasonable cool temperatures threatened to dampen the spirits of those gathered on the polo pasture. But Mother Nature was not altogether inconsiderate. Although the mercury dropped into the 50s after cryptic, the wind gusts and drizzle soon faded by, allowing the sky to reveal a few twinkling stars by the time bold-faced names like the Black Keys, Mazzy Star and Explosions in the Sky took their turns on the outdoor stages. Between bands, DJs made the best of the soggy spot – rainy-day anthems like Prince’s “Purple Lavish,” Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Happy When It Rains,” and yes, even Milli Vanilli’s “Blame It on the Volley” were in heavy rotation all era. 6. M83 could have used a bigger camp. The success of their 2011 album ‘Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” made the French quintet one of the night’s biggest draws, and forced many fans to huddle outside the overcrowded Mojave tent and groove to the group’s epic new-wave tunes from remote. Those pushy enough to make their way to the stage were treated to one of the night’s most blissful and buzzed-about sets. No one seemed to have more fun than the band themselves, who’d waiting seven years to make their return to the leave. 7. In between angry punk blasts, guttural screams and lessons on the evils of capitalism, Refused singer Dennis Lyxzen told the crowd that he was “low,” with tears forming in his eyes, to have helped reunite his band for the festival subsequently 14 years of deaden the effect of. According to Lyxzen, the Swedish hardcore group’s last U.S. show was in a basement in Virginia for a crowd of 40 community; on Friday cimmerian dark, they delivered one of the surefire highlights of the festival to a crowd of a lot, including a dozen or so backpacked kids moshing in the midst. 8. Songs that Swedish House Mafia remixed during their headlining-but-not-being-called-headlining primed: Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Certain,” Florence & The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Affinity,” Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Nursing home.” Visual treats SHM bestowed upon its interview: fireworks, streamers, laser lights (of run), bursts of cashier, strobes, and involving 18 other items. Number of guys in gorged “Where’s Waldo?” get-up fist-pumping during the EDM giants’ original unrivaled “Save The Epoch”: at one. Number of bass drops: too many to figure out. Number of satisfied customers: over, too many to numeration. 9. Austin guitar-god Gary Clark, Jr. got things cooking early in the day with a sizzling afternoon propose. Sporting dark shades under his stylish pork-pie hat, Clark unleashed his vintage mix of reel, soul and blues jams on the crowd rammed into the Gobi camp, and made his axe howl in ways that recalled Hendrix in his peak. In deed data, no one would have thought twice if he had set his guitar on fire at the end of his become established; it was that glaring. 10. Whereas Clark’s performance was loud and instigative, the Hope Sandoval-led dream pop pioneers Mazzy Star went a different avenue, dropping melancholy atmospherics that paired well with the cloudy sickly. A special moment came, as you’d be afraid, with the performance of their impact “Fade Into You.” Another blast-from-the-nineties moment came with James ‘ joyous customary, which included their buffet “Set.” 11. Random celebrities were easy to spot in the Coachella VIP settee, with “Community” star Donald Glover , “That ’70s Show up” alum Danny Masterson and the aforementioned Gary Clark, Jr. all moseying by in the late this aft. In all events, no star was as giddy to be back in Indo as “Breaking Inconsolable” Emmy winner Aaron Paul, who was walking around the main grounds before the Arctic Monkeys’ 6:30 set aside, high-fiving fans he passed and excitedly shouting. “Hello Coachella. I have missed you,” Paul wrote on Snigger. Usher? When he’s not pretending to sell meth on one of TV’s best dramas, Paul is just a Coachella nut like the rest of us. 12. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg won’t hit the main stage for another two years, but fans are already buzzing with anticipation for the duo’s closing set on Sunday, and speculating about the special guests rumored to make form. Eminem and Wiz Khalifa are all-but expected, but even the held up 2Pac and Nate Dogg and rumored to make beyond-the-grave cameos via stage holograms. We’ll just have to wait and accept — which you can do all weekend: head over to to see the performances, which resume at 3:25 pm now.

The 2012 Billboard Latin Music Conference kicked off this morning

The 2012 Billboard Latin Music Conference kicked off this morning with a roundtable Leaders Panel that painted a cautiously optimistic picture for the state of the energy. Moderated by Billboard’s Leila Cobo, the panel drew five heads of top companies: Tomas Cookman, the president of Nacional Records; Henry Cardenas, president and CEO of Cardenas Marketing Web; Victor Gonzalez, president of Universal Music Latin Fun; Rebeca Leon, VP of Latin Talent for AEG Live/Goldenvoice; and Nir Seroussi, general manager of Sony Music US Latin. Billboard Latin Music Awards: Meet The Contenders While all acknowledged the uphill climb for new artists is steeper than ever in front of, they also all agreed, in accustomed, that the climate is ripe for institution. “These years, we look for talent that sells tickets. That’s the aristotelianism entelechy, and it’s the only way to prone to,” said Cardenas, summing up the major-label view at the venire. “We now do big tour packages because we have no other resort, though it’s nobody’s find fault with.” Backbeat: Pre-Billboard Latin Music Awards “Mas Y Musica” Pool Party Features High Towers, DJ Kane, More Leon, to whatever manner, said this was a positive for rising acts who could only command clubs or mid-level venues on their own. As an instance, she pointed out the recent mainstream breakthrough by bachata crossover star Prince Royce. “His first tour was as a club take effect, but then we put him on the Enrique Iglesias turn,” she said. “If you have an artist like that with a lot of skills, the best thing is to put them in front of the biggest audience conceivable.” For inspiration in how to best package tours to position new artists, Leon urged the Latin industry to look at the country music world for revelation. Backbeat: Billboard Latin Music Conference Honors Inspiring Women of Latin Music at Donna Karan Fashion Show Tiffin But what about completely new artists? The essential, the panelists said, is to build up a grass-roots buzz through social media and in the insurrectionists, then turn it all into a recognizable bludgeon. The latest case study for that, Gonzalez and Seroussi said, was breakout Mexican dance-pop triumvirate 3Ball MTY. Their diction, a largely electronic dance genre known as tribal guarachero, had long been bubbling under and building an organic fan foot. It was the group’s new chart-scaling set aside “Intentalo,” one of its first with proper pop shape, that finally took it over the causticity. “As a new artist, you need to go out there and start something,” said Seroussi. For Cookman, head of the independent label Nacional, new sources of revenue have been latchkey. That might mean finding new markets for artists outside of the traditional Latin diaspora, like France and Japan. Or it might mean focusing more on publishing, synchronise, and licensing deals rather than album or concert ticket sales. “We have artists that bring in practically something, but yearly introduce $500,000 in sync fees,” he said. Nontraditional retail deals have also proved sweet for Nacional: Cookman said he recently shipped 75,000 one-way copies of an upcoming label compilation to be sold in Starbucks stores starting June 19. Gerardo Ortiz, 3BallMty, Michel Telo To Play, Intocable To Get Lifetime Achievement At Billboard Latin Music Awards While the industry continues to morph, the panelists all seemed excited about the breakdown of party lines that these changes have wrought. “There’s more communication between the powers that be, and the future powers that be, than ever ahead,” Cookman said. “I’m very excited about being in the business right any longer,” Seroussi added. “You can take everything you’ve been told and throw it out the windowpane. There is no directions.”

Lawrence Lui, Senior Director of Marketing at Astralwerks Records, who

Lawrence Lui, Senior Director of Marketing at Astralwerks Records, who has Swedish House Mafiaand David Guetta playing this year’s holiday. Although dozens of bands are vying for a bit of buzz at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivities, the real breakout star of 2012 might just be EDM, with artists like Afrojack, Avicii, Kaskade and Amon Tobin all given prime slots at this year’s fest. Lawrence Lui, Senior Director of Marketing at Astralwerks Records, was at the festival to help support Astralwerks artists Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta, but also to check out some of the many other electronic artists making waves. Coachella 2012: 12 Things Seen & Heard Friday “I’m psyched to see M83, Madeon, and just to wander from tent to tent to come early and check [different artists] out and discover elements,” Lui told Hoarding. Swedish House Mafia, of undoubtedly, closed out the Coachella main stage on Friday with a loud, special-effects-laden interpretation, and Lui called it “serendipitous” that SMH member Sebastian Ingrosso was also asked to perform as a solo artist on Saturday in the Sahara dance camp. After performing on Weekend 2 of Coachella next Friday, Swedish House Mafia’s next major performance is at the Milton Keynes Bowl in Buckinghamshire, England on July 14. In the meantime, Guetta is primed to follow Ingrosso on Saturday night in the Sahara dance camp; with the French producer’s Nicki Minaj-assisted unwed “Turn Me On” still sitting at No. 12 on the Bright 100, Lui says that “Ti,” Guetta’s collaboration with Sia, will be the next single to make an impact in the States after becoming a hit in the U.K. earlier this yr. But when pressed about potential guest stars during Guetta’s Saturday night repudiate, Lui remains say nothing. “I’m sworn to stealthily,” he says, “but if it can rain at Coachella, anything can light.”

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw rocket onto Billboard’s Hot Country

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw rocket onto Billboard’s Hot Country Songs tabulation, as “Feel Like a Rock Unmatched” debuts at No. 13. In its first week of availableness, the song received airplay on 126 of the chart’s 131 reporting stations, generating an audience of 22 zillion, according to Nielsen BDS. The start marks the second-highest since BDS-monitored data began powering the chart the week of January. 20, 1990. Over that 22-year couplet, here is a look at the list’s highest entrances. Evidently, Chesney boasts three of the select nine crest 20 arrivals (as does Garth Brooks): No. 1, “More Than a Thought,” Garth Brooks, September. 15, 2007 No. 13, “Feel Like a Rock Prima donna,” Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw, April 21, 2012 No. 16, “Don’t On the fritz,” Kenny Chesney, September. 8, 2007 No. 17, “The Boys of Defeat,” Kenny Chesney, July 31, 2010 No. 17, “Once in a Life,” Keith Urban, September. 2, 2006 No. 18, “Good Ride Cowhand,” Garth Brooks, October. 22, 2005 No. 19, “I Saw God Now,” George Demanding, February. 23, 2008 No. 19, “The Thunder Rolls,” Garth Brooks, May 18, 1991 No. 20, “So Negligible,” Carrie Underwood, August. 18, 2007 As for a potential predictor of future success after such a lofty on, all of the songs above peaked at No. 1 on Hot Country Songs except for Urban’s “Life” (No. 6) and Brooks’ “Cowpuncher” (No. 3). The handsome debut of “Rock personage” was driven in no small part by co-ordinated hourly airplay on April 1 at Clear Channel-owned stations, 40 of which contribute to the Hot Country Songs venire. (Somewhat similarly, Brooks’ top start with “Recollection” in 2007 resulted largely from heavily-concentrated spins across the Hot Country Songs reporter foundation.) “Rock Ace” additionally arrives as the highest-bowing duet between two co-lead artists in the chart’s BDS-era experience, besting the No. 31 starts of Brad Paisley and Urban’s “Start a Ring” the week of September. 27, 2008, and Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” (June 21, 2003). Both songs eventually reached No. 1, while the latter track went on to spend eight weeks at the elevation, a reign that tied the song with Lonestar’s “Astonied” (1999) for the chart’s longest command since 1966. Chesney and McGraw premiered “Rock Comet” on CBS’ April 1 telecast of the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Chesney’s trade mark, BNA, serviced the song to country radio stations during the festivities. “Rock Ace” previews Chesney’s 15th studio album, Welcome to the Fishbowl, due June 19. The song was released digitally at midnight April 2 and is set to debut on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs chart this workweek. In addition to Chesney and McGraw’s grand chart entry, Lee Brice ascends to his first Hot Country Songs No. 1, as “A Woman Like You” rises 2-1. Brice had previously peaked as high as No. 3 with “Love Like Goofy” in 2010. The song set the record for the longest lodge (56 weeks) in the chart’s 68-year history. All charts, including Hot Country Songs and Hot Digital Songs, will be refreshed Thursday (April 12) on Additional reporting by Prevaricate Jessen

AWOLNATION After performing to a crowd of zillions, which included

AWOLNATION After performing to a crowd of zillions, which included stage diving by frontman Aaron Bruno and a surprise visit from Macy Grey, who added her vocal luster to “Drift,” AWOLNATION (signed to Red Bull Records) was ready to unwind. We found the band walking around the festival grounds and checking out the ferris whirl location. We grabbed the guys for a quick chat before they rushed off to meet up with Red Bull Records Marketing Rep Chip Dorsch to catch the second half of Noel Gallagher’s enter upon What’s the best thing about being on Red Bull Records aside from the free energy drinks? Aaron Bruno: The best thing about Red Bull Records is we don’t talk about Red Bull Records. It’s like Fight Truncheon. The best thing is that they agreed to let me do this wild thing called AWOLNATION and not get in the accede. And I think that Greg Mallet (Managing Director Red Bull Records) believed in me more than I did. We had a very serious phone call and he said, “I see this as a workings, as people getting into it bla bla bla.” I said, “You’re an idiot bracelets. Let’s eff, ok.” So the best thing is that they let us do what we demand. Dragonette We ran into Ayisha Jaffer, Dragonette’s manager who was setting up the press with clients, Dragonette. After taking a quick photo of her with the gang, we picked her brain on what’s coming up for Dragonette, as well as touched on her background at the Windish Intervention. How long have you been working with Dragonette? Ayisha Jaffer: I’ve been working with Dragonette conducive to 2/12 eld. I was actually at the Windish Agency before that. I worked as an intern coordinator in-house tour manager associate whatever multi-tasker extraordinaire. Before that, I was at Universal in Chicago as an Artist Development Characteristic. What are some of the artists you worked with in the pod auger? QTip, Kanye, Trite, Jimmy Eat Creation, At Windish we did Lawfulness, Free Might, which is another band that we work with and Cut Writing, which is another band that we work with, and Architecture Helsinki and so several. Tell us about Punkdafunk, where you are in these times: I left Windish from permission with Mr. Tom Windish to come over to New York (Punkdafunk is in Jersey New zealand urban area) from Chicago and help start doing management because I was just more interested therein. It’s a team of 3 of us and we take care of every single want: editorial writers, tour managing, and everything underneath the sun from like a breakup to babysitting, to getting them fed, to gifting – all the fun stuff and everything in inserted. And which bands are your personal primacy? It’s Dragonette, Free Vim, Cut Counterfeit, Architecture Helsinki, are our bands. What’s coming up for Dragonette? We’re gonna release a video in a couple of weeks to save “Let it Stretch” and then hopefully release the album and then just start touring and we hope this one takes us to the next neck. It’s got a lot of great responses and I’m really excited and we’re focusing on them and Free Energy right now because they also have a new album coming out and they’re just doing a good pain in the arse. Is there an ETA on the new Dragonette album? Sometime this summertime. So we’re getting approximately! Martin Solveig We ran into Kelly McWilliams – Manager Media & Artist Relations for Atlantic Records in the VIP beer garden. She introduced us to French electronic producer/DJ Martin Solveig who had just finished his set minutes ahead. Martin told us he had just gotten into town but is looking forward to hanging out with all his friends tomorrow. “It’s so great to have all the electronic guys in the same thrive. We are all really close and are going to definitely get together tomorrow. It’s great for the type of music that we make to be around each over-the-counter,” he said. Martin also hinted that Skrillex, although not playing (unless he jumps on stage with soul) would most likely be at the festival Sunday and that he plans to hang out with him. Martin’s global publicity executive, Jonathan Llewellyn, chatted with us about his current business administration: “The priority right now is The Night Out EP which features Martin’s own vocals from the Smash album. It might be the last single from the album. So there was “Hullo,” “Ready to Communicate with,” “Big in Japan,” and in “The Night Old-fashioned” featuring Madeon on remix, A-Trak, a whole bunch of others and that’s on Big Beat/Atlantic Records. That just came out last week and it’s doing really really evidently. It’s a big account. And that’s not just PR shucks. That’s what really happened. He’s touring. He’s doing 20 dates with Madonna over the summertime. His first main stage at Radical, Coachella, etcetera” Keep Shelly in Athens Following their offer, up and coming indie-electronic Greek party, Keep Shelly in Athens, stopped to talk to us about their reputation for being unclear. In an effort to keep the focus on the music, the duo never reveals their names to the prominent; they go by means of ” Sarah P and RPR.” “RPR” hid his face in our photo in order to maintain the band’s mission for confidentiality. Keep Shelly in Athens tour supervisor, David Kluger, said he’s excited about the hype the band has been receiving, especially since they haven’t even released an album all the same. The band catalyzed back in 2010 when RPR uploaded 3 tracks to his My Space signature, which were picked up by American bloggers. “He listed the project as a duo, but it was really only him at the term. He had the plan the whole time to add a female soloist,” explains Sarah P who joined forces with RPR shortly astern. Following only a handful of live shows, Keep Shelly in Athens began appearing on “Bands to keep one’s eyes open for” lists, including Hype Machine’s Covering 10 Most Blogged About Artists. “This was our first Coachella. We are so excited to be hither,” explained RPR. Kluger says the band is in the midst of a 2-month tour in which they will head to Europe before heading home to hopefully work on a debut album. Sarah P told us that she plans to be collecting information and experiences on the road to hopefully inspire their new facts. RPR told us that there are so many good bands emerging from Greece, but the challenge is for them to “expand past the borders.” “The Internet has really helped us with that. We’ve been lucky and hope that others will have the same opportunity as manifestly.” Grouplove Danny Masterson Jared Leto

Entertainment mogul Emilio Estefan, Univision Radio President José Valle and

Entertainment mogul Emilio Estefan, Univision Radio President José Valle and Target VP of entertainment John Butcher are among the top executives already confirmed as speakers for the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Colloquy & Awards, presented by State Grange, which will be held April 23-26 at the J.W. Marriott Marquis in Miami. The conference will feature two days of panel discussions and keynote Q&As with Latin music’s most important executives and biggest stars, as well as three nights of showcases featuring established and up-and-coming acts. The conference will be followed April 26 by the Billboard Latin Music Awards, which will air live on Telemundo from the BankUnited Center in Miami. The Billboard Latin Music Awards honor the most popular albums, songs and performers in the species, as determined by the actual sales, radio airplay and social media activity that informs Billboard’s weekly charts. The week’s events will also include the annual Billboard Bash honoring Latin Music Award finalists, the annual ASCAP artist showcase and the signature BMI “How I Wrote That Performance” venire. Other sponsors include Pepsi, SESAC and Morgan Renee Pageant. Billboard will also hold its second annual Latin Music Marketing Awards, celebrating the finest use of music in advertising sponsors. Agencies, labels and artists are being asked to submit their campaigns for regard, with awards to be given for the best circuit, copy, online/social media and television campaigns. For more information about the league, please visit Those who register by Adjoin 9 will be eligible for an early bird discount of $175 off the regular registration toll.

Louisiana has long popularized the tax breaks it supplies film

Louisiana has long popularized the tax breaks it supplies film and television shows, but at Saturday’s annual Only in Louisiana brunch, they added a message more directly targeted at the music sedulousness: Start a tour in Louisiana and get a 25 percent of your costs in serious trouble. The plan to benefit touring productions has been around for almost three eld, but rarely inured to. A tour of the Broadway euphonious “The Addams Inheritance” started last year and two weeks ago George Strait and Martina McBride launched their January-February trek at the Cajundome in Lafayette, La. Check Out All Our Grammy Coverage Right Hither “They rehearsed and did the tech thither. Now that (Louisiana) has someone like that in monkeyshines, the program should get a aid,” Philip Mann, number one, Live Performance and Music Industry Development for Louisiana, told at the brunch that brought in music from around the state and the food of New Orleans chef John Besh. Mann added that Chicago and Toronto are looking into offering similar rebate programs for touring shows. The message that came through louder related to the music that came from the stage in a ballroom at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles. The funk band Playing for Change and gospel group Trin-I-Tee 5:7 opened the show with high energy music; Cajun accordionist Steve Riley jammed with guitarist CC Adcock, and Ledisi and Trombone Shorty threw down on Dave Bartholomew’s New Orleans time-honoured “I Hear You Knockin’.” CJ Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band closed out the brunch with some rollicking zydeco. Scott Aiges, director of Programs, Marketing and Communications, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Base, handled emcee duties in front of a crowd that included  music supervisors, publishers, Louisiana government representatives and visiting musicians such as Derek Trucks and Big Star’s Jody Stephens. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither Bug Music president David Hirshland was engaged in conversation with Go Music’s Gary Calamar, who uses a considerable amount of Southern roost music on ” True Parentage.” Hirshland was particularly bullish on the Woody Guthrie catalogue; the family will learn 100 percent of the rights to “This Land is Your Native land” on Pace 30 and plans for Guthrie’s centennial include box sets of Wilco’s work with Billy Bragg on Guthrie songs plus James Farrar and Yim Yames’ Guthrie tribute project  “New Multitudes.”  In affixing, the Dropkick Murphys version of Guthrie’s “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” has become an extremely hot piece of sheet music for marching bands, Hirshland eminent. Some might say it’s heresy to talk about an Oklahoman at a Louisiana congress, so visited with chef Besh, who was cooking for a crowd that included Verve Records A&R executives Jaymes Foster and Dahlia Ambach Caplin, producer Peter Asher, music publisher John Anderson, producer-music supervisor Jonathan McHugh, Nu Image/Millennium Films’ head of music Selena Arizanovic and Go Music’s Alyson Vidoli. Besh, whose eatery August is the flagship of his restaurant organization, plans each year’s menu based on the performers booked and Saturday he had twists on porchetta, eggs in a cup with shrimp, sausage and grits, and pasta shells stuffed with cycle. We sought his advice on foods to serve with various Louisiana musicians. His thoughts: Louis Armstrong and other early malarky: “Straight Creole. How did Armstrong used to sign his letters – red beans and rice? That dictates classic Treme latest thing.” Professor Longhair, James Booker and other pianists. “With Fess you have to break away and funk it up. You have to break some rules — green onion sausage with eggs sounds savoury.” Neville Brothers. “Mardi Gras scoff — big bowls of jambalaya and gumbo with fried volaille.” Zydeco. “That’s all about slow roasts – a whole suckling pig, field peas, corn breadstuff, crackling.” Cajun. “One pot meals with volaille and sausage.”

Newcomer Azealia Banks, who signed to Universal Music in January,

Newcomer Azealia Banks, who signed to Universal Music in January, is being represented by Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter. The rapper’s debut album for Interscope, Broke With Expensive Try, is slated for release in September. The 20-year-old Harlem native was previously signed to XL Recordings, home to Adele, and famously parted ways with the label citing conflicting creative visions. Lady Gaga Manager Teams With Industry Vets For Atom Factory Licensing After the rip, Banks self-released the highly hyped traces “212″ in December and momentum has only built since next. To madcap: Her first proper U.S. gig was at the massive Coachella Music and Arts Festival last Saturday, where she performed a 20-minute set that included several covers, among them Prodigy’s “Firestarter” and The Zutons’ “Valerie,” made famous by Amy Winehouse, which she sang a capella. Lady Gaga Manager Teams With Industry Vets For Atom Factory Licensing The L.A. Times described Banks’ style as “unapologetically alley” and warned fellow female pop-rapper Nicki Minaj to “be on the watch.” Carter is CEO of Atom Factory, which counts Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance as clients. He is also an active investor in tech startups including digital billboard creation service Bread Labs and the much buzzed everywhere

Madonna’s new album is finished and will be released in

Madonna’s new album is finished and will be released in Adjoin 2012 on Interscope Records, the label and Live Nation Entertainment announced on Thursday dayspring. The trade, which has been rumored for weeks, was confirmed by sources to Billboard Wednesday. In 2007, Live Nation signed the superstar to a 10-year deal reportedly merit $100 million that includes new studio albums, touring, selling, fan club/website, DVD’s, music-related television and film projects and associated sponsorship agreements. This portion of the commitment is being valued at $40 meg, sources tell Billboard. The Universal Music Group-owned label will release three albums by the Material Woman. Her first strange, signaled “Gimme All Your Luvin,” is due out the last week in January (a demo of the song leaked in early November) just ahead of Madonna’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl on February. 5.  Two days sooner, the film W.E., which Madonna directed and co-wrote, is scheduled to hit theaters. The as-yet-untitled album is her first in five age. Madonna had been signed to Warner Bros. since 1982. Van Halen, another Warners sketch, also recently signed with Interscope. “We look forward to a great partnership,” commented Live Nation Entertainment’s Chairman of Global Music & CEO, Global Touring Arthur Fogel said in a communication. Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary said: “We couldn’t be happier to work with Jimmy Iovine, Lucian Grainge (President & CEO, Universal Music Assemble) and the entire Interscope troupe. We anticipate a very bright future at our new proficient in.”  Added Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M.  “Very rarely does an opportunity like  this come approximately. We would like to thank Madonna, Guy and Live Nation for their belief in us.” Live Nation CEO Irving Azoff reiterated to Billboard in February that it would partner with some other entity in releasing Madonna’s next album. Executives at the firm have stated repeatedly that they don’t intend to enter the record business full-heel. “Live State, prior to the fusing, entered into some of these all-rights deals, so there are certain artists, Madonna being one of them, that there is a recorded music game,” Azoff said. “Once she gets the album recorded, we’ll sit down with her and her manager Guy Oseary and figure out what’s best for the record. It has to starting with the music.”

Aloof 10 months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and

Aloof 10 months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe, a soulful and scanty (“30 lbs [less] on Jenny Craig,” according to her rep) Mariah Carey returned to the stage with a set at New York’s Gotham Hall on Thursday eventide (Deface. 1). The performance was part of Caesar’s Entertainment’s “Escape To Total Rewards” launch outcome, which also featured performances by Lil Wayne, Sara Bareilles, Forsake 5 and other artists simulcast from cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans. The concerts were promoted primarily through a Twitter hashtag #PlotYourEscape and a viral micro-site, neither of which were Caesar’s-branded in an effort to build buzz around the Caesar’s loyalty rewards syllabus. ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Contemporary” also played an integrated role in the syllabus, with highlights from each of the four concerts set to air during a dear “Kimmel” episode Saturday endlessly. Jimmy Kimmel himself even appeared during a pre-taped Caesar’s promo that aired during each of the four concerts, followed by two pre-recorded segments from Caesar’s biggest thespian, Celine Dion, who recently canceled 10 of her Las Vegas shows due to a vocal cord maltreatment. As for Carey’s engagement, Jason Gatswirth, Caesar’s senior VP of enjoyment, told Billboard the singer was on the company’s “short-short list of who would be fantastic for this presence.” Caesar’s coordinated the booking with Mariah’s management and agents at Creative Artists Energy, who confirmed the singer in short instruction. “It was not just a simple concert reservation. Everyone understood what we’re trying to do hither, and ultimately we wanted the artists excited about what we’re doing.” The Gotham Hall gig was short on industry executives and filled primarily with contest winners from an online ticket giveaway, as well as Caesar’s guests. Celebrities in attendance included “Smasher” star Katharine McPhee, “30 Dumfound”‘s Katrina Bowden, Miss USA Alyssa Campanella and “Mob Wives” co-stars Renee Graziano and Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, the latter two of whom got a special shout-out from Diddy during his opening conventional. Backed by a full band and four more-than-game backup dancers, Mimi strutted across the stage in a tight black dress and clutched a diamond-encrusted microphone over the course of her 40-minute harden. In between triumphant renditions of hits analogous “Always Be My Infant,” “We Belong Well-organized,” “I’ll Be Thither” and “Preoccupied,” Carey gave a shout-out to her husband Nick Shank, who was in the fabric; got her makeup touched up onstage by a crack team of cosmetic specialists; and spoke candidly about Moroccan and Monroe, whom she referred to as “dem babies.” “Do I bring dem babies outdoors?… They should be in bed!” she told the intimate herd. “I really wanted to bring them here tonight, but Monroe is sometimes shy and takes a while to warm up to an admirers.” During her deposit, Mariah Carey asked fans to sing along without bar, as if in their own private shower stalls. The highlight of the night came at the encore when Mariah Carey closed her 40-minute set with her lay, “Heroine.” Music writers Mikey Yi of Vibration, Jozen Cummings of the Village Turn, Rembert Browne of Grantland, Jeff Rosenthal from Rolling Pit, and Billboard’s own Erika Ramirez, Andrew Hampp and Jason Lipshutz, cast their own fears aside and sang along loudly and proudly- Mariah’s patented hand gestures included. Before Carey strolled onstage, Sean “Diddy” Combs delivered a rollicking performance to the New York clique, rolling through songs same “All About the Benjamins,” “Mo’ Money Mo’ Issues” and “Coming Household.” Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was on hand to serve as emcee at Gotham Hallway.

The pre- Billboard Latin Music Conference introduced artists from around

The pre- Billboard Latin Music Conference introduced artists from around the world who took turns performing at the pool side stage during the “Mas y Mas Música” showcase at the JW Marriott Marquis featuring several genres from pop to tropical music. Backbeat: Billboard Latin Music Conference Honors Inspiring Women of Latin Music at DKNY Fashion Show Tiffin Introduced by SAM Broadcaster in collaboration with Musical Rhythms Advances, the event was hosted by Erick Cuesta and included performances by Kury Luna, Frankie Nino, Andre Marcel and artists from Spanglish Global including Maffio, DJ Kane, Davon and Ricky Turn. Also featured at the party included Mega “Tu Dulcero” and Aldo “El Arquitecto.” For Mega “Tu Dulcero,” whose real name is Samuel Serrano of Puerto Rico, the night gave him an opportunity to switch hats from producer to artist. CHECK OUT ALL OUR BACKBEATS RIGHT HITHER For Cuban artist Mr. D, it was about introducing his music, a craft that he’s been working on since he was a neonate. “I consider myself an urban act who does reggaeton with many other types of styles,” Mr. D said. “From the age of 10 I’ve been attracted to urban music and inspired by artists like Vico-C and Don Omar.” New Yorker Kury Luna, also known as Jose Miguel Blanco, also performed his music in bachata name. Pumva ” El De La Voz Urbane,” who also hails from Cuba, said that meshing different types of music is key to his work as an artist. Billboard Latin Music Awards: Meet The Contenders “I’m fusing merengue with other instruments like violins,” Pumva said. “I consider myself a versatile artist in the sense I can rap and snitch.” Aldo, also from Puerto Rico, said performing at the event was an important move for his business. Gerardo Ortiz, 3BallMty, Michel Telo To Go, Intocable To Get Lifetime Achievement At Billboard Latin Music Awards “Miami is an important city when it comes to music and performing at the Billboard event made it possible for industry people to hear my music,” Aldo said. Dj Kane, who dazzled the crowd with his vocal chops, said that being part of the new label Spanglish Global is a proud execution. “Spanglish Global is a Miami-based music label and I am working on my new album, Mi Stereophony, which includes my first single by the same autograph,” he said. “My album is scheduled for release in September 2012.” Reggaeton act High Towers also performed as part of the vitrine. The duo, P-Haze and Somerset, entertained with “Yo Quiero Que Sepas” and Mami Voy A Darte,” songs that got the crowd dancing around the kitty. Frank Nino, from Colombia, was also a crowd admired. Known for his raps about social causes, the artist said it’s very important for him to support social causes. He was raised during political and social unrest in his country and eventually helped launch a music-focused rehabilitation program for inmates in his native hinterlands. “Creating positive messages through music is distinguished,” Nino said. “And helping others is something that is part of what I do because I came from a family that did the same gadget.” Others that performed included Danny D, Dariel, Ricky Rick and Maffio, who said being a founder of the Spanglish Global label is something he wants to see become bigger by supporting other artists. “It’s about the quality of the music,” Maffio said. “We are all working on an album together, but we are all simultaneously working on personalized projects, too.”

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — When Lady Gaga launches her

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — When Lady Gaga launches her hotly awaited “Born This Way Ballock” world tour Friday on what is expected to be an elaborate castle-like stage-manage, fans in Asia will be the first to see it. The singer leads off her travels with sold-out shows from South Korea to Singapore in a striking upgrade of her Asia itinerary over a previous tour that included only Japan. Western pop stars are increasingly criss-crossing the upwardly mobile region in search of new markets while financial malaise continues to afflict parts of the West – and Asian fans are enraptured. Exclusive Information: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ballock’ Tour to Hit Asia, Europe, Latin America This Yr; North America in 2013 “We’re getting so many concerts present, it’s hard to decide which ones to go payment!” said Mindy Rebuke, an information technology consultant in Malaysia who snapped up $120 seats to watch Lady Gaga’s show in neighboring Singapore within 30 minutes after tickets went on sales event. “Some of these shows are like a once-in-a-lifetime time. I’m expecting lots of drama at Lady Gaga’s fair, lots of costume changes,” said Rebuke, who has caught performances by Gwen Stefani and Michael Buble in recent years in Malaysia’s biggest burgh, Kuala Lumpur. The long list of acts who’ve penned Asia into their tour plans this year include chart-toppers like Katy Perry, LMFAO, Strand 5, Nicki Minaj, Jason Mraz, Avril Lavigne and Foster The Citizens. Next to Lady Senile, rock band Radiohead has amassed the most buzz for its planned shows in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea this July. Radiohead Returns to Australia Abaft 8 Eld, Gaga Adds Dates Down Comprised in But fans also are looking forward to artists as varied as Elton Lavatory, Morrissey, Christina Perri, Lifehouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Avenged Sevenfold, Backstreet Boys, The Flaming Lips and Manic Street Preachers. For unbeatable star gift, this August’s two-day Summer Sonic Festival in Japan alone is supposed to feature Rihanna, Green Light of day, Ke$ha, Adam L, Pitbull, Calvin Harris and Gym Class Heroes. Japan has long been a hub for gigs by Western headliners, but touring activity has been building up in the rest of Asia over the past two eld, Alan Ridgeway, president of international markets for Live Political entity, the worldwide promoter for Lady Gaga’s shows, told The Associated Bear on. The reasons boil down to supply and insistence. Asia makes economic sense now because rising disposable income among fans here has driven up demand for live entertainment across the territory, Ridgeway said. “Even though Japan may be able to support three or four shows, this often wasn’t enough to justify the expense of bringing a tour to Asia,” Ridgeway said. “Now as we see increasing demand from other markets such as South Korea, China and Indonesia, it becomes possible to route a financially viable multi-date tour through the zone.” Last year was Live Nation’s most successful in China since it began operating there in 2005, with more 70 shows by regional and Western artists within a 12 month time, Ridgeway said. Persistent economic troubles in the West have also propped up Asia’s significance. Ridgeway said the touring business in Europe remains bracing, but other promoters believe there’s been enough of a downturn there to trigger concerns. “Some artists have found that ongoing economic problems in the United States and Europe have meant they are experiencing decreased demand for concerts, so Asia is a new market they want to develop to make up for the shortfall,” said Mindy Coppin, the Singapore-based managing director for IMG Artists’ Asia-Pacific operations. As countries become accustomed to international tours, the logistics become smoother. Singapore for example has made it easier for concert organizers to secure visas and permits and lowered taxes on artists’ fees, Coppin said. Culture clashes are among the remaining challenges. In South Korea, conservative groups complained that Lady Gaga’s lyrics and costumes were too sexually provocative and authorities barred fans under the age of 18 from attending her gig at Seoul’s Olympic Coliseum. Lady Gaga will also perform in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Manila and Bangkok, but a senior official in Indonesia’s top Islamic authority has reportedly urged fans in that country to shun Lady Senile, saying her show is “intended to destroy the nation’s mores.” Stationary, that hasn’t stopped more 30,000 “Little Monsters” – as Lady Gaga’s fans call themselves – from purchasing tickets for her stop in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, including 25,000 in the first two hours of sales. The controversies haven’t dampened Lady Gaga’s enthusiasm either. She flew into Seoul a week before her show and has immersed herself in rehearsals, tweeting her delight about receiving a “warm and exciting hail” and whipping up fan anticipation for a stage that her publicity sketches depict as a medieval palace. Her only complaint so doubtlessly: jet poke along. Absent, Grammy-winning R&B star Erykah Badu ran afoul of Malaysian officials in February; after she disembarked, the government banned her show on the eve of the demeanour, saying a photo of her body art offended Muslims. Badu nevertheless voiced hopes of returning for a concert someday, saying she has “faith in people’s ability to develop.”

Carly Simon will receive the ASCAP Founders Award during the

Carly Simon will receive the ASCAP Founders Award during the performing rights organization’s 29th annual Pop Music Awards on April 18. Backbeat: ASCAP Throbbing & Soul’s Grammy Brunch With Ne-Yo, Paul Epworth, Ledisi Simon will be honored at an invitation-only gala at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles that will also honor the songwriters and publishers of ASCAP’s most performed pop songs of 2011. ASCAP, Radio Music License Committee Announce Settlement in Principle The ASCAP Founders Award honors songwriters who have made exceptional contributions to music, inspiring and influencing their fellow music creators. Past recipients include Ashford & Simpson, Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Alan & Marilyn Bergman, Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Neil Young and others. “Carly Simon has always poured her heart and soul into her songwriting, and in the process she has helped re-write the rule book on what popular music can achieve and how it can profoundly change people’s lives,” ASCAP president and president Paul Williams said.

TuneUp Recognizes Music, But Also Cleans Up Your Music Gleaning

TuneUp Recognizes Music, But Also Cleans Up Your Music Gleaning Apparently the market for music identification apps isn’t too crowded for new contender. TuneUp Media has released a song identification app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to compete against established leaders Shazam and SoundHound. But unlike the leading two music identification apps on the chain store, TuneUp Media’s app is not the company’s core responsibility. TuneUp’s app does one thing Shazam and SoundHound cannot do: provide a free diagnostic of a user’s mobile music collections with statistics on missing song enlightenment, album cover art and duplicate tracks. These features are possible because TuneUp Mobile uses the Gracenote’s MusicID recognition technology that powers its metadata cleanup application for desktop. The goal of launching the mobile app is to compliment the desktop app. “Our vision is to create a thorough, seamless experience for our customers that enriches their enjoyment of digital music,” said Gabe Adiv, founder and CEO, in a asseveration. The company isn’t starting from a dead block. TuneUp Media already has once more 9 million registered users of its desktop bearing. Its services fix incorrect or missing song testimony, fill in missing album graphics, remove duplicate songs and provide artist bios and concert skinny. An annual subscription of the entire feature bundle goes in the interest of $39.99 and a lifetime subscription costs $49.99. Individual features be $19.99 per year or $29.99 for a lifetime fee. Even with an installed user base of nine million human race, TuneUp’s mobile app still lags behind Shazam, which has 65 million registered users in the U.S. and 200 million worldwide, and SoundHound, which boasts the top paid iPad app of all time in addition to popular smartphone apps. But there’s clearly room for growth in music identification apps, and TuneUp Media isn’t basing its entire business on its new app. Using a mobile app to drive another business is a little bit like using online news to drive subscriptions to print newspapers and magazines. The mobile app is free but has low-value consumers. The main product costs money but returns much more value per consumer. TuneUp Media already has a complementary rite, so its music identification app is meant to drive business to its subscription rite. Shazam and SoundHound are both standalone products and standalone businesses. TuneUp’s app lost a head-to-head matchup with SoundHound, withal. TuneUp could identify the more mainstream titles but was tripped up on such songs as “Stop the Bother” by reggae artist Horace Andy and “Big Six” by electronic artist Bonobo. ( TuneUp Media press releasing) Spotify Upgrades Its Android Present Spotify has launched a preview of its new Android app. Spotify’s Android app had been a pale imitation of the iPhone app. This update closes the distance between the two. The new Android app is a big improvement over its gawky, unattractive forebear. The main controller is a button in the upper left-hand corner that opens up a list of functions: look, playlists, new releases, inbox, friends and settings. The “what’s original” section with the new releases shows recommended albums, amigos’ top playlists and a small selection of new releases. Since the app is only a preview rather than a finished version being given a widespread let go, the download link is available at Spotify’s blog rather than Google Play’s app upon. No date has been given for a launch of the final reading, but Spotify’s announcement says the company is working on additional features such as folders and scrobbling. To install the app, make sure you have checked the “Allow installation of non-Market applications” in the Settings

Screen shot from Facebook’s 188-page Securities Exchange Commission IPO filing

Screen shot from Facebook’s 188-page Securities Exchange Commission IPO filing. Reading through Facebook’s IPO filing is like an episode of “This Is Your Pungency.” This is where you and your artist’s fans spend a good chunk of your lives. This is how you will advertise on the Cobweb. This is where people share their interests in music, videos and disposeds. We already knew the role Facebook plays in our everyday lives. But now there are usage numbers, financial information and details of growth policy. Anyone looking for clues about Facebook’s role in the music business will be disillusioned. The 188-page certify, filed with the SEC Wednesday siesta, contains the in sum “music” 11 times – usually in context of content that can be shared on the podium – and only once mentions Spotify, the subscription music service with which Facebook has created a close partnership. But the filing contains plenty of indirect evidence that Facebook will increasingly play a vital role in music and other entertainment industries. We find alibi, for quotation, the service’s average daily users in December 2011 stood at 483 million worldwide and 126 million in the US and Canada. Monthly average users that month were 845 million worldwide (425 million of them via responsive) and 179 million in the US and Canada. Europe is Facebook’s biggest territory with 229 million monthly active users and 143 million daily active clients. We find out that Facebook is a revenue powerhouse even though it doesn’t yet monetize mobile transfer. The company’s revenue grew 88 percent to $3.7 billion in 2011. Exactly $3.2 billion of that came from publicity. Facebook $5 Billion IPO Fueled By Proclamation And we see that Facebook is already a large online marketplace and will become far larger. Facebook Payments, a digital goods system that’s already mandatory for all game developers, and “other fees” brought in $557 million last yr. Facebook charges developers for using its platform by taking a 30-percent cut of Payments return. The amount Facebook collects from Facebook Payments transactions is sure to balloon in the coming eld. One of the company’s stated goals is to enable developers to build on its platform while making Facebook Payments “as convenient as possible for users and platform developers.” Content owners shouldn’t worry that Facebook’s IPO is similar in scope and hype to that of Yahoo, a company with numerous run-ins with book publishers, record labels and newspapers. Facebook wants people to build and strengthen relationships on its plank. It doesn’t want to own or organize tranquillity, it just wants to help people share the their thoughts and activities regarding contented. Facebook Files For IPO, Hopes to Dig up $5 Trillion If Facebook’s IPO sends any message to entertainment companies it is that: the power of Facebook demands that you improve the social capabilities of your outcomes. Case in stage: A Facebook exec revealed earlier this week that 5 billion songs had been shared since September 22 through partnerships with music services. Ticketing services have baked social features into their creations, too, transforming fans’ discovery and buying technique. As if there was any doubt that social is the prospective, this IPO means there will be no going back after Facebook is a $100 billion comrades.

MUNICH – German collection society GEMA has adjusted tariffs for

MUNICH – German collection society GEMA has adjusted tariffs for outdoor music concerts starting in 2013. Smaller events will benefit from the adjustment while larger events will have to pay more. GEMA introduced its new tariff structure at a press conference in Munich on Monday. The new structure applies to events with live-music or music from records and tapes. GEMA’s 2011 Earnings Drop-off “This new tariff structure will have distinct benefits for smaller size events and lower entrance fees, ” said Georg Oeller, member of GERMA’s house. Oeller pointed out that each year GEMA licenses about one million events with music of this kind and that therefore it is necessary to  have a fete, clear and transparent tariff structures. Oeller said that, “from 2013 there will only be two rates instead of xi. The calculation of the GEMA fees in the future will be based on the size of the upshot – over the used parade – and the amount of the entrance fees.” The GEMA fees for a dance-event with live music in a restaurant with a 300 square-meter dance floor and a ticket price of 3 euro were, for  example € 192 in 201, which will be lowered to € 90 in 2013. In converse, the fees for a gala event with live music in of 1,500  square-meter dance floor and an entrance fee of €60 were €1.470,70 until 2012 and  will rise to € 9.000 in 2013.  Oeller said ruthlessly 60% of all venues will benefit from the new tariff configuration. “With arrogance GEMA plays its overpowering position towards the users of  music in Germany,” Stephan Büttner, Managing Director of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association in Berlin, told Hoarding. “Without any willingness to seek compromises or to orchestrate, GEMA has presented new tariffs, which means raising feels for live-music and recorded music events that threaten the existence of the organizers.” Büttner said that GEMA’s fees increased 45% for events capable 200 square-meters and a €15 euro entrance  price, and 81% for capable 600 square-meters and 15 euro fee and 534% capable 2200  square-meters and 40 euro entrance charge. “In regard to the new tariffs, the only the way to [fight these is in] romance. There is no reason for such a new structure since the tariffs have worked for exposed to 50 years in the warehouse,”, Büttner said. In 2011 GEMA had revenues of € 825,5 million for the worldwide right-owners,  a drop of 3 percent compared to 2010.  In Germany, GEMA represents the copyright of more 60,000 members  (composers, lyricists and music publishers). Represents on top of 1  million copyright owners all over the world, GEMA is one of the world’s largest music aggregation societies.

A judge has granted a motion to dismiss concert promoter

A judge has granted a motion to dismiss concert promoter AEG Live from a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson’s padre. City News Service says the judge agreed with AEG attorneys who said Joe Jackson should have joined a separate suit filed by his mate, Katherine. The judge says the law does not favor multiple suits by individual heirs. AEG also argued that Joe Jackson is not a legitimate heir to his son’s fortune since he was estranged from Michael when he died. The father was not mentioned in the King of Pop’s last will and testament. The decision leaves Dr. Conrad Murray and a Las Vegas pharmacy as the only defendants in Joe Jackson’s case. Murray is in jail after been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death and says he is destitute.

Singer/songwriter and former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty is enjoying

Singer/songwriter and former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty is enjoying the present by looking into the past and crafting his own to be to come. He released a book this January screamed “The Book of Drugs” that delves into his time with Soul Coughing (and yes, drugs). He split with ATO Records to form his own SNACK BAR imprint through Megaforce, on which he released 2011 album Yes And Also Yes. And most significantly, he’s delved into his back catalog of demos and unreleased tracks and came to the surface with 32 songs that he will be releasing via a subscription service by 32 weeks. The project is called the Lo-Fi Apartment, and as a remedy for 20 bucks fans will receive one previously-unreleased track per week straight to their inbox, a mix of old and new elements, demo-type recordings, and forgotten gems that never came to the surface before in. Registration for the lodge ends April 27, and the first track will be available April 30. Doughty took time out from his solo/book outing (and his lunch minute) in Los Angeles, where he has been performing solo material and reading excerpts from his book around the countryside, to discuss the Lo-Fi Billet, working with Roseanne Bills, and writing songs about goth teenagers shoplifting on acid for the Twilight soundtrack. Are you on your book tour right sometimes? Mike Doughty: We just arrived in Los Angeles. I guess it’s about two-thirds performing songs and one-third doing readings, and otherwise just telling gnarly tales of Soul Coughing. It’s kind of terrifying to embark on doing readings in rock bars, but it’s been ardent. And how did the Lo-Fi Lodge idea come with regard to? It was suggested to me [by directorate - Pete Smolin, Mike Lavigne and Jamie Kitman at Hornblow Accumulation] that I do a subscription-type subject. I sort of excavated hard drives to see what I had, and I had all these songs, kind of acoustic and cheap drum machine versions of songs that I later put in more “realized” versions on the records, and I just dream, “oh, that is really virtuous.” And then there were songs that I found that I was care, “why did I not put this song on an album?” And I had 32 of them, so I wanted to do something a little bit more complicated than just put them all out at once on an album. Just under a third of it is new stuff, but its all 100% unreleased. Anybody else doing similar attributes? Every two months you hear about somebody who has some weird idea for like a post-album microcosm – stuff care “if you get revenge on $1,000 bucks a month, you’ll get a phone call from the artist!” – and all that stuff sounds kind of whack to me. But this is a very particular kind of body of songs, it didn’t quite entail an album… because it was such an odd proposition earlier, I thought it would be a decent way to do that. And a lot of people have been buying it truly, it’s kind of schizoid. How did you come up with the $20 assessment? It was suggested by Hornblow, and it seemed like a decent measure, not outlandish. Because it’s more than an album. So many artists are being talked into things commensurate “You could be a gold circle member of Mike Doughty!” you discriminate, just like these really weird ideas. It seemed smooth, it seemed a fair ticket; slightly more than usual since it’s slightly more than an album. On your latest album you had a duet with Roseanne Realize. We did a holiday show like two years since, and she said from the stage something equaling, “oh my tutelary, I’m really intimidated because Mike Doughty is such a great songwriter,” and my eyes popped out of my talent. I met her, she was really adroit. So Dan Wilson [of Semisonic notoriety] and I wrote “Fete,” the idea for which was just like we wanna do an emotionally resonant Christmas kerfuffle b evasion, but not your kind of hipster-haha-Christmas-is-dumb ado. We wanted it to be veritable, we didn’t want it to be platitudinal, you comprehend, emotionally relatable for us. So  there was a note I couldn’t ask for a come, and I was approximative, “you positive, I can get a backup chanteuse, but why not just for the hell of it, shoot an email over to Roseanne to see if she wanted to do that, as a full brace.” I’m not the sort of person who would walk up to a legendary artist upon first meeting and say hey let’s work in sync, so I approached her very deferentially and trepidatiously when I emailed her. She responded literally in proceedings, saying yes. It was mind-blowing. And you had written a number cheaply – which was spurned – for the Twilight Soundtrack? Yes literally! It’s jocular, because I thought it was, you apperceive, you usually get these particulars, and really they’re just putting out the word to 500 artists, and they’re all trying to do something. But actually Kenny MacPherson and Scott Cresto [of Chrysalis Music Order] sat me down and were congeneric, “would you be interested in that?” And you be versed, of course I was. But yea, it was probably just like the weirdness of my voice that made it not quite their predilection. It is a song about teenage goths on LSD in a train caste, shoplifting while light. I just sort of connected them with why quasi-gothic teenagers would be attracted to something like Declination. Whereas I didn’t do a lot of shoplifting while light – I kept those activities pull – I always hung out with the awesome goth girls in high shoal, sneering at everything and stealing items.

Jeff Bronikowski, who less than a year ago left Yahoo

Jeff Bronikowski, who less than a year ago left Yahoo Music for AOL Music, has in turn left for a newly created position at the Echo Snuggle, according to a report in AllThingsD. Bronikowski is now overseeing corporate development for the Boston-area startup, which offers a development platform for music app developers. The Echo Nest is perhaps best known for powering many of the apps created through the Music Hack Days it sponsors, but it’s also behind many large-scale operations as spurt. That includes MOG’s music recommendation power plant, and most recently the personalized radio feature offered by the revamped iHeartRadio app from Clear Path. Bronikowski will be charged with landing more such partnerships. Q&A: The Echo Nest Ceo Jim Lucchese At AOL, Bronikowski was VP and head of music. AOL Music was once a force in online music streaming and determining, but of late has been outpaced by smaller, nimbler and more innovative startups. AOL shut down its entire music operations internationally, leaving only the U.S. portal retaining music subject. While AOL remains in the top-drawer 5 Web properties in terms of overall vehicles, according to Comscore, it is no longer in the cover 5 in terms of video parking lot, outpaced by YouTube (genuinely), but also Vevo, Facebook, Viacom (MTV) and Microsoft. The company recently added Slacker’s premium subscription service to augment its existing personalized radio appropriateness, the latter of which receives with regard to 3 million unique visitors a month according to company figures. Pandora, during the interval, gets anent 12 million unique monthly visitors, according to Vie. It’ll be worth watching to see what decisions AOL makes with what remains of the part. Lisa Namerow is replacing Bronikowski in overseeing the AOL Music content sites, while Geno Yoham is taking over the company’s Winamp services, according to the AllThingsD divulge. Before, Bronikowski was head of music at Yokel, but is perhaps best known in the music industry from his 12-year stint as senior VP of business development at Universal Music Class.

Vevo may be taking its music video service to Facebook,

Vevo may be taking its music video service to Facebook, with preliminary talks between the companies signalling what may be the beginning of the end for Vevo’s current partnership with Google-owned YouTube, according to CNET. Though Vevo and YouTube still have a year left on their pact, it would appear that the company is considering charting its future with the social networking plat. The move would allow Facebook to stream music videos through Vevo and augment its expanding social music apportion, which has grown over the past few months due to deals with Spotify and its real-time social listening have a role. Vevo: The Numbers Behind Two Years of Crop Vevo, despite only being in operation for a little over two age, has enjoyed considerable improvement, with monthly video views that have reached as high as three quarters of a million, and is ranked at #2 on comScore’s list of top U.S. online video sites behind only YouTube. The deal with Facebook would presumably mirror Vevo’s current one with Dmoz, with the companies sharing advertising taxation. Vevo and Msn, through its Google Music navy, both have licensing deals with three of the top four labels, neither having come to an agreement with Warner. Vevo recently signed a deal in December with MTV, which has a licensing agreement with Warner, in a move that gave MTV access to the libraries of all four majors. MTV Nearing Deal to License Vevo Videos Business Matters: Vevo Racked Up 748 Million Views in September What may work against Facebook’s bid is the profitable pertnership Vevo and Google have naturalized. A December. article on Vevo’s success since its December 2009 dispatch, noted that $100 million had been paid to content owners over two years and that 600 advertisers ranging from American Express to Vitamin Water had signed on. The video platform also has plans to expand its original programming as well as its television, mobile and international existence in 2012.

Walt Disney Pictures has wrangled Jack White to compose the

Walt Disney Pictures has wrangled Jack White to compose the score against “The Lone Ranger.” The studio announced Tuesday that the Grammy-winning rocker will decry, produce and perform the score for director Gore Verbinski’s upcoming adaptation of “The Lone Ranger.” Jack White to Live Swarm ‘Blunderbuss’ Release Concert, Gary Oldman to Conduct “The Lone Ranger” will mark The White Stripes frontman’s first time scoring a feature obscure. The film stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as John Reid. It is set to debut May 31, 2013. White’s first solo album, “Blunderbuss,” was released Tuesday. He previously wrote and performed the theme song to the 2008 James Bond fog “Quantum of At” with Alicia Keys. Third Man rolling record store parked out front of the label HQ in Nashville. (Pic: Jo McCaughey) In other Jack White report, it was announced last evensong (April 24) that Jack White’s Third Man Records Rolling Record Aggregate (i.e. a hopped up step-van) will be distributing concert tickets on the streets of NYC for White’s upcoming AmEx Unstaged show at Webster Hall this Friday. Record Store Day Nashville: Liquid-Filled Jack White Records at Third Cuffs; JEFF the Brotherhood Rock Grimey’s According to a statement released last gloaming, “White will be giving back to the city that’s so warmly embraced his debut album,”  as his Third Man Records Rolling Record Store hits the Big Apple on Thursday the 26th to bestow upon the citizenry free tickets to Jack White’s American Express Unstaged concert at Webster Hall on Friday April 27th…An educational vinyl adventure center on wheels, Third Man Records’ Rolling Record Store will be wheeling into locations all over the New York City room, then tweeting (@ThirdManRRS) each location along with instructions on how to claim a pair of free tickets to the swagger. There are only five pairs of tickets, one pair to be given away at each of five locations.” As previously reported, Jack’s American Express Unstaged event will be directed by actor Gary Oldman. The show will be live-streamed adn previewed by one new video each day leading up to Friday’s performance which can be seen hither: seen at hither.

If the consortium led by Sony Corporation

If the consortium led by Sony Corporation. of America gets approval to acquire EMI Music Publishing, it would degrade 326 positions over two years to reach $70 million in net cost savings, according to a story by Ben Sisario published in the New York Times. That tidings–based on a copy of the prospectus obtained by the paper, issued to open $1.15 billion to help finance the plotted $2.2 billion acquisition of EMI–says that the EMI work force would be reduced by means of 142 people within the first year of ownership and 174 would be let go after serving on a transitional constituent. That would recklessness 189 EMI staffers with jobs. Neither Sony nor EMI Music publishing could be reached for comment at press spell. As has been previously reported, Sony/ATV would serve as the administrator for the EMI publishing assets, which would be maintained in a separate company since it has a different ownership structure than Sony/ATV. Sony/EMI Heap: Publishing Companies Would Remain Different, But Managed by Sony The latter company is a joint venture between Sony Corporation. of America and the Michael Jackson estate and Sony/ATV itself would have a 38% stake in EMI Music Publishing if the regulatory agency approval of the acquisition is allowed. The other investors participating in the proposed purchase of EMI Music Publishing are: Mubadala Development Company PJSC; Jynwel Capital Little; the Blackstone Group’s GSO Capital Partners LP; and David Geffen. Earlier this month, Sony/ATV offered to sell publishing assets good $20 million in royalties, according to a Reuters theme, in an attempt to get the EU to approve the transaction without having to face second stage scrutiny like Universal Music Group’s proposed $1.9 billion acquisition of EMI recorded music man. The EU regulatory commissioners are expected to announce tomorrow whether they are approving the attend to; or will take a longer second phase look at the deal like they did with Universal Music Group’s attempt to acquire EMI’s muusic assets which has been pushed from March to what will likely be August of this yr. European Commission Investigation Into Universal’s Purchase of EMI Music Enters Phase Two While the planned cutbacks would achieve a total of $120 million in savings, as the administrator of EMI Music Publishing Sony/ATV would be paying $50 zillion, based on the ritual 15% administration wages, which would be based on net publisher’s piece. Extrapolating out that $50 million admin fee means that EMI Music Publishing produced $344 million in net publisher’s share in its most recent fiscal yr. In its most recently available public numbers for the year ended Strut 30 2010, EMI Music Publishing reported with regard to $760 million in revenue with earnings before significance, depreciation and administration of $239 trillion. Sony/ATV Offers Unspecified Concessions to European Union in EMI Music Publishing See to Based on the $120 million in savings the Sony-led consortium anticipate by the layoffs, that means that EMI’s EBITDA for its most recent fiscal year ended Procession 30, 2011 was around $224 meg. With EMI Music Publishing having in 40-50 creative people on its staff means tthe Sony-led consortium will also keep some licensing and other business deal makers from the EMI personnel. Some of the retained staffers would likely help Sony/ATV deal with the added volume it would be manipulation. Sony itself is under pressure to reduce it’s own shillelagh, according to press reports about a plotted 10% staff step-down. Billboard estimates Sony/ATV’s revenue at at hand $500 million yearly, which means that the combined portfolios they will be overseeing will have almost $1.261 billion in annual comings in. According to financial reports, Universal Music Publishing has annual revenue of encircling $898 million while Warner/Chappell’s annual revenue total is to $544 meg. Universal Music’s EMI Acquisition Supported by SAG-AFTRA, AFM For the moment, in the scheme, according to the New York Times saga, the combined Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing portfolios would own 31% of the music publishing market stow. That implies a worldwide music publishing revenue of approximately $4 trillion. Under that presumption, that means that the majors combined own almost 68% of the music publishing mart, which is roughly in train, if a little tremendous, with the commonly-held industry view that those publishers represent take 60% of the warehouse. But according to an analysis of the IFPI estimate of 2010 publishing revenues written by Will Page and Bruce Dickinson, global music publishing revenue totaled $9 billion in that yr. If that number is truthful, Sony/ATV and EMI would be dressed 14% of the global make available, while the majors would prepare 30% of the demand. Its unclear why there is an apparent discrepancy between the IFPI global publishing estimate and the numbers used in the prospectus to raise funding for the EMI Music Publishing obtaining. In any anyhow, a number of organizations and independent music company organizations, including IMPALA and A2IM, have aligned opposing the deal while yesterday SAG-AFTRA and the American Federation of Musicians today gave their conditional backing to the EMI bargain.

Accurate, Jay-Z brought out Beyonce at Coachella in 2010, and

Accurate, Jay-Z brought out Beyonce at Coachella in 2010, and Kanye West gave festival goers his ballerina-assisted best with Bon Iver last yr. But how many hip-hop headliners could resurrect Tupac Shakur from the tired out? Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, the G-funk maestros who provided Weekend 1 of Coachella with a thrilling outro on Sunday shades of night (April. 15), took their joint performance to a new level when they were joined by Tupac — their fellow West Coast rapper who was killed in 1996 –  in hologram skeleton, sharing the stage with the digitally recreated rapper and letting his likeness rattle turned “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “Hail Mary” in the middle of their lay out. Tv: Tupac’s hologram performs at Coachella The Tupac reveal was the high-investigator, rare, admittedly strange highlight of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s West Coast return, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of Dre’s “The Continuing” album later this year and the umpteenth delay of his enormously anticipated third album, “Detoxify.” While hip-hop fans still await the good Doctor’s studio reappear, Snoop and Dre touched upon their newer material by way of multiple guest stars. Full Coachella Reporting: Friday | Saturday | Kodachromes Wiz Khalifa shared a giant blunt with Snoop while dropping by to perform their recent Worsen 100 reach “Teenaged, Barren & At large,” while Kendrick Lamar returned to the main stage two days after his own Coachella set to manufacture “The Means,” his new single with Dre. 50 Cent and Tony Yayo bounced around the stage with a medley of “What Up Gangsta,” “P.I.M.P.” with Snoop and his Dre-produced standard “In Da Baton,” while Eminem, Dre’s most successful protege, blasted entirely “I Need a Physician” before trading stage positions with his mentor on “Forgot About Dre” and “Til I Tumble down.” Tv: Eminem performs “I Need a Fix” and “Forgot About Dre” with Dr. Dre Yet the bevy of high-profile guest MCs couldn’t detract from the real star of the elucidate: the magnetic chemistry between the stone-faced Dr. Dre and lovably stoned Snoop Dogg. Whether leading the crowd through a cover of House of Pain’s “Jump Enclosing” or trading bars on “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang,” the history that Dre and Snoop shared — and the deep bonds they had with the sunny state of California — pulsed through every head-knock and tossed-off out of it. Snoop Dogg’s personal catalogue, including surefire singles “Drop It Like It’s Unpredictable intensify,” “Gin & Vitality” and “Who Am I? (What’s My Sign?)” was given a little more time in the highlight, but when the long-reclusive Dre got flourishing — as on tracks close “California Sympathy” and “The Next Part” — it made forgetting about Dre seem crazy. Picture: Snoop Dogg performs “Gin and Pith” at Coachella Helping Dre and Snoop enrapture the crowd was a brilliantly designed stage setup, which included an ever-changing video screen in back of the duo’s full band and faux power lines turning the stage into its own miniature Compton. In support of “Still D.R.E.,” a percolating car tire and flashing neon lights kept the crowd zippy; in compensation “Ain’t No Jocularity (If The Homies Can’t Have Not one),” black-and-white images of the recently deceased Nate Dogg actually turned the sex jam into a tender wink of an eye. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg deserved the rock the west side in designate, and with an ornately designed backdrop aiding their hit splash, the hip-hop veterans more than did their home state justness.

The six artists at the Billboard Latin SXSW Vitrine, who

The six artists at the Billboard Latin SXSW Vitrine, who came to Austin from Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and Miami, were each met at the Soho Lounge Wednesday night by fans who sang along to their songs and pressed close to the stage for pictures. Read All Our SXSW Coverage Hither Girls lined up to kiss rapper Duran, who performed shirtless, at times with an accordion slung around his neck, while his Afro-Colombian band called everyone to dance with cumbia beats. The Mexican electro-pop group Jotdog’s set proved literally iffy, blowing a unite. The audience comrades, who had been mesmerized by the esoteric moves of singer Maria Barracuda, waited until they could begin once more. Picture: Judy Cantor-Navas) Muchachito Bombo Infierno, from Barcelona, brought the grit of flamenco and street party feeling of rumba, as well as rock star charisma, to the thespianism. Muchachito, who traveled to Austin without his full gather, beat his guitar and stomped on a board rigged to sound like an electronic cajon. Artist and cantautor Santos de Veracruz painted behind him while he sang, and joined in tattle, with a voice that came deep from flamenco usage. Like Muchachito, Javier Garcia showed why the power of simultaneous guitar playing and gyrating hips should never be underestimated. The Miami-based singer/songwriter sang tracks from his soon to be released album, “A Las Estrellas Volume. 1,”,produced by Latin hitmaker Sebastian Krys. Maria Barracuda of Mexican electro-pop group Jotdog helped blow a compound. Photograph: Judy Cantor-Navas) The Mexican group Radaid opened the vitrine, blanketing the stage with a mix of traditional instruments and digital tools. They played a powerful set of haunting rhythms and ethereal vocals, grounded by acoustic rhythms La Vida Boheme, currently South America’s biggest buzz gather, closed the Billboard Latin showcase The Grammy nominated group immediately got audience arms in the air with their hymn “Radio Prime”, their cowbell-accented adrenaline play 70s yahoo, that invokes both the chaos of their native Caracas and the universally shared legacy of rock and trundle. Photo: Judy Hazan-Navas)

Five precious guitars owned by Tom Petty that were stolen

Five precious guitars owned by Tom Petty that were stolen last week were returned to their rightful owner Tuesday. According to the Associated Prod, Culver City police arrested a private security guard named Daryl Emmette Washington, 51. He was working at the Culver Studios ration, which houses a soundstage where Petty was rehearsing with his band the Heartbreakers for an upcoming trek. “I am extremely grateful to the Culver City Police Department for a job well done and touched by the outpouring of good wishes and concern from our fans and colleagues,” said Petty in a statement provided to THR. The stolen guitars, collectively worth an estimated $100,000, included Petty’s 1967 12-string Rickenbacker and a Gibson SGTV Junior along with Mike Campbell’s blue Dusenberg, Ron Blair’s Fender Broadcaster and Scott Thurston’s 1967 Epiphone Sheridan. One musician likened the loot to “a fleet of vintage Rolls-Royces.” Washington allegedly tried to pawn one of the guitars in Hollywood notwithstanding $250, which provided a break in the situation. On the band’s website and Facebook page, Petty and crew offered a “no questions asked” $7,500 reward for information leading to the return of the instruments. It’s unclear whether the reward will be paid non-functioning and to whom.

Johnny Depp dropped acting for a night and joined Marilyn

Johnny Depp dropped acting for a night and joined Marilyn Manson onstage Wednesday, grabbing a bright yellow guitar and black cowboy hat for a performance of “Sweet Dreams” at Revolver magazine’s Golden Gods Awards concert. Were his face not recognizable worldwide, the 48-year-old actor may not have even been noticed as he played along quietly, hat tipped and eyes focused on the strings. Until the song over, that is, and Manson shouted to the force, “If you don’t recognize my personal concubine, personal saviour, personal guitar hero… Johnny Depp.” As the audience cheered for the double — at Manson’s repeated entreat — they kicked off a second flap, “The Beautiful Family.” The 43-year-old singer also brought to “Gossip Maid” alum and Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen for a song at the L.A. become. Earlier this month, Depp and Manson collaborated on a cover of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” to be featured on the rocker’s upcoming eighth studio album, Born Villain, due escape May 1.

Dozens of journalists from around the country flew to Telemundo

Dozens of journalists from around the country flew to Telemundo Studios in Miami to the set of morning show Levántate (Awake!) for the live announcement of the finalists to the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Don Omar, Pitbull, Prince Royce Lead Billboard Latin Music Awards Finalists Television hosts and music writers were joined by a steady stream of artists, including three-time finalists Chino y Nacho, urban star Daddy Yankee two-time finalists La Original Banda El Limón de Salvador Lizárraga. “The Billboards are the true radar of what happens in the music have,” said Yankee. “This is our true make the grade.” The Billboard Latin Music Awards cap off the 23rd annual Billboard Latin Music Conference presented by State Farm and taking place on April 23 – 26 at the JW Marriot Marquis in Miami, Florida. For information and registration, visit Privately, Yankee said he is soon launch his new El Cartel Tequila as well as his Prestige headphones, made by Section A. See all of our Backbeats right hither The atmosphere was festive at the studios, with cappuccinos and lattes served along with breakfast. Chino y Nacho manager Pablo Villalobos said his clients are preparing a 21-date U.S. tour in May. The duo will likely play theaters, but final details are being ironed not allowed. Pitbull Confirmed For Q&A @ Billboard Latin Music Bull session Members of La Original Banda El Limón, lag, took advantage of the announcement to promote their new music in Miami. In addition to the finalists, for the first antiquated, Telemundo announced a handful of artists already confirmed to perform at the substantiate. They include Juanes – who will premiere his new apart – Jenni Rivera and Yankee. In a satellite meeting, top finalist Don Omar also confirmed he would be performing at the show, which will air live April 26 on Telemundo from the BankUnited Core in Miami.

Vevo Racked Up 748 Million Views in September — Music

Vevo Racked Up 748 Million Views in September — Music video network Vevo again ranks at #2 on comScore’s list of top U.S. online video properties according to number of unique viewers. The company racked up 57.3 million unique visitors and 748.2 million videos in the September. It has stratified #2 since it leapt over AOL, Yokel! and Microsoft in April. The music video network has grown considerably in the past yr. In September 2010, Vevo had 43.7 million unique visitors and 208 million video views. That works out to a 31-percent growth in unique visitors and a 260-percent growth in viewing sessions. Growth in viewers has dull, but Vevo has gotten more video views out of family. Vevo had 55.1 million unique viewers and 309 million views in April and 62 million unique viewers in July (the 57.3 million unique viewers achieved in September falls in between those two numbers). But views have increased from 309 million in April to 502 million in July and 748.2 million last month. One metric that has dropped since last year is minutes per watcher, which fell to 60.2 million in September 2011 from 73.3 minutes a year originally. But Vevo’s growth in unique visitors means total viewing minutes increased 7.7 percentage. Led by YouTube, Google sites had 161.4 million unique viewers, 18.6 billion videos and 378 minutes per witness. Vevo is a partner channel at YouTube. Company executives have said Vevo gets some 90 percent of its views at YouTube. (Press salvation) Companies Boosting Social-Media Efforts — Ninety-four percent of companies planning to put either somewhat more or substantially more resources into social media, according to a Booz & Company/Buddy Media survey of 100 leading companies (60 percent have annual revenues surpassing $1 trillion). At best 5 percent companies surveyed will hold social media investment habitu?, and none said they plan to put fewer resources behind social media. The main social investment being made is hiring full-time employees to dedicate toward social media. Sixty-three percent of companies surveyed already have a community manager to oversee social media projects and 59 percent plan to hire chestnut. Companies are not as well staffed for content foundation – 72 percent plan on hiring creative forte. Other common forms of investment are adding services by partners, creating more content and making more media buys. The survey shows the important role social media already plans in today’s corporations. Thirty-five percent of respondents say their company currently has a senior executive in charge of social media for the entire players. Thirty-eight percent say social media is on the company CEO’s agendum. Social media is not used to achieve hard goals like ROI. Preferably, social media is the domain of softer goals and fuzzy prosody. Eighty-eight percent already use social media for public relations and 75% use it for customer service while honest 48 percent use social for sales. The companies like social for its ability to build varietys, generate buzz and get consumer insights. But at best 46 percent use it to generate sales leads and a moment ago 38% create sales transactions through communal. The top social platform for these corporations are no madam ‘. Facebook ranks in the meridian 3 platforms appropriate for 94 percent of the companies. Twitter is a priority in the direction of 77 percent and YouTube conducive to 42 pct. MySpace is a top-three priority for only 2 of the 100 companies surveyed. ( Scribd, via IP Newsboy) Is a Lot More Vinyl Being Sold Than We Concern? — Ever wonder how much of the vinyl sold in the U.S. has a bar code and is actually counted by Nielsen SoundScan? Vince Slusarz, CEO of vinyl manufacturer Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, has an guess. “SoundScan only gets with regard to 15 pct,” he told the New York Times. “The majority of the stuff we throng, it doesn’t even have a bar encipher.” ( New York Times) Dog Days for Netflix — The subscription business is perplexing. Netflix befuddled 3.3 percent of its subscribers last fourth, a reflection of the company’s botched attempt to separate its DVD and digital streaming businesses. That’s a pretty small reduction. Seemingly, investors had already priced in their assumptions about subscriber losses and what it would mean for earnings lump. It’s been a tough year for the leading subscription serviceability. Investors had already chastised the company by sending company’s stock fine-tune 57 percent in the last three months. (Or, put another modus vivendi = ‘lifestyle’, investors woke up to reality and realized the stock was overpriced and the company could not maintain its growth rate when it has to license nearly all of its video capacity.) Even with recent hardships, Netflix has grown mightily and still enjoys a market-leader station. Its total subscribers were still up 41.6 percent over the same period last yr. Revenues in the quarter were $821.8 zillion, up from $553 million in the prior-year period and $423 million in the same period in 2009. Net income rose to $62.4 million from $38 million in the prior-year period and $30.1 million in the third quarter of 2009. On a side line, CEO Reed Hastings’ “Mea Culpa Outing 2011″ continued with a short interview in the most recent New York Times’ Sunday Mag. Hastings blamed the failure on “missed execution details” and “underestimating the depth of emotional attachment to Netflix.” And as he had frequently done late, he tried to put content partners at ease by pointing out how Netflix is not in competition with them. “We’re not trying to put HBO out of point,” he said. “I’m an HBO subscriber, and I watch a bunch of great shows on HBO. We did compete with HBO in regard to ‘Cardhouse’ (a Netflix original series). We do compete for viewers’ continually, for dollars and contentedness, but they’re larger and certainly the required.” (Press manumit)

Attorneys for country duo Sugarland said concertgoers were at least

Attorneys for country duo Sugarland said concertgoers were at least partly to blame for injuries suffered in a stage go to pieces, drawing a sharp reaction from fans Tuesday and prompting the band’s manager to issue a statement criticizing the fingerpointing. Members of the band expressed shock and sadness after last summer’s stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair killed seven people and injured dozens more. But in their response to a civil cause, the band’s attorneys said injured fans “failed to exercise due care for their own security” and contended some or all of their injuries “resulted from their own misdeed.” The comments outraged Haley Waggoner of Cincinnati, who was in the front row with her twin sister when the collapse happened and suffered a concussion that caused headaches and other problems for weeks. “It disgusts me,” said Wagoner, who has attended eight or nine Sugarland shows. “Through this whole system, I don’t feel like the band cares that much about fans.” The band’s attorneys also called the high winds that toppled the stage rigging an “act of Power” and denied the band had any responsibility for the stage construction or to warn fans. Waggoner said while the band couldn’t control the weather and didn’t build the grade, she believes Sugarland could have done more to warn concertgoers of the impending hazard. She said she’ll never see them live freshly. “If they don’t believe in us for something that isn’t our criticize, then I don’t want to support them,” she said. Indianapolis attorney Carl Brizzi, who is representing the widow of Glenn Goodrich, a security guard killed in the founder, said he was outraged that the band tried to distance itself from the calamity. “Sugarland has engaged in a public relations campaign to put the best light on its role in the avoidable blow,” Brizzi said in a asseveration. “And this spin-doctoring of Sugarland’s role in the case is both offensive and foreign.” Sugarland attorney James H. Milstone would not elaborate Tuesday on the response to the civil suit. But the band’s manager issued a statement in which the due tried to distance themselves from the claims in court documents. “Sadly when a tragedy occurs, people want to point fingers and try to sensationalize the trouble,” Sugarland said in a statement Gail Gellman issued to The Associated The wire. “The single most important thing to Sugarland are their fans. Their support and love over the past nine years has been nonpareil. For anyone to think otherwise is completely devastating to them.” Another court describe, yet, casts doubt on the band’s claim that its fans come essential. In a January. 16 deposition on a lawsuit against the company that built the stage rig, Indiana State Fair Commission Executive Director Cindy Hoye testified that Sugarland resisted delaying the start of the concert despite threatening stand. Hoye said the band expressed concerns about how a delay would affect the time lead singer Jennifer Nettles needed to warm up and complicate the band’s travel to its next fireworks. Sugarland tour manager Hellen Rollens told IOSHA investigators that there was no discussion of delaying the representation. The band’s legal response has clearly been designed to shift blame away from the band and back to fair officials, the company that erected the stage rigging and others. An Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration Investigation cited the tow-haired, Mid-America Sound Corporation. and the stagehands’ union for violations in connections with the deaths of Goodrich and Nathan Byrd, a stagehand killed when the rigging collapsed. Two other investigations examining the engineering of the structure and the state’s response are on hold. The state has already paid wide of the mark $5 trillion, the maximum allowed under Indiana law, to victims and their families. State lawmakers are considering adding another $5 million to $10 million to that to cover medical bills for those who suffered long-term injuries, but even that wouldn’t be enough to cover future medical costs for the most seriously injured. That makes Sugarland a natural focus for legal remedy. It’s common for bands to be named in lawsuits after injuries or deaths at a give someone an idea of. For ideal, families of the dead and injured filed 33 lawsuits against The Who after a 1979 stampede in Cincinnati. The Who settled out of court for a total of $2.1 trillion, plus an undisclosed sum for the family of one schlemiel. But one attorney involved in the Sugarland lawsuit said the band’s response was unaccountable. “It’s unusual to put the blame on martyrs,” South Bend attorney Jeff Stesiak said Tuesday. “The concert wasn’t canceled and they weren’t told to except. I can’t imagine what the victims did to be at misbehaviour to blame.” He disputed the Sugarland attorney’s claim that an “open and obvious peril” existed before the crumple. “An open and obvious danger is more like walking along a road and seeing a downed power line and walking over it anyways. The storm wasn’t like that,” Stesiak said. The blame game isn’t likely to end any minute now, even as lawmakers and fair officials work to prevent future incidents. A plan to require inspections of all mammoth, temporary outdoor stages is advancing through the Legislature. And fair officials have moved all of this year’s concerts inside. At long last, a jury may decide where fault lies. Sugarland’s attorneys have requested a jury trial in the civil cause. Tina Williams of Indianapolis, who attended the concert, said there’s plenty of blame to go circumference. “Everyone has a little bit of possession,” Williams said. “Nobody can predict the weather. It was something that happened. I’m not interfere with with Sugarland.”

As widely hoped-for, the European Commission’s investigation into Universal’s proposed

As widely hoped-for, the European Commission’s investigation into Universal’s proposed acquisition of EMI’s recorded-music division is to enter a provisional, more in-depth aspect, it has been confirmed. The announcement was made earlier now (Marchland 23) following the completion of the Brussels-based European Commission’s ‘phase a man’ investigation into the proposed combination. Universal Music Group formally requested European Union regulators’ approval to buy EMI’s recorded-music division on February 20. EMI Publishing Goes to Sony, Label to All-encompassing “The Commission’s initial investigation showed, in special, that the proposed transaction would lead to high combined market shares in the wholesale of physical and digital recorded music in the EEA [European Economic Territory] and in numerous Member States and that, post fusing, Universal would enjoy increased market power vis-à-vis its direct customers,” reads a statement from the European Direction . The European Mission (EC) went on to state that: “At this stage of the sounding, the new object, which would be almost twice the size of the next largest player in the EEA, would not appear to be sufficiently constrained by the remaining competitors on the fair, by its customers’ buyer capacity, and/or by the threat of illegal music use (so-alarmed “plagiarization”).” Universal Music Formally Requests EU Approval to Purchase EMI’s Labels Following today’s ruling, the EC now has 90 years, until Lordly 8, to make a final decision on whether to give regulatory approval as submitted, or whether they would seek additional remedies or divestments from Uncircumscribed. The findings of the European Commission’s ‘phase identical’ investigation into the proposed sale of EMI Music Publishing to a Sony/ATV Music Publishing-led consortium is not due to be announced until April 2. Commenting on the notice, Joaquín Almunia, Commission VP in charge of competition policy said in a disclosure: “The proposed acquisition could reduce competition in the recorded music market to the detriment of European consumers.” “The Commission needs to make sure that consumers continue to have access to a wide variety of music in different physical and digital formats at competitive weather,” Almunia went on to bring up. Following the advert, Universal Music Group issued the following proclamation: “Phase II was always expected; we recognise that the Commission needs time to fully review this transaction.  We will continue to co-operate fully with them and look forward to a successful resolution of the organize.”

Wiz Khalifa at Austin’s Club De Ville at Mountain Dew’s

Wiz Khalifa at Austin’s Club De Ville at Mountain Dew’s Greeln Label Sound’s SXSW vitrine. (Photograph: Jessica Lehrman) In a week filled with surprise guests, the unannounced lineup at Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound showcase Friday night at Club De Ville was arguably just as exciting as its confirmed acts. Rapper Wiz Khalifa and dance-funk singer Penguin Prison joined a roster that already included dance acts like RAC and Starslinger as well as hip-hoppers Mac Miller and Three Six Mafia’s Juicy J. Khalifa was on hand to perform with Juicy J, who recently signed with Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint on Atlantic Records, as well as to support fellow Pittsburgh native Mac Miller. Fellow Taylor Gang rappers Chevy Woods and Lola Monroe also took stage during the surprise start out. Read All Our SXSW Coverage Hither, Yo Penguin Prison popped up halfway through DJ duo RAC’s set to debut a new not public, “Hollywood,” set for release in April exclusively via Green Label Yell out vituperate. As he introduced his new RAC particular, the band’s Chris Glover asked the pile, “Who out here lives in Los Angeles? Who here doesn’t live in Los Angeles and hates it? Fabulously, this song is about a girl who moved to L.A. and how it changed her life story.” The unannounced lineup at Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound showcase was perhaps just as exciting as confirmed acts as Rapper Wiz Khalifa and Penguin Prison joined RAC, Starslinger, Mac Miller and Three Six Mafia’s Juicy J. (Picture: Jessica Lehrman) In other Dew communiqu?, the PepsiCo brand is set to back Miller’s Macadelic Tour when it kicks off Walk 27 at Norfolk State University in Virginia. Green Label Sound labelmates Cool Kids will carry. The Macadelic gigs come on the heels of Dew’s topple 2011 support of Holy Ghost’s first headlining outing. As the band told in October, budget issues would have made it cost prohibitive for the band to tour with opening acts without outside mainstay. “Everyone thinks going on tour is alarming, all the girls and whatever and awesome shows,” Holy Ghost’s Alex Frankel said at the organize. “But the reality of touring for a band at our level now is without a major label or tour supporter, there’s a tremendous of logistical support required. It’s awesome when someone comes in and says, ‘We’re gonna help you.’” How Mountain Dew Booked Lil Wayne for SXSW, DeWeezy Cause Friday’s showcase came just one night after Mountain Dew announced that Lil Wayne would be its latest artist partner via a new endorsement-meets-philanthropic program shouted “DEWeezy.” Performing at the Young Money/Cash Money Records showcase Thursday dusk, Lil Wayne even filmed a live commercial for the upcoming electioneer, which will include TV, digital and print as well as the building a skate park in his hometown of New Orleans. Young Money Nicki Minaj is set to announce a partnership with at least one other Pepsi brand in the coming weeks, Billboard has well-informed. Amid the hip-hop heads and dance fans, brand execs like Mountain Dew’s brand manager Hudson Sullivan and Converse chief marketing officer Geoff Cottrill, who made the rounds after closing up shop at the Converse-sponsored Fader Fort for the sunset. Wiz khalifa with Lola Monroe (Picture: Jessica Lehrman)

It was a veritable industry gathering at the second day

It was a veritable industry gathering at the second day of taping for Colombian star Juanes’ MTV Unplugged set at Miami Beach’s New World Core. Accompanied by an acoustic band and just two guest artists-Brazil’s Paula Fernandes and Spain’s Joaquín Sabina-Juanes recorded new renditions of hits as well as new material for the special which will air on Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, in addition to MTV Latin America, MTV Spain and VH1 Brasil in May 2012.  The special was produced by Juanes’ good friend,  Dominican star Juan Luis Guerra, who was largely behind the scenes but took the stage to conduct the 16-piece orchestra and the Frost Singers of the University of Miami for the show’s grand finish. Juanes to Bind ‘MTV Unplugged,’ Juan Luis Guerra as Musical Kingpin “I want to have him on the Billboard Latin Music Awards,” said show producer Tony Mojena, who was among those in presence. The Juanes album is slated for release in May, shortly following the April 26 Billboard Latin Music Awards, which air live on Telemundo. “Everything that’s happening here is grand, and I have to thank you too practically,” said Juanes during his act. Concert-goers later converged at the rooftop of the New World Center for cocktails and at the Delano Hotel for an after-party hosted by Juanes’ identifier, Universal Music Latin Presentation. Those in attendance included Universal Music Latin America/Iberian Penninsual Chairman/CEO Jesús López, UMLE president Victor González and Universal Music Latino GM Luis Estrada; AEG VP of Latin Engagement & Talent Rebecca León, TV producer Tony Mojena, Enrique Iglesias manager Fernando Giaccardi, Colombian star Fonseca, WME head of Latin business Michel Vega, who is Juanes’ deputy, and long-time publicist John Reilly, VP Music for Rogers & Cowan. Also there was former WME agent Jeremy Norkin, who just opened his own force, Norkin Talent Workings, representing Natalia Jimenez and Carlos Baute, among others. Backbeat: Juanes, Colombian Peerless, Gets TV Special On TR3s On his adrift, Giaccardi said Enrique Iglesias continues to capitalize on his extraordinary past two years and is currently discussing dates in Dud, Morocco and Montecarlo for this coming summertime. Bruno del Granado, who manages Ricky Martin, also made it to the show despite shuttling back and forth between Los Angeles-where Martin filmed his appearance in the interest of “Pleasure, including an unforgettable bilingual rendition of “Sexy and I Know It” (to air February. 7)-and New York where Martin will play Che Guevara in Evita, beginning in April. The Billboard Latin Music Colloquy & Awards, presented by State Farm taking place April 24-26, 2012 at the JW Marriott Marquis, Miami. Registration is open for the nonce. Register by Hike 9th for the Early Bird Rate and save $175. Visit fitting for details.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Keith Urban was slyly dropping hints about the surprises he had in store at the All For The Hall benefit concert this workweek, but little did he know the night’s biggest surprise was aimed at him. Vince Gill and members of Rascal Flatts, The Oak Ridge Boys and Diamond Rio surprised Urban Tuesday night with the announcement he will officially join The Grand Ole Opry later this month, a revelation that clearly took the Australian country star by disconcert. Keith Urban Goes Three For Three Again on Country Charts “I’m shocked, I’ve got to power,” Urban told the sold-out crowd at Bridgestone Domain. “It’s a huge honor and how beautiful to have this happen tonight of all nights.” As for Urban’s surprises, he brought Merle Haggard and childhood hero Don Williams on originate, fittingly trotting out a couple of inductees for the fundraiser to benefit the Country Music Hall of Illustriousness & Museum. “This is one of the biggest thrills of my ?lan, getting to play a little guitar with this guy coming distant,” Gill said before brining Haggard on leg. Haggard played four songs, including crowd treasured “Workin’ Man’s Vapours.” Williams, a childhood idol of Urban’s, performed two songs, including “Tulsa Notwithstanding.” “I heard more records in my house growing up by this guy than anybody,” Urban told the crowd before bringing Williams on arrange. With the exception of the night’s surprise guests, the theme of Urban and Gill’s third installment of the benefit was duos, vocal groups and bands. Urban and Gill served as co-musical directors and house band leadership, sitting in on almost every song and merging their bands for the tenebrousness. “Thanks so much to Keith and Vince,” Miranda Lambert said. “That’s bright!” Other groups joining Lambert’s Pistol Annies on the night’s set list included Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Thompson Square and Little Big Township. Alabama was the only group not to use the supercharged backing pack. Turns out they didn’t need them on their somber hits “Lady Down on Guy” and “Feels So Out.” “Human beings, there is nothing like the sound of those voices,” Gill said after Alabama wrapped up. “Good The creator!” Soothe, little compared with the moment when Gill called all the Opry members in the house back on stage following Rascal Flatts’ show. That triplet, also recently invited to join the Opry, brought out a black duffel bag with a surprise inside for Urban. He opened it to find an Opry microphone cover for a be prominent. Urban appeared to tear up before recovering and addressing the gang. He also dedicated his invitation to his spouse, the actress Nicole Kidman, and his daughters. “I’ve been hither 20 years this year,” Urban said. “1989 was the first year I came over from Australia to take my demo to the record labels. I got a lot of strange looks. … This night here is in a whole otc stratosphere.”

The story behind Alabama Shakes’ sudden rise to band-most-likely-to has

The story behind Alabama Shakes’ sudden rise to band-most-likely-to has almost become urban epic: a blog post and some hot performances during last October’s CMJ Music Marathon sparked a buzz that’s led them from being virtually unfamiliar (singer Brittany Howard was famously still working for the post office just a few months lodged with someone) to a wildfire success comedy — a no. 3 debut in the UK this week and a no. 16 debut on last week’s Hoarding 200 for their eponymous first LP (based on digital sales only; it’s expected to rise to outstrip 10 this workweek) — all in just over six months. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither Along the in work, their refreshingly rootsy pronounce, driven by Howard’s stellar telling, has led to a Zales ad featuring their prevarication “You’re Not Lone,” a management deal with Red Light and a one-album deal with its related label ATO, and countless keystrokes of feverishly positive force, ranging from underground blogs to an article in Rolling Pit, a big Sunday feature in the New York Times and a strong push from NPR and several MTV properties. And considering the role New York has played in the band’s fast get somewhere, its gigs in town last workweek — particularly their set in the basement Studio in Webster Lecture-room, which was live-streamed as part of MTV Hive’s “Live in NYC” series — had the air of a victory lap. Truly, the venue is so small that the most commonly overheard line was about how “you won’t get to see them in a venue this size over” — we saw them play before a much larger crowd when they sold out the 600-capacity Brooklyn Bowl in January — and not surprisingly, the small room was packed with media and biz types. Many MTV staffers, both on and off-tariff, were in the take in — VP of digital music procedure (and one of Billboard’s 2011 Women in Music honorees) Shannon Connelly, Hive’s Jessica Robertson,’s Colin Helms, Expos?’ James Montgomery, MTV/VH1 Communications Director Kurt Patat, Music and Talent’s Lisa Lauricella – along with Verse 100′s Jessica Casano-Antonellis, RED’s Melinda Caffin, former reporter Jillian Mapes (who covered the show for the Village Raise), Fort Lean manager Talya Elitzer, Big Hassle’s Shira Knishkowy and Myles Grosovsky, and of course Shakes manager Christine Stauder. Backbeat: Fort Lean Rocks Santos Party House at Record-Release Gig Packed With Fans, Eager A&R Execs The by-now-seasoned band delivered a typically rousing hourlong go down — you can watch five full songs downstairs — although we do wish they’d played their stunning medley of Led Zeppelin’s “How Many More Times” and snippets of various blues songs. The Shakes have been a sort of textbook case for the kind of multi-platform push MTV has brought to up-and-coming artists over the past couple of eld: Florence and the Cabal, Mac Miller and Young the Giant are among the success stories, and they’ve admittedly gone the extra yard for the Shakes. “I have a team of passionate music fans [her staff of around 30 people across all branded MTV platforms] that are out seeing music every unceasingly, and many of us saw them at CMJ last commence,” said MTV Music & Talent EVP Amy Doyle, who is one of the key people behind that advance. “And rarely does everyone come back and have the same impression: Everybody just fell in love and were so inspired by the feeling, the soulful raw talents, Brittany’s unique vocals — so we decided we want to be involved in bringing this band to a larger fanbase. With all our different platforms, we could expose them to amuch larger moviegoers.” Alabama Shakes’ ‘Austin City Limits’ Taping: 8 Things Well-informed To that destination, the group got a prime slot during the O Music Awards (via a pre-taped performance at Stubbs’ in Austin), an interview with Matt Pinfield on the advanced ” 120 Proceedings,” named the band one of 11 “Artists to Notice of” in behalf of 2012, were nominated for an mtvU Woodie, were part of Hive’s “First Memo” series, and taped the group’s performance at South by Southwestward. Last workweek, the band was spotlighted as MTV Push’s multiscreen artist ambition, which included heavy rotation of their “Persevere” music tv, exclusive interviews, along with Tuesday night’s live beck. “CMJ was the band’s first-ever performance in NYC and the first time a lot of people got to see the join, so it was exciting to return to NYC for their album release and even better to team up with MTV to do a live stream of their show and broadcast it live online to an international spectators,” Stauder told Biz. “MTV have been very supportive of the band from the beginning and we appreciate all of the support and enthusiasm they have precondition.” In all, it adds up to a hell of a lot of Shakes in a lot of different MTV platforms. And while it’s difficult to quantify the direct effect of MTV’s efforts, given the wide base of support the band has developed over the past few months, it does show how many new ways the channel has found to support new artists beyond the traditional music picture. “Keep” “Always Okay” “Be Wealth” “Rise To The Trinkets” “You Ain’t Unequalled”

Victory Lap: Musician Bernard Pantryman, Lord Tim Clement-Jones, UK Music

Victory Lap: Musician Bernard Pantryman, Lord Tim Clement-Jones, UK Music Chairman Andy Heathland, singer Martina Topley-Shuttlecock, UK Music CEO Jo Dipple and MU General Secretary John Smith at a reception to celebrate the passing of the UK’s Live Music Act held at London’s Houses of Sevens. Following years of lobbying from the British music determination, a small but important shake-up of the United Kingdom’s grass roots music scene is set to occur when the Live Music Act comes into effect on October 1 2012. First introduced by Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Tim Clement-Jones in July 2010 as a Private Members Bill in the House of Lords, the Live Music Bill gained Royal Assent Tread 8, passing the bill into British law. The Act sets out to remove much of the bureaucracy currently attached to hosting gigs in small-capacity U.K. venues. Most significantly, it exempts venues with a capacity of 200 persons or fewer from the need to obtain a local authority license for the performance of live music enclosed by 8am and 11pm. The Act also states that there will be no audience limit for performances of unamplified live music. Prior to the passing of the Live Music Order, which follows a near-decade of lobbying, small U.K. venues had to apply for permission to their local council authority for permission to host live music events (as dictated by the 2003 Licensing Turn). The bureaucratic red tape and costs involved in doing so is widely credited with deterring many U.K. venue owners from staging live music events, therefore significantly reducing the number of small venues available for live musicians throughout the U.K. “This will mean a whole lot of small venues – not primarily music venues, but many pubs, restaurants and wine bars – are going to be able to put on live music without any fuss,” Musicians’ Combination (MU) General Secretary John Smith told, at a reception to celebrate the Act’s eagerness, held at London’s Houses of Sevens. “It will form a breeding ground for new acts. There’s a whole litany of acts that have started in smaller venues and I think it’s going to open the doors for many more. The whole ecology [of the music application] should benefit from it,” Smith went on to imagine, calling the Act a “truly, very rare political mastery.” Speaking at the well-attended opening, which also saw live performances from British singer Martina Topley-Bird and indie act Daytona Lights, Jo Dipple, recently installed chief executive of umbrella trade group U.K. Music, called the Live Music Act a “signal” piece of legislation that “has the potential to create thousands of musicians.” “The last thing to come out the House of Lords was the Digital Economy Act and we all know what’s happened – or didn’t materialise – with that,” Dipple said, referring to the U.K.’s long-delayed anti-piracy Bill, which was given Royal Assent in April 2010, but has yet to be implemented, largely due to now-resolved legal challenges from British ISPs BT and TalkTalk. “But, here we are. And we have something spacious, an act of parliament promoting music in the very heart of our communities,” Dipple went on to influence, later referencing “Joy Sectioning, the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, The Who” as just some of the many British bands, who started out playing tiny capacity pubs and venues. The Live Music Act has also been welcomed by the wider music community with Sting among the artists keen to praise the first move. “It’s great news that the campaign has been successful and small venues will be able to hold live music events without a lisence,” said the artist in a account. “Such venues are the essential shop floor of the U.K.’s multi-million pound music persistence.” Guy Garvey, singer with Mercury Prize winning rock band Elbow, also welcomed the Act’s potential significance by referencing back to his group’s origins playing a tiny pub in its native North West of England. “The encouragement the landlord and the friends that gathered back then gave us kept us writing and playing long enough to make a life from our passionateness,” Garvey stated. “This result is a very important step towards easing the path for musicians of tomorrow.” According to estimates from U.K. collecting society PRS for Music, the value of live music in the 2010 to the U.K. was £1.48 jillion.

Nicki Minaj scores her second No

Nicki Minaj scores her second No. 1 album on the Hoarding 200 as “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” debuts atop the list with 253,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s a slightly better-than-expected sales picture, as industry sources had suggested last week that the album was on course for a launch somewhere in the range of 215,000 to 235,000. It follows her debut studio specify, “Pink Friday,” which climbed to No. 1 on the February. 19, 2011, graph, just as her “Super Deep” single was taking distant. “Pink Friday” bowed at No. 2 on the December. 11, 2010, chart with 375,000 sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Its big debut was fueled by Christmas shopping, as the album bowed during Thanksgiving workweek.) Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Officially Posts Biggest Second-Week Percentage Drop Ever For No. 1-Debuting Album Despite its epithet, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” is not a reissue of the unique “Pink Friday” album. It’s an all-new notice, led by its official first unalloyed, “Starships.” The track has already sailed to No. 5 on the Billboard Popular 100. The album that Minaj replaces, Madonna’s “MDNA,” falls to No. 8 with 48,000 (refine 86.7%) It debuted at No. 1 last week with 359,000. Its steep drop is the largest second-week percentage decline for a No. 1-debuting album since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. It surpasses the record set by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Particular,” when it knock 84.3% in its second week on the June 18, 2011, table. “Born This More” bowed the previous frame at No. 1 with 1.1 million and then sold 174,000 in its second week at the top of the plan. Focusing our attention on the rest of the choicest 10 this workweek, Minaj’s “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” is one of four debuts in the pale. Next up is Rascal Flatts’ “Changed,” which starts in the No. 3 slot with 130,000. It’s the country group’s eighth complete 10 on the Hoarding 200 and seventh No. 1 on the Country Albums table. Its last album, 2010′s “Nothing Like That” (its Big Machine debut after a career on Lyric Avenue), bowed at No. 6 with 165,000. Sandwiched between Minaj and Rascal Flatts is Adele’s “21,” which rises one spot to No. 2 with 153,000 (up 26%). Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” falls two rungs to No. 4 with 95,000 (pile 52%), and One Direction’s “Up All End of day” is up one to No. 5 with 92,000 (up 98%). Credit the latter’s big gain to the group’s performances on “Saturday Night Palpable” (April 7) and Nickelodeon’s “Kids Choice Awards” (April 1), plus gift-giving sales generated during the Easter furlough (April 8). At No. 6, rock band Of Monsters and Men’s debut album, “My Head Is an Bestial,” starts with 55,000. The set’s oddball “Little Talks” rises 11-6 on the Alternative Songs airplay chart this workweek. “The Hunger Valiants” soundtrack slips 5-7 with 50,000 (polish 22%), and Shinedown’s “Amaryllis” slides 4-10 with 36,000 (consume 66%). Gospel singer Marvin Sapp is the final bow in the peerless 10, debuting at No. 9 with “I Incline” (37,000). His last studio prepare b start, 2010′s “Here I Am,” debuted and peaked at No. 2 with 76,000. Over on the Digital Songs plan, nonsense.’s “We Are Innocent” (featuring Janelle Monae) regains the No. 1 niche (up in unison) with 390,000 (up 7%) while last week’s concert-master, Justin Bieber’s “Swain,” falls to No. 3 with a still-significant 295,000 (pile 43%). Lag, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to See” (featuring Kimbra) climbs 3-2 (311,000; up 28%). Thanks to a red hot song in “We Are Juvenile,” Bieber’s huge debut last week and then Easter weekend sales, the Digital Songs chart’s top two both trade 300,000 for the first time in successive weeks outside of the Christmas edible. One Direction’s “What Makes You Gorgeous” is up one to No. 4 (294,000; up 48%), and Minaj’s “Starships” slips 4-5 despite a outdistance (232,000; up 14%). Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Perchance” moves 7-6 (216,000; up 19%), the Wanted’s “Glad You Came” climbs 8-7 (209,000; up 24%), and Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” (featuring Sia) waterfall 6-8 (198,000; up 8%). Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” is up one to No. 9 (138,000; up 13%), and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” slips one to No. 10 (137,000; up less than 1%). Overall album sales in this past chart workweek (ending April 8) totaled 6.4 million units, up 4% compared with the sum last workweek (6.2 meg) and up 9% compared with the comparable sales week of 2011 (5.9 trillion). Year-to-date album sales stand at 84.2 meg, up 1% compared with the same total at this point last yr (83.7 trillion). Digital track sales this past week totaled 29.1 million downloads, up 9% compared with last workweek (26.7 meg) and up 26% stacked next to the comparable week of 2011 (23.2 zillion). Year-to-date track sales are at 390.4 meg, up 8% compared with the same total at this point last yr (362.3 trillion). Next week’s Hoarding 200 competes with the same week in 2011 when: Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Deplane” gave the band its first No. 1 album, debuting in the top slot with 235,000. The previous week’s leader, Adele’s “21,” prostrate to No. 2 with 93,000 (up 5%).

Ronnie Wood says the Rolling Stones will meet in a

Ronnie Wood says the Rolling Stones will meet in a recording studio later this month “to just throw some ideas back.” The guitarist for the legendary rock group said Monday that he and the band just hankering “to get the feel back.” He also added that the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary is like training for something jumbo. “It’s like working out for the Olympics or something,” Wood said. “You’ve got to go into breeding. So we’re going to go into breeding.” Wood made the comments Monday in an interview following a press conference for his exposition, “Faces, Time and Places,” which features his own paintings. It includes pieces of him and his band mates, as well as Muhammad Ali and Al Pacino. Woods, who said he first started painting at epoch 3, enjoys doing it because it’s a reflection of his own ideas, unlike music, which he calls “a group work.” The exhibit launched Monday and will close June 30. Wood’s week will get busier when he is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday as a member of The Faces, along with Rod Stewart. It will be the second induction for the 64-year-old Woodwind. The Rolling Stones were inducted in 1989. He’ll also perform a solo show at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic New zealand urban area, N.J., on April 21. When asked what fans should wait for, he said: “Lots of surprises because I’m going to surprise myself. I don’t know what the hell is coming succeeding. The whole set list is going to be made up. I’m making it up every day second.” Wood says he would love go on a solo go “if I had enough days, but I have too many commitments.” He also talked about possibly recording another solo album. “Lots of people don’t know I’ve made vii, ’cause most of my albums bugger off; they’re not released,” he said, riant. “Keith (Richards) says they all skyrocket to disregard.”

A New Zealand judge has ruled that law enforcement’s efforts

A New Zealand judge has ruled that law enforcement’s efforts to seize some $200 million in assets from Megaupload is “null and put aside,” the result of a procedural slip-up. As a development, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom could get back his $30 million sign, luxury cars and other cash assets needed to mount a vigorous defense to allegations he participated in massive copyright infringement and racketeering. Cautious of: Kim Dotcom Defend Legality of Megaupload Justice Judith Potter made the ruling on Friday, according to The New Zealand Precursor. She determined that the police commissioner and the New Zealand-based law firm that’s representing the U.S. government applied for a foreign restraining classification, which didn’t allow Dotcom to contest the stunt, instead of a preferred temporary restraining apply for. Efforts by local authorities to correct the “procedural goof” were made as far back as January 30, but the judge says that the original restraining order now has “no legal create.” US Prosecutors File for Extradition of Kim Dotcom Dotcom won’t get his property back right forth. The judge has granted a new order on a temporary principle, but has scheduled a hearing to figure out whether the procedural errors were sufficient to allow Dotcom to regain his feature. In legal papers, Dotcom’s lawyers say the unlawfully seized assets “must be released.” Since the January raid that shut down one of the Internet’s most popular sites and caused the arrest of its chairwoman, Dotcom has been challenging one of the largest international anti-piracy efforts in account. He’s now out on bond, awaiting an extradition hearing that tentatively is scheduled for August. 20. The return of property would allow him to access funds for the oppugn. Canterbury University professor Ursula Cheer told the local paper that Dotcom’s lawyers would need to produce evidence showing a lack of good faith in the restraining order application in order to prevail over the law’s allowances for mistakes. Still, the development is being seen as an embarrassing blunder in the run-up to the big decision over whether Dotcom will be sent to the U.S. to face prosecution on criminal copyright disobedience charges.

Late last night-time, the New York Times published an blurb,

Late last night-time, the New York Times published an blurb, citing leaked documents, that stated if the consortium led by Sony Corporation. of America gets approval to acquire EMI Music Publishing — which it did on Thursday — it would avoid 326 positions over two years to succeed in $70 million in net cost savings. Below is Sony/ATV Chairman/CEO Martin Bandier’s email to the company’s staff in response to the story, obtained by Dear all, By in, I am sure you have read or heard about today’s New York Times story that references Sony and the investor group’s plans for integration. I wanted to write to all of you to set some of the facts straight from the shoulder. Over the last several months, we have been working with many units of your company to develop a strategic integration outline. This plan changes continually, as we continue to analyze the vast amount of information and meet with the department and regional heads at EMI Music Publishing. Since various governmental agencies around the world are still reviewing the proposed annals, it was, to us, premature and inappropriate to share our thinking publicly. It is unfortunate that the New York Times received this information while we are still developing this integration script. While we do not have a completed integration plan to engagement, I will share with you some of our thoughts as to that summons. If the transaction is approved by all the necessary agencies around the cosmos, our current plan is to reduce the total number of employees of the two companies. The exact numbers or percentages are not ending. Since our companies remain partition, we continue to learn more about the existing structure of EMI Music Publishing, which is quite different than when I was thither, and evaluate the information we meet. Without a waver, it is our intention to retain the best and brightest employees at both companies. I will keep you apprised as all of these various events move onward. Marty

(Getty Drawings) Tim McGraw has competed 46 times in the

(Getty Drawings) Tim McGraw has competed 46 times in the beat 10 on Country Songs, and nearly made it a two-fer this workweek, as his current solo especial “Better Than I Used to Be” enters the upper level (11-10), and a new duet with Kenny Chesney barely misses a transcend 10 scratch. With 21.6 million audience impressions, “Feel Like a Rock Heavenly body” opens at No. 13, the second-highest debut since the chart adopted Nielsen BDS-based rankings in January 1990. Over that 22-year extend over, here is a look at the list’s highest entrances. Clearly, Chesney boasts three of the select nine top-grade 20 arrivals (as does Garth Brooks): Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw’s ‘Rock Genius’ Roars Onto Hot Country Songs • No. 1, “More Than a Respect,” Garth Brooks, September. 15, 2007 • No. 13, “Feel Like a Rock Take the lead,” Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw, April 21, 2012 • No. 16, “Don’t Start,” Kenny Chesney, September. 8, 2007 • No. 17, “The Boys of Downturn,” Kenny Chesney, July 31, 2010 • No. 17, “Once in a Life,” Keith Urban, September. 2, 2006 • No. 18, “Good Ride Cowpuncher,” Garth Brooks, October. 22, 2005 • No. 19, “I Saw God Tod,” George Box, February. 23, 2008 • No. 19, “The Thunder Rolls,” Garth Brooks, May 18, 1991 • No. 20, “So Matter-of-fact,” Carrie Underwood, August. 18, 2007 As for a potential predictor of future success after such a lofty organize, all of the songs above peaked at No. 1 on Country Songs except for Urban’s “Life” (No. 6) and Brooks’ “Cowman” (No. 3). “Rock Incomparable” additionally arrives as the highest-bowing duet between two co-lead artists in the chart’s BDS-era report, besting the No. 31 starts of Brad Paisley and Urban’s “Start a Team up” the week of September. 27, 2008, and Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” (June 21, 2003). Both songs eventually reached No. 1, while the latter track went on to spend eight weeks at the top, a reign that tied the song with Lonestar’s “Stunned” (1999) for the chart’s longest command since 1966. Chesney and McGraw premiered “Rock Prima donna” on CBS’ April 1 telecast of the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Chesney’s label serviced the song to country radio stations during the festivities. The handsome debut was driven partially by coordinated hourly play on Monday, April 1 at Clear Channel-owned stations, 40 of which are represented on the Country Songs venire. “Rock Shooting star” previews Chesney’s 15th studio album, “Welcome to the Fishbowl,” due June 19. The song was released digitally at midnight April 2 and debuts on Country Digital Songs at No. 3 with 93,000 downloads sold. It enters the Billboard Sex-mad 100 at No. 40. PATTERN ‘SPOUSE’: In addition to Chesney and McGraw’s grand chart coming, Lee Brice ascends to his first Country Songs No. 1, as “A Woman Like You” rises 2-1. Brice had previously peaked as high as No. 3 with “Love Like Plumb loco” in 2010. The song set the record for the longest stopover (56 weeks) in the chart’s 68-year yesterday’s news. BIG RASCALS: Rascal Flatts pads its lead as the group with the most No. 1 debuts on Country Albums in the 21 year-old Nielsen SoundScan cycle, as “Changed” becomes the trio’s sixth set to open at the top. Lady Antebellum follows with three top starts, while the Dixie Chicks have a pair of No. 1 debuts during that time figure mood. Rascal Flatts’ new album arrives with 130,000 copies sold, good for a No. 2 start on the Hoarding 200. The trio’s biggest opening week was noted when “Me and My Troupe conspire” stated with 722,000 copies six years since. “Banjo” is the lead track from the new album; it bullets at No. 6 on Country Songs and No. 15 on Country Digital Songs (35,000 downloads). Additional reporting by Gary Depute.

Epic Records Chairman/CEO L

Epic Records Chairman/CEO L.A. Reid announced today that Benny Pough would assume the role of Executive Vice Prexy, Urban Music at Larger-than-life. Pough previously worked for Motown and MCA Records/Universal before taking up his most recent post as Senior Vice President of Urban Promotion at Island Def Jam Music Group in 2004, where he had a major hand in breaking massive artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West and Young Jeezy, among others. His responsibilities at Epic will include creating and overseeing urban promotion strategies and developing Epic’s urban music business imitation, according to a press story. “I am extremely pleased and honored for the opportunity to work with an iconic label such as Epic Records and with such an extraordinary band leader,” said Pough in the disenthral. “I am looking forward to an amazing run and to making yesteryear.” Reid informed his staff that Pough will be reporting directly to him the executive VP’s new capacity. “Benny’s strong leadership and executive skills, coupled with his solid relationships with both artists and managers, make him a critical component of our mission to break and establish hotshot artists,” said Reid.

Universal Publishing Production Music’s Killer Tracks announced yesterday the beginning

Universal Publishing Production Music’s Killer Tracks announced yesterday the beginning of its Killer Tracks Artist Series, which will be releasing a number of original EPs geared toward music licensing and syncs. Starting on May 22 with a 5-song EP from singer/songwriter Alex Horde, the company will come out with four releases, including efforts from Tamar Kaprelian on June 19, Rev Theory some time this summertime, and famous Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier in the be found wanting, with more to be announced later this yr. Corbis Simplifies Music Licensing With GreenLight Originate Each EP will be available for purchase via iTunes, but the main thrust of the Artist Series is as a licensing cock; Killer Tracks has built a reputation since its inception in 1989 for its background music licensing, but the new initiative follows on its recent success with lyric-based, full-length songs. “As we started licensing songs with lyrics, thousands of people started asking who the artists were and where they could buy the music,” said Artist Series overseer and Killer Tracks VP of marketing and business development David Gurule in a asseveration. “In some cases, the digital sales from a single placement were increasing the value of that placement many times remaining.” In teaming with these artists for original composition, Killer Tracks is hoping to boost its catalogue, give its clients more sync options, and also help the artists reach new audiences that may have previously never heard their tracks, thus the simultaneous commercial releases. “Our goal with this series is to combine the simple one-stop production music licensing model with the creativity of major artists for the benefit of our clients, our artists and their fans worldwide,” said Gurule. “The appeal of artists creates bigger sync opportunities. Those sync opportunities then drive digital sales and increase both public performance income and awareness for Killer Tracks and the artist. In wrench twist, that increased awareness creates even more sync opportunities and the circle just grows from thither.” “Working with Killer Tracks is a musically rewarding experience and it’s wonderful to see my music getting out there in new ways,” said Dozier, whose songwriting credits contain “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” and “End! In The Name of Brotherhood,” in a declaration. “I can’t wait to create hits for a new generation through this exciting new beau idal.”

Lately there’s been speculation that Britney Spears is in talks

Lately there’s been speculation that Britney Spears is in talks to judge the sophomore season of Fox’s “X Particular,” but the singer is finally close to closing a $15 million deal with the web, TMZ reports. The debut season of Simon Cowell’s singing reality show ended with major shake-ups, with two of the four judges — Nicole Scherzinger, who reportedly pulled in $1.5 million and Paula Abdul, who weblike $2.5 zillion — leaving the contrast c embarrass. The play the host, U.K. television personality Steve Jones, was also let move one’s bowels. ‘American Icon’ and ‘X Part’ Nab Highest Ad Revenue Per Half Minute, According To Forbes Remaining judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid will be joined by Spears — if her contract negotiations go completely — and presumably one more justice. Earlier this yr, rumors of Mariah Carey and Beyonce joining the panel circulated, but were quickly shot down by Cowell himself. The major terms of Spears’ contract have reportedly been locked refine, and the legal teams are just sorting out the fine points. An official announcement is expected in the next workweek.

YouTube’s roll-out of original content is picking up steamer

YouTube’s roll-out of original content is picking up steamer. Now, the Google-owned company announced a slew of exclusive programs featuring such music stars as Cee Lo Nave, Regina Spektor, B.o.B and Cody Simpson. Sleigh Bells Leads Bowery Presents’ New YouTube Play at SF MusicTech Among the launches slated for March is a channel called The Warner Quality, which promises “exclusive access to superstars, celebrities and breaking genius” along with artist interviews, rare films from the Warner vaults, live events, animated series, scripted comedy and “experimental concepts.” The channel will live-stream performances from Warner Music’s SXSW showcase which will include gigs by B.o.B, T.I., Dr. Lav, Ed Sheeran, Gary Clark Jr., Kimbra and Theophilus London. Former MTV News VP Ocean MacAdams will serve as general manager for TWS. Phil Botti, who worked at Atlantic Records as VP Video Subject-matter, will serve as the executive producer of the river-bed. Warner Music League, Eagles Considering Legal Action Against Frank Plethora Other content on deck includes ManTazia by Green and filmmaker Mikael Colombu, a shortform series that chronicles “the flavour, times and music” of the singer and The Voice determine. Actor-director Michael Rapaport will helm a documentary series called Untitled, which also will feature WMG artists. Interval, Staged takes the lyrics of popular songs and “re-imagines them as the script of a thespian.” The first episode will feature the words of Gym Class Heroes. Whitney Houston’s YouTube & Vevo Plays Earnings 4,523% The Live Room will feature intimate performances shot in recording studios all over the great. Promised for the open: B.o.B at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, with Spektor also slated for a future occurrence. Countdown To … takes a look at the final days before a hotly anticipated album comes into public notice, and in Finding Cody Simpson, fans will be able to create their own adventure series based on the teen principal. YouTube in October announced identically 100 new channels including ones curated by the music-focused Profligacy, Bowery Presents, Pitchfork and Fuzee. BonnarooTV is scheduled to launch on Stride 13.

Layoffs took place in the promotion department of Warner Music’s

Layoffs took place in the promotion department of Warner Music’s labels tod, sources tell People let go include Reprise Senior Vice President of Promotion Mike Rittberg, Warner SVP Ron Cerrito, Reprise VP of Pop Promotion Bob Weil, Reprise VP of Alternative Promotion Lynn McDonnell, Warner VP of Pop Radio Promotion Ken Lucek and others. At least a dozen regional reps — including veterans Kim Poole, Rich Garcia, Jim Kelly, Howard Frank and Bob Hathaway — were also let suited for, according to All Adit. A source close to the situation said that the Warner and Reprise labels are not being merged although the promotion staffs are, under the leadership of Peter Grayish, newly appointed Senior Vice President for Warner Bros./Reprize, who joined the company in June. With Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries completing its purchase of Warner in July, and the appointment of Stephen Cooper to the position of CEO, staff reductions have been awaited. A rep for Warner Music had not responded to’s request for comment at press schedule. In a long and heartfelt email sent to many people in the manufacture, Rittberg thanked dozens of his colleagues and wrote in generally: “Before my first job at a record store I had dreamed to work at Warner Bros. Records.  Coming from A&M Records [to] Warner Bros. was the giant version of a boutique label that believed in artists and were committed to the tomorrow. … “I will always remember my lunch with [legendary Warner chieftain] Mo Ostin when I got the employ ‘down the entry’ to run Reprise.  He told me stories about Sinatra starting Reprise and how the first rock signings were Jimi Hendrix and The Kinks.  It’s that abscond with – of trying to forge new turf – that I will always carry with me in my next strive.”

Primary Wave Music is heading abroad

Primary Wave Music is heading abroad. The publishing, marketing and talent management company announced Thursday it is expanding from offices in New York and Los Angeles and opening up shop in the United Land. Industry veteran Clive Black will head up the new Primary Wave UK. “Now is the perfect time to bring in a European partner to expand resources overseas and Clive is a force in the British music partnership,” Primary Wave founder and CEO Larry Mestel said in a communiqu. Atrocious, who founded Blacklist Entertainment in 1997, previously served as Director of A&R at EMI (UK) and also worked at Warner Music Accumulation. During his livelihood, Black has signed number one hit makers in the U.K., including Mark Morrison (“Return of the Mackintosh”) and Babylon Menagerie (“Spaceman”). “I’m excited to join the Primary Wave team and look forward to building a stronger appearance, and opening new opportunities for their artists, writers and producers,”  Black said in a account. Primary Wave Music represents artists including Cee Lo Verdant, Eric Benet and Cody Simpson, and also has interest in Beatles songs penned by John Lennon and the catalogue of Kurt Cobain and Paradise. In December, the company’s television team sold a reality program featuring Untested, which is set to premiere in the U.K. on Stream-bed 4 in the fizzle out.

Billboard Bulletin is your daily email summary of the top

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In yet another surprise during a week of head-spinning rumors

In yet another surprise during a week of head-spinning rumors and negotiations, Citigroup this morning announced the completion of the sale of EMI’s recorded-music operation to Vivendi/Universal Music Squad, ahead of its pending announcement of the sale of EMI Music Publishing to a Sony Corporation.-led investment dispose. EMI’s Deals WIth Wide-ranging, Sony Face Absolute — But Distinctive — Regulatory Check According to the notice, Vivendi will pay UMG “£1.2 trillion ($1.91 gazillion) representing 7 x EBITDA prior to synergies.” That means the recorded music had EBIDTA of £171 million pounds ($272 trillion). Sony, Universal Heat Up EMI Auctioneer In a account, Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy said: “We are very proud to welcome EMI into the Vivendi one’s own flesh. We all respect the labels within EMI as well as the artists and employees who contribute to its realization. They will find within our Group a ok, long-term qualified in, headquartered in Europe.” He added that he is “confident that we will be able to create additional value for our shareholders thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our proven track record of successful integration.” UMG chairperson & CEO Lucian Grainge said in a assertion: “This is a historic acquisition for UMG and an important step in preserving the legacy of EMI Music. For me, as an Englishman, EMI was the preeminent music company that I grew up with. Its artists and their music provided the soundtrack to my teenage age. That being so, UMG is committed to both preserving EMI’s cultural heritage and artistic diversity and also investing in its artists and people to grow the company’s assets for the subsequent. As a consequence, we will be better positioned to fully capitalize on the many new and exciting opportunities in the current mart, and also able to better serve our artists, songwriters and business partners, while offering fans even more best.” Citigroup vice chairman and EMI chairman of the board Stephen Volk said in a communiqu?: “We believe that this transaction accomplishes Citi’s objective of maximizing the value of EMI, giving EMI Music a partner in Universal Music that appreciates EMI’s rich cultural legacy, its incredible stable of musical propensity, and its employees who work so hard to deliver successful outcomes for the artists they state. We are grateful to Roger Faxon, his management team and all of EMI’s staff for the continued success of this business during Citi’s possession.” Elegant: EMI CEO Roger Faxon Talks Citigroup Takeover The transaction has been approved both by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Vivendi, according to the statement. Vivendi will finance the transaction from its existing credit lines. Concurrently, Vivendi and UMG will also trade 500 million euros worth of non-core UMG assets. A source says which assets will be sold hasn’t yet been pronounced, but it would likely be one or two small catalogs. While the Citigroup announcement says that the closing of the administer “remains subject to a number of weather, including approvals of regulatory authorities in the countries and continents responsible,” sources tell that UMG had agreed to take on regulatory jeopardy. While IMPALA has been making noise  that it wants the European Commission to block the deal on anti-trust reason, a major-label source point out that UMG/EMI’s combined market share will be with respect to 36% worldwide, which is below the 40% global market share that causes concern for regulators. Vivendi and UMG have been advised by Allen & Co. and SJ Berwin on this records. Citi Global Banking acted as financial advisor to Citi and EMI. Clifford Chance LLP, Shearman & Sterling LLP and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP acted as legal advisors to Citi and EMI, according to the announcment. As part of its commercial, UMG supplied the press with several quotes from artists and managers: Mick Jagger: “This is a very positive development and I particularly welcome the fact that EMI will once again be owned by people who really do have music in their descent.” Dave Holmes, manager of Coldplay: “I look forward to working with the Universal group. They have assembled the most talented group of executives in the industry today and their success speaks for itself. This can only be a positive for the artists and executives at EMI.” Andrew Lloyd Webber: “This is thrilling news and a colossal act of faith in the future of recorded music. At finish finally, Britain’s greatest record company is in safe manpower.” will have much more on these deals today and in the coming years.

In a major settlement between the music industry trade associations

In a major settlement between the music industry trade associations for record labels, music publishers and digital music providers, the Copyright Royalty Timber, is expected to maintain the mechanical rate structure set forth from prior proceedings concluded in 2008 while creating new rates and terms for five new digital music service categories. The bargain, which must still be formally approved by the CRB, maintains a song rate of 9.1 cents for downloads, CDs and other physical formats, 24 cents for ringtones, and the same formulas, with limited changes, used to determine the mechanical rate for different kinds of subscription and free interactive-streaming services. It also creates new rate formulas for five new digital business models: – For the paid locker services like the one iTunes offers consumers, music publishers will get a mechanical rate of 12% of revenue or 20.65% of total content cost or 17 cents per subscriber, which ever is greater. – For digital lockers that provide free cloud storage with a download buy, music publishers will get 12% of revenue or 22% of the total cost of gist, which ever is greater. – For the third family, called a mixed bundle such as when your cell phone services subscription rate comes with a music assistance, music publishers become known 11.35% of revenue or 21% of total content tariff, whichever is greater. – The fourth new group, called limited interactive service such as when a subscription service can offer limited amounts of music to, aver, one genre or playlists that the user can access at a lower bottom line, music publishers will attire 10.5% of revenue or 21% of total cost or 18 cents per subscriber, whichever is greater. – In the long run, for the fifth division, called a music bundles such as when a CD album comes with a download, music publishers will put 11.35% of revenue or 21% of total content tariff. The use of a total content cost will allow music publishers to potentially partake in whatever upside occurs when music labels negotiate in a free market how much they charge to supply their music to digital music service providers, according to National Music Publishers Assn. president and CEO David Israelite. “If they get a better negotiation, we get a better give out,” Israelite says. That means if a license expires and a label negotiates a better evaluation in any case, the publishing royalty can increase too. More, if a major comes up with a creative deal that includes an equity stake in a digital music service provider or a guaranteed allotment of advertizing, those items are assigned a value and included when figuring total content outlay, which allows music publishers to participate in such deals. “Digital Media Assn. executive Lee Knife said, “Today’s agreement paves the way for our members to continue developing exciting new business models that satisfy consumers, create greater revenue opportunities for music creators and effectively fight plagiarisation, the music industry’s greatest intimation.” Recording Industry Assn. of America chairman and CEO Cary Sherman said, “This is a historic agreement that reflects our mission to make it easier for digital music services to launch cutting-edge business models and streamline the licensing process. This is a major win for consumers, the music community, and entrepreneurs and investors in mod music services.”

The line up of international acts performing at the Billboard

The line up of international acts performing at the Billboard Latin showcase Cortege 14 at SXSW exemplifies the style-shifting nature of current Latin music. Grammy-nominated art punk rockers La Vida Boheme will be joined by Mexican electro-pop duo Jotdog, Barcelona’s euphoric rumba rock group Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Colombian cumbia-pop rapper Duran, singer-songwriter and Latin rhythmatist Javier Garcia, and Guadalajara’s Radaid, whose textured harmonies combine world folk and electronic music. The showcase takes place at the Soho Lounge on Austin’s Sixth In someone’s bailiwick. In addition to Billboard’s Latin spot, the weeklong festival features the current number one Hot Latin Songs artist, 3Ball MTY, the young DJ collective whose hyper mash up of electronic dance and Regional Mexican music is designed for dancing to in long pointy boots, will make their SX debut at the Nacional Records showcase on Marching 16. Backbeat: Not Your Daddy’s World Music: 2NE1, Yuna, La Vida Boheme Rock MTV Iggy Concert Pop superstar Juanes will return to his rock singer-songwriter roots in Austin, where, presented by BMI, he will play the Austin City Limits Live showcase at the 2700-capacity Moody Theatre on Border 16. He is also scheduled to perform in a Woody Guthrie tribute at the Austin Convention Center on Pace 15, and will be interviewed by esteemed rock critic Dave Marsh before an audience of SX attendees. Other showcases featuring Latin American and Spanish artists include a Latin reggae night,  “Sounds From Colombia”, a daytime paella party with bands from Spain, and appearances by past crowd pleasers Lila Downs and Bomba Estereo, as well as artists who will make their debuts at this year’s celebration. The flicks “Casa de mi Padre” starring Will Ferrell as a Mexican rancher and “Motorcycle Diaries” star Gael Garcia Bernal as a drug capo, will screen on Step 13. Billboard en Español Managing Editor Judy Cantor-Navas will medium “Is There a Latin Substitute”, a panel on the pros and cons of Latin branding for the U.S. market and the possible end of crossover in this bilingual hundred.

Nicki Minaj will be the latest pop star to hit

Nicki Minaj will be the latest pop star to hit the fragrance chain store, according to WWD. The “Beez in the Entrap” rapper will debut her scene this dwindle, with help from Give Back Brands LLC, who also worked on Justin Bieber’s fragrancy, “Someday.” Nicki Minaj Leaves Ado, 11 Million Followers After Fansite Allegedly Leaks Music “I have always been a huge fan of great fragrances,” Minaj said. “This is yet another extension of my creative expression and I can’t wait to share it with the time. I designed this scent and bottle with my Barbz in choose; I know they will love it!” Her scent will join recent offerings from Rihanna and “Give Me All Your Luvin’” partner Madonna, among others, with a scent from Lady Gaga also expected later this yr. If her record sales are any hint, Minaj’s latest venture should be another hit with her Barbz: sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded bowed at No. 1 on the Hoarding 200 last workweek, on the move 253,000 copies.

Collector’s Considerations: Platinum League CEO William Preservationist (second from fittingly)

Collector’s Considerations: Platinum League CEO William Preservationist (second from fittingly) with Mindless Front (from socialistic) Ray Flash, Child, Princeton and Roc Roya. (pic: Jesse Bad blood) Mindless Savoir-faire, Diggy Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. are among the offset 100 artists featured in the new Platinum League Trading Card Series ( launching on May 1. Billed as the “first-ever interactive hip-hop trading cards,” the series offers custom thesis, instant prizes and entry into a national sweepstakes. Available at major retailers including Objective, Walmart, 7-11, Best Buy and Hot Theme, the Platinum League Trading Card Series is also being promoted by a television commercial that will debut April 23 across cable outlets including MTV, PUT, VH1, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Web. The spot will feature Mindless Expression, Simmons and Snoop Dogg’s girl, singer Cori B. Tupac Shakur Hologram Could Tour Venues Beyond Coachella Priced at $3.79, each pack of Platinum League Trading cards includes five randomly chosen artist cards and a sixth prize membership card. The front of each custom-designed artist card features an exclusive photo of the artist or grouping, while the back is comprised of the act’s bio information and various career highlights. A limited number of cards will also be autographed. In the case of Tupac and Biggie, their respective mothers – Afeni Shakur and Voletta Wallace – have signed their sons’ cards. Each artist card also comes with a custom QR code icon that enables the music fan to download a diverse array of exclusive content from the artist, including video messages. Fans must first download the League Media Contestant, a free proprietary app available now to all iPhone and smartphone vendees. Launching with the “Self-sufficient” series, Platinum League will unveil a new card series evermore 90 years, updated with fresh custom serenity. Next in the series’ passage: “Hustle Conscientious” and “Candy Sod.” Merchandising ‘em/Draw up ‘em: Snoop Dogg’s Platinum League trading card with vital stats and QR symbol. (screen whack) The aforementioned sixth card sports a web link that lets consumers know which instant prize they’ve won. These prizes range from music, ringtone and screen-saver downloads to concert tickets, apparel and accessories. This card also allows consumers to enter The Platinum League Sweepstakes, whose prizes at the end of each 90-day cycle will run the gamut from private birthday bashes and backstage passes to watches. The sweepstakes’ grand champion: a 2012 Chevy Camaro. Platinum League Trading Card Series is the brainchild of owner/CEO William Rural, who began working on the venture in 2003. “This is the future of where music is growing,” says Green of his taking sports and Pokemon trading cards to the next like. He notes that his card series encompasses everyone from the “top row” of leading hip-hop artists to “the fresh faces, the next Lil Waynes.” “This is really cool-headed, bringing some of the old-school factor back in terms of fans collecting and trading cards,” said Mindless Behavior member Roc Royal during a break from filming the commercial in Los Angeles on Friday (April 13). He and other members of the R&B/hip-hop collect – Princeton, Wonder child, Ray Flash – are also working on the teen quartet’s sophomore follow-capable 2011′s #1 Lover. That set debuted at No. 7 on the Hoarding 200, No. 2 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and has sold 251,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Later this yr, BET will premiere “The Mindless Behavior Work,” a film documenting the boy band’s burgeoning killing.

With video footage of Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco playacting

With video footage of Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco playacting “Quimbara” as a backdrop and N’Klabe crisply pouring faulty 1980′s classics such as “Lluvia” on the 19th floor of the JW Marriot Marquis, any whispers of salsa dying were barely audible over ” La Salsa Vive,” a tribute in celebration of the genre Tuesday night to conclude the opening day of the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami. Check Out All Our Coverage of the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards Right Hither “You hear that? There’s no way we can let the genre last resting-place,” said the 360 Group CEO Carlos Perez, who represents Colombian singer Charlie Zaa. “It’s too bad radio doesn’t believe in the genre because they want to feed the young fathering.” Speaking over a blistering rendition of Hector Lavoe’s “Hacha y Panga”, Perez pointed out the lack of newness, in addition to the decline of airplay and general public disinterest as serious issues plaguing salsa. “Let’s be up, most of the younger people in this room have no clue who Hector Lavoe is,” added Perez. “They need somebody they can relate to for salsa to have any chance of staying apposite.” The diversity in genres, including bachata and reggeaton, and the fading of the 1980′s salsa romantica movement have been to difficult to at a loss for words, said AJ Music president Jorge Luis Borrego. “It’s going to take new songwriters, new singers and new producers, not just bands rehashing the same old kit.” TIP OF THE HAT: AEG Live/Goldenvoice VP of Latin Talent Rebecca Leon was quite vocal during a lively Leaders Panel in stressing the importance of everybody in the Latin music diligence – genius, managers, and promoters – to work together in the tomorrow, instead of just focusing on the cash measure. Billboard Latin Music Conference Leaders Panel Talks Morphing Altercation, Success of Prince Royce, 3Ball MTY “It’s critical everybody put their egos by, stop thinking dollar signs and work as everybody,” said Leon, who pointed out how country music headliner Sugarland routinely tours with Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban. “We need to find a way to come calm, not continue to put barriers up when it’s time to do dealing.” Cardenas Marketing Network President/CEO Henry Cardenas wants more energy to go into finding new artists. “I always ask myself, ‘What is the future of the sedulousness?’” said Cardenas. “I ask people in the dynamism, record executives, ‘Where is the new cleverness?’” “You have a Prince Royce on the up and up, but you can’t name another up and coming artist, and that’s a stew.” GIANT EXPECTATIONS: Despite a downtrodden thriftiness, Cardenas has lofty goals throughout ” GIGANT3S”, a nationwide tour featuring Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis set to kickoff August. 3 at American Airlines Arena in Miami. “This [tour] is going to work because of the quality of the production and promotion being put into it.” Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Marco Antonio Solis Circulate 14-City U.S. Trip Cardenas guarantees plenty of interaction among the three stars and interchanging of important, giving the tour a “different feeling.” “Marc will be singing Chayanne’s songs, Chayanne will be doing Marco’s songs and Marco Antonio will be singing some of Marc’s mundane,” he promised.

Watch for Christian rockers Casting Crowns’ “Come to the Mercifully”

Watch for Christian rockers Casting Crowns’ “Come to the Mercifully” to possibly debut at No. 1 on the Hoarding 200 albums chart next workweek, with possibly 95,000-110,000 sold by week’s end on Sunday, October. 23, according to industry prognosticators. The set could mark both the act’s first No. 1 on the big chart and the first since 1997 to crown both the Hoarding 200 and the Christian Albums graph. LeAnn Rimes’ “You Light Up My Compulsion – Inspirational Songs” topped both tallies in September of that yr. Standing in Casting Crowns way is Adele’s uncompromising “21″ album, which has already notched a dozen weeks at No. 1. It hasn’t sold less than 110,000 copies in a week since late Venerable, according to Nielsen SoundScan, so it poses a real threat to Casting Crowns. Casting Crowns has visited the Hoarding 200′s topmost 10 three times in days — most recently with the No. 4-debuting album “Until the Whole World Hears” in 2009. That set launched with 167,000 sold. The closest Casting Crowns has come to No. 1 was the week of September. 15, 2007, when “The Altar and the Threshold” bowed at No. 2 with 129,000. (Standing in its way that workweek? The “High School Lyrical 2″ soundtrack, which stirred 210,000 in its third frame at No. 1.) In addition to Casting Crowns, look for R&B singer Joe and reunited rock band Jane’s Addiction to both start in the top-drawer 10 with their latest albums. Joe’s “The Established, the Melancholy, the Bedroom” would mark his fifth cork 10, and Jane’s contemporary “The Great Escape Artist” could be its first top 10 since “Strays” pummel No. 4 in 2003.

Google Trends: 16

Google Trends: 16. j lo — Jennifer Lopez allegedly had a wardrobe malfunction at last night’s Academy Awards. Twitter Music Mode: #GYCToGoPlatinum — Fans of British boy-band The Wanted are hoping the band’s commotion “Glad You Came” (“GYC”) will go pt. Digg Music News/Tv 24 Hours: 6. New Sleigh Bells’ Cd: Someone Make the Pain Terminate! 12. Bee Gees Star Robin Gibb Suffers Setback In His Cancer Treatment 13. I Will Always Love You NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Hear: Andrew Boo, ‘Break It Yourself’ 2. First Prick up one’s ears: The Magnetic Fields, ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Profusion’ 3. First Harken to: Julia Holter, ‘Ekstasis’ 4. First Harken to: White Rabbits, ‘Milk Noted’ 5. First Mind: Robert Glasper Enquiry, ‘Black Present’ NPR Music Most Commented: 1. Oh, Dear God In Nirvana: Classical Dubstep 2. Robert Glasper: A Unified Field Theory For Black Music 3. ‘Favourite’ Reaches The Death Rounds, And A Real Girl Problem Emerges 4. Shannon Powell: New Orleans Measure, Straight From The Origin 5. First Mind: The Magnetic Fields, ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Domain’ NME’s Top Music Expos: 1. Hear Arctic Monkeys’ brand new without equal ‘R U Mother-lode?’ randomly 2. The Vaccines ‘can’t hang about’ to record their second album – tv 3. Blur’s Damon Albarn: ‘Graham Coxon and I have less issues now than we’ve ever had’ 4. Listen to Plan B’s comeback onliest ‘iLL Manors’ – aural 5. Bret McKenzie: ‘I can’t wait use the ‘Oscar file card’ on my ‘Flight Of The Conchords’ co-personage’ 6. Jack White confirms a second summer festival presence 7. Leeds venue The Well to close next month 8. Hear N-Dubz’ Dappy cover Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ with Brian May contemporarily 9. Hear The Black Keys’ collaboration with Michael Kiwanuka from time to time 10. Keane announce full details of comeback album ‘Strangeland’ Fader Most Flip through – Lifetime 1. Meet the 21-Year-Old CEO Who’s Been Hosting Your Rap MP3s 2. Picture: Waka Flocka f. Drake, “Round of Clat” 3. Azealia Banks Announces Details of Debut Album 4. Download Hodgy Beats’ Untitled EP 5. GEN F: Action Bronson 6. Watch the Official Trailer for Odd Future’s Loiter Team 7. Picture: Girls, “My Ma” 8. Black Hipster: A View from the Centre 9. Rhye, “Out” MP3 10. Nicki Minaj f. Lil Wayne, “Roman Reloaded” MP3 Fader Most Fresh 1. Picture: Buddy Overnight bag, “Liquid” 2. Meet the 21-Year-Old CEO Who’s Been Hosting Your Rap MP3s 3. Jason Nocito and Charles Negre Collaborate with Hixsept 4. DJ Sliink, “Put Cha Back In It” MP3 5. Watch the Official Trailer for Odd Future’s Loiter Band 6. Tv: Joey Bada$$ f. Capital Steez, “Survival Tactics” 7. Brooklyn Fated: Smith Westerns Live at Converse Rubber Tracks 8. Picture: Bon Iver, “Towers” 9. Picture: Waka Flocka f. Drake, “Round of Clapping” 10. Nicki Minaj f. Lil Wayne, “Roman Reloaded” MP3 Pitchfork News Most Current: 1. Sufjan Stevens Teams With Son Lux and Rapper Serengeti as s / s / s, EP Due on Anticon 2. Suckers Announce New Album 3. Do as one is told: Belle and Sebastian Cover the Primitives’ “Collapse” 4. Death Grips Sign to Epical, Ready Two 2012 Albums 5. Picture: Bon Iver: “Towers” 6. Hear a New Track From Flying Lotus 7. Tv: Girls: “My Ma” 8. New Arctic Monkeys: “R U Dig?” 9. Azealia Banks Reveals Debut Album Details 10. Watch a New Episode of “+1″ With Perfume Hotshot Rolling Pit – Recent report 1. U2′s Adam Clayton Sues Bank of Ireland 2. Week in Rock Annals: Whitney Houston Sets a Billboard Report 3. Pete Doherty Shows Blood Paintings in London 4. Melvins Roar Back With Two New Releases 5. Exclusive Album Pour: Delta Spirit Expand Their Sound on Third Album 6. Fred Armisen Plays the Hits 7. Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen Get First PEN Songwriting Awards 8. Bruce Springsteen to Play Intimate SXSW Showboat 9. Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Is “Cover” On New Album 10. Free Download: Chuck Ragan’s Hymn ‘Camaraderie of the Park’ Perez Hilton – Music Notes: 1. Watch Whitney Houston Sing In Upcoming Film Certain something 2. Strike Up The Body! The Muppets Just Won For Best Vocal! 3. Celeb Rehab’s Shifty Shellshock Officially Charged With Drug Proprietorship TMZ Music Despatch: 1. LIL WAYNE I Didn’t Drunkenly Torpedo Bahama Concert XXL Music Telecast 1. Wiz Khalifa Holds Listening Session for Taylor Allderdice Mixtape in NYC [Video] 2. XXcLusive: Baby Says Limp Bizkit’s First Single Features Lil Wayne, Explains Signing 3. Jimmy Henchman Charged in 2009 Eradication 4. Common Says He and Drake Squashed Beef at The Grammys 5. Rumour: Is Chris Lightly Under Hot Water w/ Russell Simmons and Rev Thumb through? 6. Diddy Wins Oscar for Best Documentary for Undefeated 7. Rumour: Is Chris Lightly Under Hot Water w/ Russell Simmons and Rev Diffuse? 8. Diddy Wins Oscar for Best Documentary for Undefeated 9. Jay-Z, Kanye West to Auction Improbable “Otis” Maybach 10. Jay-Z Reportedly Disappointed in Rihanna Over Chris Brown Duets CMT Statement 1. WING: Carrie Underwood Joins Whirl 2. Toby Keith’s Clancy’s Tavern Reaches Golden 3. Jerrod Niemann Offers Single From Upcoming Album 4. WING: Buy Zac Brown’s Harley for a Good Result in 5. HOT KNOCKOUT: American Idol’s Lauren Alaina Visits My Cookhouse Stocks (Windup 2/27) Trans World Entertainment Corporation. (TWMC): $2.28 (unch) (unch) Live Nation Fun (LYV): $9.8 (-0.20) (-2.0%) Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI): $2.225 (+0.025) (+1.14%) Sony Corporation (SNE): $21.72 (-0.01) (-0.05%) Pandora Media (P): $12.84 (-0.04) (-0.31%) Apple (AAPL): $525.77 (+3.36) (+0.64%) Dmoz (GOOG): $610.29 (+.39) (+0.06%) Madison Square Garden (MSG): $31.97 (-0.21) (-0.65%) Paid (PAYD): $0.2 (-0.002) (-0.99%) Vivendi (VIVEF): $21.97 (-0.28) (-1.26%) Mound Media Inc. (CMLS): $3.51 (-0.06) (-1.68%) NASDAQ Composite (COMPX): 2971.76 (+8.01) (+0.27%) Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (DJIA): 13007.96 (+25.01) (+0.19%)

Congrats to our old pal Mike Rittberg — whom we

Congrats to our old pal Mike Rittberg — whom we first met when he worked with Cheryl Valentine at Metal Blade way back in the heyday — on his new gig at Verve Music Dispose. He’ll be working with David Foster and Robert Smith as VP of Artist Development and Promotion at the sticker, he confirmed to us in a phone call this eventide. Most recently mike was SVP of promotion at Warner Bros. but left the company along with many others in September. He’s already in the UMG email system: You can reaching him at

MIAMI — Although ominous gray clouds hung low and temperatures

MIAMI — Although ominous gray clouds hung low and temperatures reached into the luxurious 80s, the red carpet scene at the Latin Billboard Awards was as full of colorful pageantry as even. Musicians, actors and industry honchos alike all strutted down the long walkway in front of Miami’s BankUnited Essence. At its transport, with reference to 100 superfans who had lined up hours before the ceremony populated an observation dump. They waved homemade signs, sported homemade T-shirts dedicated to heartthrobs like Jencarlos Canela and Prince Royce, and brandished cell phone cameras with the opening of each limousine threshold. They even duly shrieked for sponsor Target’s mascot bulls-eye-decorated dog, who took a gleeful early trot down the press gauntlet before posing for pictures with presenters and performers. Check out all of our coverage of the 2011 Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards right hither. Early down the carpet were the regional Mexican stars, like El Trono de Mexico, who shone in matching drained, bedazzled suits and cowboy hats, and spontaneously erupted into group chants. A different kind of splash came from TV personalities like Mun2′s tattooed hostess Smash, who opted for rhinestone-covered cat-eye sunglasses by Kerin Roseate, famous for accessorizing the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Even the reggaetoneros looked grown up. Up-and-comers undifferentiated 24 Horas still opted for carefully sculpted facial hair and cornrows, but megastars like Alexis y Fido looked decidedly more grown up in skinny suits. That, they said, was a reflection of the state of their fashion. “The reggaeton business is evolving so now I’m dressing in Versace,” Fido said. Part of that production? A desire to work with global pop icons like Black-Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, and Rihanna, Alexis added. Other stars said they were similarly intent on a similar kind of crosswalk. Natalia Jimenez, the stylish former frontwoman of Mexican rock group La Quinta Estacion, said she would soon release her debut bilingual solo album, produced by Emilio Estefan. “It’s a pop-rock album, and it also has Latin influences,” she said. “But when I started tattle, I actually started singing in English principal, so it was actually hard for me to switch to Spanish.” Bilingual bachata-pop stars like Prince Royce and D’Unit (Lenny y Max, formerly of Aventura), also said their new material would continue to cross languages. “I grew up in New York, but my parents are Dominican, so it’s genuine,” Royce said. Lenny and Max, for all that, said they would do so while still largely sticking to the musical style for which they first became known. “D’Element is a bachata progress,” said Lenny. The biggest stars, unsurprisingly, arrived on the carpet finish finally, some after the live broadcast of the ceremony was already underway. Billboard cover star Luis Fonsi basked in the crowd’s adoration while promoting his new album, “Ground,” and he didn’t dismiss the possibility of recording an English album, either. “I’ll never say not in any degree,” he said. “I do speak Received standard, and I’ve lived here for two-thirds of my moving spirit.” The most deafening screams were reserved for the last handful to walk by way of. Novela star turned singer Jencarlos Canela posed for pictures before female fans, until Pitbull showed up with T-Grief. Pitbull embraced his fellow Cuban before rushing through with Pain in the arse, on the way into the arena to present an bestowal. No matter although, because the highest watts came go the distance. Marc Anthony himself, nominated in six categories, arrived in a skinny suit as black and shiny as his limousine, and leisurely signed fans’ autographs. The best and last was crossover legend Gloria Estefan, who seemed to glide in a floor-ultimately, lace-and-satin gown before heading into the arena to accept a special lifetime achievement grant.

NEW YORK (AP) – Best Buy Co

NEW YORK (AP) – Best Buy Co. CEO Brian Dunn has resigned from the nation’s largestconsumer electronics retailer, a company that has been struggling to rebound amid growing competition and changing shopping habits. Best Steal, based in Minneapolis, said Tuesday that it was a mutual ruling, and that there were no disagreements with Dunn on any matter relating to operations, financial controls, policies or procedures. But the company said it was time for new leadership given the challenges the company faces. Best Buy to Reserved 50 Big-Box Stores, Release 100 Mobile Locations Best Buy said that it has already created a search committee for identifying and choosing its new CEO. Board member Mike Mikan, 39, will serve as interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent substitution. Richard Schulze will continue as chairperson. Best Buy’s shares rosebush 52 cents, or 2.3 percentage, to $23.17 on the gossip. Major Labels Push Back on Best Buy’s Price Demands Dunn, 50, who is a 28-year veteran of Best Buy and started his career there as a store connect, had been CEO and director since June 2009. “I leave today in position for a strong subsequent,” Dunn said in a disclosure. The announcement comes a couple weeks after Best Buy unveiled a restructuring plan that calls for culmination 50 of its U.S. big-box stores, occasion 100 small-format stores and mordant $800 million in costs over the next five age. Best Buy’s plan is an effort to become nimbler and avoid the fate of former rival Circuit Megalopolis, which liquidated its business in 2009. Best Buy has been hit by a couple factors. Once the bread-and-butter of electronics retailers, sales of TVS, digital cameras and video game consoles have cut. During the interval, sales of lower margin items like tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers have increased. At the same eternity, Best Obtain, like other big-box retailers, is finding that those hulking stores are no longer attractive to consumers looking for one-stop shopping. As opposed to, more people are using them as showrooms to browse for products and then going online to and other rival sites to buy at a lower retail. As a corollary, Best Buy continues to exert oneself. The company past $1.23 zillion, or $3.36 per divide up, for the year ended Adjoin 3. That compares with a profit of $1.28 gazillion, or $3.08 per allocation, in the prior yr. Annual sales rosebush 2 percent to $50.71 trillion. But revenue at stores opened at least a yr, a key metric because it excludes results from stores and open and close during the yr, fly 1.7 percent for the year after having fallen 1.8 percent in the prior yr. Last workweek, credit ratings agency Benchmark & Poor’s put its corporate credit rating and other ratings on watch for a possible declension, saying at the time that the company’s restructuring system “underscores the problems that Best Buy is having with its current business mark.”

Regional Mexican singer/songwriter Regulo Caro ( @ReguloCaro) unveiled his new

Regional Mexican singer/songwriter Regulo Caro ( @ReguloCaro) unveiled his new music during the release party for his second album Amor En Tiempos De Guerra (Del Records/Sony) at the Conga Room in Los Angeles. Attending the album release party was Del Records founder Angel Del Villar, Sony Latin’s Jennifer Bullshit, BMI’s Marissa Lopez and singer/songwriter Gerardo Ortiz who earlier this week was announced as a finalist for the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards for Albums Artist of the Yr (manful), Regional Mexican Songs Artist of the Yr (Alone) and Regional Mexican Album of the Yr. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither Caro, who is Ortiz’s cousin-german, said that it was a night to celebrate the release of his new album, but also Ortiz’s achievements in music. “We’re cousins and we’re extremely supportive of each otc,” Caro said. As for the album, it was a labor of love that translated into one full year of work as he fine-tuned 18 songs, 12 in the style of corridos and the rest wrapped around romantic themes. “We plan on following the album release with a tour later this yr,” Caro said, before he took the showbiz. As with the rest of the new generation of regional Mexican artists, much of Caro’s success comes from a steady use of online platforms such as Chirrup, where he has more 25,000 following. “Twitter really does connect you to your fans,” Caro said. “It’s like having a friend that you can connect with almost anytime. I’m very humbled by having the followers that I do.” Caro said that he took his time on this project so he could have the album he wanted. As a Del Records artist, he said, he’s allowed flexibility to nurture his projects. “I wrote for half a year and the other half was producing the album in the studio,” Caro said. “I’m a huge fan of rock so you get a little bit of that and I also incorporate other genres such as bonk.” The Billboard Latin Music Discussion & Awards, presented by State Farm taking place April 23-26, 2012 at the JW Marriott Marquis, Miami. Registration is open contemporary. Register by Cortege 9th for the Early Bird Rate and save $175. Visit for the duration of details.

R&B singer Monica is heading for her fifth straight ascend

R&B singer Monica is heading for her fifth straight ascend 10 album, as New Life is aiming to sell all round 60,000 by week’s end on Sunday, April 15, according to industry sources. That figure might be enough to give her a top five placing on the tally next workweek. The new Hoarding 200 chart’s pinnacle 10 will be revealed the morning of Wednesday, April 18. Monica’s last album, 2010′s Still Rank, debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the Hoarding 200, unfirm 184,000 copies in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScan. All of her efforts, save for her 1995 debut Miss Thang, have reached the ace 10. Her lone No. 1 stiff 2003′s After the Monsoon. While Monica will likely be the chart’s top launch, she may not sell enough to hit No. 1. That honor will probably fall to Adele’s 21 — encore! — which could move perchance 90,000 to 100,000 and notch a 24th nonconsecutive week at No. 1. Veteran singer/songwriter Bonnie Raitt may have her highest charting album in nearly two decades, as Slipstream may sell circa 40,000 copies. That could be enough to start in the uppermost 10, depending on how the rest of the week shakes ended. Raitt hasn’t visited the crown 10 since 1994, when Longing in Their Hearts spent seven weeks in the sphere, peaking at No. 1 on April 16. Counting Crows are also in the hunt for a high start next week with Underwater Temperateness, the rockers’ first studio album since 2008. It may move far 20,000 roughly, which would likely enable a lid 20 inauguration. The band’s previous studio unloosing, 2008′s Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, debuted and peaked at No. 3 with 106,000. On Nielsen SoundScan’s Building blueprint (inferior), Monica’s New Life is No. 1, Adele’s 21 is No. 2 and Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is No. 3. The Building tally is a precursor to the final Hoarding 200 ranking, reflecting the first four years (Monday through Thursday) of SoundScan’s tracking week as reported by six major merchants. One Direction’s Up All Night is in fourth chore, Hoodie Allen’s All American is fifth, Raitt’s Slipstream is sixth and Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee is seventh. Rascal Flatts’ Changed is at No. 8, Alabama Shakes’ Boys & Girls is at No. 9 and Counting Crows’ Underwater Temperateness is at No. 10.

Live Nation Stock Jumped After Madonna Tour Advertisement Are investors

Live Nation Stock Jumped After Madonna Tour Advertisement Are investors excited about Madonna’s upcoming visit? Or are they increasingly convinced the concert business has left its troubles butt? Maybe a bit of both. Live Nation’s stock jumped 3.4% Friday following reports that tickets for the singer’s 2012 tour would go on sale after Sunday’s Super Basin. Earlier in the day Clear Channel launched the singer’s new unrivaled, “Give Me All Your Lovin’,” to radio stations and billboards worldwide Friday bright. Live Nation’s 10-year deal with Madonna, reported to be advantage $120 meg, attracted many critics when signed in October 2007. But given the Super Bowl’s unparalleled promotional power and the coordinated publicity push behind her upcoming album and walk, the size of that deal probably isn’t weighing too heavily on investors’ minds in 2012. Michael Rapino says he is “optimistic astir 2012″ and AEG president Randy Phillips thinks 2012 will be “a steady yr,” according to a Los Angeles Times article on the upcoming year in concerts. “If people are saying it’s going to be a banner yr, to me that would have to be 15% to 20% more than last yr,” continues Phillips. “My projections are for maybe a 3% snowball. But that certainly beats [revenue] going fine-tune.” Friday’s bump helped push Live Nation stock up a total of 30.9% in 2012. Friday’s close of $10.88 was 52.4% above its 52-week low of $7.14 set in October. Year to pass, the Dow is up well-founded 5.3% white the tech-heavy Nasdaq is up 11.5%. Kindle Fire Building Music Program, But Still No iPad The iPad is the tablet of choice for music fans, but Android tablets are starting to make a better run. For starters, Rhapsody just released an app for Android tablets that has “re-imagined the entire experience for the pill,” chief product officer Brenden Benzing said in a report.’s Kindle Fire tablet is helping get music to Android owners. The low-price device uses a customized version of the Android operating utilidor. I reached out to Songza CEO Elias Roman because the startup’s playlist streaming app is available in the Amazon Appstore. He told me the Kindle Fire is Songza’s “fastest-growing principles” and the source of the most active users than any non-Web stage – including Apple iOS and Android platforms. As Roman notes, Songza was released for iOS and Android in mid-September and didn’t have much time to get a head start on Kindle Spirit. All the same, he’s happy with the growth of the platform and its purchasers’ high level of activity with Songza. But the Kindle Fire is no iPad. Changewave Research launch 54% of Kindle Fire owners are “very slaked” with the purchase piece 38% are “somewhat slaked,” according to a mocoNews postal service. The firm’s research on the iPad late last year revealed 74% of owners were “very slaked.” Given its $199 price trail along after, the Kindle Fire was never expected to compete head-to-head with the more high-priced, elegant and feature-rich iPad. But Kindle Fire is doing better than competitors not named iPad: solely 49% of owners of other tablets reported beingness “very slaked” with their purchases. Amazon did not specify how many Kindle Fire units it sold in the fourth mercy, but the device was a factor in its 35% increase in net income. It its earnings release the company disclosed sales of Kindle devices – both e-reader devices and Kindle Fires – during the nine-week holiday period rosebush 177% over the same period in 2010 (part of the increase is obviously due to the fact that the Kindle Fire didn’t exist in 2010). The company also revealed the Kindle Fire is “the #1 bestselling, most talented, and most wished for product across the millions of items available on since its unveiling 17 weeks gone.” Changewave’s survey of 2,607 U.S. consumers found that 6% owned a Kindle Clat. Kickstarter Keeps Ontogeny There are more signs Kickstarter is making a serious impact on independent projects. The fundraising platform is becoming well known in music circles, but its impact might be greatest in the film terrene (where barriers to entry are higher). An portentous 17 of the films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival were funded by Kickstarter. The New York Times’ David Carr noted that Kickstarter seemed at times to be a movie studio at Sundance. “Funny thing about that. Kickstarter didn’t greenlight the movies; the people did.” In the grand scheme of details, Kickstarter doesn’t account for much of the music province. Total pledges to all music projects – EPs, albums, tours, etcetera – were back $19 million in 2011. But that number is bound to grow in 2012 like it did in 2011. Google search traffic for Kickstarter has more than doubled in the endure 12 months and has grown steadily over early, according to Google Trends. And that $19 million in pledges represents projects that may not have been undertaken or completed without fans’ escape. As John Elefante of the group Kansas explains in the video for his Kickstarter scheme, “Funding a project these days has become a serious challenge for most artists – even record companies would agree with that.” By the started, Elefante’s project has raised outstanding $19,000 and has 49 days left to reach its $35,000 object.

EMI has lost its appeal in an Australian court ruling

EMI has lost its appeal in an Australian court ruling that found Men at Work’s 1980s discern “Down Inferior to” was lifted from a campfire folk bother. Last yr, Australia’s Federal Court found that Men At Work’s hit had reproduced a “substantial faction” of “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum,” a Girl Scout anthem represented by Sydney-based Larrikin Music Publishing, a division of the U.K.’s Music Sales. The case has made headlines around the globe since jammed 2008, when Larrikin Music Publishing went ahead with proceedings against Men at Work’s songwriters Colin Hay and Ron Strykert, EMI Songs Australia and EMI Music Publishing Australia, claiming the flute refrain in “Down Under the control of” infringed its copyright. Men At Work were subsequently ordered to pay well-deserved 5% of royalties from their iconic hit dating back to 2002, plus future royalties. Attorneys for Larrikin had argued that damages in the region of 40% and 60% of royalties accrued past “Down Beneath the waves” was intelligent. EMI wanted that original court decision overturned and filed papers in 2010 with the Federal Judicature, listing 14 grounds for appeal and claiming that Hay and Strykert did not breach copyright. The music major had argued that the disputed riff was no-more than a tribute to the original enlarge on a excite, written in the 1930s by an Australian teacher Marion Sinclair. But the court didn’t see it that break down. A three-judge panel today upheld the decision and ordered EMI to pay court costs for the appeal in addition to the royalties it now owes to Larrikin Music, a total sum which could reach well into seven-figures. Men At Work became members of an elite circle of artists when in 1982 they secured simultaneous No. 1 singles and albums in the U.S. and U.K. with “Down Secondary to” and the longplay it was taken from, “Business As Customary.” “Down Eye” is a favorite with Australians wide, and is regarded in these parts as an “unpublicized” national hymn, particularly during sporting occasions. In his keynote conversation year at the APRA Song Summit in Sydney, Hay spoke of his “special relationship” with the tune, which he told the audience he played nightly. A NYC-based spokesman for EMI Music Publishing could not be reached for commentary at deadline.

Soundgarden’s first new song in 15 age, “Live to Get

Soundgarden’s first new song in 15 age, “Live to Get ahead,” will be available as a free download beginning April 17 on iTunes as part of the promotion of Disney’s coat “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The iTunes puffery, which runs through April 24, includes an exclusive blow — “The Face Substandard” — from the big, which opens May 4. “Live to Mount rebel” is the first single from the Marvel Music/Hollywood Records album Avengers Gather, which will be released May 1. Tracks from Shinedown, Rise For, Bush and Five Finger Death Punch are among the 14 cuts on the album. “The hard part of writing a song for a film is it has to act as a Soundgarden melody, first and noted, then apparently, it has to coexist with the take,” Soundgarden singer-songwriter Chris Cornell tells Hoarding. Soundgarden was approached in early March to contribute a song to the pic. They were working on their reunion album, a fall release of which is awaited, and after going through their tracks nothing seemed make away. Cornell and guitarist Kim Thayil started from scratch and came up with “Live to Position.” It is the first Soundgarden track to be written for a movie. But Cornell has contributed tracks to such movies as “Mission Impossible II,” James Bond motion picture “Casino Royale” and last year’s “Machine Gun Reverend.” “The biggest discrepancy,” Cornell said in drawing the distinction between his solo work for film and the new Soundgarden footmarks, “is that, on my own, I’m only responsible for the identity of me. In the context of Soundgarden, it’s a band that has a long and prominent place in rock music and all four of us have our own ideas of what the musical identity of Soundgarden is. That has to be served first. It has to function naturally as a Soundgarden song before you even excogitate anything else.”

R onnie Wood recently caused a stir when the music

R onnie Wood recently caused a stir when the music press quoted him as saying the Rolling Stones were preparing to hit the recording studio again later this month, but he tells Billboard those comments were not accurately reported and led to an unfortunate conversation with the band’s frontman. “I heard from (Mick) Jagger; he’s loss, ‘What the gehenna?! We don’t know anything anyway!’ And I said, ‘you know what (the media) are ilk. I just expressed my personal panorama; I would love to go into the studio.’ Then they took it all in error,” he said. He added, “So I have to make a personal apology to the rest of the combo unite. I didn’t mean to say things out of goods.” Rock Hall Inducts Faces, Guns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys Those comments, that the Stones would be hitting the studio “to just throw some ideas just about,” were made Monday after a press conference for his “Faces, Time and Places” art display. Speaking to us from Cleveland over the weekend, where he was inducted for a second time into the Rock and Roll Hall of Notoriety, this time for The Faces, a sober Wood said he’s looking forward to the “Rolling Stones 50″ coffee table book in July and an as-yet-untitled documentary due in the allied with. “We do have a 50th anniversary,” the guitarist promised. “Whatever is going to be done, we will know in the next insufficient months.”

Alabama Shakes live at Austin City Limits during SXSW where

Alabama Shakes live at Austin City Limits during SXSW where the band’s buzz sky-rocketed. Adele’s “21″ (XL Recordings) is back at the top of the U.K. album plot, for a 22nd aggregate workweek, mounting 3-1 to depose Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday – Roman Reloaded” (Cash Money/Universal Archipelago). Alabama Shakes’ “Boys & Girls” (Rough Dealing) made a strong debut at No. 3. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Perhaps” (Interscope/All-inclusive) started a second week atop the singles plot, beating out her fellow Canadian Justin Bieber’s “Fellow” (Def Jam/Common). Adele’s album was last at No. 1 on the U.K. survey seven weeks since, and was helped back to the summit by a BBC1 TV repeat of her September 2011 concert at London’s Royal Albert Entry (first broadcast on New Year’s Broad daylight) on April 5. The Official Charts Company reports that the album’s latest record-breaking achievements include the fact that it’s now spent more time at the summit than two Beatles classics, “With The Beatles” and “A Hard Day’s Ceaselessly,” both of which had 21. Adding her one week on top with her debut album “19,” Adele’s career total of 23 weeks now exceeds the 22 weeks apiece racked up by both David Bowie and Dire Pass. “19″ itself climbed 15-12 on the new plot. Alabama Shakes’ ‘Austin City Limits’ Taping: 8 Things Practised “Roman Reloaded” fell to No. 2 in its second week as newcomers Alabama Shakes made a powerful No. 3 start with their debut fasten on. “Boys & Girls” had been at No. 1 in “midweek” OCC picture, and also debuted at No. 16 on the current Hoarding 200. Jessie J’s “Who You Are” (Lava/Universal Key), which debuted at No. 2 in the U.K. in March last yr, climbed backbone 8-4 as her “Laserlight” private, featuring David Guetta, arrived at No. 26. Emeli Sandé’s “Our Versions of Events” (Virgin/EMI) held at No. 5 as Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Go to meet one’s maker” (Polydor/Cosmic” climbed disregard 11-6. “Now That’s What I Call Music 81″ (EMI TV/Universal Music TV) is in a second week atop the compilation plot. Jepsen’s second week in the singles hotseat saw her aggregate 110,000 new sales to last week’s send-off 107,000, to outsell Bieber’s No. 2 debut by two to story. With Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Comprehend” (Universal Isle), featuring Kimbra, steady at No. 3, there were three further debuts inside the top ten: Usher’s “Trail” (RCA/Sony Music Diversion) at No. 4, U.S. hit “We Are Litter” (Fueld By Ramen) by jollity. featuring Janelle Monae at No. 7 and “Level Up” (3 Beat/All Around The World/Universal) by British rapper Fluctuate at No. 8.

Without the aid so far of radio or an all-out

Without the aid so far of radio or an all-out promotional rebuff, Jason Mraz blasts onto the Billboard Sharp 100 at No. 8 with “I Won’t Deliver,” courtesy of a No. 1 debut on the Digital Songs blueprint. The song starts with 229,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and marks his first No. 1 on the latter calculate. On the Ardent 100, the track’s launch is the highest for a male pop/rock singer-songwriter since David Cook burst in at No. 3 with “The Time of My Being” the week of June 7, 2008, after he was laureled “American Graven image” mavin. Also on the Charts this Workweek: Adele’s ’21′ Hits 15th Week at No. 1 on Hoarding 200 On Digital Songs, “Won’t” marks the first No. 1 debut since Lil Wayne’s “How to Delight,” featuring Drake, bowed at the summit the week of September. 3, 2011, with 254,000 downloads sold. “Won’t” is the lead single from Mraz’s as-yet-untitled fourth studio album, due May 8. The set comes next 2008′s “We Tattle. We Th? dansant. We Steal Characteristics.,” which debuted and peaked at No. 3 on the Hoarding 200 and has sold 1.7 million copies in the U.S., according to SoundScan. Mraz premiered “Won’t” live during his 2011 concert walk, well before an official version was released. The buzz was so great on the track that it quickly caught viral fire and, in the past couple weeks, garnered cover versions by YouTube luminaries Christina Grimmie and Tyler Quarter. Dane Venable, Atlantic Records senior VP/merchandising, saw Mraz complete “Won’t” at Carnegie Hall in New York in late November and recalls it as “absolutely breathtaking. It got a standing acclaim.” Even though the song had already been laid down in the studio with a full body, Atlantic then encouraged Mraz to re-record it acoustically. Venable says that Atlantic “knew the emotional impact of the kerfuffle b evasion” and thought it would be a “great gift for the fans (for us) to release it at the top of the yr, to just kick high 2012 with this gift of promise.” “I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get unladylike,” Mraz sings in the song’s refrain. “I’m giving you all my solicitude. I’m still looking up.” As the tracklist for Mraz’s forthcoming album is still being finalized, Atlantic says that it’s too early to confirm if both the acoustic and full-band versions of “Won’t” will appear on the turn. Last month, Mraz told that his new set will trait “less horns, more piano and guitar textures (and) more vocal landscapes. That, to me, has always been my favorite part of making music; the singing and what voices can do and voices singing in consistency.” While the official lyric video in place of “Won’t” has racked 2.5 million views since its upload to Mraz’s YouTube channel January. 2, a proper video is on the clearance. Atlantic says that Mraz is currently reviewing treatments and hopes to film the clip before the end of the month. The label aims to release the short by the second or third week of February. Also due next month: “Won’t” will get its first TV performance February. 16 when Mraz sings it on NBC’s “Now.” The gig is scheduled two days later “Won’t” earns a rare physical CD single release February. 14 – not so coincidently, Valentine’s Heyday. The single’s tracklist isn’t yet final but may include both the acoustic and full-band versions of “Won’t.” Following the song’s viral buzz and impressive sales first, Atlantic will begin promoting “Won’t” to wireless, working the song to Mraz’s home bases of adult pop and adult alternative February. 23. The label is likely to follow with a push to pop radio shortly thereafter. “Won’t” marks Mraz’s second Heighten 100 excellent 10, following his No. 6-peaking 2008 hit “I’m Yours.” The latter song set the record for most weeks (76) that a single has spent on the Brand-new 100 in the chart’s 53-year representation. At 5.9 million in digital sales to-engagement, “Yours” is the eighth-best-selling download in SoundScan history and the highest by a male pop/rock singer-songwriter. Check later today for our weekly Wednesday preview of the Sharp 100 when we count down the chart’s trim 10. Tomorrow (January. 12), all charts, including the Concupiscent 100 in its entirety and the Digital Songs rankings, will be reinvigorated, as they are each Thursday.

From sinistral: Musicians Craig Morgan, Blake Shelton and TV personality

From sinistral: Musicians Craig Morgan, Blake Shelton and TV personality Lee Lakosky participate in the NRA Country ACM Celebrity Shoot Hosted By Blake Shelton at the Desert Hills Shooting Club in South Boulder Town, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM) LAS VEGAS — The Academy of Country Music takes on some heavy duty lifting when it comes to putting together their awards show weekend of activities. From the awards show itself – this year was figure up 47 – to the special tribute taping, ” Lionel Richie and Friends together,” the Academy has a full plate as it presents activities that span industry and fan events. While it might seem challenging to hold fan events mixed in with the awards guide, the three-day weekend seems to work well for the constitution. Throw in a few record company parties and announcements and the weekend is full of activities for industry insiders and fans way. From leftover: John Copious, Blake Shelton, Warner’s John Esposito and Big Kenny at the Warner Music Nashville Post Accessory. Both Huge & Rich performed on the Lionel Richie & Friends in Concert TV Unusual. Shelton won his first ACM Male Vocalist of the Year laurels. (Picture: Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville) One of those hard at work this weekend was Fred Bronson (also a subscriber), who wrote the script for the Lionel Richie homage. Both the ACM awards and the tribute show are produced by Dick Clark Productions. Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts were on hand for the taping of ‘Lionel Richie & Souls mate: A Lifetime of Hits,’ a special slated to air later this year on CBS. “One thing about this show and all the ones we’ve spent – George Jam, Brooks & Dunn, the Girls’ Night At liberty – one reason the show is so emotional is that we do talk to all of the artists and get their personal stories. By the time they get their talks, it’s based on their own row, which is probably why they don’t change it.” Bronson said one of the most interesting things about doing this tribute show was watching Richie interact with all the other acts on the deliberate. “When you watched him and Kenny Rogers in rehearsals, you felt like you were watching little piece of life,” Bronson said. One of the record company events was held by Big Machine Label Unit, who announced that the company and its artists are teaming with General Mills and Feeding America to Outnumber Hunger.  The record company held a press conference on Friday, Walk 30, to make the announcement that Rascal Flatts, Reba, Martina McBride, The Band Perry, Eli Young Party, Justin Moore, Brantley Gb, Sunny Sweeney, Edens Work one’s way, Ella Mae Bowen and Thomas Rhett, along with BMLG President and CEO Scott Borchetta, will participate. “When you think and you see the facts and the statistics that say one in six Americans are going hungry it’s unpleasant,” Borchetta says. “The entire label group has banded together to bring awareness to that, and with General Mills there’s a way to actually have a return thereon.” Rascal Flatts will be the face of the campaign and by working with local radio across the boonies, they will empower listeners to help make a contribution without having to make a gift. People can purchase any General Mills product that is branded Outnumber Hunger on the back of the boxes. They can then go to website and enter the code on the packages, put in their zip customs, and they immediately send five meals to the nearest food bank to their zip corpus juris. As a thank you, they also get a free download from Big Utensil. General Mills’ Mary Jane Melendez explains that their goal is to help Feeding America to protected 15.6 million meals. Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts’ says the statistics of hunger in this country were staggering to him and immediately got his contemplation. “When we first heard the astonishing numbers of how many Americans were in need and on the verge of going empty – you be read, 17 million people in our own backyard – we just knew what we wanted to do whatever we could to help put a dent in that numerator.” From Formerly larboard: Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA – Institute for Legislative Representing; Bob Romeo, Academy of Country Music Executive Supervisor; musician Blake Shelton; Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association of America and musician Craig Morgan attend the NRA Country ACM Celebrity Shoot Hosted By Blake Shelton at the Desert Hills Shooting Club on Saturday. (Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM) While the National Rifle Association and the ACMs might seem unlikely partners, the second annual NRA Country/ACM Celebrity Shoot Hosted by Blake Shelton was held on Saturday. A number of artists, including Craig Morgan, Craig Campbell, Lee Brice and Jake Owen, turned out to participate in the at any rate. Faith Quesenberry Malloy with Honor Music Entertainment explains why they wanted Morgan to participate. “NRA country gives my artist Craig Morgan a great lifestyle platform that is vey much in line with his core values and beliefs,” she says. “It is a win-win and we were happy to participate in the harm.” The Second Annual NRA Country/ACM Celebrity Shoot will support Wounded Warrior Job, The Folds of Honor Foundation and the Nellis Air Force Base Youth Programs. Another sports activity is the ACM Lifting Lives® Celebrity Golf Classic hosted by Darius Rucker. This event drew entertainers Charles Kelley, Rascal Flatts, Eric Gunderson (Love and Pilfering), Jake Owen, Dean Alexander and Stephen Barker Liles of Love and Theft to the greens on Saturday. The golf tournament benefited the Diane Holcomb Emergency Relief Capital. From communistic: Capitol Records Nashville SVP Promotion Steve Hodges; Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley,  Hillary Scott and  Dave Haywood; Capitol Records Nashville SVP Marketing Cindy Mabe and COO Tom Becci at the Capitol Records Nashville ACM after party.  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Capitol Records Nashville) From odd; Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, and Eric Church attend the Capitol Records Nashville ACM after party held at Aureole at the Mandalay Bay Place to turn & Casino on April 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photograph: Getty Images for Capitol Nashville) Musician Brad Paisley (betray) and CBS Executive Vice President Jack Sussman at the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards rehearsals at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Mark Davis/ACMA2012/Getty Forms) While in Vegas for the ACM Awards, Toby Keith and the Warren Beavers were presented with plaques commemorating the platinum certification for Keith’s “Red Solo Cup”. The single is approaching the 1.7 million sales score. From pink: Sara Johnson  Publisher  BMG/Chrysalis;  Ben Vaughn  Publisher  EMI; Brett Warren  Writer EMI; Brad Warren Writer  EMI; Toby Keith; Brett Beavers, Writer BMG/Chrysalis; Jim Beavers Writer Sony/ATV; Troy Tomlinson,  Publisher, Sony/ATV; Mark Wright President Show Dog Universal Music. (Picture: Courtesy Show Dog, Universal Music) Golfcarts and guns! Neil and Reid Perry of The Band Perry attend the NRA Country ACM Celebrity Shoot Hosted By Blake Shelton at the Desert Hills Shooting Club on Trek 31, 2012 in South Boulder Urban district, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM) A good portion of the the Capitol Records Nashville ACM after accessory: Sitting, L-R: Musician Karen Fairchild of Little Big City, Capitol Records Nashville SVP Marketing Cindy Mabe, musician Kimberly Schlapman of LBT, singer Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, musician Phillip Sweet of LBT, musician Kelleigh Bannen, Capitol Records Nashville SVP Promotion Steve Hodges (standing back row L-R) Capitol Records Nashville COO Tom Becci, musician Luke Bryan, musician Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum, musician Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, former Capitol Records Nashville Prexy & CEO Mike Dungan, musician Jon Pardi, musician Dierks Bentley, musician Eric Paslay, musician Jimi Westbrook of LBT, and musician Darius Rucker attend the Capitol Records Nashville ACM after party held at Aureole at the Mandalay Bay Visit & Casino on Sunday.  (Picture: Getty Images for Capitol Nashville) From Formerly larboard: Blake Shelton, John Esposito, Prexy & CEO of Warner Music Nashville and Hunter Hayes at the Warner Music Nashville Post Coterie. Both Hayes and Shelton performed on the ACM Awards. (Photo: Good manners Warner Music Nashville)

The RIAA today announced the promotions of two executives to

The RIAA today announced the promotions of two executives to the rank of executive vice president from the senior vice presidential smooth out. Michele Ballantyne steps into the role of executive vice prexy, public theory & industry relations, while Jonathan Lamy assumes the role of executive vice prexy, communications. Both will report to Chairman/CEO Cary Sherman. Ballantyne will be serving as the major labels’ chief advocate on Capitol Mound, representing their interests in front of the nation’s government on such issues as copyright and intellectual property laws, both of which have large-scale ramifications for the music work. Building from her prior experience as a general counsel for Senator Tom Daschle and as special assistant to President Bill Clinton, she was able to help push through Congressional reforms that updated intellectual property laws for the digital century, including helping to establish the 2008 PRO-IP Act that created the position of Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator in the President’s room. Lamy has been in charge of the Communications and Strategic Analysis department of the RIAA since 2004, during which time he oversaw legal battles such as the 2005 Grokster Supreme Court circumstance, which sided in favor of the major labels in their copyright claims against the Grokster and Streamcast P2P sites. Prior to his work with the RIAA, he served as press secretary for members of both sides of Copulation, as well as for Bread for the Over the moon marvellous, the largest anti-hunger organization in the U.S. “Michele’s expertise in political strategy and ability to manage complicated projects are among the very beyond compare. Her impressive track record speaks volumes and I cannot be more thrilled to watch her shine in this place,” said Sherman in a annunciation. “Jonathan has led the RIAA’s communications team with extraordinary expertness… his strategic thinking and understanding of complex issues make him one of the best and most well-respected communications professionals in the industry. “With Michele and Jonathan, the music industry is undoubtedly kindly-served.”

How Jamaica’s Sizzla Kalongi can sing righteous lyrics decrying social

How Jamaica’s Sizzla Kalongi can sing righteous lyrics decrying social and political injustice on his new album The Chan” (out on Afro swarm, a subsidiary of the Munich-based Kosmo Music), while violently and unjustly denouncing homosexuality on older songs is something many people find distressing. So much so that Sizzla’s recent European tour had four shows canceled following protests against the veteran choirboy. Spain Touring Notes: Sizzla Dates Canceled; Dylan Headlining COCK-AND-BULL STORY; James Potato, Lana Del Rey at Sonar; More Twenty-five albums from Sizzla’s big 67-album catalogue, recorded over the antecedent 17 eld, have reached the Reggae Album enumerate; The Route: The Very Best of Sizzla (Greensleeves) disgorge 72 weeks on the design, peaking at no. 4 on July 12, 2008. Sizzla has previously ventured into hardcore dancehall, R&B, and Hip-Vault, but it’s the burnished roots reggae rhythms utilized by his longstanding collaborator and producer Everton “Troglodyte” Moore, that provide the ideal complement to his peevish, melodic sing-jay approach and rather thoughtful subject matter on The Chant.  Here songs address the plight of “Hungry Children” and offer evocative impressions of “Zimbabwe,” where Sizzla and Caveman own a recording studio in the capital Harare. “I sing about Jah, love for the ladies and enfranchising, positive vibrations that are part of the good breeding; gangster songs and gal songs only last for a extent, roots reggae can last incessantly,” explained Sizzla (born Miguel Collins), 36, in a rare interview granted to at the recording studio he recently opened with Caveman at the Eastern Peace Centre (EPC) in the Mountain View area of Kingston. For eld, Mountain View was gripped by gang cruelty, which climaxed in 2003 with 40 lives lost in 90 years. The EPC’s director Orlando “Majesty” Hamilton, a significant mediator between Mountain View’s warring factions, is also a partner in the studio. “After all that music has done for me, I want to help the youths learn in britain artistry, engineering and other industry skills that bring an honest income to them, that’s why I am hither,” Sizzla explained. Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrell, Jamaican Financial manager, Manageress, Xterminator Records CEO, Dead at 57 While still a high school swot, Sizzla began refining his vocal talent by working with Moore’s Caveman Sound Entity. Producer Homer Harris guided the early development of Sizzla’s vocation. Now the director of The Kalongi Youth Creation (which provides financial assistance towards the education of children in the August Town community where Sizzla operates a studio at his Judgment Yard hq), Harris gave the sing-jay his fiery soubriquet. He also introduced him to other notable mentors, including acclaimed saxophonist/producer Dean Fraser and producer Philip “Fattis” Burrell who remained Sizzla’s manager until his death in December 2011. With the release of his second and third albums in 1997, Praise Ye Jah, produced by Fattis, and Bobby Digital’s Black Woman and Youngster, Sizzla emerged as that era’s most influential reggae artist, his songs providing a overruling, provocative voice echoing the struggles faced by disenfranchised ghetto youths. Degree, as he concludes a month-long European tour supporting The Paean, Sizzla experienced renewed rounds of demonstrations there by activists who say nearly a dozen songs he recorded betwixt 2000-2005, aggressively denouncing queerness, incite violence towards gays. Commencing in the primordial ’00s, organized campaigns against the references to shooting and violent “batty boys” (gay males) in such songs as “Pump Up” and “Get To The Dot”, resulted in the revocation of Sizzla’s UK and Canadian visas, in 2004 and 2007, mutatis mutandis. The rescinding of Sizzla’s US visa in 2008, says the artist, stems from a possession of marijuana charge in 2000. Sizzla has since been granted a US work-let, notes Harris, while the restoration of his US Visa is on hold. Members of the Swedish Federation for Tribade, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (Riksförbundet för homosexuellas, bisexuellas och transpersoners rättigheter, RFSL) say some of Sizzla’s lyrics advocate violence towards LGBT people and started a apply for. The chairman of RFSL, Rickard Svahn, called for promoters to take a stand against the concert as it could tarnish Stockholm’s gay friendly standing. This helped bring about the cancellation of Sizzla’s Marchland 28th concert in Stockholm. Three dates in Spain (April 12-14) were also car, the outcome of online petitions and an email campaign led by the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, and Bisexuals. The remaining tour dates, spanning eight European countries, took place as scheduled with Sizzla refraining from performing any offensive consequential. On Marching 23rd Sizzla issued a press release citing the concert cancellations as “censorship designed to create maximum economic damage for everyone involved in the tour and the reggae industry at portly.” Querying the lack of protests against marquee names in hip-hop and go off visit “who make clear stances against these same issues” the statement attributed the international community’s lack of understanding of Rastafari, which traditionally rebukes queerness (as it does cruelty) and “the metaphoric and allegoric phraseology” of Sizzla’s Jamaican patois lyrics, as significant factors in the ongoing battle waged against his music. When asked about these songs at the EPC, Sizzla, who subscribes to the Bobo Ashanti order of Rastafari, would ony say that, “They are fighting Rastafarian artists who have different insights based on their song lyrics; when we say we bash you, it doesn’t mean we will attack you, but it is name, sound and power we use to speak out against you.” Kosmo Music founder/CEO Michael Rank says the continual opposition to a few Sizzla songs has obscured the artist’s expansive body of culturally enriching put together. It has also stifled his label’s promotional strategies for The Chant beyond the core reggae admirers. “I wanted to freedom “Hungry Children” to mainstream disseminate (in Europe) but several programmers said they would have problems if they played a Sizzla tune in these times,” explained Rank on the phone from Kosmo Music’s annex office in Lisbon, Portugal. According to Distinction, his European distributor Good To Go/Rough Trade reported “certain record store chains would not stock a Sizzla album at this ease.” The U.S. distributor, New York based VP Records, for the moment, has not received any complaints. “The amount of units shipped through our distribution arm VPAL were typical for their stocks exchange,” says Dane Bogle, VP’s A&R/Radio Hikes. Back in Kingston Sizzla remains focused on his new studio and its extended community outreach, seemingly resigned to taking his scaled back touring options in step. “Yes, you do lose a great percentage of your income by not performing in those countries,” he admitted. “They use those things to stop you but they can’t stop the in a nutshell a quarrel, sound and skill.”

Ever since Facebook announced it would be filing for an

Ever since Facebook announced it would be filing for an IPO February. 1, speculation has been widespread as to when the company would officially go mr. With reports stating the company was aiming for late May coming as far back as January, TechCrunch today cited multiple sources close to the company zeroing in on May 17 as the target date for the IPO. Facebook Files For IPO, Hopes to Put forward $5 Zillion Facebook’s offering still has to be cleared by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee, but pending approval the company was looking to bring $5 billion from the filing, obliterating Google’s initial offering of $1.9 billion in 2004 that had set records for an internet crew. The company has hardly been idle since the initial advertisement, making huge waves with its purchase of Instagram in support of $1 billion ten days ago and announcing its Listen button to strengthen its music internalisation. The Message of Facebook’s IPO Filing: Social is Your Expected With Facebook being valued at upon $100 gazillion, the company could debut on the market at as high as $40 per deal.

As Calvin Harris’ career has taken in error, so have

As Calvin Harris’ career has taken in error, so have the fortunes of electronic dance music management company Three Six Zero Clique. Founded in 2007 by Mark Gillespie, a talent booker for dance festival firm Global Meeting, and Dean Wilson and Alan Rutherford, who were partners in 24 Running, Three Six Zero counted Harris as its first patron. His early success with his 2007 debut I Created Disco helped Three Six Zero gain stature in the United Kingdom that led to the signing of Chris Lake, Tom Neville and eventually a global signing of EMI’s Deadmau5 in 2009. Tod, the company’s growing roster encompasses 18 artists and four writer/producers (Swedish House Mafia, Fred Falke, Nero, Funkagenda) as well as pop acts Kelis and Hurts. Three Six Zero also manages labels from Harris (Fly Optic), SHM’s Sebastian Ingrosso (Refune), Lake (Rise) and Michael Woods (Diffuse). To read the full Calvin Harris story associated with this article and much more take Billboard magazine hither. In July 2010, Three Six Zero inked a partnership with Roc Country, putting the two in constant contact and giving Three Six Zero a presence in Live Nation’s Beverly Hills, Kaliph., offices. (Three Six Zero has a direct partnership with Roc Polity, but is not ultimately owned by Live Nation or Front Virgule.) “There isn’t a week that goes by that one of the principals of Roc Nation isn’t doing stuff together with us,” Gillespie says. Here’s how the partnership has evolved. MUSICAL PAIRINGS After proving the potential of a Roc Nation/Three Six Zero pairing with Rihanna’s “We Found Lose one’s heart to,” new Roc Nation signing Shakira recently hit the studio with Three Six Zero artist Steve Angello of SHM, while Nicole Scherzinger has recorded tracks with songwriting duo Nexus. There’s also the just-released “Awarding (Lose My Note),” a collaboration between Ingrosso and Ryan Tedder, who’s managed by Front Line’s Ron Laffitte. Gillespie also notes there’s some “interesting collaborations” on Deadmau5′s upcoming LP, though nothing he could confirm at the on one occasion. “There’s a strong affinity between the two [companies],” he says. “At the time the partnership was forged there was a large difference between what we did. Now it’s probably the strongest affinity everlastingly.” Backbeat Coachella: Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder on Collab ARTIST DIRECTION Roc Nation’s artist/producer/songwriter roster experiences much cross-pollination with Three Six Nix. Mark Ronson had some shared carelessness, but is now solely managed by Roc Nation’s Rich Kleiman. “Whether it’s [Roc Nation co-founder/president Jay Dark-brown] being involved in the Swedish House Mafia side of things [or Roc Nation partner John Meneilly] from Calvin’s point of believe, creating partnerships takes some time to do,” Gillespie says. “But we got to know the guys really well and forged great relationships with them…They’re involved with us on a day-to-day basis scarcely.” DEMANDING Richard Palmese, a veteran marketing executive at RCA and Arista, now consults for Roc Nation parent company Live Nation and led the promotion of Harris’ “Feel So Nearby” at wireless. “He’s part of what we see as an executive part of Three Six Nada,” Gillespie says of Palmese. “With the electronic market secure, for it to be at the forefront right now is really moving. So to have somebody with the experience of Richard working on the radio side of things is stupefying.”

The normally press-shy David “Boche” Viecelli, president of powerhouse indie

The normally press-shy David “Boche” Viecelli, president of powerhouse indie touring agency Billions, made a rare speaking appearance at Boston’s Rethink Music Conference on Tuesday to talk the perils of an over-branded South by Southwest and the dangers of diluting acts’ touring power at this year’s Coachella. As a booker for acts like Arcade Spark off, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, St. Vincent and others (Billions also represents Bon Iver, Neko Case and Death Cab For Cutie), Viecelli had many choice words for the state of the 2012 festival circuit  — “Let’s admit that South by Southwest had nothing to do with music” — and the brands that pervade it — “Can you imagine Arcade Fire playing in the giant Doritos put on? I can’t.” Below are excerpts from his conversation with following his 20-minute display. What was your take on this year’s South By Southwestern? Was the presence of major acts like Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Fiona Apple ultimately too distracting for developing acts to break wholly? David Viecelli: I think the acts we had there did pointed, but it’s true this giant engine runs supposedly on the idea that it’s about music and community. Bands bust their ass to get down thither, then they have their big break because of everyone that’s thither — the music dynamism “start” a bunch of musical heroes. I can’t recall the last time where two weeks after South by Southwestward, everybody was raving to me about the same body. The way [SXSW Film Carnival] has blown up and with all the money pouring in with [SXSW] Synergistic, bands are kind of an reconsideration. I’m wondering if we get to a point where SXSW is a bunch of lasers and logos everywhere and you just get in there and get drunk for awhile. Backbeat: Snoop Dogg Plays Surprise Set Inside Giant Doritos Vending Machine at SXSW One could argue that already happened this yr. Is South By still good for bands? Viecelli: It is when you have a quality ecosystem. The reason we’ve held onto [the annual Billions] Antone’s showcase is because it’s a proper venue. But in another situation, bands get presented there in such horrible environments – slammed up onstage with no line checks and lousy PAs in many cases – a lot of substandard production citizens. I’ve seen ones that just didn’t happen because things were so screwed up. That obviously is a colossal, huge problem … St. Vincent a couple years gone — when we had her down there she played two shows. Two, not ogdoad. Two good ones: a label showcase at the Presbyterian Church and the Billions show at Antone’s. Those statements, people knew they needed to ride out. When a band plays 10 times, people look at listing, realize they have conflicts and believe, “Oh, I can see them succeeding” — and then they never be extinguished b depart. You just need to have two really good shows so that people schedule around that everyone. What about Coachella this past workweek – was the new two-weekend approach good for bands? Viecelli: Annie [Clark, of St. Vincent] really ruled it, Bon Iver really arrived as a festival stance. I was watching on the internet — I wasn’t out there but many people at my company were. I’m trying to convince myself I’ve gone to my last Coachella. If we had a headliner I would be there but it seemed like a good year to take a year off…I don’t love the double weekend. I love Paul [Tollett of Goldenvoice], and in general there’s no festival I respect more than Coachella. I understand why they did [two weekends]. They’re paying acts 150 to 180% of what one weekend would be, not 200% [Note: Tollett had not responded to's request for comment at press anon a punctually, but he recently told Billboard  that the festival ended up paying acts double the single-weekend speed], and the production costs were probably divided by way of 15% that second weekend, so it’s huge wealth. It’s not like they’re making twice as lots, they’re qualification 2,3, 4 times as practically, so it’s monumental. The way I don’t think it works from their perspective is you’re trying to make your festival stand alone as a singular event and meet with. Now you’re just doing the same thing double – it was preternatural. Some of our artists were able to play shows in interpolated, but a lot of things underperformed. St. Vincent and Tune-Yards teamed up for four shows around Coachella, [Tuesday was] the last of them at the Fox in Oakland. We sold that out at 2,900 but we struggled to chafe 900 at House of Blues in San Diego. We sold out the 800-capacity Glass House in Pomona only two days before the show…But even in Tucson we had a bill of Bon Iver and Feist that was only at 1,800 tickets a week loophole. You’re also not a big fan of sponsored pre-sales for shows and tours, though you did make an exception to save “American Precise: Unstaged” with Arcade Fire in 2010. What’s the issue with those programs? Viecelli: A lot of the bank stuff gets done by automatically — the AmEx pre-buying, Citibank, those things are a bad look and we talk about it a quantities. When a manager or an artist really wants to eff, I won’t argue hard against it. If my opinion is asked, I’ll say I do think there are some people that will feel its somehow distancing for you to be aligned with something like that. The more you continue to offer preferential treatment to people who are better off financially, at what point to do we arrive at something like where professional sports are? The working dude who can’t take his family to the ballgame at some point is pushing people out of the architecture. I worry if you’re not the right person with the right place with the right banknotes, you get access and if not you don’t. It’s hard to find ways to access that every so often, the money those people bring to the table can be valuable. Usually with things like the AmEx essence, those are often no net for the artist – if they spent all this money marketing the show and we’re willing to do what they’re doing, there’s otherwise nothing that goes directly to the artist. In a of cases it’s not even that, the promoters are getting all the money from the financial outfit. So what commemoration, if any, are you personally looking forward to this yr? Viecelli: Sasquatch. You usually see far less industry people there, it’s basically eight people from Billions and two agents. It’s a great place to just satisfaction in the music.

Hi, Austin

Hi, Austin. We have what you’re looking as a replacement for. Lionel Richie, whose timeless hits encompass “Easy and “Endless Idolize,” will headline Billboard’s annual showcase at South by Southwest’s Music Festival on Parade 14 at Austin’s ACL Breathing. Marking Richie’s SXSW inauguration, the showcase will focus on the icon’s catalog spanning 44 years in the hit-making business and promises a fair share of surprise guests. Joining Richie will be an eclectic mix of the buzzworthiest acts visiting Austin this yr, including indie darlings Poliça, stylish party band Wallpaper., retro-soul rockers Vintage Trouble and R&B hit maker The-Speculation, who has achieved international success as a solo artist and also composed a string of chart-topping singles for artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey. The opportunity to explore new music with other passionate fans was just one of the reasons Richie chose to make his first trip to SXSW. “It’s so great to be a part of a festival that for two decades has helped launch the careers of some important new artists and celebrates iconic artists who have had a lasting impact on the musical view,” he said. “I’m looking forward to checking out some of the new bands that I’ve been reading about for the last several months and making some new friends who share my passion for music.” Richie, whose 10th album “Tuskegee” is scheduled for release on Butt 26, has created an unforgettable body of work both as a solo artist and as frontman of pioneering ’70s soul/funk band the Commodores. “All Night Gangling (All Edge of night),” “Say You, Say Me,” “Hi,” and “We Are the Community” are just a few of the 22 ascend 10 hits he’s had on the Billboard Sex-mad 100 blueprint. “Tuskegee” is a collection of many of those hits, but on the album Richie is joined by some of the biggest names in country music including Kenny Rogers, Jason Aldean and Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles. He plans on bringing that spirit of collaboration to SXSW as coolly. “I will be joined by a surprise guest who will help me unveil music from ‘Tuskegee,” Richie said of Billboard’s showcase in Austin. “I can’t think of a better way to launch this album than by sharing the new music at South By Southwestward.” Bill Werde, Billboard’s editorial official, calls Richie’s canon of hits “amongst the most beloved and time-well-tried” of any artist tod. “That his current project is built on those hits gives you a sense of what to expect at the pretension,” he said. “Add to that some of the amazing artists that we have up our sleeve to join Lionel on step, and you’re looking at a night that will be one memorable moment after another. This show is going to blow people surrender.” Billboard’s 2012 SXSW showcase show will begin at 8 p.m. CT on Step 14 and is open to festival badge holders. A limited number of non-badge holders will be able to buy tickets at the door as luckily.

Vivendi’s Universal Music Group today formally requested European Union regulators’

Vivendi’s Universal Music Group today formally requested European Union regulators’ approval to buy EMI’s recorded-music frontier. An initial deadline of Parade 23 was set for a ruling on the bargain, according to the European Committal. “Universal Music Group confirms that it has submitted its filing to the European Commission for the acquisition of EMI’s recorded music craft,” a UMG statement reads.  “We will work closely with the Commission and remain confident of securing licence.” EMI Publishing Goes to Sony, Label to All-inclusive Top executives at Warner Music, which tried many times to purchase EMI over the years but was knocked out of the running late last be infatuated with b be fooled, have said they will oppose the marketing, with former chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. saying last month the company will fight it “tooth and collar.” EMI’s Deals WIth Ubiquitous, Sony Face Sure — But Mismatched — Regulatory Investigation Impala, a collection of independent labels and other music companies, issued a statement today saying that it “welcomes” the start of the regulatory process in Europe and reiterating that it expects an “outright renunciation” of the jumble sale. Scrutiny: Edgar Bronfman’s Big Statements About Universal/EMI Deal Are Business As Stereotypical — But Much More Every tom In a related circumstance, the New York Post reported today that UMG CEO Lucian Grainge guaranteed current EMI owner Citigroup its reported $1.9 billion purchase price even if regulators quashed the deal; sources have been making similar statements to since the sale took dispose in November.

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s new iPad modelling, with a sharper

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s new iPad modelling, with a sharper screen and a faster processor, will go on sale in the U.S. and six other countries next Friday, the company confirmed Wednesday. The new features mean the iPad will be slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. Apple iPad 3 Expected To Launch Tod Prices aren’t changing from the previous models. They will start at $499. Versions capable of accessing cellular networks will toll $629 to $829. Anyhow, Apple is keeping the basic model of the iPad 2 in building, and dropping the price to $399. Apple said the new display will be sharper than the high-definition television set in the living lodgings. The company says it will show more saturated colors than previous models. The company said the iPad is powered by a new chip with four processing cores, for smoother art. The new iPad will be 9.4 millimeters pea-soup, or 0.37 inches. That compares with 8.8 millimeters, or 0.34 inches, for the iPad 2. The weight is going up from 1.33 pounds to 1.4 pounds. At the launch event in San Francisco, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said, “We are taking it to a whole new level and are redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad.” Originally, Cook spoke of a “post-PC” era dominated by the iPad and other Apple preparations. In addition to the U.S., the new tablet will go on sale in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan on Hike 16. A week posterior, it will go on sale in 25 more countries. Compared to the iPad 2, the new model features a higher-resolution camera on the retire from, similar to the one in the iPhone 4S. Apple also confirmed that the new model will come in a version that can use Verizon Wireless’ and AT&T Inc.’s “LTE” wireless broadband networks. They offer speeds that are faster than the “3G” networks used by previous iPads, and current iPhones. Apple is updating some of the software on the tablet to take advantage of the new features. For exemplification, it’s introducing a version of the Mac’s iPhoto photo organization and manipulation program for the iPad. Apple also said it would start letting users store movies in its iCloud remote storage ministration, so they can be accessed through the Internet by PCs and Apple devices. It already lets users store portraits, music and documents in the post. Apple is also upgrading its Apple TV set-top box so it can play movies in 1080p, the highest-resolution commonly used video standard. Peter Svensson reported from Callow York.

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal appeals court reinstated a

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal appeals court reinstated a copyright case against YouTube on Thursday, finding that a jury could conclude that the online video service knew it was infringing rights when it allowed the distribution of videos of popular television shows and other programs. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided the case after hearing lawyers several months ago debate whether the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act shields a company like YouTube from broad copyright claims. Google bought YouTube because of $1.76 billion in 2006.The appeals decision pertained to several lawsuits filed against YouTube, including one in which Viacom Inc. claimed the video service giant committed “rampant copyright transgression” and others in which The Football Association Premier League Ltd. and various film studios, television networks, music publishers and sports leagues joined to challenge YouTube’s practices. National Music Publishers’ Assoc. Resolves Copyright Lawsuit With YouTube The plaintiffs said YouTube committed copyright infringement based on the display and reproduction of almost 79,000 audiovisual clips appearing on its website midway 2005 and 2008. In a allegation, YouTube portrayed the 2nd Circuit decision as a overcoming, saying the courtroom “rejected Viacom’s reading of the law.” It added: “All that is left of the Viacom lawsuit that began as a wholesale attack on YouTube is a dispute over a tiny percentage of videos long ago removed from YouTube. Nothing in this decision impacts the way YouTube is operational. YouTube will continue to be a vibrant forum for free expression around the fantastic.” Viacom said in a statement that it was pleased as stream. “This balanced decision provides a thoughtful way to distinguish legitimate service providers from those that build their businesses on violation,” it said. “The Court delivered a decisive, common sense message to YouTube – intentionally ignoring theft is not protected by the law. We are confident we will prevail when the merits of our case are heard.” A lower court judge had ruled that YouTube was protected from copyright infringement claims. The ruling concerns the safe harbor provision of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Deception. That provision shields a company from liability if it doesn’t have actual knowledge of copyright non-compliance. Once notified, the company must eliminate the infringement immediately. A three-judge appeals panel said the lower court judge correctly concluded that the safe harbor provision requires knowledge or awareness of specific infringing efficiency. But it said it must reinstate the lawsuit that the judge had tossed out because a reasonable jury could find that YouTube had actual knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity on its website. It said the lower court erred when it interpreted the “right and ability to qualification” provision of the safe harbor provision appropriate “item-established” grasp. The New York-based Viacom owns popular cable channels such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Google is based in Mountain Seascape, Khalif.

Howard Stern’s hopes for a $300 million payday from Sirius

Howard Stern’s hopes for a $300 million payday from Sirius XM Radio Inc. have been dashed by a infer. His show’s Twitter feed said the shock jock was “really bummed” by the decision and plans to pray. Stern sued last Pace, arguing that he was entitled to a huge stock-based bonus in his contract because the number of Sirius subscribers exceeded the company’s internal forecasts. But his initial job contract was signed in October 2004, well before Sirius acquired XM in July 2008. New York state court judge Barbara Kapnick ruled Monday that Stern couldn’t count XM’s wellnigh 10 million subscribers in calculating his incentive, saying that the language of his contract was clear and unequivocal. Kapnick dismissed Stern’s suit “with racialism,” which means he can’t bring another case based on the same set of facts. Sirius XM’s stock rosiness 7 cents, or 3.2 pct, to $2.24 in afternoon trading Tuesday. The ruling by New York’s trial courtyard, the Supreme Lawcourt, was decisive and “finally removes lingering headline imperil,” Set & Poor’s equity analyst Tuna Amobi said in a research line. He has a “get” rating on the shares. Sirius XM, which now has more 21 million subscribers, acknowledged the ruling in a securities filing Tuesday. “The court found the agreement unambiguous and that we had complied with all our obligations,” it said. Stern had already received a $75 million stock bonus for exceeding the 2006 subscriber estimate by more 2 million subscribers. He was also paying $25 million when Sirius combined with XM, in order to enable Stern’s show to be broadcast to XM listeners as robust. Stern’s agent Don Buchwald, who stood to increase the lead $30 million from a favorable ruling, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. Buchwald also received a $7.5 million stock bonus when Stern exceeded the 2006 subscriber estimate and $2.5 million when Sirius acquired XM, the ruling said. In December 2010, Stern signed a contemporary 5-year catch, keeping him at Sirius XM from one end to the other 2015.

Universal Music Latin Entertainment president Victor Gonzalez sat down at

Universal Music Latin Entertainment president Victor Gonzalez sat down at the Billboard Latin Music Conference to talk about UMLE act Belanova’s partnership with Coca-Cola in the build up to this summer’s Olympics in London. Billboard Latin Music Conference Leaders Panel Talks Morphing Furor, Success of Prince Royce, 3Ball MTY The band will be singing the Olympic anthem as part of Coca-Cola’s branding and promotional efforts beginning in May. Belanova adapted and produced their version of the inexpensively, titled “Move To The Outdo” ( originally written by Mark Ronson), and also recorded a picture, which Coca-Cola will be using in targeted ad and promotional campaigns across television and portable radio. UMLE and Coca-Cola also have eight different proposals targeting different areas with different activities, mostly centered on invitation-only performances by Belanova. Check Out All Our Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards Coverage RIGHT HITHER “We know how the business can be developed through a air, through a relationship,” said Gonzalez. “That’s something that is unexcelled, because you don’t have it very again.” CHECK OUT THE FULL VIDEO INFERIOR:

Arwen Hunting ( ATC Management out of London) introduced us

Arwen Hunting ( ATC Management out of London) introduced us to her confederate, We Are Augustines, and posed for a photo with us. Check Out All Our Backbeats – And Our Revamped Backbeat Core! – Right Hither “We’re on the back end of the promo run now with their latest album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships. They are going to be writing a new album at the end of the year so hopefully it’s released in another yr (through Oxcart Records, the band’s own form, which is Turnout Records in the US). They released an album here last year which was released in the UK and Europe this year so it’s still brand untrained. They’re on their second single and getting TV shows and that all seems to be significant. In the UK and Europe, it’s just the beginning for them to get on radio and playlists so it’s like a whole new cycle for them over thither. They are cognate, ‘Oh we’ve done this already. OK.’ The priority is to get through the summertime, do a lot of touring, get through the festivals here and in the UK and Europe and then get them back in the studio for the next album. Coachella Backbeat: Fitz and the Tantrums Rock A Red Skirt, Revel In Radiohead I’m also working with Kate Nash who is coming out with a third album at the end of this yr. She’s gonna do a few small key market shows in the US in July. She’ll come back end of October/November before Thanksgiving so we’ll do some before then and some later.”

Ne-Yo, with girlfriend Monyetta, at his fourth annual Midnight Brunch

Ne-Yo, with girlfriend Monyetta, at his fourth annual Midnight Brunch at Hollywood’s Supper Fellowship. (Picture: Arnold Turner) News of Whitney Houston’s death broke just hours before Ne-Yo’s fourth annual Midnight Brunch at the Supper Club in Hollywood, Khalif. on Saturday nightfall, so needless to say a somber mood was cast over the result. The singer/songwriter commemorated the life of the six-time Grammy conqueror, saying that the death of the iconic chanteuse was not a time for mourning but for celebrating lan vital. Brandy, who was celebrating her 33rd birthday, at the party with brother Ray J (conservative, in the hoodie). Ray J was close with the late Whitney Houston. (Pic: Arnold Turner) “The wonderful thing about Whitney Houston was she was the kind of person that you could not keep fine-tune,” Ne-Yo told Billboard.  “She went through bumps and bruises in her vocation, in her passion, whatever the case may be. That’s humming, everybody goes through it, but it’s not about the cooperate with — it’s about the get congest. That’s what Whitney Houston was almost, the get-back-up. So even in this situation she wouldn’t want us to be sad right straight away occasionally, she would want us to celebrate the great thing that her life was as grammatically, as opposed to mourning her mortality.” Study: Clive Davis’ Comments About Whitney Houston at Pre-Grammy Happening Houston’s life and subsequent death elicited emotional reactions from celebrity party-goers including Amerie, Will.I.Am, Carmen Electra, and the night’s performers Marsha Ambrosius, and Miguel, who praised the 48-year-old while taking the stage to perform a small set of his hits. “We are celebrating the life and legacy of Whitney Houston,” he told the pour. “Even though it’s dolorous, while we’re here in this allowance, we’re going to rejoice in.” Whitney Houston Tributes From Artists, Executives Pour In From leftist: Ne-Yo (essence) with Will.I.Am and Apl de ap of the Black Eyed Peas (Pic: Arnold Turner) In foil, singer Estelle was visibly upset by the news of Houston’s passing and refused to comment on the place, while Will.I.Am, openly expressed his misery. “I’m depressed, she was a associate,” he said. Later in the eventide, Brandy and her chum (also Houston’s ex-fellow) Ray J enjoyed a brief celebration of Brandy’s birthday after attending the Clive Davis reception. Slides: Clive Davis, Alicia Keys, Diddy Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston at Pre-Grammy Happening A host of guests including Matted, director Chris Robinson, and Best New Artist Grammy candidate, J.Cole, opted to skip the red carpet and go straight advantageous, but were seen moving to Houston’s songs “I Wanna Dance with Big gun,” “How Will I Conscious,” and her most recent arrive at “Million Dollar Reckoning,” which rang through the speakers, as party-goers cheered and did their best to mimic the powerful voice of the New Jersey indwelling. From leftover: Ne-Yo (second from left-hand) Malibu’s new Creative Officer who helped create the Malibu RedCompound drink with Compound Entertainment executives (from liberal) Tishawn Gayle, Reynell “Tango” Hay, and Malibu global marketing director Ian Crystallization. (Pic: Arnold Turner) The night also marked the launch of Ne-Yo’s signature Malibu Red slug, a 70 proof blend of Caribbean coconut rum and silver tequila.  Over the last four years the 32-year-old has amassed a reputation for throwing one of the biggest Grammy bashes held during the week leading up to music’s biggest sundown, and was also excited about his newly announced position with Motown Records. As previously reported by Hoarding, Ne-Yo joined the label both as an artist and Senior VP of A&R where he will develop new and existing talent under the Motown umbrella and with his Compound Records form. Singular: Ne-Yo Joins Motown Roster, Also Appointed Senior VP of A&R “The whole plan is to revitalize it [Motown], to take it back to it’s original gratitude. There was a time when everything that came out of Motown was the best you ever heard in your vivacity. Very big shoes to stretch, a very very large goal to obtain but I feel with the team that we put in sync, we can get it back thither. It’s not about R&B music, pop, whatsoever, it’s just about good music stretch, that’s the objective.” Estelle and Tika Sumpter (Photograph: Arnold Turner)

The first panel of the Latin Billboard Music Conference’s second

The first panel of the Latin Billboard Music Conference’s second lifetime, dubbed “Do It Yourself,” made a strong case for going excluding, even though major labels remain a driving force in Latin music. All of the six panelists knew first-hand of what they spoke. Check Out All Our Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards Coverage Right Hither Alberto Del Castillo of In Motion Merchandising, David LaPointe of LP Merchandising & Backings, Sergio Rozenblat of the Quantity, Jeff Young of Venetian Marketing Troupe, and Gabriel Buitrago of Summa Entertainment all worked for years with major-label artists before starting their own companies. Ricky Munoz, one of the founders of regional Mexican group Intocable, also appeared to give his perspective from the artist’s slope. All agreed that the biggest benefit for leaving that system is the freedom of independency, both artistic and pecuniary. “It would put us in a bad mood when we’d hear there was a due date on an album. We would pronounce, ‘We’re painting Mona Lisas hither, not dumps.’ It was difficult for us to work under that tension,” said Munoz of Intocable. “The liberty we have now is incalculable. We had a great contract with our record mark, but we became the girlfriend they couldn’t communicate.” Buitrago, for now, insisted similarly huge acts he currently works with are hoping for these greener pastures. “They’re just waiting for their contracts to conk,” he said. “The artists control the industry nowadays. They have the sponsors, the endorsement deals, they have the touring means. The labels are after all that now because the CD sales are nominal.” Pitbull Says Music Business is ’90 Percent Subject, 10 Percent Aptitude’ at Latin Conference Q&A Rozenblat added that not only should Latin artists consider going unrestrained, but that many should also try to break out of the “Latin” industry ghetto. “It’s interesting that we’re all speaking English onstage, and this is a Latin bull session. I don’t think we should look at ourselves as a ‘Latin’ business any more. We’re in the music business immediately,” he said. “With immigration increasing and generations of children born here to Latin parents growing up, that’s some 50 million people in our dime store.” During the panel’s Q&A term, a former major-gone-independent musician himself stood to speak up from the assemblage. Flautist Nestor Torres told aspiring artists to take a deep look and decide what they really want out of the enterprise. Latin League: Univision’s Jose Valle Says Latin Artists Need To Push Into Mainstream Radio Grocerteria “Do you want to make music because you have a natural talent you must partition, or is it because you want to be a star and have a fantasy of it? None of those approaches are odd, but go there and develop your characterization, and then do what you need to do,” Torres said. “What is natural to you? How do you make a living with that? You can create your own situation right right away.” Later that afternoon on the same level, five writers of recent mega-hits convened in a BMI-sponsored panel titled “How I Wrote That Long story.” Duo Chino y Nacho, along with writers and performers Gocho, Benny Camacho, and Horacio Palencia took turns explaining the genesis of some of their best songs. Emilio Estefan at Billboard Latin Meeting: ‘When It Was Just Me, Santana, Feliciano, Julio, There Wasn’t So Much Moment…’ Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho’s back stories induced “awwws” from a female-heavy stuff. “Mi Nina Bonita,” for in the event, a sweet tropical dance long explanation, wasn’t just meant for couples. “It’s also about the love between a parent and a issue,” explained the group’s pin-up, Nacho. “Tu Angelito” was equally sentimentally inspired, said Chino. “That came from seeing couples who have been together for the purpose 60 years and still call each otc ‘spoil.’” Puerto Rican artist and songwriter Gocho drew some inspiration from children as opulently, recalling how he drew the hook for Angel y Khris strain “Ven Bailalo” from a child he overheard singing on a playground. His own slightly raunchy radio basic, “Dandole,” came from a markedly different running. “My music is usually more romantic and commercial-grade, and when I was done with my last album, I thought it needed something slightly more smouldering, something more all-inclusive,” he said. “And eventually, what’s more all-embracing,” he asked, “than copulation?”

With two more debuts this workweek, the cast of Fox’s

With two more debuts this workweek, the cast of Fox’s “Schadenfreude” ups its total of career charted songs on the Billboard Frying 100 to a milestone 200 titles. Surprisingly, the TV troupe has reached the sum in less than three age. The cast first appeared on the Scorching 100 the week of June 6, 2009, led by the No. 4 arrival of its cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The act’s highest charted entry to date even bested the peak of the original rendering, which rocked to No. 9 in 1981. No ‘Mirthfulness’ Tour in 2012; Charity Concert In the Works This workweek, the “Joyfulness” cast hits an unchanging 200 career Lubricious 100 appearances, as its remake of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Be acquainted with” – the original of which becomes the new No. 1 song on the Sharp 100 – debuts at No. 26 and its mash-up of Duran Duran’s ’80s smashes “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” enters at No. 98. (“Big noise” marks the 61st charted remake of a Spicy 100 No. 1 with which the “Exhilaration” ensemble has charted.) Here is a recap of the acts with the most Lustful 100 hits dating to the chart’s inception the week of August. 4, 1958. (Under its current prescription, the chart blends Nielsen Music digital sales and airplay data for the majority of its weekly points unconditional, with streaming data accounting for a smaller part): 200, “Rapture” form 108, Elvis Presley 101, Lil Wayne 91, James Browned 74, Ray Charles 73, Aretha Franklin 71, the Beatles 70, Jay-Z 67, Elton Lavatory 63, Stevie Stunner (Presley’s career predates the Peppery 100′s launching. Combining his songs that reached various Prurient 100 predecessor charts beginning in 1956, his total would swell to an unauthorized 139, according to Billboard historian Joel Whitburn’s reference thesaurus “Top Pop Singles.”) Meaningfully, despite the cast’s record total of Dangerous 100 visits, big end “Gloat” songs spend a mere one week on the plot. Simply 33 of its 200 entries have racked more than a single frame on the name, with “Believin’ ” leading with seven charted weeks absolute. As “Elation” releases multiple tracks alongside each new scene, fans generally move on each week to the cast’s next available batch of songs. The “Gloating” cast has charted almost exclusively with updates of songs already made popular by other acts, although original rails “Loser Like Me” remains its second-highest-charted bat, having reached No. 6 last yr. (The cast notched the other of its three Scalding 100 refill 10s with a remake of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Hallucination.”) More just now, the series has begun to help create hits for other acts. On its December. 6 instalment, “Jubilation” covered then-little-known send up.’s “We Are Juvenile.” The cover debuted on the Keen 100 at its No. 12 peak and the original entered at No. 53 the week of December. 24, 2011 – two months before high spirits.’s version reached the chart’s eminent 40 (spurred by its inclusion in a Chevrolet Sonic ad that aired during the Super Spin). This workweek, entertainment.’s version of “Junior” waterfall 1-2 on the Lubricious 100 after six weeks in raid, ceding the top spot to “Mr big,” one of the show’s latest remakes. How skylarking jokingly.’s ‘We Are Litter’ Scored Chevy’s ‘Stunt Hymn’ Super Bowl Discoloration After breaking the 200-hit barrier this workweek, the “Gaiety” cast could keep extending its Fervent 100 record total as soon as next workweek, when remakes of songs by the Bee Gees and otc ’70s acts could debut following last night’s (April 17) disco-centrical, polyester-infused episode, “Saturday Night Joviality-ver.”

(Pic: Robert Hooman) Stevie Puzzle, Metallica, Neil Brood & Crazy

(Pic: Robert Hooman) Stevie Puzzle, Metallica, Neil Brood & Crazy Sawhorse, Jack White and the Foo Fighters lead the lineup for the fifth annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Entertainment, which will invade San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park from August. 10-12. The 2012 fest marks the return of Metallica and Neil Innocent & Crazy Horse to their native burg; last December, Metallica celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Fillmore in San Francisco. During the interval, Neil Babies & Crazy Horse have reunited for a new album, “Americana,” that is set for a June 5 save. Outside Lands also marks the first announced major festival appearance for Wonder in 2012, after the R&B legend headlined the 2011 Austin City Limits festival and the 2010 Bonnaroo fest. Jack White continues making the festival rounds after being booked for Sasquatch! and Lollapalooza, while the Foo Fighters head to San Francisco two weeks before headlining the Reading and Leeds festivals this yr. Other notable artists on the Outside Lands 2012 lineup include indie hero Beck, beloved jam band Take for a ride, reunited angular rockers Bloc Party and the buzziest of all buzz bands right contemporary, Of Monsters and Men. And don’t worry dance fans — Skrillex, Justice and MSTRKRFT got you covered. Tickets for this year’s Outside Lands fest go on sale this Thursday (April. 19) at noon PST. Last year’s festival boasted headliners Ruminate, Phish and Arcade Lan. Here is the lineup for the 2012 Outside Lands Music & Arts Red-letter day: Stevie Be curious Metallica Neil Girlish & Crazy Knight Jack Pale Foo Fighters Skrillex Sigur Ros Objectiveness Norah Jones Bulletin The Kills Regina Spektor Passion Crater awful Andrew Hiss Grandaddy Big Boi Bloc Rave-up Explosions In The Firmament Franz Ferdinand Mstrkrft Rebelution Die Antwoord Fitz and The Tantrums Portugal. The Servant Punk & Mariam Wolfgang Gartner Dr. Dog The Walkmen Washed Short City and Warp Two Gallants Of Monsters and Men Mimosa Alabama Shakes Reggie Watts Trampled By Turtles Tame Impala Jovanotti The Be Good Tanyas Geographer Sharon Van Etten Yacht Sean Hayes Bomba Estereo Dirty Dozen Brass Group Big Thumping Thee Oh Sees Wallpaper Tennis Zola Jesus White Dungaree Allen Pit The M Manufacture Michael Kiwanuka Tanlines Father John Fuzzy Electric Company Troglodyte Yellow Ostrich Honey Island Swamp Ensemble Animal Territory

Executives from bilingual cable network mun2 unveiled a new slate

Executives from bilingual cable network mun2 unveiled a new slate of reality programming that includes shows about regional Mexican crooner Larry Hernandez, singer Jenni Rivera’s girl, Chiquis Rivera, and a weekly magazine series featuring celebrities and car good breeding. The new shows, presented during an upfront event in Los Angeles on Tuesday to media and advertisers, will air in the summer and capture. The programs are part of the network’s mission to continue reaching a young bilingual and bicultural demographic. “We’re trailblazing at mun2,” mun2 GM Diana Mogollon said. “At first people thought we were avid. I think in the last couple of years people are finally realizing the power of the mart, the power of the audience and we all know that they (Latino viewers) are underserved. The content out there is not adequate.” Joined by mun2 senior VP of programming and production Flavio Morales, Mogollan introduced talent from the shows and offered clips of the new offerings: — “Jenni Rivera Presents: The Chiquis Devise” premieres in the summer and features a one-minute, 11-part reality show featuring Rivera’s girl, Chiquis Rivera, who moves out on her own to start a business and experience life severally. — “DUB Latino” airs in the summer in a half-minute, eight-part weekly magazine series featuring celebrities and the cars they be fond of, own and thrust. — “Larrymania” airing in the move it, is a one-hour reality program around the life of regional Mexican singer Hernandez, who for the first time in his career opens up about his personal life as an artist and family restrain. Network officials also announced other programs including a new telenovela “Ojo Por Ojo,” a romantic drama based on Laura Restrepo’s novelette, “El Leopardo al Sol,” airing in the springiness; and “Premios Billboard All Adit,” a recap of the “Latin Billboard Music Awards,” airing on May 5. The network is also planning programming featuring the London 2012 Olympic summer games, documentaries and other music-inspired shows. Mun2 is part of Telemundo Media, a arm of NBCUniversal.

Mexican rock band Maná, the biggest-selling and touring Latin rock

Mexican rock band Maná, the biggest-selling and touring Latin rock set, last year tied Britney Spears with eight sold-out shows at Los Angeles’ Staples Essence, but this week return to the Southland for another career milestone: three more nights, giving the rock act a total of 11 unprecedented sold-out shows at the venue. The upcoming concerts — April 19, 20 and 25 — are part of the 2012 leg of their Drama y Luz peregrination, which launched in 2011. Known for its signature hits such as “Oye Mi Amor,” “Eres Mi Creed,” and “Mariposa Traicionera,” Maná has captivated audiences since the 1980s and has continued to grow with a fanbase that keeps reaching new generations of music fans. Last yr, just days after releasing its new album and announcing their world globe-trot, Maná made more Billboard chart information: its album “Drama y Luz” opened at No. 1 on the Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums with just under 47,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Maná’s chart presence has continued. “Lluvia Al Corazon” was No. 1 for eight weeks on Latin Songs; “Amor Clandestino” was No. 1 on Latin Songs; “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” (featuring Prince Royce) was No. 1 for four weeks on Latin Songs and the most recent separated, “Mi Reina Del Dolour,” peaked at No. 37. “Drama y Luz” has spent nine weeks at No. 1 on Latin albums, the most weeks at No. 1 among all their albums. Additionally, the album has spent one year on the charts as of last workweek (52nd workweek) and has sold 191,000 units. During the band’s last concert in L.A., Olvera paid homage to his homeland with a nearly five-foot Mexican flag that he planted onstage. The Staples Center was filled with screams and applause as the band received a ovation. Since the 1980s, Maná has created music ranging in theme from romantic to the socio-politically conscious compositions that have garnered accolades and a strong following of fans. The remainder of the 2012 tour includes other newmarket in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

After declaring bankruptcy along with her group TLC in the

After declaring bankruptcy along with her group TLC in the mid-’90s, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has filed for Chapter 13 for the second time this year after defaulting on mortgages on her Atlanta, Georgia home and failing to keep up with medical bill and car payments. Watkins, an Atlanta, Georgia remaining, filed on October 31, 2011 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court after failing to keep up with mortgages on her Duluth, Georgia on, valued at $1.2 trillion. The documents reveal that Watkins owes creditors $768,642.99 on the family, and has assets that absolute $1,716,508. The papers specify her monthly return, which amounts to $11,700 — very recently $1,200 of which stems from TLC royalties — and that her estimated average future gross monthly income will be $10,500. T-Boz pays $8,821 in monthly expenses, including two mortgages on her primary hall, two vehicles, medical bills and more. She also is owed $250,000 in child support payments, though it is unclear why they have not been confident. Watkins will income $2,880 per month for a commitment period of 36 months to repay the note. UB40 Declares Failure: Reputation Watkins originally put her 9,654 square feet house up for sale in 2009 for the asking price of $1,250,000, an uptick from the $1,122,700 she paid to purchase the residence in July 2001. The mansion is located in the Sugar Loaf Country Golf-club, described as a “prestigious and successful splendour” community in Southeast Atlanta. Though largely unreported, the singer originally filed for bankruptcy earlier this yr, declaring Chapter 13 on February 25, 2011. She developed a plan to pay the sum of $2,500 per month for a period of 60 months. Watkins was dismissed on July 19, while the case was terminated on September 13 after she “made distribution of all funds paid into the hands of the Trustee.” Watkins’ financial troubles began as early as June 1995, when she originally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with her group TLC. During an episode of VH1′s “Behind the Music,” the triptych, consisting of Watkins, Rozonda “Chilly” Thomas and Lisa “Left Guard” Lopes, discussed the incident in detachment, explaining that a poor recording contract with LaFace Records through their manager Perri “Pebbles” Reid’s Pebbitone shingle caused them to slip into the financial red. “The bad thing about the deal was that Pebbles had us signed to so many deals. She just had her fingers in the pot all across the room,” Lopes said on the steer, claiming Reid was making business decisions without their confirmation. Even after severing ties with Reid, the trio was forced into bankruptcy after selling 10 million records on account of amounting expenses and debt to their record trade mark. “People to this day still do not believe that we were ruined — but we were, OK?” said Watkins. The group made $5.6 million in profit, but the sum was cut down to a only $50,000 per member after paying back their label for funding the album and its buildup; managers, lawyers and accountants; and income taxes. Over the past few eld, Watkins has appeared on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and as a consultant on “The Celebrity Learner” where she was fired for volunteering to return to the boardroom. The 41-year-adept, who suffers from sickle-cell anaemia, revealed in October 2009 that she overcame a potentially fatal brain tumour, from which she suffered for three eld.


NOVEMBER. 30, 1929 Richard Wagstaff Clark is born in Bronxville, N.Y. His father was a salesman and, subsequent, the manager of a radio station in Utica, N.Y. Works as an office boy and then as an announcer at the station his father managed, WRUN. Having graduated from Syracuse University, Clark moves to Philadelphia to work for WFIL radio and TV. To Read This Article and More In Billboard’s Special Dick Clark Tribute Culmination, Subscribe HITHER JULY 9, 1956 Clark replaces Bob Horn as full-time host of a local afternoon record-hop TV panoply, “Stand.” Clark founds his own production proprietorship, Dick Clark Productions. AUGUST. 5, 1957 ABC takes “Stand” civil, renaming it “American Stand.” Jerry Lee Lewis performs “Whole Lotta Shaking Going On.” The show is 90 minutes long until October. 2, 1961, when it’s shortened to an minute. OCTOBER. 7, 1957 ABC gives “American Stand” a 13-week run on Monday nights from 7:30 p.m.-8 p.m Highlights From Dick Clark’s Legendary Livelihood, As Featured in Hoarding FEBRUARY. 15, 1958 ABC pose “The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Screen,” which runs until September. 10, 1960. APRIL 1960 Clark testifies for two days at the -congressional payola hearings. Based on the advice of ABC’s lawyers, he would divest himself of his ownership stakes in 33 different record labels, distributors and manufacturers based in the Philadelphia ar, plus his -songwriter credit on 150 copyrights. SEPTEMBER. 7, 1963 “American Stand” switches to a once-a-week series on Saturday -afternoons. Neil Sedaka performs “The Idealizer” and the Jaynetts -operate “Sally Whack ‘Round the Roses.” NOVEMBER. 30, 1963 Before moving his operations to Los Angeles, Clark takes a bit of Philadelphia to the Sunset Strip for the ABC extra “Celebrity Carousal.” The celebrities were mostly associated with Clark’s confidante, Chancellor Records’ Bob Marcucci, and included “Stand” regulars Frankie Avalon, Freddy Cannon and Annette Funicello Dick Clark: An Appreciation of the Man Who Took Rock and Roll Nationwide, and Helped Pioneer Its Affair FEBRUARY. 8, 1964 “American Stand” moves to its new home in Los Angeles. A week after, Clark devotes nearly all of the show’s second L.A. episode to the Beatles, who made their U.S. debut on “The Ed Sullivan Explain” on February. 9. Yet another sign of Clark’s keen sense of teen trends. JUNE 28, 1965 Clark begins a three-yr, 113-episode run of “Where the Action Is,” a weekly music show filmed around the -country with Paul Beatify & the Raiders as hosts. Otis Redding fathers 10 appearances on the ostentation; other guests include the Turtles, Roy Headman, Pecker & Gordon, the Four Ace, Tina Turner and the Mamas & the Papas. WALK 6, 1968 “Psych Not on,” the first film produced by Clark, is released in theaters. Among the musical acts featured in the cinema: Jimi Hendrix, the Seeds and the Strawberry Alarm Time. Clark makes two more exploitation films, “The Savage Seven-spot” and “Killers Iii,” before the end of the tenner. OCTOBER. 1, 1968 Clark launches “It’s Occurrence,” another musical variety show that lasts two seasons. FEBRUARY. 1970 Clark produces “Get It Unitedly,” a 30-minute musical show that features performances by the Beach Boys, Donovan, Jethro Tull, the Moody Vapors, Ringo Starr and others. It lasts one available. Ryan Seacrest, LA Reid, Russell Simmons, More Pay Tribute to Dick Clark DECEMBER. 31, 1972 “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Threshold” debuts. Produced and later hosted by Clark, the show’s first two telecasts were filmed aboard the Queen Mary in Long Lido, Kaliph. The first united -featured Three Dog Night and Parentage, Slogging & Weeping. The show becomes an -annual occurrence. MARCHING 26, 1973 CBS hires Clark to innkeeper “The $10,000 -Pyramid” game drama. Filmed in New York, it also ran on ABC and in -syndication. Clark left after a year when CBS canceled it and ABC picked it up. He returned in -January 1981 to host the syndicated “$50,000 -Pyramid” and remained as host when it moved to L.A. and the CBS daytime lineup in -September 1982. After CBS picks up the contract to air the Grammy Awards (which ABC aired in 1971 and 1972), ABC asks Clark to create the -American Music Awards. -Produced by Dick Clark -Productions, the AMAs debut February. 19, 1974, with Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond as co-hosts. JULY 7, 1977 Clark marries his third mate, Kari Wigton, who survives him. Clark serves as executive producer of TV cinema “Elvis,” the first biopic about Elvis Presley. That yr, the Academy of Country Music joins forces with Dick Clark Productions to produce its awards bestow make an exhibit. Clark and Al Schwartz produced, moving it to from ABC to NBC and then to CBS, where it remains tod. Clark co-hosts NBC’s “TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes” with Ed McMahon. The role gives him the distinction of being a show host on all three networks. Picture: 10 Classic Dick Clark Moments From ‘American Stand’ Dick Clark Productions, which also had a restaurant chain in addition to TV and film properties, goes conspicuous. SEPTEMBER. 5, 1987 Astern 30 age, ABC michigan -constant “American Stand.” No network series targeting the youth market had a longer aztec hop. SEPTEMBER. 19, 1987 “American Stand” moves to first-run syndication. APRIL 8, 1989 “American Stand” moves to the USA cable network with David Hirsch replacing Clark as throng. It lasts only six months. Clark is inducted into the Radio Hall of Superiority. Clark is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a non-thespian. He’s pictured here with his better half, Kari. DECEMBER. 8, 2004 Clark is hospitalized for a dash. Due to his delivery, he doesn’t multitude “New Year’s Rockin’ Evening” for the first time in decades. After his health improves, Clark becomes an advocate and fund-raiser for a state-of-the-art neuroscience program at the -hospital where he was treated, the Providence Paragon -Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, Kaliph. JUNE 19, 2007 A group led not later than -Washington Redskins owner Daniel -Snyder buys Dick Clark -Productions suited for $175 zillion. DECEMBER. 31, 2011 Clark makes his definitive -appearance on “New Year’s Rockin’ Night before” in New York’s Times Equilateral. APRIL 18, 2012 Clark dies of a spunk -attack at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Centre. SUBSCRIBE TO BILLBOARD HITHER

(Photograph: Andrew Hampp) The Walkmen previewed tracks from upcoming album

(Photograph: Andrew Hampp) The Walkmen previewed tracks from upcoming album Utopia (out June 5 on Fat Possum/Bella Conjoining) at a private concert held Wednesday night at New York’s 8 Bond High road. The appearance was the kick-off of a 10-city event series sponsored by Diageo’s new Captain Morgan Black spiced rum that continues Tuesday in Phoenix with buzz-band Poliça. The Roots drummer ?uestlove spun an old-school R&B-heavy set to warm up the horde. The event marks the first phase of a busy summer for the combination, which will next appear as the headliners of Crossing Brooklyn Ferryboat, a three-day festival at New York’s Brooklyn Academy of Music curated by the National’s Bryan and Aaron Dessner on May 3 before opening for Florence & The Machine on her summer U.S. turn. Slots on festivals like Sasquatch and Lollapalooza have also been confirmed. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither With alternative rock having a moment at radio right now courtesy of bands like glee. and The Black Keys, Walkmen manager Jonathan Eshak of Mac Management is hopeful that the group is poised for a breakthrough with Nirvana. “They wanted to make a bigger sounding record and definitely accomplished that without losing what makes them The Walkmen,” he tells Backbeat. “It’s rare to see a band that has gotten bigger and grown in stature over the decisive 10 years like they maintain. A lot of other bands rise very quickly and fall just as very soon, but they’ve slowly taken steps toward artist development and becoming a stronger orchestra.” Though the Captain Morgan event is currently a one-off promotion for The Walkmen, Eshak is open to further partnerships with the brand or any other potential marketing husband. “It’s understandable for artists to get involved in working with speciess,” he says. “Revenues are down and everybody needs the capital and funding to tour aptly. We’re always looking for like-minded brands to expand our report.” The Captain Morgan program is aimed at positioning the popular rum among a more guiding, mixologist crowd outside the signature rum’s jr., male-skewing 21-to-25-year-old aim. The new target will skew more as a help to 25-to-34-year-olds, per Tom Herbst, Diageo’s director of rums exchanging, accompanied by a new TV campaign directed by Academy Award nominee Todd Applicants (“In The Chamber,” “Little Children.”) The three spots, by ad agency Anomaly, play up the campaign’s tagline “Step Into the Threatening” and mark the return of actor Josh Burrow as the Headwaiter. A 60-second clip features Hanni El Khatib’s “You Rascal You” as its soundtrack. “In the first instalment, Captain Morgan spots a young chick – not just any woman nevertheless, there’s something special about this one,” Field tells Billboard via newsletter. “He decides that it is his duty to free her from a non-stop, if not an entire pep, of respectable tedium by introducing her to this intriguing, much more exciting domain, and ultimately inviting her to ‘Step into the Raven.’”

Fans were rocking as The Barbarian Group and Tumblr hosted

Fans were rocking as The Barbarian Group and Tumblr hosted the biggest rock party of SXSWi at local Austin favorites Club Deville and Mohawk Monday round-the-clock. The venues came together and gave music fans three stages of a mix of indie jar, lemonade, techno, hip-spring, and indigent, with performances by WAVVES, Kool Keith, Japandroids, Sleep Onto, Beach Fossils, Oberhofer, The Progeny, Grape St., The Sour Notes, Isabel J & ulovei, Hobo D, Tim Sweeny, Mathew Expense, Mike Simonetti, and Orthy.  Fans were on their feet from start to finish across all three stages. Check Out All Our SXSW Coverage RIght Hither

Rascal Flatts themselves, (L-R) Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe

Rascal Flatts themselves, (L-R) Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney attend the ‘Changed’ movie premiere in Times Sqaure. (Getty Appearances) Superstar country music trio Rascal Flatts, in conjunction with AEG Live and NCM Penetrate, held a one-night only special theater event on Thursday eve, titled “Changed,” to coincide with the release of the band’s eighth studio album of the same pre-eminence, which hit retail two days sooner. The film was broadcast to down 600 theaters nationwide. The trine – Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney- were in attendance at the Red Carpet VIP screening at AMC Empire Theater in New York’s Times Square among a crowd of record label executives, radio programmers, industry luminaries and – fitting for the theme of the documentary/performance intercrossed – kind. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither Among the label execs at the New York screening were Big Machine’s President/CEO Scott Borchetta ( No. 54 on Billboard’s Capability 100) and label staffers John Zarling, Jack Purcell and Erik Powell. Also in attendance were Universal Republic & Island Def Jam Chairman/CEO Barry Weiss ( No. 18 on Billboard’s Function 100), Universal Republic President/CEO Monte Lipman ( No. 36 on Billboard’s Gift 100), and Universal Republic co-president/COO Avery Lipman. Representing radio were programmers Al Skop and John Marks ( Sirius XM), Marty Mitchell ( WKMK Monmouth-Oodles, NJ), Jody Svoboda Wheatle ( WQMX Akron) and Tanya Burko ( WGGY Wilkes-Barre, PA). Representing on the national radio front were Alissa Pollock, Mediabase/Clear Channel Executive Vice President of Integrated Music Marketing and National Programming Platforms and Todd Alan, VP/Entertainment Division for Dial Globose. Rascal Flatts poses with producer Shaun Sylva (nautical port) and director Don Lepore. (Getty) Produced by Shaun Silva and directed by Don Lepore, the film opens with the act taking questions from an intimate audience at the Franklin Theater in Franklin, Tennessee prior to a performance at the venue. The initial feeling that “Changed” will be nothing more than a taped Q&A/concert footage file subsides quickly as the film takes the viewer into the personal lives and feelings of each band member with separately taped interviews which are interspersed with performance footage from the Franklin Theater as well as more low-key song renditions taped at a Nashville studio. Music For Champions Benefit Concert to Feature Rascal Flatts DeMarcus, LeVox and Rooney speak from the heart about a host of subjects, starting with poignant memories of their parents and grandparents who knowingly or unknowingly nudged them into a music craft. They reminisce about childhood memories and the passing of loved ones, and reflect on how, afterwards 13 years cool, they have gone from three single men trying to succeed as a band to husbands and establish, a path which has made them more grounded in their personal and professional lives. It is the clips of the Flatts guys at home with their families that struck the largest chord with the congregation, as each member became visibly choked up discussing how much the love they received from their family growing up has now been passed on to their young children. You can see the joy and pride in each of their eyes as they discuss what their family means to them and how the life of a musician often-times plays havoc on the quality time a father and husband longs for with his patrimony. Rascal Flatts poses with Big Machine President/CEO Scott Borchetta. (Getty) Speaking to Billboard after the viewing, Rooney stated that the viewing “was the first time we all got to see the finished artifact. We really didn’t discuss what was said on camera with each over-the-counter. It was interesting that we were all experiencing similar soul, both about the group and our families. It was certainly emotional watching it.” The trio also recounts the crossroads the band faced in 2010 when their long-time record label Lyric Street folded, leaving the act to question whether they were ready to continue calm. At the eventually, the band was in dissension, with LeVox stating, “We were not talking to each over-the-counter. We communicated through our overseer. It was like a marriage gone base.” After some soul-pursuancing, the band committed to going forward and mended whatever fences that were broken over space. They were also reinvigorated by their move to Big Machine Records, led by President/CEO Scott Borchetta which resulted in the act’s sixth No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Album charts with “Nothing Like That” and its first Country Songs No. 1 since 2009 with lead lone “Why Mark time,” one of three tracks from that set to reach the top iii. Not long after moving to Big Car, Flatts made what they awaiting orders within earshot “one of the most difficult decisions we ever had to perform as serve as,” when they decided to leave the their long-time time management company Turner Nicholls & Associates, later signing with Spalding Diversion. So competently, the title of the film and just released album – which could very well become their seventh No. 1 on Country albums when the charts are released April 11 – certainly signifies a ‘mutate’ on many levels. It’s the first album produced under the supervision of Big Engine, first with new management and it’s a step up musically than what they’ve put forth on recent releases. I wouldn’t call it a reinvention of the Rascal Flatts inquire, but more of a reinvigoration. And rest assured that the music was a big part of the “Changed” movie as ably, with exclusive performances of a half-dozen or so tracks from the new set featured (it is release week finally!) as well as some classic Flatts tunes thrown in for good scope. Of the new titles, the fun an titillating “Hot In Hither” and rocker “She’s Leaving” stood out among the up-tempo tracks, patch “Come Wake Me Up” and the inspirational “Changed” resonated among the ballads. Label executives told Billboard at the film’s after-party that they are leaning towards one of the two ballads as the follow-up to current highest 10 private “Banjo.” So piece “Changed,” the talking picture, served as a suitable documentary of the history of the most successful country group of the last ten, where it really soared was in bringing the act’s fans into the personal worlds of DeMarcus, LeVox and Rooney where their public amiable personas were confirmed, but also accentuated by their passion for music, for their families and, subsequently 13 age, for each over-the-counter.

NEW YORK (AP) – Long gone, Joan Jett and the

NEW YORK (AP) – Long gone, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts professed their love for ruined ‘n’ register. It’s time to see if the feeling runs both ways. The iconic rock act is on the list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for the 2012 class released Tuesday. Women who rock feature prominently among first-time nominees. Joining Jett, whose “I Love Destroyed ‘n’ Sports line-up” remains a classic rock banner 30 years after its liberation, are sister act Heart and Rufus with Chaka Khan. They’re joined by Guns ‘N Roses, hip-hop pioneers Eric B. & Rakim, glum glam Goths The Cure and The Small Faces/The Faces, which includes Rod Stewart. Bluesman Freddie King and The Spinners are also first-time nominees on the ballot for the hall’s 2012 prestige. Previous nominees up again include The Beastie Boys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donna Summertime, Laura Nyro, Donovan and War and its an eclectic alliance, running from lush British folk to classic early beats and bone-crushing power stun. An act must have released its first single or album 25 years ago to qualify for trigger. More 500 voters will determine who makes the lecture-room. New members will be inducted at a ceremony at the hall of fame in Cleveland on April 14. The leather-clad and tough-as-nails Jett was an early icon for women. A founding member of the all-female The Runaways, she went on to become a chart-topping success after forming the Heartbreakers in 1982. Heart similarly made an indelible mark on the rock scene of the 1970s and ’80s. Among the first women to front an aggressive rock circle, singer Ann Wilson and her sis, guitarist Nancy Wilson, cut some of the era’s most memorable songs, from “Barracuda” to “Magic Chain,” and inspired a generation of women along the course of action. Then a teenager, Khan burst on the seen with the Chicago-based Rufus in the 1970s. She defied easy compartmentalisation, moving easily between R&B, rock and disco before going onto an enviable solo speed.

Ryan Tedder (communistic) of One Republic and Sebastian Ingrosso of

Ryan Tedder (communistic) of One Republic and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia performed their performance “Happening” at Coachella on Saturday night.  (Photograph: Catie Laffoon) Songwriter Ryan Tedder of One Republic has written songs for the likes of Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Dud, Far East Movement and others. Biz caught up with him and Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso at Coachella before their set to talk about their collaborative one “Province,” which was the EDM anthem at this year’s Miami Music Workweek, and also got the scoop on songwriting in airplane bathrooms and more. Coachella 2012: 10 Things Seen & Heard Saturday How was your Coachella set last night with Swedish House Mafia? Sebastian Ingrosso: It was calculated. It was intimate. Did it rain on everybody? Yeah yeah yea. Congrats on the success of “Cry.” Did you think it would do as well as it did? Yeah [Laughs]. I mean we have Ryan on the trail. It sine qua non! Ryan Tedder: It sine qua non. I heard the kids in Miami were loving it and it became the music fest’s anthem down thither. SI: Oh yea! How did the song grow. RT: It originated with Sebastian. We had a guy at our record label who connected us. Two years ago he started talking to me about Swedish House Mafia and Sebastian specifically and then to be honest how it happened, I heard there was an instrumental that they wanted me on and I was moving a million miles an hour doing One Republic and other stuff and what finally got me to nearly, “OK we have to do this modern” – I was in a club at an after party for something and the DJ was playing all this music and again “Trouble” came on and it was like someone poured kerosene on the room and lit a juxtapose. It was about! I was with my wife and I turned around and was akin, “This is the song they want me to sing on” so that moment I emailed my manager and I was like you tell them next workweek. They had a melody and I used some of the lyrics they already had written and I changed it to “Lose My Positive” in the conception. SI: Yeah and it’s ethical! And Sebastian, you were probably excited because Ryan can’t be an easy person to nail refine. RT:  Well we’re both so busy at this period. I mean every time I email him, he’s in Brazil or Thailand. How long did it take you to put everything well-organized? SI: We met inasmuch as 45 minutes and it was agnate “Go Go Go rearrange” and then Ryan went back to Denver and recorded. Ryan: I actually recorded it in DC. RT:  We were going to the White House and doing the Christmas tree lighting and all that and I booked a studio in DC and that morning recorded it there and then fired it dippy. I think he was back in Sweden or something I omit – or maybe LA. You recollect, the modern way of recording records. You’re in one country and he’s in another. As long as it sounds honest. SI: Just. Do you guys plan to collaborate on anything together in the next? SI: I hope so. RT:  I’d love to. 100%. Have you talked about anything hitherto? RT:  Not furthermore. No. I’m working on One Republic right now and then who knows? I have to climb on his back to get some Swedish One Republic. I mean I’m all for it. Swedish Republic. From leftist: Laura Hess, Marketing Directior,  Interscope; Ryan Tedder; Sebastian Ingrosso; Stephan Markovits, Label Superintendent, Refune Records (Sebastian Ingrosso’s designation).  (Pic: Catie Laffoon) So are you  both working on new material before long? Swedish House Mafia and One Republic? SI: Yes. All the every now. RT:  Yes, full time trendy So you guys can actually write on the avenue. That’s uncommon. Most people say they can’t fuck. SI: I mean we work kind of the different. Other bands work in the studio then voyage. We tour and work at the same schedule. RT: I do the same liking. I bring a mobile studio with me everywhere and work in hotel rooms and tour buses and wherever. SI: It’s have a screw loose. RT: The artists that I welcome – and you know I work with a ton of different society – and the ones that I see that have the longest career and the most consistent have tackled that hurdle and figured out that you don’t have to have a certain candle and a certain lighting to be inspired. If you’re in a hotel room in Albania you can still write something. Do you guys wait until you feel inspired or do you sit down and set aside time to transcribe? Sebastian: You can tickle your inspiration I propose b assess. RT:  Yes! SI: You can tickle it back and forth approximating, “Hmm what happens if I do this or that?” You can tickle it and scratch. I think what he says, you don’t need the lights and the candles and I usually get creative half an hour before I retire. That’s when I start to. (Picture: Catie Laffoon) Have you ever done the writing with the lights and candles? RT:  Back in the broad daylight, I’ve done that – way back in the day when I was related 20 and I thought you had to create some sort of writing mood but now most of my ideas and concepts come on airplanes. So I go into the bathroom and record into my sound. I could play you 10 ideas right age. What I think could be One Republic’s first single came to me on a run away – I don’t know where I was quick – and I was singing it in my head and I went in the bathroom and I sang the melody into my iPhone and then you hear the “Rclame. We are descending.” I do it all the heretofore – airplanes, cars. If I sit down and command, “OK be ingenious” it doesn’t work like that I love travelling – walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans or walking through wherever – Hong Kong, I listen to community, listen to the cadence, pay attention to the movement of the people and tap into that. Who have you guys been checking out while you’ve been at Coachella? SI: I’ve seen Alesso obviously and that’s it. I saw some of Black Keys. It was best. That was it I deliberate on. RT: I saw Black Keys and I saw them – Swedish last endlessly. Are you going to try to see anyone else while you are hither? SI: Yeah I’m going to see some of Martin Solveig’s set I think because he’s playing before us. RT:  I’m going to see Radiohead tonight.  I’d love to catch Kasabian and Noel Gallagher. I’ve never seen Oasis so he’s the next best thing I can mind. So you guys are playing “The Command” tonight, I’m presumptuous. Do you have anything else special planned for the behaviour? SI: We’re just gonna throw a wobbly. RT:  I’m going to do a back summersault. SI: Do we have insurance for that? RT:  Let’s check a depart.

The Sydney Entertainment Inwardness, for many years the biggest arena

The Sydney Entertainment Inwardness, for many years the biggest arena in Australia’s largest mart, is facing the wrecking testis. The New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell today confirmed the site would be demolished in behind time 2013 as part of a “complete lift” for the site on the city’s scenic Darling Protect. “The NSW government is creating a vibrant world-class normal, exhibition and entertainment precinct at Darling Harbour that will keep Sydney center stage as Australia’s global bishopric,” O’Farrell comments. According to reports, the integrated convention center will increase the size of the existing precinct by two-thirds to 20 hectares and will include the largest exhibition space in Australia at 40,000 square meters. Plans include a premium entertainment facility with a capacity of more 8,000. The redevelopment of the precinct in the scenic Darling Harbour will take up to three years and will meridian $1 billion Australian ($1.03 million). O’Farrell reckons the economic benefit will meet that outlay within five age, on the proviso that the site raises its game in the conventions manufacture. “NSW has already wrecked $150 trillion (US $155 zillion) in economic benefit over the four years to 2010-11 because the current facilities have not been able to supply 169 conventions and 12 exhibitions,” O’Farrell added. If there is a winner from the SEC’s shuttering, it’s the venue’s cross-town rival the Allphones Stadium (formerly Acer Stadium), which stands to pick up most of the big shows which come into village. Competition parenthesis, the iconic SEC has endured a troubled recent anterior. The venue was caught up in the collapse of its former operator Kevin Jacobsen’s Arena Command, which entered into administration back in 2009 with spiralling debts estimated at alongside $10 million Australian ($10.3 meg). In August of that yr, the venue’s owner the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority evicted Arena Direction, which had leased the 12,500-capacity venue since it was opened to the public in November 1983. Soon astern, the Darling Harbour Convention and Exhibition assumed management of the SEC, and appointed a team led by venues veteran Steve Romer to take charge of the lavatory. Romer couldn’t be reached for comment at deadline. For the time organism, it’s business as usual at the SEC. Upcoming bookings include dates by Radiohead, Florence & the Machine, Jason Derulo and the Hateful Keys.

The reshaping of the Universal Music Group continues

The reshaping of the Universal Music Group continues. With executives like Motown president Sylvia Rhone turning down an offer from the company to run a to-be-created rights-management company and Universal Motown Republic Group chairman Mel Lewinter exiting, sources say that the company is having discussions about bringing aboard former Warner Bros. Records chairman/CEO Tom Whalley and Virgin A&R head Rob Stevenson. According to sources, Whalley is in discussion with Barry Weiss, chairwoman & CEO of Island Def Jam and Universal Motown Republic Catalogue, about heading up a joint venture boutique denomination, although details have yet to be worked discernible, sources tell For the moment, Stevenson is in discussions with Weiss and Universal Republic Records President/CEO Monte Lipman about taking a senior A&R post in the Universal Republic group, sources contemplate. Rhone is rumored to be heading to Sony to restore the defunct Portrait tag, where she would work closely with new Epic head L.A. Reid. The propose, which has been long expected in one form or another, would see new Sony Music Chairman/CEO Doug Morris reuniting Reid and Rhone, both of whom joined him at Universal in 2004 and left the company just months after his long-rumored departure from UMG was announced earlier this yr.

Overkill bassist DD Verni (second from hand) throws the horns

Overkill bassist DD Verni (second from hand) throws the horns in commend, backed before (from radical) Overkill singer Bobby “Blitzkrieg” Ellsworth, eOne Music VP of metal Scott Givens and Skateboard Marketing owner Munsey Ricci. (Pic: Christa Titus) Billboard lucked into dining with Overkill singer Bobby “Blitzkrieg” Ellsworth and other industry folk prior to a release party for his band’s new album, “The Electric Seniority,” held Tread 23 at the downstairs lounge of New York eatery Three of Cups. Having a New Jersey connection in inferior, we kibitzed with Ellsworth about Garden State rock dives and how he enjoyed Overkill’s gig on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Coast, which sailed in January to George Townsfolk, Cayman Islands with dozens of bands and hundreds on headbangers onboard. Seton Hall University’s WSOU (89.5 FM) South Orangish, N.J., hosted tonight’s effect come what may, which was open to fans and industry members similar to one another. The cozy venue-covered in black coat, stickers, red lights and rock memorabilia-soon filled to capacity as people dropped by to get autographs from band members and hear the new album, which includes the tracks “Black Nonplussed,” “Drop the Hammer Fine-tune” and “Old Wounds, New Scars.” Amid the thrash music and fun Overkill’s label eOne Music hinted the company is getting ready to finalize a new venture with another record earmark, but remained mum on further details. Manning the electro turntables for the party was WSOU station boss/”Choice ’80s” radio show host Omar Ahmad (exactly) and guest Morgan. (Picture: Bill Meis) All smiles around the bar are (from heraldry sinister) eOne Music production coordinator Julia Sutowski, Guitar World Web producer/writer Josh Stag, senior editor Graham Hartmann and guest Nikki Nadeau. (Picture: Chrsta Titus)

Kobalt Music Group continues moving forward with their planned restructuring

Kobalt Music Group continues moving forward with their planned restructuring and distension, as today Founder/CEO Willard Ahdritz ( No. 88 in Billboard’s Turn 100) announced that Pete Escape from, formerly the Managing Director at IODA UK and Vice President of IODA Cosmopolitan, would take over as its new General Manager/Vice President of Artist and Label Services. The appointment follows the company’s announcement in January that they had purchased digital distributor AWAL and were expanding their scope with two new divisions, Artist and Label Services and Kobalt Neighboring Rights Little. Those moves gave Kobalt the ability to serve their artists in a more comprehensive style, rather than just the publishing arm they began as. Kobalt Music Group Purchases AWAL, Expands With Two New Divisions At the time of the augmentation, Ahdritz said in a statement that it delineate “a response to our clients’ needs and to a major shift in where we see the market is head,” and Dodge’s hiring marks a further statement in that aiming. Dodge’s background in distribution and marketing at IODA saw him in charge of all digital distribution in the UK, while he also previously worked at digital distribution pioneer Uploader, and as manager of European Operations at hip hop label Definitive Jux and General Manager for PIAS Recordings. At Kobalt, he will be working to implement sales and marketing strategies for recording rights, and will work with another new Kobalt trainee, Managing Director of Artist & Label Services Paul Hitchman (who Dodge will report to), and AWAL’s management team to expand the company’s digital and physical distribution around the terra. Richard Sanders Appointed President of Kobalt Music Assemblage Echoing his previous utterance, Ahdritz added this go, “The future is at the present time, and in response to our clients’ needs we are investing on many levels including the hiring of top experienced and dynamic executives such as Pete Dodge and Paul Hitchman. We are committed to empowering artists and labels with the same high level of transparentness, original, technology, accuracy and efficiency for their recording rights as Kobalt has successfully provided to songwriters and other owners of copyrights.” Kobalt, the subject of a recent Billboard cover fantasy (January. 28), will begin steering its Artists and Label Services division toward maximizing revenues from digital ret, payment, and social media services within the next yr.

Sleeper Ingredient – Alex Kandel We found Alex Kandel, vocalist

Sleeper Ingredient – Alex Kandel We found Alex Kandel, vocalist for Bowling Green-based Sleeper Attorney, refueling with a coconut water and resting on a couch in the VIP section following the band’s 12:00 pm set on the outdoor lap. Check Out All Our Backbeats – And Our Revamped Backbeat Nucleus – Right Hither “It was so much hold up to ridicule! I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much on leg. People are ilk, ‘Why do you usually look so sad and miserable on phase.’ It’s kind of just my veneer confront. But I seriously don’t think I’ve ever smiled that much while playing. It was just so much gaiety. I couldn’t have been conscious of it. I was so in the moment of how fun it was that I was just being in it,” she told Biz of her first Coachella wisdom. Kandel was bummed that Sleeper Agent didn’t arrive on site until late on Friday and that they missed the performance of her friends in Grouplove. She was planning on seeing Wild Flag and At The Drive In downstream. “I did catch Bon Iver, notwithstanding that. Besides, I’m interested in EDM because I don’t really know that much about it so I kind of went over to that side last tenebriousness. I watched David Guetta. I just felt like I was like just watching a bunch of mosquitoes. These lights come on and all these people are slowly zombie-like getting closer to the stage and I’m such, ‘What is going on?’ But it was really coolheaded. I can’t imagine what a production goes into those facets. It’s enthusiastic.” Wolf Circle Brit alt rockers Wolf Gang and crew were huddled around a picnic table preparing to do a photo shoot on the Coachella ferris hoop. “I’m not looking forward to that. I hate high,” said lead vocalist Max McElligott. Coachella Backbeat: Fitz and the Tantrums Rock A Red Courtship, Revel In Radiohead Wolf Gang’s manageress, Angus Murray ( Everybody’s Music Manipulation), said the current priority for the band is to focus on pushing them in the USA. “We’ve got a track at radio right now and we’re doing a Coldplay tour in June and July when we get invest in. They’re also writing for a second record at the mo.” McElligott said he is really looking forward to playing with Coldplay and that Wolf Gang will be opening fit 12 shows on their summer US circuit. “We got the news when we were recording some demos. My girlfriend came over there and I was saying goodbye to her and I came back to the studio and these guys were double, ‘We got some great dope. We’re playing with Coldplay.’ And I didn’t believe them. I had to call up my boss,” said guitarist Gavin Slater who explained that his bandmates are perpetually “winding him up.” ” Guy Berryman is the one that made it ensue. He knows someone that works with us and he really liked the music so he really hustled to get us on that outing. It’s going to be really nice meeting him and thanking him and getting some advice from these guys. They do their jobs so well and they are brilliant songwriters and it’s going to be a really nice taste of what it could be like if you really work inescapable,” McElligott explained. Backbeat Coachella: Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder on Collab, Airplane Bathrooms Murray told us that he and Iain Graham, Wolf Gang’s tour director ( Axletree) checked out Bon Iver and Radiohead the night on the eve of. “Bon Iver was dazzling. Radiohead was a little slow and I had to leave halfway on account of. I missed all the good Radiohead flapdoodle. The first twenty minutes they did “The King of Limbs” and I don’t like that cv; I haven’t listened to it correctly. I did become popular “Pyramid At a bargain price a fuss” which was amazing even though.” Morgan Paginate After jumping off the podium from his bustling DJ go, Morgan Page threw on a hat, grabbed the sunscreen and headed out into the “Coachellaness” to investigate the prospect socialize. “I saw a little Radiohead, a little Kaskade, the Swedes on Friday,” he told us. Page explained that he was trying to catch as many EDM guys as possible and that Dada Life was going to put on an amazing set later that night and he hoped to catch up with them afterwards. “It’s nice to have the pass to get offstage. I didn’t know I could get back thither. I didn’t realize till like a day into it. I was cognate, ‘no shucks.’ I’m hoping to see more of the guys now that I know I can get back thither. We’re all bosoms buddy. It’s like a truncheon, it feels like that at times. You gotta stay in the club notwithstanding. You don’t want to get kicked unserviceable.” Coachella Backbeat: We Are Augustines Manager Arwen Hunt Gives the Lowdown on the Band’s Next Album We asked what would get you kicked out to which he replied, “I don’t have information. Make bad music?” Accompanying Page was his manager of 5 age, Jared Barboza ( Abbot Monroe), Liz Erman, Senior Director Marketing at Nettwerk Music Platoon, and Heather Henninger, Nettwerk Director of Digital Sales. The foursome were buzzing about the “extreme Coachella ill” and reminiscing on freezing their asses off Friday night during Radiohead. “I was uncomfortable. I had a t-shirt and a really thin jacket and I saw people in bikinis and piffle,” said Page. Henninger told us that Nettwerk, a Canadian label that specializes in dance and electronica and singer/songwriters, is currently focused on Morgan Page and Great Lake Swimmers, who just had a record out on April 3. According to Erman, on May 4th the Great Lakes Swimmers kick off their tour with the first date in Chicago. They are going on the road with Lukewarm Specks as openers.

The launch party for music creation product Zya was hard

The launch party for music creation product Zya was hard to miss Monday night at SXSW. The event took up the entirety of the Six Lounge at 4th Street and Congress in downtown Austin and a big Zya banner hung on the outside of the home. Zya is the product of Music Plan, a company co-founded by Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter and former Chairman/CEO of Virgin Records Matt Serletic. Zya is software that allows users to easily create songs in an animated studio setting and with a variety of virtual instruments played by virtual musicians. Well-known songs, licensed from the rights owners, can be used to create original songs. It’s kind of homologous “Guitar Heroine” meets GarageBand. Check Out All Our SXSW Coverage Right Hither Downstairs partygoers enjoyed DJ sets by Nick Shank, DJ C-Squared and 16-year-old Kidd Koby Roc. Music industry people milling about the upstairs patio included John Frankenheimer (Partner and Chairman Emeritus, Loeb & Loeb LLP), Darryl Ballantyne (CEO, LyricFind), Ted Cohen (Managing Associate, TAG Critical), Antony Bruno (Strategic Counsellor, former Billboard camerawoman), Deborah Sassing (VP Business Unfolding, TAG Cardinal), Ron Gillyard (Gillyard Fun), Ariel Hyatt (Landowner, Cyber PR), Robert Singerman (Brasil Music Truck) and Neill Dixon (Prexy, Canadian Music Workweek). Looking at the deck filled with partiers and thinking of the Zya demos being given in the company’s suite at the Hilton, I asked Serletic if this kind of effort was required for a product as ambitious as Zya. After four years of development and two years since the first prototype was revealed, is this what it takes for a company to make a proper splash at SXSW? Unexceptionally, he replied. “You need a unalloyed, galvanizing issue.” SXSW is a competition for thoughtfulness. A huge installation by Google and a Nike event with a line that snaked around the block were on the same block of 4th Street as Zya’s function, and a Peep #FEED party a few blocks north on Congress had people waiting an hour to see its digital installations. A company may get noticed at SXSW, but it will have to try harder to make an take-off.

Google Inc

Google Inc. plans to split its amass 2-representing-1 to preserve its leadership’s control over the company and maintain its long-term distinct. The online search leader said Thursday that it is issuing a new class of stock to shareholders, but the new shares won’t have any voting gift. All current stockholders will get shares in the new Class C bloodline. Google says the split is something investors have been asking seeing that. In adding up, employees given Google stock in the future will get the non-voting cut, allowing voting power to remain with existing shareholders. The same will hold true for stocks-based acquisitions that Google effects. Investors will vote on the proposal in June. It’s expected to pass because Google’s senior leaders have most of the voting bent. “It’s important to bear in mind that this proposal will only have an effect on governance over the very long assumptions agree,” CEO Larry Page and fellow co-founder Sergey Brin wrote in a letter for letter. “It’s just that since we know what we want to do, there’s no reason to delay the conclusiveness.” Google also said it earned $2.89 trillion, or $8.75 per due, in the first leniency. That’s up from $1.8 trillion, or $5.51 per due, a year sooner. Excluding scoops, Google says it earned $10.08 per serving. That’s higher than the $9.66 expected by analysts polled by FactSet. Total revenue was $10.65 trillion, up 24 percentage. After subtracting ad commissions, Google’s revenue totaled $8.14 jillion. Analysts were expecting revenue of $8.09 billion on this foundation. Mountain Opinion, Kalif.-based Google’s stock climbed $1.66 to $652.67 in after-hours trading. The stock had closed up $15.05, or 2.4 pct, to $651.01.

A screenshot of Warner/Chappel Production Music’s new website showing some

A screenshot of Warner/Chappel Production Music’s new website showing some of the music catalogs housed thither. Warner/Chappell Music, the global music publishing arm of Warner Music Group Corporation., has announced the launch of Warner/Chappell Production Music, uniting the company’s production music caves, which consist of more 70 catalogs, including 615 Music, Non-Stop Music, Groove Addicts, Full Tilt and CPM. As part of the runabout, the music publisher has unveiled a new website,, which allows visitors to search its production music catalogs from a single source.  The site allows users to preview tracks, sort them by quality, catalogue, spirit, or have in mind. The site also features video and audio montages of the various uses of Warner/Chappell’s production music, including sports scheduling, word, music packages, and advertisements, among others. The site will also provide users with up-to-minute news from across its various casts, including the latest additions to its catalogs. 

”Warner/Chappell is home to production music catalogs that span decades of high-quality works,” said Cameron Strang, Chairperson & CEO of Warner/Chappell Music, in a account. “The launch of Warner/Chappell Production Music combines the strength of these brands-each of which has a reputation for producing some of the most popular compositions in the production music space-under the Warner/Chappell protection, all in order to better serve our customers.” Randy Thornton, Prexy & CEO, Worldwide, Warner/Chappell Production Music, added that, “With the launch of the new website, we’re giving our clients a cretinous, central point of access to our enormous collection of compositions.” The Warner/Chappell Music catalog includes standards such as “Happy Birthday To You,” “Rhapsody in Improper,” “Winter Wonderland,” the songs of Cole Porter and George and Ira Gershwin, as well as the music of Eric Clapton, Green Day, Katy Perry, Led Zeppelin, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Nickelback, Paramore, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, T.I. Timbaland, and others.

Veteran media industry executive Cristina Schwarz has been named VP

Veteran media industry executive Cristina Schwarz has been named VP of programming and production for Univision Cable Networks. Schwarz will be based out of Miami, supervising programming and production for the Galavision cable network plus a suite of six cable offerings:  film networks De Película and De Película Clásico, Mexican music network Bandamax, music network Ritmoson, entertainment/music network Telehit and Clásico TV, which pose “undying” scheduling, mostly from Mexico. Schwarz will dual-report to Univision Cable Networks senior vice president Jessica Rodriguez and Sebastian Trujillo, senior vice president and Operating Manager for Galavisión. Univision Gaining Bilingual House, Highlights New Season of Scheduling @ NATPE Schwarz’s new post marks her return to Univision. She previously worked for the company in the New York market to go to 17 years in a broad variety of positions, including production and sales, and served as VP and GM for three New York TV stations with the Univision Television Arrange. After leaving Univision in 2005, Schwarz launched her own concourse, CSLR, a consultancy for international media companies. She’s also previously led sales teams for the Telemundo web. “I am pleased to welcome Cristina back to the Univision people,” said Rodriguez in a disclosure. “Her depth of empiricism, combined with her personal knowledge about the Univision showgoers, makes her the perfect choice to help us build on our success at Univision Cable Networks as we look to grow and hone in on our audiences’ passion points.” Univision Cable Networks also includes the soon to be launched Univision Telenovelas, which will be dedicated solely to novelas, and two sport cable networks which will launch later this yr. The Billboard Latin Music Discussion & Awards, presented by State Farm taking place April 24-26, 2012 at the JW Marriott Marquis, Miami. Registration is open on occasion. Register by Border 9th for the Early Bird Rate and save $175. Visit on account of details.

A New York judge Friday ordered pop star Prince to

A New York judge Friday ordered pop star Prince to give someone a bribe $3.95 million to a perfume maker for failing to promote the 3121 line of scents. Prince was sued by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics in 2008 for failing to promote the toilet water, which was supposedly inspired by his 2006 album3121. The company said it spent millions of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses in reliance upon Prince’s commitment to recommend, and when the matter went before a special umpire, the estimation of actual damage was recognized. For the time being, a New York Supreme Court judge has confirmed the reward. Throughout the eld, Prince has made a series of unique moves in the music business, from the changing his name to the way he bundled the sale of albums with concert tickets. On 3121, which became the first Prince album to debut atop the Hoarding 200, the musician again made a highly interesting array: Tying an album with a scent and clueing Universal Music Publishing Group into 50 percent of the perfume net. Revelations made the licensing agreement with Pandemic, with an expectation that Prince would perform for them. But something didn’t smell put. Revelations accused Prince of refusing media interviews and doing in-store events. “Since July 2007, despite repeated attempts by Revelations, there have been virtually no communications from anyone who could commit to or coordinate any promotional efforts by Prince,” the lawsuit stated. Minimum sales requirements weren’t met, and the licensing agreement was canceled. The dispute wound up in courtyard, with the company’s founder telling a special referee about the Prince statements he relied upon to make expenditures and with an expert testifying about the importance of a celebrity’s active participation in his name redolence. The referee found that the evidence supported the company’s claims of fraudulent incentive, fraud and tortious interference and awarded its out-of-pocket losses of $3,948,798.58 while denying lost profit damages and an award of punitive restitution. The dispute then went before a state determine, who heard arguments by Prince’s lawyers that the plaintiffs hadn’t showed that the representations and promises were the proximate cause of the expenses. For illustration, Prince contended that on December. 2, 2006, the day after Revelations signed the licensing deal with Universal Music, he informed Revelations that he would not give interviews for the launch party nor would he provide a single photograph for the press unshackle. That reason, Prince argued, the company couldn’t have relied on these representations when deciding to spend millions. But in the opinion Friday, the judge isn’t buying it. “The fraud committed by the Prince Defendants was not fully manifest on December 2, 2006, and the Prince Defendants continued to send mixed messages to Revelations regarding Prince’s commitment to promoting the balm. For benchmark, it was not until January 2007, when [Revelation's top numero uno] met again with Prince, that Prince informed him that he did not want his name to appear on the fragrance bottle or cartonful. When, in late February 2007, Prince represented to Revelations that he would commit to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show prior to the launch of the smell. … In any event, this appearance never occurred.” Prince also wouldn’t distribute samples of the perfume at concerts, as he promised. During this for the nonce at once, Universal is said to have made assurances, and while the decision says that Revelations never gave up on trying to persuade Prince to change his mind about such things as putting his image on the publicity, the company eventually seemed to hit the bottom of the dutch courage. One bright side for Prince: The judge confirmed that punitive damages are not warranted because there wasn’t any evidence that the artist acted with malicious absorbed. Prince attorney Howard King has provided THR with the following announcement: “This was a default sagacity, not based on any trial on the merits and without any ability of Prince to challenge the factual assertions of the plaintiff. The Judge’s refusal to set aside the default for good cause is currently being appealed. From time to time “fact” in the Judge’s opinion was an adoption of the assertions made by the plaintiff due to said default judgment and are vehemently denied away Prince.”

This year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Anniversary, to be

This year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Anniversary, to be held consecutive weekends on April 13-15 and April 20-22 at Empire Polo Field in Indio, Kalif., has sold out in just under three hours, according to the festival’s Twitter narrative. The Goldenvoice-produced festival announced its lineup through Facebook on January. 9, revealing headliners the Black Keys, Radiohead and a collaborative performance by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The remaining festival tickets, after an initial offer earlier in the week,  went on sale this prime, January. 13 at 10 a.m. PST. The festival’s official twitter run-down (@coachella) announced at 3:57 EST (12:57 PST) that both weekends were completely sold not at home (see farther down than). Coachella, one of the elite music festivals in North America, drew 75,000 paid per day over three days in 2011, for a gross of $24.9 million and aggregate attendance of 225,000. The gross is up from $21.7 million in 2010 and was a record for the celebration. Coachella ranked No. 1 among the world’s top-grossing festivals in 2011, according to Billboard Boxscore. Coachella 2012: Radiohead, Dr. Dre, Black Keys and Punk Reunions Top Lineup Coachella 2012 will also feature an appearance by Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, marking the first Southland appearance of the previously hermetic indie musician’s current jaunt, as well as punk icons Refused and At the Drive-In, which announced its reformation on Twitter earlier on Monday. ’90s alt-rockers Mazzy Celeb, who surprised fans with new recordings late last yr, will perform on the festival’s first daytime — as will the resurgent Jarvis Cocker-led British act Flesh. As worn out, the considerable lineup ranges from electronic dance music (Swedish House Mafia, Girl Tattle, DJ Follow) to adventurous hip-hop and R&B (Azealia Banks, the Weeknd, A$AP Hard) and indie favorites (Arctic Monkeys, Fice, Wild Peter out). Among the higher-profile acts is the Grammy nominated Bon Iver, who made surprise appearances at 2011′s festival alongside the National and Kanye West. Diva fans can get their fill with Florence + the Machine, who will produce on Sunday.

The Tupac Shakur “holograph” used onstage at Coachella Valley Humanities

The Tupac Shakur “holograph” used onstage at Coachella Valley Humanities & Music Festival over the weekend isn’t a novelty in just the live music point. It’s also a rarity in entertainment law. “It’s very one,” says Donald Passman, an entertainment attorney for the Los Angeles-based firm League, Tyre, Ramer, and Browned, Inc. and author of “All You Need to Know About the Music Livelihood.” The performance of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella featured a two-dimensional digital double – not an actual holograph – of the late rapper Tupac Shakur projected onto a camouflage. In basically, Tupac appeared to be performing right there on stratum. The reproduction used in the songs “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” was created by Digital Domain Media Gather, the company’s CEO told the Wall Street List. Tupac Shakur Hologram Could Tour Venues Beyond Coachella That use of image didn’t come for unlock, says Passman. The final digital reproduction that was used on showbiz “had to have started with some image of Tupac, and somebody would own that facsimile,” he says. “Somebody would have taken a copyrighted picture of it.” Rights issues and fees extend beyond pictures. Had the Shakur image been a haze, Passman says the record company may own the rights because record labels’ exclusive recording agreements often cover any recording made of the artist during the term of the knit. “If this was like a TV performance or something like that they manipulated, the record company may have something to say about it as thoroughly.” Other artists’ likenesses have been used in untraditional ways in the pod auger. The Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am appeared on CNN via hologram on the presidential election night in 2008, although Passman notes that was a promotional use of his sculpture. The use of Elvis Presley’s likeness and image in a duet with Celine Dion on “American God” in 2007 most certainly involved rights issues, although CKX, the owner of “American Tiki,” also owns 85% of the company with the rights to Presley’s style, image and figure, Elvis Presley Enterprises. Typical uses of an artist’s likeness include goods, album art, sponsorships and commercials. But Passman says the Tupac example is “very conflicting” than the usual use of an artist’s likeness because the producer manipulated the image and repurposed it for a specific end. How much would it cost to use Tupac’s likeness for two songs at a Coachella discharge? “Brat, I have no reason,” says Passman. “I guess if I represented him I would want a good sized fee for it because it’s an element of the exposition. And I could go anywhere from what I would charge as a live artist to show up as a guest down to what I would charge to do a lighting stratagem.” But he admits arriving at a fee wouldn’t be easy. “There’s no precedent in the direction of it.”

According to multiple sources, the European Commission is expected to

According to multiple sources, the European Commission is expected to announce Thursday its approval of the purchase of EMI Music Publishing by the Sony  Corporation. of America-led pool. The news was first reported in the Financial Times. That acquisition will give Sony/ATV, which will remain a separate company but serve as administrator for EMI Music Publishing, control of publishing assets that generated roughly $1.26 billion in annual get, Billboard estimates, as opposed to the $900 million that UMPG produces p.a.. In days of old, UMPG had been the largest owner of publishing assets in the mankind. As has been previously reported, Sony/ATV would serve as the administrator for the EMI publishing assets, which would be maintained in a separate company since it has a different ownership structure than Sony/ATV. The latter company is a joint venture between Sony Corporation. of America and the Michael Jackson estate and Sony/ATV itself would have a 38% stake in EMI Music Publishing if the regulatory agency approval of the acquisition is apt. The other investors participating in the proposed purchase of EMI Music Publishing are: Mubadala Development Company PJSC; Jynwel Capital Reduced; the Blackstone Group’s GSO Capital Partners LP; and David Geffen. Late Tuesday, the New York Times reported that if the EMI acquisition is sanctioned, Sony will cold shoulder 326 positions over two years to obtain $70 million in net cost savings. Sony/ATV Chairman/CEO Martin Bandier sent a memo to his staff on Wednesday saying the report was undeveloped. That myth–based on a copy of the prospectus obtained by the paper, issued to comb $1.15 billion to help finance the plotted $2.2 billion acquisition of EMI–says that the EMI work force would be reduced through 142 people within the first year of ownership and 174 would be let go after serving on a transitional underpinning. That would make an exit 189 EMI staffers with jobs. Earlier this month, Sony/ATV offered to sell publishing assets importance $20 million in royalties, according to a Reuters clause, in an attempt to get the EU to approve the transaction without having to face second stage scrutiny like Universal Music Group’s proposed $1.9 billion acquisition of EMI recorded music operative. The EU regulatory commissioners are expected to announce tomorrow whether they are approving the large; or will take a longer second phase look at the deal like they did with Universal Music Group’s attempt to acquire EMI’s muusic assets which has been pushed from March to what will likely be August of this yr. While the planned cutbacks would achieve a total of $120 million in savings, as the administrator of EMI Music Publishing Sony/ATV would be paying $50 zillion, based on the customary 15% administration salary, which would be based on net publisher’s split.

Lil Wayne has become synonymous with the Young Money/Cash Money

Lil Wayne has become synonymous with the Young Money/Cash Money phenomenon that has swept up names such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Mystikal and Busta Rhymes, and the rapper isn’t going anywhere before long. Weezy just signed a 4-album deal with Cash Money records, he announced in an interview on new MTV mortify “Hip Hop POV.” Lil’ Wayne Branches Out Into Shoe Job The describe, which he has been signed to since he was eleven years well-versed, is reaping the sales of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded which debuted at no. 1 on the Hoarding 200 last workweek, and is set to gear up for Wayne’s first album since last year’s The Carter IV, titled I Am Not A Human Being II. “Contract-quick-witted, I only get paid an eye to 12 songs. Maybe on a Carter album, you probably only gonna find out 12 songs, maybe a perquisite 13,” Weezy said during the evaluation. “But on this I Am Not a Human Being object, I really don’t suffering… you’re probably gonna elude one’s captors 16 on thither.” How Mountain Dew Booked Lil Wayne for SXSW, DeWeezy Run Wayne also announced that he’s working on an album of “love songs” – but in the Wayne fad, not the typical crooners one might suspect. The album will be titled Devol – “loved” spelled slow – and was borne out of his preoccupations while serving eight months in prison in 2010. Lil Wayne to Remission ‘I Am Not a Human Existence 2′ Before Summertime, Birdman Says With those two projects in the works – Birdman told Billboard in January that I Am Not A Human Being II is slated to desert “before summertime,” though a release date has still not been congeal – as well as collaborative albums with both Birdman and Juelz Santana on the agendum, Weezy may hit his four album mark sooner rather than subsequent. Just don’t expect the Young Money CEO to be jumping ship on the label any time in the end.

Google Trends: 4

Google Trends: 4. esperanza spalding – the jazz singer and last year’s Best New Artist winner performed on “The Daily Eclipse” last blackness. Twitter Music Inclination: None at this life span. Digg Music News/Tv 24 Hours: 1. OK Natter – White Knuckles – Ordered 3D Picture NPR Music Most Viewed: 1. First Attend: Spiritualized, ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Simplify’ 2. First Prick up one’s ears: Alabama Shakes, ‘Boys And Girls’ 3. First Do as one is told: Horse Feathers, ‘Cynic’s New Yr’ 4. Can’t Fake The Quail: 11 Smooth New Latin Songs 5. Freddie Regent: Rock Hall Inductee, Patriarch Of Blues Roll NPR Music Most Commented: 1. Hearing In Megaupload Case To Determine Fate Of Final users’ Memorandums (13) 2. Remembering The Titanic’s Intrepid Bandleader (10) 3. Freddie Power: Rock Hall Inductee, Patriarch Of Blues Stone (10) 4. Rock Hall Inductees Battled For The Future Of L.A. Poverty-stricken (11) 5. Everybody Wants To Be A K-Pop Falling star (19) NME’s Top Music Word: 1. Ex-Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan: ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame isn’t about Axl Roseate’ 2. Frances Bean Cobain: ‘Twitter should ban my old woman’ 3. Green Day speak fro ‘fucking expert’ album trilogy – picture 4. Marion air new material at first London gig in six eld 5. Korn’s Jonathan Davis: ‘Skrillex was like a little kid when he worked with us’ 6. Olympic concerts to use pre-recorded backing tracks 7. Arctic Monkeys, Levigate, Black Keys to play Coachella tonight (April 13) 8. Charlie Simpson makes his acting launch ‘In God We Conglomerate’ – take heed of Fader Most Comprehend – Lifetime 1. Based Sacred writings: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU 2. Download French Montana’s Coke Boys 3 Mixtape 3. Frank Lots, “Whip Collection (SBTRKT Cut)” 4. Hear Two New Zomby Tracks, “Digital Sitting” and “808″ 5. LoveRance f. 50 Penny, “Up! (Remix)” MP3 6. Move: Joyce, “Keep the Lights On (Clams Casino Remix)” 7. Tv: Nicki Minaj f. 2 Chainz, “Beez in the Ambush (Physical Therapy Order)” 8. Hear New Kanye West, “Theraflu” Fader Most Up to date 1. Tv: Lil Rue, “Wassup” 2. M.I.A. Writes Theme Music for New WikiLeaks Talk Splash 3. Download Rizzla’s Official Bootleg EP 4. Picture: Nicki Minaj f. 2 Chainz, “Beez in the Snare (Physical Therapy Bowdlerize)” 5. Well up: Joyce, “Keep the Lights On (Clams Casino Remix)” 6. Discussion: Sam McPheeters 7. Download French Montana’s Coke Boys 3 Mixtape 8. Hear Two New Zomby Tracks, “Digital Sitting” and “808″ 9. Picture: Bruce Springsteen, “Death To My Hometown” 10. Based Koran: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU Pitchfork News Most Just out: 1. Watch Coachella Streamed Live All Weekend 2. This Week on Fork 3. New Beach Cubbyhole: “Lazuli” 4. M.I.A. Teams With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange, Writes Music for His New TV Express 5. Mind: Titus Andronicus Cover X-Ray Spex 6. More Footage From Lil B’s NYC Philippic 7. Bruce Springsteen Expands Visit 8. Watch Fice, the Shins, Arctic Monkeys, and Alabama Shakes Perform on TV Last Dusk 9. Tv: Cloud Nothings: “Stay Barren” 10. Leonard Cohen’s Former Business Manager Convicted of Molestation Rolling Pit – Recent dirt 1. Weekend Rock Distrust: What Is the Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Strain? 2. M83 Set for Big Find 3. M.I.A. Records Music for Julian Assange TV Expose 4. Exclusive Download: Blondfire, ‘ Hide and Quest after’ 5. Kraftwerk Diary Day Tercet: 1977′s Dominant ‘Trans-Europe Phrase’ 6. Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Formalities 7. Bruce Springsteen Releases Dates For Fall Stadium Outing, New Picture 8. Exclusive March: Devo’s Theme Song for the sake of ‘Monster Mortals’ 9. ‘American Paragon’ Review: Shock and Awe 10. Song Leaving aside: Doug Paisley, ‘Learn to Be defeated’ (accomplishment. Fice) Perez Hilton – Music Picayune: 1. 2Gether Reunites To Sing Calculus To… 2. Mindy McCready Pushes Out Twins A Son! 3. GLEE First Hark to! Check Out The Songs From The Saturday Night Glee-Ver HITHER! 4. Jennifer Hudson And Ne-Yo Slay The Idol Situation! 5. Jean Paul Gaultier To Dress Madonna For Her World Ramble!!! 6. Music Brings Alzheimer’s Patient Back From Wind 7. Mike Tompkins Plays With Himself In We Are Young Dust-jacket! 8. Marina And The Diamonds Lie To Us So Sweet CMT – Recent Scoop: 1. CMT Will Air Punk’d With Taylor Fleet, Justin Bieber 2. Kenny Chesney Will Sing at Drew Brees, Matthew McConaughey Occurrence 3. Around the Trap: Pistol Annies Suss out d evolve 9 to 5 XXL – Recent Bulletin: 1. G. Dep’s Attorney Insists His Client Didn’t Kill Presumed Shlemiel 2. XXL Quick Hitters: Nicki Minaj, Diddy, 3. Iggy Azalea Responds to Threshold, Says Female MCs Are Competitive by Identity TMZ Music Telecast: 1. 2GE+HER Reunites on an L.A

After weeks of relatively few new major album releases, Tuesday

After weeks of relatively few new major album releases, Tuesday (January. 24) brought a bevy of titles to market that are aiming for the top of next week’s Hoarding 200 map. While Adele’s “21″ seems set to spend an 18th nonconsecutive week at No. 1, according to industry sources, Tim McGraw’s “Emotional Influx” could drive in at No. 2 on the screed. Those in the know suggest the album may sell betwixt 60,000 and 65,000 copies by week’s end on January. 29. The new effort is McGraw’s last for Curb Records, following a court ruling in November that the singer was free to record for another docket (or his own) without Curb’s participation. Curb had been his home for his entire two-decades-plus bolt. Elsewhere on next week’s blueprint, look for rock band Lamb of God to debut in either the Nos. 3 or 4 slots, as its “Explication” is aiming to sell all 50,000 copies. After that, the next-biggest new entry may be the “Grammy Nominees 2012″ compiling. The latest installment in the long-running series is on course to sell here 50,000 as intimately. Other albums looking to make high debuts next week include Ingrid Michaelson’s “Human Anew,” Kellie Pickler’s “100 Hold up,” Kari Jobe’s “Where I Find You” and Seal’s “Individual 2.” The new Hoarding 200 chart’s superb 10 will be revealed on the morning of February. 1.

What Becomes A Legend Uttermost (from leftfield): Our Lady Peace’s

What Becomes A Legend Uttermost (from leftfield): Our Lady Peace’s bassist Duncan Coutts, frontman Raine Maida, boxing legend George Chuvalo, OLP manager Eric Lawrence, guitarist Steve Mazur, drummer Jeremy Taggart (pic: Luther Mallory) Just prior to their North American turn, a 74-year boxing legend joined Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace in a cramped Toronto hotel suite.  The provoke: a preview of the Canadian band’s eighth studio album, Sheer, inspired by the prizefighter, is due out in the United States on April 22 (it came out in Canada April 3). Read All Our Music Industry Centric Backbeats Right Hither George Chuvalo – the tough-as-nails Canadian heavyweight who went the distance with Muhammad Ali (1966 and 1972) Joe Frazier (1967) and George Gaffer (1970) and was said to have the greatest chin of any paladin – is featured on the album wrap (an early pic) and on the album’s closing to-do, “Nerve.” George Chuvalo is featured on the Our Lady Peace’s new album Sheer. Our Lady Peace has consistently gone au, platinum and double-platinum at home in Canada. Clumsy achieved that rare feat of a diamond documentation (then signifying 1 million units sold) and was platinum in the U.S. Gravity went double-platinum in Canada and gold in the U.S. In Canada, the band has had five No. 1 singles, 1997′s “Ill-chosen,” 2000′s “In Patch,” 2002′s “Somewhere Out Thither,” 2005′s “Angels Losing Doze” and the current undivided, “Whale.” In America, 1994′s “Starseed” reached No. 7 at Mainstream Rock and No. 10 at Modern Broken-down; “Cloddish” was No. 5 at Modern Penniless,” “Somewhere Out Thither” No. 7 at Modern Rock and No. 12 at Adult Crest 40. The belt, which used to be on Sony Music worldwide, is now on their management’s identification, Conglutination, which is distributed by Warner Music in Canada and eOne in the U.S. “A song commanded ‘As Fast As You Can’ will be our first U.S. private, and it will be our second single for Canada,” OLP’s manager Eric Lawrence told “We start working that in the next couple of weeks. Rock radio will be serviced ‘Whale,’ which is a rock radio hit for us here in Canada, but Alternative is going be where we’ll spotlight ‘As Fast As You Can.’ Hits Periodical, who also work records, are going to be our radio promotion folks and [in Canada] it’s Warner and my offices.” Once the hotel suite filled up, OLP frontman Raine Maida hopped on a chair to address the congregate. “Thank you for coming to this cramped little train. We’re very proud of this latest release. If anyone doesn’t know that, George Chuvalo is on the cover and there’s a lot of parallels that we drew when we were making this register, the packing, the struggle that boxers face in and out of the ring and George for some reason befriended us and went through his collection and gave us that photo for the cover and, like I said, befriended us and we got to have some conversations with George and we taped some baloney. Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida gets above the crowd in a Toronto hotel suite talked about the new album, Cut, and George Chuvalo’s cover inoculation, friendship and impact on the music (photograph: Luther Mallory) “He was gracious enough to let us do that,” Maida continued, “and we put it on one of the songs on the narrate, some of it spoken word pieces and just little insights into life because I don’t know if any of you have information, or how well you know George and his life story but there’s so much dignity thither; there’s so much sustain; there’s so much manhood. He’s a really incredible man and obviously a Canadian ikon. So for us to have him be on this record both speaking and on the cover is a big deal to us.  George is actually hither.” The 74-year-old Chuvalo had a tough flair: He lost a son and wife to suicide and two sons to drug overdoses. He current speaks at schools and to other youth assemblies through The George Chuvalo Fight Against Drugs Foundation.  Maida announced at the event that the band will be qualification “a substantial present” to the considerateness. Boxer George Chuvalo going the distance with Muhammad Ali “We’ve been a band against 18 or 19 age – I think everyone who has been in this business for a patch, you can understand the scramble, of sometimes just keeping the band cool, trying to navigate these crazy waters in the music business and then also the challenge of trying to dig into yourselves and mature as an artist and musicians and trying to make something as authentic and genuine as you can,” Maida added. “So that’s what George represents for us, completely legitimate, completely true, completely Canadian. We just couldn’t be prouder of this whole predilection. We’re going to play a bunch of songs. We’re going to start with ‘Spunk,’ which is the song that George is on and we’ll just play a insufficient, so drink and listen and thank you for forthcoming.”

Facebook’s Listen Clit, Timeline Challenge Developers and Artists — Facebook’s

Facebook’s Listen Clit, Timeline Challenge Developers and Artists — Facebook’s expansion of its Timeline layout in April and the debut this week of its Listen button are presenting new challenges for the companies that provide direct-to-fan applications built specifically for the popular social web. But don’t believe that Facebook apps are now unessential, executives tell Facebook’s New Listen Button Plays Artist Catalogs From Spotify, Rdio, MOG The Listen button appears on an artist’s Facebook phase — in a prime location next to the like clit — and links the user to a music service such as Spotify, Mog or Shirker. Facebook will default to a particular service the listener uses the greater. If you’re a frequent Spotify listener, clicking the Listen button will play the artist’s five most popular songs and then run through the rest of the catalog in the order it appears on the artist’s Spotify surface. The big question is the degree to which these changes reduce the usefulness of the apps built for Facebook by BandPage, ReverbNation, FanBridge, FanRx and others companies and used by millions of artists around the in every respect. Low, Timeline made the artist’s main page the default entry site, pushing music apps off the main page and onto less visited secondary pages. Succeeding, the Listen button replaced the apps’ streaming ceremony. As a termination, fewer people are seeing apps that used to be a common get a load of. “We’re pretty indifferent to whether or not there’s a listen button up there or not,” ReverbNation CEO Mike Doernbeg says. He explains the company provides both apps for Facebook and a digital distribution service that puts artists’ music in subscription services’ catalogs. As a conclusion, ReverbNation is neutral in how an artist chooses to reach citizens. “In the end we want the artist to pick out — we think that’s a good fixation,” he says. “Whether an artist chooses to use Spotify or they choose to use some other vehicle is really up to them.” Gray Lewd, director of music industry relations at FanBridge, doesn’t think the Facebook listen button will spell the end of direct-to-fan applications, but he acknowledges that it’s a “brilliant proceed” that makes Facebook a force in streaming music. “Facebook has taken the lesson MySpace learned and made a better judgement,” he says. “They chose not to do the licensing agreements.” There’s no denying the impact Timeline has had on the use of Facebook apps that stream music and tv, be that as it may. ReverbNation’s Fan Page application fell to 200,000 daily average users from upstairs 350,000 from early to mid April, according to AppData. The traffic of FanRx’s Facebook application plummeted from over to just guardianship 50,000 daily average users from 250,000. Bandpage, formerly RootMusic, could be more exposed to the impact of Timeline than its competitors because its business is focused on developing for the Facebook stand. Its app’s daily users have fallen to regarding 200,000 per day from in the first place 600,000 before Timeline was fully implemented in early April. Cynics aren’t hard to catch sight of. “BandPage might as well close their doors right sporadically,” says one person at a digital music startup. BandPage did not respond to’s request for footnote. But don’t write off Facebook apps just in the future. There are good reasons for app developers to continue making Facebook apps and for artists to continue to demand them. For starters, not everybody who visits a Facebook page uses one of the music services connected to the Play push. Facebook has at hand 165 million U.S. end users. Subscription services currently linked to the Listen clitoris (Spotify, Mog, Rdio) have somewhere between five million and 10 million active customers. Slacker Radio claimed to have six million active users back in September. Those numbers are sure to rise over sometimes, but there’s little doubt the Play button cannot serve even a small percentage of current Facebook representatives. In counting up, Facebook apps allow for the kind of narrow marketing needed by artists and labels. Timeline is a blunt marketing stooge. App developers allow for more precise merchandising. FanRx co-founder David Nelson explains that a pre-release campaign that targets a specific song or album needs more than Facebook’s Play push. He adds that the introduction of Timeline means artists will have to put more effort into driving traffic to Facebook apps. “We’re trying to educate people and make them realize they’re going to have to reach out to fans a little more. They’re going to have to use social a little more.” Jennie Smyth, president of marketing agency Girlilla Bartering, says the Play button isn’t ideal for her company’s targeted marketing efforts. “Say I want to have them listen to an exclusive acoustic track that’s very time raw. Since I am not sure how the process will be to coordinate having that play first in each of the services, and I can’t control the user liking, it’s easier for me to keep them on my own call out. I do think it’s a great addition to the pages, but for an artist I like having creative be in control of.” Even though developing for Facebook presents occasional challenges, the platform is still an invaluable marketing guide, ReverbNation’s Doernberg says. “We fully expect Facebook to continue making changes and give us and the artist very little admonish,” he says. “The thing we’ve all got to appreciate about Facebook is we all think of Facebook as this enormous institution, but they’re still figuring it off, too. As they figure things unacceptable, we should expect to feel the ripples of that.” Social Media Continues React to — Social media is on track to surpass Web portals as the most engaging content category on the Trap. From December 2010 to December 2011, portals’ share of Web activity hide 3.6 percentage points, while social media rosebush 2.2 points and email floor 1.7 points, according to comScore. ( comScore Voices web site) TuneCore Library Distributed by Deezer — TuneCore’s library is now being distributed to Deezer, the music subscription based in France and available in the United Province. Deezer claims to currently keep 20 million total streaming users around the exactly (it does not specify if those 20 million are active users or merely registered consumers) and six million unique visitors per month in France (roughly one out of occasionally 11 people in the boondocks, based on the World Bank’s 2010 population estimate of 64.9 trillion). This deal highlights the global nature of digital dispersal. Other services to recently ink deals with TuneCore include iTunes Latin America, simfy and Google Play. TuneCore has also signed a unique direct licensing deal with Deezer for users of TuneCore’s new service for songwriters. The deal means an artist who uses TuneCore for both digital distribution and songwriting administration will receive royalties for both the sound recording and composition copyrights. An independent artist without a songwriting administration deal is typically paid only for the sound transcription royalties.

Universal Music Group is planning to sell three of its

Universal Music Group is planning to sell three of its music-publishing catalogs to help finance its acquisition of EMI’s recorded-music segment, a source told The news was first reported the Financial Times. Universal has brought in Bank of America Merrill Lynch to sell its classical catalogue, along with a Christian (Brentwood Benson) and German schlager (Koch) catalogue, a sale that could introduce $200 zillion, a source told FT. The company also plans to sell real estate holdings in France and Germany that are leased to other companies. FT reported that 12 parties are interested 12 parties, including US and European private equity substantials, and BMG Rights Guidance, adding that Imagem Music “is likely to be interested.” The European Commission’s investigation into Universal’s proposed acquisition of EMI’s recorded-music division is to enter a indirect, more in-depth insert, it was confirmed on Friday. Universal formally requested EU regulators’ approval of the sale in February. Opposition to the sale has been fierce since it was first announced in November, with the independent coalition IMPALA and others being particularly vocal in their insistence that Universal’s holdings would create unsurmountable “competition complications.” EMI’s Deals WIth Cosmic, Sony Face Authoritative — But Disparate — Regulatory Examination

Lionel Richie (truthful) with Kenny Chesney performing together at the

Lionel Richie (truthful) with Kenny Chesney performing together at the “ACM Presents: Lionel Richie & Friends together,” which aired on CBS this past Friday. Lionel Richie might be “dancing on the roof” right in the present climate, as his “Tuskegee” album is on track to hit No. 1 this week on the Hoarding 200 diagram. It would mark his third chart-topping album — and his first since 1986′s “Dancing on the Cap” spent two weeks at No. 1. We’ll have exact Nielsen SoundScan figures and official chart positions on Wednesday dawn, April 18. Adele’s ’21′ Heading Back to No. 1 after 24th Workweek While last Friday it seemed Adele’s “21″ set was on course for a 24th nonconsecutive frame at the vertex, Richie’s “Tuskegee” pulled in big sales over the weekend. Industry sources say the album sold concerning 125,000 copies through the week ending Sunday, April 15 — well ahead of the perchance 90,000 that Adele’s “21″ sold. Richie’s weekend sales were driven by his two-hour Friday night CBS concert weird “ACM Presents: Lionel Richie & Friends together.” The all-star show featured Richie singing with Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride and more, all of whom appear on the collaborative album. The broadcast earned 7.7 million viewers according to Nielsen and was the most-watched show on Friday eve. Who Besides Lionel Richie Has Topped Billboard’s R&B and Country Charts? Richie’s “Tuskegee” debuted at No. 2 on the Hoarding 200 two weeks ago with 199,000 — his best sales week since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. He was lodged behind the also-debuting “MDNA” by Madonna, which topped the list that week with 359,000. Last workweek, “Tuskegee” fell from No. 2 to No. 4 with 95,000 (pile 52%).

The freshly expanded Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros did

The freshly expanded Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros did something Thursday they have never wired: Perform their upcoming Community Records/Vagrant album Here start to extermination. The 11-piece ensemble premiered the new songs, release date is May 29, in a performance at Bob Clearmountain’s studio in West Los Angeles. Santa Monica, Kaliph., public radio station KCRW presented the presentation, which they will broadcast on the album’s release date and stream video footage at Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither “We figured out how to do this three minutes since,” group leader Alex Ebert said as the band took the packed stage at the Berkeley Street Studio. The band played the album’s nine songs and a track that is in oblivion, “If You Wanna.” Ebert, interviewed by KCRW DJ and music supervisor Liza Richardson, said the band recorded so many songs they have a companion album almost ready to voyage, though they are unsure how or when that album will be released. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, featured in the concert obscure “Big Easy Particular” that was a hit at SXSW, spent three years touring on their first album, which led to a stockpile of songs. With more band members contributing as writers and vocalists, they spent five months recording in Ojai, Kalif., near Santa Barbara making the transactions. Bob Marley, Mumford & Sons, Ginger Baker Docs to Premiere at SXSW Film Red-letter day “The first album was made in sections,” Ebert famous. “This one was made all at as soon as.” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros start their U.S. summer tour the first week of May, nearly a month before the album’s pass out. With the band heading out betimes, it meant taking advantage of promotional opportunities while the group was still at home in Los Angeles. New Community Management’s Bryan Ling, who manages the corps, and Blaine Kaplan, who joined the New Community team a month gone, were on hand at the Berkeley Street Studios along with Jon Cohen and Dan Gill from Vagrant. Among the KCRW DJs in the audience were music governor Jason Bentley, Jason Kramer, Raul Campos and Valida Carroll.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Universal Music Group has won the

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Universal Music Group has won the qualified support of two North American artists’ unions for its proposed $1.9 billion acquisition of the recorded music division of the U.K.’s EMI Group Ltd. The unions gave their conditional backing in letters sent last week to the Federal Trade Committee. Analysis of Martin Mills’ Harsh Words on Universal-EMI Mixing In their letters, SAG-AFTRA and the American Federation of Musicians said they would support the deal if there were adequate mechanisms to ensure that Universal complies with its commitment to re-invest in artist increase. EMI is home to the recorded music of The Beatles, as well as American artists such as Norah Jones and The Smashing Pumpkins. Universal artists include Rihanna, Lady Gaga and U2. EMI’s Deals WIth Widespread, Sony Face Authoritative — But Altered — Regulatory Inquiry “It has been wrenching to watch EMI fade” as its former private equity owner Terra Firma cut costs, wrote Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, SAG-AFTRA’s co-national executive commander. She urged regulators to examine Universal’s commitments to artist maturing. “Should the commission be satisfied that there are adequate mechanisms to ensure compliance with those commitments, we respectfully request that it look favorably on Universal Music Group’s stewardship over EMI,” she wrote. European Commission Investigation Into Universal’s Purchase of EMI Music Enters Phase Two Universal said in a statement it was “happy” that the unions took a positive view of its plans. In belated 2010, Terra Firma defaulted on the $5.5 billion in debt it amassed in its 2007 purchase of EMI. Lender Citigroup foreclosed on the storied recording label in February of last yr, and agreed to sell it in two parts for the sake $4.1 billion in November. Uncircumscribed, a division of France’s Vivendi SA, agreed to buy the recorded music english. A consortium led by Sony/ATV agreed to buy the publishing assets in the course of $2.2 trillion. That has sparked fears of market potency. On the recording face, the purchase would give Universal about a 40 percent market share in the U.S., towering over Sony Music Entertainment at 29 percent and Warner Music Group Corporation. at 19 pct. It will also be among the world’s largest music publishers. Outgoing Warner Music chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. has called the on offer “severe” and bad for artists. Independent music labels have also come out against the attend to. The European Commission launched a probe into the acquisition last month, saying that Universal would be nearly twice the size of its next-largest competitor in Europe. The EC has said it will decide by August. 8 whether the takeover will impede game. Both Sony/ATV and Universal have offered concessions to get the deal over. Universal has said it would barter $660 million worth of non-core assets, mostly minority stakes in companies that it did not blow the gaff.

This week’s Rethink Music conference kicked off with a weekend

This week’s Rethink Music conference kicked off with a weekend Hackathon, where participants built and presented 25 music “hacks,” or hastily-created apps, at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Plaza (a.k.a. N.E.R.D) on Sunday. You can use most of them tod, and we see a good deal of potential for some of them to evolve into fully formed apps. The top three winners will present their creations to Rethink Music attendees tod (Monday). Rethink Music Hackathon Winners Kinect Bomba: Named for the Latin dance fad, Kinect Bomba leverages the Remix API from The Echo Resort ( publisher of against Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing input technology to create tempo-synced music as users move and shake along to any MP3 — creating remixes, adding layers, and even triggering loops through motion unattended. Fundamentally, it’s a way to make music by dancing along thereto. This is sort of a tricky conception, so we shot some tv (audio is silence): Concert Playlist Source: This hack keeps track of the concerts you plan to follow, building a Spotify playlist featuring music from the headliners and opening bands, helping you prepare for the let someone in on — and, in the case of opening bands, deciding when to hit the venue. Unhappily, there’s no live version of this for you to play around with at this unit, but the app’s official status is “in move,” so that could change after the league. The Byrds and The Bee Gees (MediaNet, EMI, and The Echo Nest prize victor): This app humorously explains how you, I, and anyone else came to be, through a musical approach to “the peach” parents give children about the so-called birds and the bees. Enter a birthday and this web app figures out when you might have been conceived, presents some information about what life was like on that date, and generates a Spotify playlist based on what your parents could have been listening to. It’s stark, even if deciding to receive “the peach” is not. The hardest part might be — as Paul Lamere put it — coming to grips with whether or not your Dad was “smooth back again,” which affects the app’s music prime. Company Prizewinners (chosen by API sponsors) (Songkick, 7digital prizes): lets artists and promoters create custom concert posters with which fans can interact through QR codes and a corresponding mobile devotion. By aiming a smartphone with a QR code reader app at the circular, fans at a concert can access everything from event information and ticket sales to MP3s and staples. made its debut at Boston Music Hack Age 2011, but has since grown through the incorporation of APIs from Songkick, Lyricfind, and The Echo Lair. After choosing an semblance, artists and promoters can opt to play an MP3 automatically when the user scans the cryptogram; sell music and other pack up; and encourage fans to leave a message on the artist’s Facebook page from within the app. Lyrical Sonnet Wondrous – (Lyricfind choice): CJ Carr, who made the brain wave goggles that so impressed us at last year’s Boston Music Hack Heyday (I’m pretty sure I saw them in a bag at the Rethink hackathon) closed out the demonstration round with an impressive automatic poetry generator that can assemble a coherent sonnet — in iambic pentameter no without — based on seed row. The app extracts lyrics, line by get in line, from 14 different songs based on your specified row. It is now available in a slightly rough manifestation. To create your own sonnet with Lyrical Sonnet Wondrous, enter capable 14 words separated by commas after the equals sign in the following URL, then paste it into your browser. Plan a Blocking (Spotify and The Echo Nest prizes): Plan a Jam can optimize your party playlist based on the musical tastes of attendees who have RSVPed to the event on Facebook. The app takes into account the music “Likes” of registered attendees, adds extra weight to artists Liked by more than one ourselves, and then outputs a Spotify playlist based on all of your guests’ preferences so you can choose the perfect music for the gathering in mere alternatives. Opera Omnia (Free Music Archive swag): Introduced as “a horrible experiment that is an abuse of every information retrieval technique constantly,” this hack reassembles songs in new styles — claim, for when you want to hear what a Björk song would sound like injected with shots of Mastodont. (We saw this hack online after the present, but appears to be down at the shake.) Honorable naming Map of Music Denominate – Paul Lamere is a sort of commissioner of all things hackathon. His past entries — Jennie’s Ultimate Road Dive (built as a father-daughter unite); Bohemian Rhapsichord, which morphed the classic Queen song into a playable web written agreement; and a Grammy Award predictor that nearly matched’s predictions — have always highlighted fun and interesting uses of music technology. With Map of Music Mode of expression, Lamere graphically represents the relationships between music genres, visually reinforced what most of us were thinking all on: that nothing could be further from old school hip-hop than j-call. You can try this hack yourself on his web log, Music Machinery, where you can read about how he built it and explore genres with the interactive map. This article nearby:

For the second yr, the Billboard Latin Music Marketing Awards

For the second yr, the Billboard Latin Music Marketing Awards will recognize the growing importance of consumer brands and marketers in the promotion and marketing of Latin music at the Billboard Latin Music Seminar, presented by State Smallholding. Tomorrow eve, April 24, Billboard will recognize and honor the year’s best blasting, branding and sponsorship campaigns that use Latin artists and their songs. Here are snapshots of this year’s finalists. BEST PRINT CRUSADE Description: Dr Spray Medium: Lopez Negrete Communications Throw: Vida 23 Artist: Pitbull Labels: Mr. 305, Polo Yard, Sony Music The print component of Dr Pepper’s multimedia Vida 23 campaign was a key part of the overall marketing striving. Mark: Western Joining Agencies: Moroch Partners, Bromley Communications Drive: Love in Any Words Artist: Daddy Yankee Identify: El Cartel Records A strong online presence and innovative contests, coupled with traditional media and direct artist impinging, made this a winner for Western Union’s Mother’s Day championing. The brand reported 260,000 visits to the contest platform in four weeks. Make: Grito Canalla Intervention: Unusual Communication Operation: Acuérdate de Este Canalla Artist: Grito Canalla Ticket: Kronborg Records Spanish group Grito Canalla launched a adroit, innovative campaign in support of its debut album that included eye-catching printed earthly. BEST ONLINE/SOCIAL STRUGGLE Species: Coca-Col Supervision: Laverde Pro Effort: Esta Noche Seremos Más Artist: Chino & Nacho Earmark: Universal Music Latin Presentation Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho penned “Seremos Más” specifically for Coca-Cola’s “Esta Noche Seremos Más” operation. The track topped the charts in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, and its online promotion was supported by personal appearances from the duo, raising brand awareness in the teen corner store. Stigma: Heineke Intervention: Nevarez Communications Manoeuvres: Noches Latin Grammy Artists: Gocho, Alexis & Fido, Siete, DJ Candy House-servant Labels: versatile A series of South Florida concert events leading up to the Latin Grammy Awards featured live performances by rising artists from all genres. As part of the run, fans could compete to win a “green rug” experience for two at the Latin Grammys. Trade name: Time Warner Hawser Agencies: Edelman, Castells & -Asociados, Creative Artists Procurement Fight: El Reto Fast Five-The Time Warner Cable Hispanic -Heritage Month Run Artist: Don Omar Trade mark: Universal Music Latin Production Don Omar was the face of that 360 integrated marketing campaign timed around Hispanic Heritage Month. The programme, promoting Time Warner Cable’s Movies on Demand approach, capitalized on Omar’s vast social network appeal and his appearance in the film Fast Phoebe. It included a three-city concert tour sponsored by Time Warner Cable and powered by a Facebook rivalry. BEST TOUR SPONSORSHIP Grade: 5 Gum Means: Cardenas Marketing Web Stump: 5 Gum/Camila’s Dejarte De Amar Turn Artist: Camila Hallmark: Sony Music Latin Camila’s 10-stop tour included a series of fan-driven works, beginning with contests at retailers in five cities that allowed fans to compete for concert tickets and exclusive tour traffic in. More 54,000 consumers were reached through one-on-one interactions and the program yielded more 55 million impressions. Trade name: MetroPCS Intervention: Richards Heap Offensive: MetroPCS and -Huawei Present The Enrique Iglesias -Euphoria Turn Artist: Enrique Iglesias Labels: Universal Music Latin -Distraction, Republic In an effort to target childlike, Hispanic fans, MetroPCS partnered with AEG Live to launch its new Huawei sound. MetroPCS customers were given exclusive online access to Enrique Iglesias and his social media gratified. Every Facebook and Twitter post from Iglesias featured the tag path “Sent via my MetroPCS Huawei telephone.” This was MetroPCS’ first national sponsorship. Species: Post Honey Bunches of Oats Procurement: MV42 Stump: Post Honey Bunches of Oats Artist: Jencarlos Canela Mark: Bullseye Jencarlos Canela was the face of Post Honey’s “Let’s Think Sure” campaign oriented to Latinas and wrote an inspirational song that was used in a music tv, behind-the-scenes footage and in-show integrations, all made available through a Facebook fan ground. In summation, the brand distributed 4 million specially marked bilingual cereal boxes that featured Canela and the chance to win VIP seats at a concert in Miami. BEST TV RIVALRY Trade-mark: Objective Means: Grupo Gallegos Stump: Target Fall Campaign-Latin Indie Music Breaks At the end of one’s tether with Artists: Ximena Sariñana, Koko, the Pinker Tones, the Plastics Gyration Labels: sundry Target turned to Latin indie music for its seven-spot fall electioneer. Grupo Gallegos used music-integration platform to preselect more 100 emerging acts, then picked four artists and songs-in English and Spanish-that aligned with Target and its campaign statement. Variety: AT&T Bureau: Bravo Electioneer: Paulina Rubio AT&T BlackBerry 4G Rivalry Artist: Paulina Rubio Nickname: Universal Music Latin Recreation AT&T launched its new BlackBerry phone victimization “Me Gustas Tanto,” the first single from Paulina Rubio’s new album, Brava! The spot featured Rubio singing her spoor, launched in tandem with her album. Label: Dr Scatter Mechanism: Lopez Negrete Communication Electioneer: Vida 23 Artist: Pitbull Labels: Mr. 305, Polo Yard, Sony Music The Spanish-language TV spot for the Vida 23 campaign and its general-market adaptation were launched with Pitbull’s Spanish-language album, Armando. The spots feature Pitbull singing “Vida 23,” the song he penned for the drive and which appears on his album.    ••••

This week on the Hoarding 200, One Direction makes history

This week on the Hoarding 200, One Direction makes history as the first U.K. group to bow at No. 1 with a debut album as “Up All Round-the-clock” starts atop the list with 176,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The arrival prevents Adele’s “21″ from returning to No. 1 for a 24th week as it holds at No. 2 with 148,000 (consume 24%). One Direction Make History With No. 1 Debut on Hoarding 200 Albums Plot Last week’s No. 1, Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Egg,” falls to No. 4 with 57,000 (pile 71%). Guns N’ Roses’ “Greatest Hits” makes an eye-popping jump from No. 31 to No. 3 with 85,000 sold after it was priced as 25 cents in both the Google Play and Amazon MP3 stores for one day last workweek. It posted a 618% upward (up from 12,000 the week foregoing). The “Rage: White Degenerate” album debuts at No. 5 with 48,000 and also starts at No. 1 on the Top Christian Albums plot. The break the ice, recorded at the Passionateness 2012 conference in Atlanta in January, features live performances assisted by genre superstars like Chris Tomlin and David Crowder Bind. It’s the best sales week and first stopper 10 for any “Rage”-related album. Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Hits” holds at No. 6 (45,000; consume 35%), as does Drake’s “Take Control” at No. 7 (36,000; pile 38%). The “Under 41″ compilation falls five rungs to No. 8 (29,000; refine 81%), collapsing after the impact of a 25 cent promotion the previous week subsided. Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” reaches the ace 10 for the first instant, mounting 16-9 with 24,000 (up 14%) — its best sales frame in time to come. Rounding out the cork 10 is fooling around.’s “Some Nights,” returning to the cut off 10 (13-10) with 22,000 (down true 2%). Over on the Digital Songs design, about.’s “We Are Babyish” (featuring Janelle Monae) is steady at No. 1 with 349,000 (up 8%) while the Wanted’s “Glad You Came” also stands still at No. 2 with 183,000 (polish 4%). Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” sails 4-3 (172,000; up 6%), Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Be cognizant” (featuring Kimbra) jumps 5-4 (166,000; up 8%), and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” slips 3-5 (162,000; pile 7%). Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” (featuring Sia) is a non-mover at No. 6 (158,000; up 5%) while One Direction’s “What Makes You Handsome” jumps 17-7 with 135,000 (up 63%). Train’s new distinguished “Drive Via” arrives in the superior 10 — mounting 11-8 — with 125,000 (up 26%). Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Peradventure” waterfall 8-9 with 123,000 (polish 4%). Closing out the supreme 10 is Katy Perry’s “Part of Me,” descending 7-10 with 114,000 (refine 8%). Overall album sales in this past chart workweek (ending Walk 18) totaled 5.6 million units, refine 10% compared with the sum last workweek (6.2 zillion) and polish 1% compared with the comparable sales week of 2011 (5.7 meg). Year-to-date album sales stand at 66.2 trillion, up 2% compared with the same total at this point last yr (64.7 meg). Digital track sales this past week totaled 25.2 million downloads, polish 2% compared with last workweek (25.8 zillion) and up 1% stacked next to the comparable week of 2011 (24.9 meg). Year-to-date track sales are at 309 trillion, up 7% compared with the same total at this point last yr (289.8 trillion). Next week’s Hoarding 200 competes with the same week in 2011 when: Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” debuted at No. 1 with 270,000 while Jennifer Hudson’s “I Remember Me” launched at No. 2 (165,000). The previous week’s chieftain, Adele’s “21,” fell to No. 3 with 96,000 (polish 2%).

Global management company IMG Artists has named Jerry Inzerillo its

Global management company IMG Artists has named Jerry Inzerillo its new President and CEO, effective April 16. Formerly head of Kerzner Entertainment Group and founding president of what has become Ian Schrager Hotels, will be tasked with leading IMGA’s charge toward expanding its activities and visibility through journey, touristry, and lifestyle events. IMGA represents more 500 artists worldwide, recently expanding its operations in artist supervision, touring, consultancy, facility executives, and artist event. In October 2011, Alexander Shustorovich became an equal partner in the company and led a round of financial investment aimed toward helping build the company’s worldwide class, and Inzerillo will help lead the suffuse. “Jerry is the right man at the right moment for IMGA, and frankly for the entireperforming arts manufacture,” said Shustorovich in a communiqu?. “The key to his success as a hotel and entertainment executive was his ability to visualize how to reach increasingly sophisticated and discerning audiences for whom culture and travel are intertwined. These are people who view leisure and entertainment as active experiences. These arethe people we want to scope. Jerry brings us not only this vision but a lifetime of contacts in the field that can broaden the appeal of performing artists and change our industry the world once again.”

Companies that stand to benefit the most from music discovery

Companies that stand to benefit the most from music discovery are creating the technologies to connect Spotify listeners with their music. Record labels created or backed all 12 of the apps unveiled for Spotify’s desktop client Thursday. Spotify to Reveal 12 New Apps Thursday, Including Def Fill up, Warner, Matador, Domino Three of the four majors and a handful of indies are represented in the new batch of apps. One additional app, ” Now That’s What I Call Music” created by EMI, is available in the UK but is not one of the apps available to US-based Spotify purchasers. Combined with the 15 apps that debuted November 30th, Spotify now offers 27 apps to help users navigate its immense catalog of music. Six of the new apps are branded by their record label creators: Def Pickle, Domino, Matador, [PIAS], the warner sound and Legacy Recordings’ the Legacy Of. Each helps the listener dig into the label’s catalog and new releases. Warner Music Group is also behind the Hot or Not app that allows users to vote on songs – all from the Warner catalogue – and earn points and badges along the go to pieces b yield. Business Matters: Can Spotify Catch iTunes in Two Age? The Numbers Behind Sean Parker’s Hint X5 Music Group is the creator of Separate, a classical music app that allows users to browse a library of music by composer, days, temper, instrument and sort. X5 is the label behind the successful and affordable classical compilations such as “The 50 Most Essential Pieces of Classical.” “Our goal is to simplify finding music,” X5 Music CEO Johan Lagerlöf tells Whereas iTunes and are good at displaying music and encourage browsing, Lagerlöf says Spotify’s search locomotive “isn’t that approving” and the service doesn’t naturally lend itself to displaying music. Spotify is indeed light on visual supplicate. Without naming names, an Rdio executive bemoaned the “tiresome, spreadsheet-like way of consuming digital music” when the company unveiled its album artwork-heavy redesign last workweek. The Classify app, built in-house by X5, was created to help people find the music they need in as few as 3 or 4 furthers, says Lagerlöf. Classify lists a number of X5 releases, such as “Classical Chill Outside” and “The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical,” along with links to composers, eras, instrument and moods (staunch, joyous, doleful, sentimentalist). “The idea is to create a playlist for every possible hurting for.” Universal Music Group is behind Digster, Tweetvine and the Complete Garnering. Digster is a playlist service launched by Universal Music Group Distribution last September. TweetVine was created at a Music Hack Day by Matt Larsen ( @thebluebadger) and Matt Schofield ( @callmetonystark) and its ongoing costs are paid by Universal Music. The app creates playlists based on tweets that use the #nowplaying hashtag. On Thursday morning Larson tweeted that Tweetvine was “averaging 1,400 launches per hr.” The Complete Whip-round, the most basic of Universal’s three new apps, lists the entire catalogs of select artists and labels under the Universal cover. The app offers playlists comprised of complete catalogs of record labels (Shady Records, Cherrytree Records, Verve Records) and artists (Lady Gaga to Lionel Richie). Sony Music Entertainment is behind Filtr, a playlist generator that works from the music tastes of vendees’ Facebook adherents. Just type in the name of one or more artists, genre, country or Facebook friend or event and Filtr creates a playlist. If logged into Facebook, a playlist generator will suggest Facebook friends from which to create a playlist. Filtr also offers ready-made playlists and contemporary releases.

How ironic that a song about something as old-fashioned as

How ironic that a song about something as old-fashioned as a payphone sets a digital download release. With digital sales of 493,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Seclude 5′s “Payphone,” featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, roars onto the Billboard Lickerish 100 at No. 3. Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Grasp,” featuring Kimbra, in the interim, spends a second week at No. 1. Thanks to its opening sales workweek, “Payphone,” which enters at No. 1 on the Hot Digital Songs graph, arrives with the best digital sales frame by a arrange, besting the 465,000 sold by the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” the week of April 18, 2009. The sum of 493,000 marks the eighth-best sales week overall since SoundScan began tallying download sales in 2003. (Flo Rida’s “Right Troll” boasts the best weekly total among all acts, having sold 636,000 the week of February. 28, 2009.) Radio also gives “Payphone” a ringing authorization, as the song enters the Precarious 100 Airplay chart at No. 36 with 33 million first-week audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS. With its spellbind, Strand 5 bests its previous highest Randy 100 first; “Moves Like Jagger,” featuring Christina Aguilera, entered at No. 8 the week of July, 9, 2011. Nine weeks posterior, it spent its first of four weeks at No. 1. The group also establishes a personal best bow on Radio Songs, topping the No. 49 debut of “She Will Be Loved” in 2004. On Hot Digital Songs, Cast away 5 had soared in at No. 1 once once, with “Makes Me Stunner” the week of May 12, 2007. “Payphone” just misses debuting on the On-Demand Songs blueprint, bubbling under with 210,000 opening-week streams, according to BDS. Aiding the song’s strong first? A TV appearance and anticipation for Isolate 5′s forthcoming album. The group and Khalifa performed “Payphone” last Monday (April 16) on NBC’s “The Decision,” where Forsake 5 frontman Adam Levine moonlights as a bus. The song previews the band’s fourth studio album, Overexposed, due June 26. The set was executive produced by Max Martin, with additional cuts produced by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. ” Overexposed is definitely our most diverse and poppiest album all,” Levine says. On “Payphone,” the same two songs from last week maintain the Peppery 100′s Nos. 1 and 2 positions. Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Recognize” spends a second week at No. 1, gaining in both airplay (as the Burning 100′s top Airplay Gainer) and streaming. The track lifts 8-6 on Radio Songs (85 meg, up 19%) and tallies a second frame atop On-Demand Songs (1.4 zillion, up 10%). The song dips to No. 2 after a week in charge of Hot Digital Songs (463,000, 15%). clowning.’s “We Are Prepubescent,” featuring Janelle Monae, holds at No. 2 for a second week after logging six stanzas atop the Ardent 100. The cut leads White-hot 100 Airplay for a second workweek (136 meg, up 4%) and descends 2-3 on Hot Digital Songs (251,000, refine 25%). The sales sum halts the group’s record run of seven consecutive weeks selling more 300,000 downloads in each pattern. On On-Demand Songs, “Babies” stays at No. 2 (1.1 meg, fine-tune 2%). Beneath “Payphone” at No. 3, Justin Bieber rises 5-4 on the Loud 100 with “Fellow,” which takes the chart’s top Streaming Gainer honour, rise 10-6 on On-Demand Songs (738,000, up 28%) and sporting a 25% increase in overall streams. The track remains at No. 4 on Hot Digital Songs (235,000, polish 8%) and climbs 15-13 on Piping hot 100 Airplay, although with a 2% drop to 57 zillion. The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” rounds out the Sensitive 100′s top fivesome, slithering 3-5. Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones,” featuring Sia, is stationary at No. 6 and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Dialect mayhap” jumps to a new top (8-7), pushing 44-35 on Ardent 100 Airplay (33 zillion, up 16%) and holding at No. 3 on On-Demand Songs (954,000, up 9%) and No. 5 on Hot Digital Songs (221,000, fine-tune 3%). Filling out the Commercial 100′s beat 10, One Direction’s “What Makes You Pulchritudinous” waterfall 4-8; Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” slips 7-9; and, Kelly Clarkson’s former three-week No. 1 “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” slides 9-10. Just outside the top file, Train’s “Drive By means of” scores the Piquant 100′s top Digital Gainer stub, chugging 13-11 with 146,000 downloads sold (up 23%). Check tomorrow (April 26), when all rankings, including the Steaming 100, Hot Digital Songs, Torrid 100 Airplay and On-Demand Songs, will be reinvigorated, as they are each Thursday.

Mexican-American diva Jenni Rivera – songbird, songwriter, player, auteur, reality

Mexican-American diva Jenni Rivera – songbird, songwriter, player, auteur, reality TV supernova, radio show entertainer, television maker, fashion artist, compulsive tweeter and future maker – may be the “most successful female recording artist of our dated,” as Billboard’s Leila Cobo introduced her to standing-room only crowd Tuesday at the magazine’s conference in Miami. But there is one role that is most important to her. “I’m a mother above all attributes,” said Rivera, whose family of five children, one grandchild and another nieto on the way is on “I Love Jenni,” the Mun2 show she launched in 2009. Check Out All Our Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards Coverage Right Hither Other tasks include hours of emailing each prime, the radio manifest, tweeting to her fans, designing jeans for women with big hips, taping for the TV show and writing her autobiography. “That would be a Wednesday, let’s opportunity. Sometimes I get home at 2 a.m. and start the day freshly,” Rivera said in a Q&A conversation with Cobo and Flavio Morales, senior vice president of programming at Mun2. Rivera has come a long way since she was a real estate agent in suburban Los Angeles, a single mother trying to make it out on her own in business and figuring out if she wanted to be a lawyer or a teacher or a nursemaid. Diva was not in her plans. She recorded in her father’s studio as a diversion, for hold up to ridicule. But one date, she was meeting a couple to show them a house and, waiting in her jalopy, she heard herself on the receiver. Picture: Don Omar Talks New Album, Zumba Partnership at Billboard Latin League “It was simply my hobby to record music,” Rivera said. “Nobody believed a single mother could be a recording artist. At that time, they were picking people off the street because of their looks and making them into a containerize.” But since that eventually, she has taken her successes and her missteps and turned them into the story of a role model for other Latina artists. Or, mayhap, businesswomen. “I keep feeling more like a businesswoman than an artist,” she said. “The music is a remedy, an emotional release of everything I lived.” Any longer, everything she lived can be seen on TV in the Mun2 disclose, “I Love Jenni.” Some of the impetus for the show was because there was so much tabloid talk about her anyways, she decided she would set the record straight on her terms. Latin Convention: Univision’s Jose Valle Says Latin Artists Need To Push Into Mainstream Radio Warehouse “When I saw that my life caused hobby, I kindness, ‘I am going to use my name in my approach,’” she added. “My name is used in many ways in many arenas and I said, ‘I am going to produce TV programs and design a clothes belt, have a fragrance and a radio programme.” Morales asked her if there were times she regretted that steadfastness. “It could make you upset but if I allow that to overwhelm me, I’m going to be frustrated and take,” she said. “What matters is that I know this is part of the business and I will do everything possible to turn the negative into something undeniable.” Not just the TV manifestation, but the radio show and her Twitter account also help her do that. “Having direct contact on my radio programme, I can clarify things and people can interview me,” said Rivera, who added that she loves Twitter for the same propriety. “In Bustle, every time I just write something, everybody responds,” she said. “I really like talking to people on Twitter because it is contact with my catholic. A ‘happy birthday,’ apophthegm ‘kudos’ is important to them. They feel in use. They feel they have me close around.” Billboard Latin Colloquy: Artists Need Brands As Much As Brands Need Artists Silent, it is the Mexican artists that came before her – way before her – that ultimately influenced her musically, Rivera said, naming Rocio Ducal, Isabel Pantoja and Lupita D’Alessio. In 1994 or 1995, she heard a young singer named Selena and admired her as a woman who did things her own something like a collapse. But like Selena, Rivera – who was born in the U.S. after her mother crossed the border while in a family way — has done things her way and has kept true to her Mexican-American roots. “I had the good fortune that my parents were very complete. They didn’t let me speak English at home or listen to English music at digs. “They instilled in me even more my roots, my erudition.” “I’m super happy with what I’ve skilled,” she said. “I want to see my products fructify. I can do a lot more when it comes to music, but I think it is my responsibility to inspire the world more, my fans more  — not only through music, but maybe through my record, the story of my duration.” “I want to be more of an voice.”

Universal Music Group is once-again ramping up its digital operations

Universal Music Group is once-again ramping up its digital operations with the promotion of Francis Keeling to the role of global head of digital dealing. Effective as soon as, Keeling will report to Rob Wells, UMG president of global digital business and will remain based in London. Prior to the place, Keeling was VP Digital, at Universal Music Group Foreign (UMGI) – a position that he has held for the past three eld. He joined the music major in 2002, having previously held content and business development posts with Vivendi,, Pearson and the Financial Times. In his new post, Keeling will assume responsibility for generating growth and new revenue streams for Universal Music’s digital businesses worldwide, according to a statement from the describe. One of his core tasks will be working with the company’s digital partners, including retailers, telecom operators, ISPs, device manufacturers and social networks, to create and license new digital opportunities and propositions. “Francis is by far the best at what he does in the entire global music manufacture,” said Rob Wells in a annunciation. “He is expert at finding the commercial viability in any new business model or in an existing model that needs to be finessed,” Wells went on to divulge, adding that Keeling “troubleshoots like a true entrepreneur, is a joy to work with, and continues to impress and inspire people who work alongside him.” Commenting on the appointment Francis Keeling said in a affirmation: “The internet is a global curtness, and it is vital for Universal Music to have a global approach to licensing our partners, to encourage hunch, new models and their international expansion.  I am extremely excited to be leading this process to grow the digital business for UMG and our incredible roster of artists.” The announcement of Keeling’s promotion coincides with the same-day publication of a guest editorial column for U.K. newspaper the Financial Times (behind a pay-bulkhead) in which he calls for greater external investment in the music specialty. Entitled “Now’s the perfect time for investors to target music,” Keeling pays tribute to what he terms the “continuing conveyor belt of British aptitude.” “This represents a creative success story that sees the U.K. punch well above its weight in the global general store,” he continues, before stating the case for continued investment both from within and outside the traditional effort. “A key part of our growth will come from external investment in new digital services,” he goes on to give the word deliver, citing Spotify as a platform that delivers a better alternative to piracy and offers an appealing business model to consumers. “Retailers, with the support of rights owners, need to offer consumers long-term trials, so they can assess what model is right for them. Spotify has proved that, by converting millions of its free open service users to paying subscribers,” Keeling states. “Only by working in conjunction with technology can we, the music creators, beat the pirates at their own meet,” he goes on to say, concluding with the edict that “Now is the perfect time for investors to butt music.”

(Getty Copies) Some of the key figures weren’t thither, but

(Getty Copies) Some of the key figures weren’t thither, but those who were present at the 27th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Saturday night delivered a heartfelt and epic observance — much to the delight of both the high rollers at the VIP tables and the 6,000 “intrinsic” fans who whooped it up in the Town Hall balcony. Much of the news leading up to the event focused on those who were skipping it, whether for health conditions (the Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch andthe Faces’ Rod Stewart) or because of lingering issues with bandmates — most notably Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rosebush, who was roundly booed by the crowd every time his name was mentioned during the eventide. But disappointment and hard feelings were scarce throughout the five-and-a-half-hour brawl, which was packed with enough verbal and musical highlights to give HBO’s editors palpitations as they hone it down to two-and-a-half hours for its May 5 broadcast initial. Rock Hall of Fame Pre-Parties Light Up Cleveland: Bowling With Red Hot Chili Peppers; Old-School Actuate Green Broad daylight, there to induct GNR, got things off to a crushing start with “American Idiot’s” “Letterbomb” as Billie Joe Armstrong exhorted the crowd to “stand up…This is f—ing indigent ‘n’ roster! This is not a f—ing wingding — this is a party, motherf—ers!” That set the tone for a night that mixed musical fireworks with warm and emotional speeches, putting plenty of heart in sway ‘n’ roll and reveling in past glories to, as Armstrong also said, “know where you f—ing come from.” So Bette Midler choked up as she remembered the late Laura Nyro as “the very essence of New York New zealand urban area, as a matter of fact, not in the persistent, real sense but in the energetic, unrealistic, gossamer, maternal sanity. She would take the most ordinary people in the most ordinary situations and spin them into heroic figures…” Carole King noted that the “most fervent have a fancy” of the late Don Kirshner, receiving the Ahmet Ertegun Award for non-performers, “was to be inducted in this iconic custom”; his widow, Sheila, noted that Kirshner would have sour 77 on April 17 and considered the initiation “the best present he could’ve standard.” Luckily, Johnny Meeks of Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps — one of the six backing bands/vocal groups being inducted years after their frontmen — was there to be inducted the day before he sour 75. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea let the tears flow freely as he thanks his materfamilias, producer Rick Rubin and others — and recalled playing street football with former GNR drummer Steven Adler when they were teenagers together in Los Angeles. Bandmate Anthony Kiedis, interval, thanked his longtime friend and cohort for helping him to get dry-clean. And Ronnie Solicit, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones each paid tribute to the late Small Faces members Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane. There were moments of levity as fine. Comedian Chris Rock’s hilarious induction speech for the Chili Peppers took at shot at the habitually late Roseate — “Even if he was coming here tonight he wouldn’t have been here by conditions” — and also applauded the Chili Peppers for wearing black ties rather than tube socks on their, expressively, you separate, for such a formal incitement. John Mellencamp, lag, talked about first meeting Donovan, a hero since he was a whippersnapper (he brought a copy of an early album along to prove it), while he was having a fistfight with his guitarist at a Los Angeles recording studio. And LL Cool J joined the laughter as he described his first impression of the Beastie Boys as “punks.” Despite what guitarist Slash called the “play-acting” surrounding GNR’s trigger, the former band members who attended — original guitarist Izzy Stradlin and continuing keyboardist Dizzy Reed joined Rose as no-shows — credited fan support for their hit, which was well received at Town Foyer. Drummer Matt Sorum, in the interim, spoke of being asked to join the group because Steven Adler had been kicked out for doing too many drugs. “I said, ‘In Guns N’ Roses, how the f— is that doable?!’ Steven Adler deserves an award for THAT.” Sorum also fessed up to bringing cocaine into GNR’s heroin-dominated drug incorporate; “I said, ‘You guys have to wake up and play some rattle ‘n’ schedule.” The GNR alumni did just that, tearing through a three-song set fronted by Myles Kennedy of Alter Bond, who also sings for Slash’s stria, and joined by onetime guitarist Gilby Clarke, who was not included in the installation. Armstrong guested on “Mr. Brownstone,” patch “Sweet Child O’ Gold-mine” and “Paradise Municipality” had the Town Hall crowd on its feet and pumping its collective fists. The Faces skied in Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall — who’s been working with the group since 2009 — from England for a tight set that included the Small Faces’ “All or Everything” along with “Ooh La La” and “Stay With Me.” And a consortium of the Roots, Kid Rock and Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy — with the MCs in green Adidas track suits — paid homage to the Beastie Boys with a medley that included “Undermine” and “No Drop ‘Til Brooklyn.” ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill joined forces with Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamassa for a fierce Freddie King salute of “Hideout” and “Goin’ Polish.” Donovan capped his three-song set by dueting with Mellencamp on “Season of the Pythoness.” Sara Bareilles celebrated Nyro with “Stoney Outclass,” 2011 inductee Darlene Love sang “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” in honor of Kirshner and Ledisi sang “At In the end” for the In Memorium section. The Chili Peppers rocked the night to a close with “By the Advancing,” the recent ask for a come “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” and a rendition of “Give It By” that flanked drummer Chad Smith with predecessors Cliff Martinez and Jack Irons. The group was also charged with the night’s all-star finale and coaxed the Faces’ Wood and Jones, Armstrong, Thrash, George Clinton and Funkadelic guitarist Michael Hampton on stage for a romp through Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Argument.” “Thanks for sticking hither,” Kiedis told the weary but still wired jam – as if anybody would have really considered the option.

During Live Nation Canada chairman Riley O’Connor’s induction into the

During Live Nation Canada chairman Riley O’Connor’s induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Glory – at the 30th annual Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards and Gala Dinner in Toronto – the 40-year concert business veteran thanked his family and many of the people he has worked with along the custom, but had a rather poignant message for the Canadian rule. He noted how he realized the dream of seeing Canadian musicians reach national and international cognizance, but wants to ensure that Canadian music remains a viable and sustainable growth business. Check Out All Our Backbeats Right Hither “In fact, I’ve always devoted a significant amount of attention to the amazing venues we have here in Canada and the wonderful people who run them,” O’Connor said. “Venues in Canada need to be saved. They’re the cathedral of our trade. We must make politicians, community leadership, aware that venues are vital to the artistic fabric of our community. “If governments and rights organizations regard themselves as a taxation resourcefulness, then they should give something back to stakeholders and work with these venues, and, even rout, nurture and generate revenue streams for thousands of people to work across Canada.” After beginning in the concert duty 1971, O’Connor co-founded Perryscope Concert Productions (which later evolved into House of Blues Concerts Canada) in Vancouver in 1977 with Norman Perry. In 1989, he joined Toronto-based Concerts Productions Global (CPI), then House of Blues in 1998. He eventually took over Live Nation’s Canada-wide operations in 2007. Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards Honor Live Nation Chairman Riley O’Connor, Others The rest of his induction acceptance speech was a brief trip down that memory lane, giving nods to the many people with whom and for whom he worked – Arthur Fogel, Donald Tarlton, Norman Perry, Michael Cohl, Michael Rapino, all significant names in the concert clientele. Fogel, he said, has been a “dear baby” and, as an linesman “also let me wire his house some time ago.”  Tarlton “taught me the art of being a promoter and I will continually teach that art to my colleagues at Live Country.” Of Cohl, he said he learned about risk to favour, “although his measurements were something a little unheard-of. Our risk is not having a sustainable clientele. Our reward will be a vibrant and distinctly Canadian culture of music.” Backbeat: Slash Promotes Album in Canada, Learns Lessons About Earthquakes O’Connor – who attended the awards with 40 family members including his three children and many of his wife’s side of the relations – was inducted by Fogel, chairman of global music and chief executive officer of global touring at Live State, who has worked directly with O’Connor appropriate for 30-plus age. Fogel began by saying when he sat down at the dinner table at the awards holy day, he heard a song by Martha & The Muffins playing over the speakers. Connecting the dots, he explained that he was tour manager for the group and “that’s precisely how I met Riley O’Connor. Here we come full circumnavigate.” Fogel applied all kinds of accolades to his friend and comrade. “It isn’t just about what you hack, but also how you do it and Riley has absolutely done it with rate, a sense of temper, and perhaps the most balanced perspective of anybody I’ve ever met. A true Canadian,” he said. Canadian Music Workweek: 15 Things You Should Know About the Canadian Music Occupation A pre-recorded video then trilled, which included more accolades from such music industry heavyweights as Cohl, Tarlton, Perry, Vinny Cinquemani ( S.L. Feldman & Associates), Randy Lennox ( Universal Music Canada), Bruce Allen ( Bruce Allen Endowment), Jim Cuddy ( Blue Rodeo) and Burton Cummings ( Guess Who). O’Connor was called glutinous, veracious, quietly energetic, a warrior in the trenches. “When we started in Vancouver,” said Perry, “we realized we had to be a full service company from unloading trucks to making sandwiches for the crew and that gives you an insight that almost no promoter really has.” When the video terminated, instead of O’Connor taking the division, Burton Cummings surprised everyone with two songs, “Albert Flasher” and “Break It To Them Softly.” “Riley you deserve this as much as anyone. Extolment,” Cummings said. “I’m only here to sing a couple of songs for you. Riley has been tremendous for me through the age. Never bullshitted me. If things were going badly or if grosses were down or if they were high, he never gave me bad wisdom. And wow, I remember every time we came to Toronto and there would be a big verify, there’d always be lobster for me more recent. He made me feel like one of the Rolling Stones, always. “I’ll sing a couple for you. They’re not for anybody else. They’re as far as something you.”

Music from Camila, Chino y Nacho, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar,

Music from Camila, Chino y Nacho, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, Pitbull and Paulina Rubio, among others, make up some of the plug, branding and sponsorship campaigns up for honors in the second annual Billboard Latin Music Marketing Awards taking place on April 24 as part of Billboard Latin Music Forum & Awards week in Miami at the JW Marriott Marquis. Pitbull Confirmed For Q&A @ Billboard Latin Music Bull session The show, sponsored by Telemundo and mun2, includes four categories: best print drive, best online or social expedition, best tour sponsorship, and best TV run. Advertising and marketing agencies and record labels entered their campaigns featured during the eligibility period of the 2011 calendar yr. A panel of music experts judged the entries based on introduction, creativity, content and elapsed time. Finalist campaigns will befeatured at the conference during a reception and will be featured in Billboard Magazine and Gerardo Ortiz, 3BallMTY Announced For Billboard Latin Conference’s Regional Mexican Music Venire During the colloquy, The Marketing Exchange will feature a series of panels highlighting today’s relevant topics. The panels number “Reaching the New Latino,” a conversation that explores how brands and agencies are target the “stylish” U.S.-born Latino through music and music branded events. Featured speakers include Gustavo Lopez, UMLE’s EVP of Brand Partnerships & Digital, and Javier Farfan, senior director of Cultural Stigmatisation, PepsiCo. The “Targeting Music” panel will examine winning strategies with music mogul Emilio Estefan and Target VP of Entertainment John Bollix up. Other panels group “Approaching Classs” for your musical artefact, from sponsorships to experiential vending, the ins and outs of connecting with brands and marketers for maximum advance; “Case Deliberate over: Walmart Presents Acceso Overall,” about tracking evolution; and results from a unique performance partnership between marker, artist and ret; “The Anheuser/Busch/Pitbull Partnership: A Case Turn over.” Backbeat: Daddy Yankee, Telemundo Execs, More at Billboard Latin Music Awards Finalists Bulletin Confirmed participants for The Marketing Exchange take in: Jorge Plasencia, chairman/CEO, Republica; Carlos Munoz, senior vice president/group account chairman, Globalhue; Lily Juliano, national Hispanic segment coach, Verizon Wireless; Rick Marroquin, lifestyle instrument, CAA; Elena Sotomayor, vice president event marketing/ideation/sales, Cardenas Marketing Web; Erica J. Moreira, lawyer, AMP law, PLLC; Javier M. Delgado-Granados, marketing straw boss, multicultural proprietor, Walmart; Julio Vega, vice president of Latin purchasing, sales and exchanging, music, movies and books, Anderson Merchandisers; and Rudy Beltran, marketing skipper, Anheuser Busch; among others. Jenni Rivera To Appear as, Participate In Q&A At Billboard Latin Music Conference And Awards Artists scheduled to participate in the conference comprehend: Pitbull, Jenni Rivera, Emilio Estefan, Gerardo Ortiz, 3BallMTY, Chino & Nacho and Daddy Yankee, among others. The 3-day conference features panel discussions, networking receptions, and exclusive access to events including the Billboard Knock, a pre-Billboard Latin Music Awards show celebration featuring performances by some of this year’s finalists, and The Billboard Latin Music Awards Presented by State Farmland, the longest running awards show in the Latin music bustle. The awards boast, produced and broadcast live by Telemundo, airs Thursday, April 26, at 8PM (7c), and will honor the biggest stars based on the Latin Billboard charts, and features performances by top artists across all genres of Latin music. The finalists  for the Marketing Awards are: *Best Print Compete Campaign trade mark: Dr. Sprinkle Operation: Lopez Negrete Communications Name of attack: Vida23 Artist/term: Pitbull/Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/Sony Western Agreement Love in Any Tongue Daddy Yankee/El Cartel Records Grito Canalla Unusual Communication Acuérdate de esta Grito Canalla *Best Online or Social Struggle Coca-Cola’s Seremos Mas Chino y Nacho/UMLE Heineken Nevarez Communications Noches Latin Grammy Gocho, Alexis y Fido, Sie7e and DJ Candy Boy/a variety of Time Warner Guy Edelman, Castells & Asociados, Creative Artists Agency/UMLE El Reto Fast Five-The Time Warner Cable Hispanic Heritage Month Struggle Don Omar/UMLE *Best Tour Sponsorship 5 Gum Camila Cardenas Marketing Web 5 Gum Camila Dejarte De Amar Voyage Camila/Sony Music Latin MetroPCS Richards Order MetroPCS/Huawei Present the Enrique Iglesias Euphoria Journey Enrique Iglesias/UMLE/Republic Post Honey Bunches of Oats Post Honey Bunches of Oats Jencarlos Canela/Bullseye *Best TV Electioneer Object Grupo Gallegos Target Fall Competition Ximena Sariñana, Koko, Pinker Tones, PlasticsRevolution/several Bravo/UMLE Paulina Rubio AT&T Blackberry 4G featuring Paulina Rubio/UMLE Dr. Pepper Lopez Negrete Communications Vida 23 Pitbull/Mr. 305/Polo Yard/Sony Music

VEVO is heading further down the social scheme, with new

VEVO is heading further down the social scheme, with new Facebook integrations, iTunes Complementary, and collaborations with The Echo Nest transforming the company from a static service delivering music videos to a personalized music discovery device that knows its ultimate consumers’ preferences and likes and generates individualized playlists and recommendations for them. VEVO’s Facebook integration may be the most significant get ahead, especially coming as the rumblings about a potential Facebook-VEVO deal continue to remain. Beginning now (Hike 9), VEVO users will only be allowed to log in to the site using their Facebook login, allowing the video streaming service access to a user’s Facebook likes and social listening antiquity. VEVO plans to use this information to create a “Facebook playlist,” lining up music videos that a user may be interested in or may have viewed that epoch. Combined with iTunes Put together, which scans iTunes listening history to create a similar video playlist, and its collaboration with The Echo Nest for music direction, VEVO will have access to a lot of information on the listening habits and preferences of its user shabby. Business Matters: The Numbers Behind Vevo’s Potential Facebook Affect The company has also improved its product in other ways, adding a larger video trouper, enhancing video standing, enabling continuous playback, and incorporating features such as song lyrics and artist news headlines directly into the section. VEVO has also launched its Xbox app, which is aiming to bring music videos back into the living latitude, and has partnered with Disney ahead of the release of “John Carter,” out now. MTV Reunites With Vevo, Now Has Licensing Deals From All Four Majors “The new VEVO isn’t rendered, it’s only the birth,” said Michael Cerda, SVP of Product at VEVO, in a press announcement. “In fact the best product experiences are never executed. They persevere, breathe and get better over things.”

Nicolas Jaar performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on

Nicolas Jaar performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on February. 3 (Pic: Alexey Yurenev) It’s been a whirlwind two months for the electronic musician Nicolas Jaar. Backstage at the sold-out Music Hall of Williamsburg last Fri (February. 3) night with filmmaker Noah Kraft, Alastair Duncan of Infamous PR and freelance music scribe Mike Rubin, Jaar’s weariness was readily evident. “I started off in South America,” Jaar says, “then I played New Year’s in Mexico, had meetings here in New York looking for 3-4 days with Noah and then went to Europe.  I just got back to New York from London at 1:00 p.m. tod.” The next day Jaar will play an improvised five-hour set as part of the launch of his and Kraft’s multi-media art corporate, Yahoo & Sunset Esthetics, at MOMA’s contemporary art museum P.S. 1 inside a geodesic noodle. Tangled Up In Blueing: From left-hand: Nicolas Jaar; Noah Kraft, a filmmaker and partner in the Cut a caper & Sunset Aesthetics art corporate; and musician Will Epstein. (Picture: Alexey Yurenev) The crush of activity surrounding Jaar, who grew up between New York City and Santiago, Chili, is even more astounding if you consider he timed it to coincide with his break between semesters. Jaar, 22, is in his final few months at Brown University where he is pursuing a degree in comparative propaganda. This at the same time his music career is berating. Jaar’s 2011 album “Space Is Only Disturbance circulate” (released on the French Circus Company classification) has sold more 30,000 copies – according to Duncan it’s sold more 25,000 in Europe as of October (where the majority of Jaar’s fan base is set) and 7,000 in the U.S., according to SoundScan. “Interruption”‘s gorgeous hypnotic minimalist morphing garnered reams of plaudits including Best New Music honors by Fork, number one album of year honors by brainy electronic music site Resident Advisor and a top ten spot in New York Magazine’s year-end itemization. The album is currently No. 49 on Billboard’s Uncharted survey where it has worn out 42 weeks in compute. The geodesic dome at MoMA’s P.S. 1 where Jaar and Kraft launched their Clodhopper & Sunset Aesthetics arts collective with an event titled “From Obliterate” featuring gambol, music and film created live on fingers on. (Photograph: Alexey Yurenev) When asked what him and his team have done to promote and outlet “Stretch,” Jaar is quick to return, “Everything. It’s all been mistakes. We gave NPR an unreleased railroad – it’s NPR, I’m a big booster, I love NPR. — I made a year ago with my friend Scout [the the best "And I Believe" recorded with Scout LaRue, a.k.a Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter who also attends Brownness].I gave it to NPR and it ended up being put up on every single blog I’ve ever read as ‘Nicolas Jaar’s new not general.’ Single for what? I just gave them this capture. It wasn’t done on aim, there was no purchasing.”  The same thing occurred, Jaar says, with a fan-made video payment “Materials” erroneously became “Nicolas Jar’s new tv,” which again he had absolutely nothing to do with. Tonight and tomorrow’s doing (February. 5) mark the launch of Jaar and Kraft’s Comic & Sunset Aesthetics art corporate, a project that grew out of Jaar’s Jerk & Sunset label he began two years ago with two friends Nikita Quasim and Soul Keita he met in the Sonoran forsake . Everyone on tonight’s  bill  — Acid Pauli, Valentin Stip and Pavla + Noura and  supplemented with performances by Dave Harrington (who collaborates with Jaar on their Darkside predict , Will Epstein and Sasha Spielberg (Steven Splberg’s girl) — is also part of the arts corporate. The most amazing part of the evening comes rather unexpectedly when Jaar and Kraft bring out a top secret new format for the first About & Sunset Esthetics’ rescuing, a compilation coming out on April 1. The music delivery system will feature everyone who played on tonight’s bill and others. All Kraft will say is that, “the way people experience music can be as important as the music itself.” Though I am sworn to clandestineness secretly, I can say it’s mind blowing, sculpturesque, public, sleek and like no format on the market tod. It could potentially change the way people consume music and have a significant impact on the music question. But that’s a long way to assail go off, and first Jaar has to get back to Providence for classes. Musician Soul Keita at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and who befriended Jaar in Mexico’s Sonoran Recompense.(Pic: Alexey Yurenev) Jaar performing at Music Hall of Williamsburg with incredible visuals created by Ryan Staake. (Pic: Alexey Yurenev) Red Tide: Nicolas Jaar performing to a sold-out crowd at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. (Picture: Alexey Yurenev) Nicolas Jaar en route to Williamsburg following a trans-Atlantic flight from London where the night before he played before  a crowd of more 3,000 people at London’s Roundhouse. (Photograph: Alexey Yurenev)

Syco Relief, Simon Cowell’s joint venture with Sony Music Divertissement,

Syco Relief, Simon Cowell’s joint venture with Sony Music Divertissement, has promoted COO Charles Garland to the role of worldwide CEO with immediate intention. The new role adds oversight of the company’s global TV role, which includes “The X Deputy” and “Got Ability” franchises, the company said Monday. Syco’s CEO role had been unfilled since the departure of Ellis Watson more than a year past. Simon Cowell’s Record Label Sued Over Hot Boy Band One Supervising Garland joined Syco in Hike 2011 from Crystal Play, which he founded in 2007 and ran as CEO to connect talent and speciess. Before that, he served at “American Perfection” organizer 19 Entertainment for eight eld. In the U.K., Syco’s “Britain’s Got Ingenuity” recently experienced stronger ratings than in the year-ago period but has been outperformed in various ratings metrics by adversary “The Part.” Simon Cowell To Launch DJ Competition Be being presented “Syco is a global business operating crossways 167 countries, working alongside the world’s most important commercial clients and faculties,” Cowell said. “I want to build on that success to ensure that Syco is one of the most important and respected entertainment businesses in the over the moon marvellous. I have a fantastic team of people at Syco and wanted someone they respected and trusted.” Doug Morris, chairman and CEO of Sony Music, said he was “on top of the world” to have Garland in the key role. “He is a proven leader who along with the Syco team will continue to build on Syco’s successes and further develop detail Syco’s worldwide businesses,” he said.

The diversity of the faith-based music community was recognized today

The diversity of the faith-based music community was recognized today as nominees were announced for the 43rd annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. Southern gospel singer Jason Crabb leads the protocol, set for April 19 at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, with eight nominations, including nods in the artist, male choirboy, country recorded song and Southern gospel album of the year categories. Fresh from her recent Grammy around, worship leader Laura Story earned nominations in the artist and female vocalist categories. Reach Records flagship artist Lecra